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HomeShop18 #MakesMeHappy Case Study


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MindShift Interactive created a social media campaign for HomeShop18, India's leading digital commerce platform, launched their new brand positioning and jingle recently. The objective was to create buzz around the jingle and embed it in the minds of the consumers through the digital space.

Considering the core thought behind the new positioning and jingle was happiness, it only made sense for them to spread as much happiness to their fans and followers as possible.
Having mundane contests was easy but surely over done! Hence they decided to break away from the clutter and do something unique and fun across digital!

They leveraged social media’s greatest need - ‘conversations’ - and accelerated that with surprise elements! A mixture of influencers, caricatures and on-the-go videos added to the uniqueness of their #MakesMeHappy campaign.

Each and every social network was leveraged to make users sing the #MakesMeHappy tune. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ were leveraged and the communication was synchronized with perfection!

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HomeShop18 #MakesMeHappy Case Study

  1. 1. Digital Outreach partners:
  2. 2. Create awareness about HomeShop18’s new positioning and jingle Drive maximum conversations
  3. 3. • To launch the new ‘Shopping Makes Me Happy’ jingle • Twitter is filled with contests, almost daily • Tapping the right audiences to interact basis the new tagline • There’s something new launching almost every week • Create noise about the campaign • Audience attention is best grabbed and sustained when you break away from the clutter • Leverage social media with its greatest power – conversations! • Build upon an existing relationship to spread something simple… Happiness! • Rope in an angle of incentives to converse towards a larger outreach • Surprise twitterverse with something they’re not used to – personalised caricatures & a video highlighting it all …. along with the jingle!
  4. 4. BIG IDEA
  5. 5. Phase 5: Phase 4: Phase 3: Phase 2: Phase 1: Conversations about happy moments take over twitter HomeShop18 starts surprising people conversing with Influencers with Vouchers Tweeps tag @HomeShop18 along with #MakesMeHappy Personalized Caricatures sent out to Tweets which signify some exciting happy moments HomeShop18 launches a video based on the jingle &a compilation of entries & caricatures
  6. 6. Replacing our daily post, was a generic post on Happiness
  7. 7. Happy conversations are ignited
  8. 8. Generic conversations with happiness Integration of the hashtag
  9. 9. Stand-up comedians added a humorous twist to #MakesMeHappy
  10. 10. Miss Malini’s, famous fashion & lifestyle blogger Klout score = 80
  11. 11. Ankita Gaba, Co-Founder, Social Samosa, Klout Score = 58
  12. 12. Watch the video here:
  13. 13. Total Tweets - 9,937 Timeline Deliveries - 17,229,339
  15. 15. Action Reaction
  16. 16. Action Reaction
  17. 17. Action Reaction
  18. 18. 100 + RTs
  20. 20. 244,000 Outreach
  22. 22. Total Interactions 1,928 Engagement Ratio 8.5% Total Reach 816,532
  23. 23. Total Tweets 9,937 Total Participants 3,342 Total Reach 636,540
  24. 24. 2nd position in India Trended across India for +24 hours!
  26. 26. Jingle with just the logo to get things catchy Participant entry for Twitter contest
  27. 27. Happiness announcements for a keen Instagram audience
  28. 28. A Board with all the happy moments compiled together
  29. 29. Posts with all the happy moments compiled together
  30. 30. 23Mn Overall Social Media Outreach 5549 Organic Video Views 87% Social Media Sentiment 4942 User Conversations 4.7Mn Influencer Outreach
  31. 31. Campaign Virality beyond Twitter & YouTube onto Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Google + Celebrities like Miss Malini & Mandira Bedi tweeted using the hashtag #MakesMeHappy trended across India for over 24 hours The co-relation between Shopping & Happiness was seen the highest Success was defined by the ease of a generic hashtag and the Caricatures which derived great organic views for the video
  32. 32. QUOTE BY HS18 & MSI To break away from the clutter, it’s important for a brand to keep innovating, and with HomeShop18 that’s how we create benchmarks. The brief was towards letting everybody know about our new Positioning and embedding our jingle in their minds. The response and conversations we saw online is evidence of the success it achieved. - Vikrant Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer, HomeShop18 We leveraged social media’s greatest need- Conversations, and accelerated that with surprise elements to break away from the clutter. A mixture of influencers, caricatures and creating on-the-go videos added to the uniqueness of our #MakesMeHappy campaign. - Zafar Rais, CEO, MindShift Interactive
  33. 33. Digital Outreach partners: