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What is a teenager?

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Edsu 532

  2. 2. Teens often find themselves feelingalone or abandoned. They can feelstupid, “lame”, or even hopeless.
  3. 3. Teens often find themselves feelingthat they are too fat. Eating disorders,like anorexia or “Annies” is way toocommon.
  4. 4. Teens are more passionate about foodthan school, hard work, love, and evenfriends… Okay, not really, but theysure can eat!
  5. 5. It turns out that teen women are morelikely to read magazines like 17, TeenPeople, and Teen Vogue. The boys?They have not learned to read yet…(Okay, kidding again, how about someLow Rider, Source, and SportsIllustrated?!
  6. 6. Judging one another is second nature toall ages, but for teens, it is themeasuring stick that nearly all otherpeers use. The more a teen is judgednegatively the more his or her peerswill see that person in a negative light.And vise versa for the positivejudgments.
  7. 7. Sex. Enough said? Okay, fine… Teensex is so common. Teen boys who havenot had sex, are “not cool” and teengirls who have had sex are “whores”. Itis a dangerous spot to be in. But moreand more teen girls are encouragingtheir friends to have sex. If notintercourse, then at least “oral” whichafter all is not sex at all, right? I thinknot…
  8. 8. Being of African descent is one of themost difficult trials for a teenage boy orgirl to deal with. There are so manyracists, and stereotype’rs that being ofany ethnic decent can be a huge layerof stress for teens.
  9. 9. Being a “goth” or “gothic” does notmean that a teen is a devil worshiper…Who knew?  The bottom line here isthat most of the teens who choose todress in an extreme way are oftenexpressing what it is to be a teen;confusing, frustrating, need to fit inwith anyone, sucky!
  10. 10. Stress and pressure can come from anyangle for a teenager. Parents want teensto get straight A’s. Peers are tryingdrugs, having sex, and making badchoices. As school work and choicesmount, teens can often feel extremelevels of stress.
  11. 11. Money is a barrier between socialclasses in teen groups. There is usuallythe extremely wealthy, the extremelypoor, and then the rest of us! Movingfrom one social class to another isalmost impossible.
  12. 12. Music has always been a part of life. Itis a great stress releiver. It is also ahuge distraction! Students often“cocoon” themselves in their iPods andnod in and out of reality while listeningto music. It can be a problem at home,school, and in all aspects of life.
  13. 13. Popularity: you got it, or you DON’T!Well, a new car could fix that. Beingpopular seems like the life line toreality for many teens. The need to notfeel alone is so powerful that it is oftenassociated with popularity; i.e. themore popular you are, the more you areexpected, and therefore not alone.
  14. 14. Jewish students do not usually getostracized too much. Mostly becausethe Jewish religion is not highlyoutspoken. Often times Jewish teenswill have many friends andacquaintances who do not even knowthat the teen is Jewish.
  15. 15. Aw yes, the teen girl. This is a toughlife indeed. Teen girls are expected tobe modest by their parents, and fit inwith the current fashion by peers. Theyare expected to have sex by theirboyfriends, and to stay chase byeveryone else. They are to stay thin,but not have an eating disorder. Oh,and don’t forget to get good grades tothat they can get into a great college.I’ll pass on being a teenage girl!
  16. 16. There is no love next to teen love.Teenagers love like it is life or death.And sadly sometimes even go crazyenough over love to take life, stalk oneanother, and go into psychological fits.It has to be the hormones!
  17. 17. There is nothing good to say about teensuicide. It happens way too much, andfor the worst possible reasons. All onecan hope for is a child who is levelheaded enough to ask for help. Rest inpeace beloved little ones.
  18. 18. Let’s be honest, high school sports arewhere it is at! Cheerleaders,quarterbacks, basketball captains, andthousands of peers to watch! This is agreat venue to rack up some popularitypoints indeed!
  19. 19. Fashion changes so often that manyteens find themselves coming back tooutfits that were cool freshman year,out sophomore and junior, and are nowmiraculously back in style again!Never the less, fashion is always apoint of discussion, and contentionamongst teens.
  20. 20. Teens deal with many types ofaddiction. In most cases the addictionsthat teens deal with are identical to theaddictions that adults deal with (eventheir parents sometimes!) Drugs andalcohol, pornography, texting, videogames, and many others.
  21. 21. I hear that it is a parental requirementto have a teenage child yell at you andtell you that they hate you and that youare the worst (mom/dad) ever! My 7year old has already made it… Oh boyis 13 going to suck!
  22. 22. The more common teen sex becomes,the more often teens are gettingpregnant. This is not good. Often theteens are not capable of taking propercare of the child. Abortions are on therise, and so is teen drop out rates.There are hundreds of teens havingbabies everyday.
  23. 23. Teen boys? Run for the hills! Theywant food, sex, and something to do(because they are SOOOOOBOOOORED). Teen boys areaggressive, foolish, and passionateabout everything they do.
  24. 24. The expression Emo is often thought ofas a bad thing. Some Emo teens havebeen known to be very depressed. Theyhave been labeled “cutters” and misfits.But the reality is, they are very similarto the gothics; most of the teens whochoose to dress in an extreme way areoften expressing what it is to be a teen;confusion, frustration, and a need to fitin.
  25. 25. BFF’s? Best Friends Forever ofcourse! They are also beingreferred to as “besties” now aswell. Having or being a BFF is aspecial type of friendship thatmeans two people are more thanjust friends and nothing will breakthem apart… Except for a boy orgirl, parents, classes, another BFF,food, sex, drugs, money, etc.
  26. 26. After finishing this assignment, I was actuallydepressed! Being a teenager is really tough. I felt thatthere was more pain and suicide than there washappiness and hope for a better life. It really sent medown memory lane. As an educator, I will alwaysremember this assignment. It has changed myperspective, and I guess that is what it was meant todo. I also do not look forward to having my 7 year olddaughter reach the teenage years. Wish me luck!