JW Marriott Mumbai and Food Blogger Association of India


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JW Marriott Mumbai hosted the Indian Food Bloggers Award. Being the first in the country and impactful route towards tapping Social Media Influencers at one go, it resulted in high outreach, a larger evangelism for JW Marriott and a personal connect with many influential leaders in the blogging space.

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JW Marriott Mumbai and Food Blogger Association of India

  1. 1. Indian Food Bloggers Awards hosted by JW Marriott Mumbai October 2013
  2. 2. Who was the partnership between? • JW Marriott Mumbai is one of the premier luxury hotels in Mumbai, located on the Juhu beach • Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) is an online News Channel that reports, reviews & disseminates information on F&B products & services, restaurants, chefs and events across India • The Indian Food Bloggers Awards (IFBA) recognizes and awards bloggers across India to promote the Food blogging industry. 2013 was the first year of their Awards
  3. 3. The Need • JW Marriott Mumbai, with support from MindShift Interactive, has increasingly associated with Influencers over the past year within the digital space through Blogger Tables, Influencer-lead campaigns and Festival promotions • They wished to take their association with influential food lovers and promoters one step further and this was the perfect opportunity to increase higher support from lovers of good food
  4. 4. The Focus • Reaching the right target audiences and the right influencers • Increasing a connect between online and offline activities • Increase footfalls to the hotel & restaurant
  5. 5. The Strategy • Create engaging content • Partner with IFBA towards leveraging the promotion and campaign • Build a hashtag that could be leveraged through the campaign, by all partners and influencers
  6. 6. Campaign Flow Engagement activities were conducted to reach out to Fans / Followers, Food connoisseurs, prominent Bloggers, Nominees and the Jury via content and campaigns • A Twitter & Facebook contest created further buzz and awareness about the event • Live Tweets and engagement during the Awards lead to conversations with nominees, guests and the jury, leading to awareness across twitter and facebook
  7. 7. Platforms
  8. 8. Voting Tab Voting Tab on the FBAI Facebook Page
  9. 9. Engagement Outreach of +4000
  10. 10. Contest A Love for Food contest was conducted on Facebook asking users to upload a photograph of dish they love and their description of it Total Outreach: +50,000
  11. 11. Contest Contest Participants and entries
  12. 12. Engagement Album Upload around the event Outreach of 10,000
  13. 13. Engagement: Twitter We created 2 Twitter campaigns for buzz about the event. 1 Generic, 1 Brand lead. #winwin • #LoveforFood: Twitter contest wherein users were asked to showcase their #LoveForFood by naming different dishes that they love • #IFBAatJW: For Live updates and other promotional posts
  14. 14. Engagement Total Tweets: 588 Used as a generic hashtag to promote the entire campaign #IFBAatJW Twitter Contest around IFBA garnered 250+ tweets in 3 hours! #LoveForFood
  15. 15. Contest #LoveForFood resulted in a large number of participation, helping create buzz around IFBA 2013 as well as JW Marriott Mumbai Outreach – 2,50,000
  16. 16. Live Tweets Tweets by Attendees & Nominees using #IFBAatJW
  17. 17. Engagement Tweets by Attendees & Nominees using #IFBAatJW
  18. 18. Engagement Tweets by JW Marriott Mumbai & FBAI
  19. 19. IMPACT
  20. 20. Trending The JW Marriott Handle and Hashtag both trended in India!
  21. 21. Media Coverage
  22. 22. Media Coverage
  23. 23. Coverage by Nominees/Winners Finelychopped.com
  24. 24. Coverage by Attendees
  25. 25. Campaign Impact Passionate food lovers conversed with JW Marriott and showed excitement towards the association • • • • Total Digital Outreach: 4,00,000 Total PR Value of 68,02,600 Total Increase in Target Twitter Followers: ~70 Total Increase in Target Facebook Fans: ~100
  26. 26. Campaign Impact • Seamless synchronization of online & offline activities resulted in a successful overall campaign • Evangelism was noticed to a level of seeing new fans & followers joining us and increasing our positive sentiments • We built an ongoing relationship with a large base of Bloggers and Twitter / Facebook Influencers, leading to sustained engagement activities • 2 successful Blogger lead activities were conducted with the attendees of FBA
  27. 27. THANK YOU!