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How Public Design - La 27e region


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How Public Design - La 27e region

  1. 1. The 27th RegionVISUALISATION IN DESIGN PROJECTS Stéphane Vincent Romain Thévenet
  2. 2. exploring testinginitiating codesigning implementing process line
  3. 3. tomorrow headline produced by designers to engage positive dialog between local stakeholders
  4. 4. user spacial maps inhabitants describe their own neighbourhood
  5. 5. user digital maps users share neighbourhood datas online
  6. 6. story-tellinginventing personas to stimulatedialog with students in a school
  7. 7. rough system mapGiving visibility to the politicalprocess visible with the civil servants
  8. 8. actors mapstackholders co-elaborate thesystem of actors of a village
  9. 9. moodboardusers design their vision ofthe desirable future of villages
  10. 10. issue cardsproduced by designers toengage dialog with pupils
  11. 11. users video sketchs civil servants play the role of users
  12. 12. rough photomontages designers quickly draw inspiring solutions
  13. 13. sensitive drawingdrawn by designers to revealthe school ecosystem
  14. 14. website simulationproduced by designersto show «what it could be»
  15. 15. photomontagesdrawn by designers toillustrate possible solutions
  16. 16. video sketchsproduced by designersto stimulate positive thinking
  17. 17. experience prototypingproduced by designersto test creative solutions