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Is Totara LMS changing the LMS market?


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Discover if the open source platform, Totara LMS, is really changing the LMS market and find out all of the high-value, low cost benefits of Totara LMS with their Platinum partner Mind Click.

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Is Totara LMS changing the LMS market?

  1. 1. Sam Morgan Director 45 minutes Ashley Sinclair Head of Marketing
  2. 2. Award winning e-learning supplier Nottingham Brighton Platinum Totara LMS partner HELLO
  3. 3. Some of our clients...
  4. 4. What makes us different? 5 ● Code contributors, wealth of in-house experts ● 100% client retention over the past 3 years ● Unlimited support as standard support package ● Free upgrades to latest versions of Totara ● Unique solutions - offline learning with Mind Click’s offline player ● A cross-functional team of experts that understand both LMS and bespoke content ● Experts across a range of implementation sizes ● Onsite training days for Totara LMS
  5. 5. Totara LMS - Live Demo A live scenario, what we’ll cover ● How a learner benefits from Totara ● Completing your annual appraisal ● Managing a team ● Administering Totara 6
  6. 6. Introducing Sarah 7 Sarah Project Manager The need Sarah is in her first week with the company and needs to complete the corporate induction program Appraisal Has to complete her first appraisal with her manager
  7. 7. Introducing James 8 James Sarah’s Line manager James’s Role James manages the learning and appraisal of his team
  8. 8. Demonstration 9
  9. 9. A change of view 10
  10. 10. Out of the box - only from Mind Click 11 Stories Block Enhanced course Overview Block Search like Google Program Overview Block Activity Completion Report
  11. 11. Getting more from Totara 12 Classroom Activity Course Catalogue Multi Tenancy Activity Reviews Appraisal Star Ratings
  12. 12. Is Totara LMS really changing the LMS market? 13 The market after Totara ● Reduce cost of implementation and total cost of ownership versus proprietary solutions ● A more competitive market ○ Cost ○ Support ○ No vendor lock in ● Large community of developers and testers ● Highly configurable and customisable ● Interoperability between businesses, users and other platform
  13. 13. What our clients think 14 “The Mind Click team are fantastic, they have really guided us through the process with their experience and know how. We were looking for a partner, not just a supplier. RBS works with lots of external agencies, but this was a strategically important project and very dear to our hearts. We needed to work with someone we could trust to get it right .” Pat Harper, Global L&D Manager - RBS “Mind Click’s shared passion and enthusiasm for technology enabled learning made choosing Mind Click as an LMS partner an easy choice.” James Perez Training and Development Manager - SKY “The pricing was competitive, which is always a key consideration of course. But crucially, it was transparent which created a strong relationship based on trust right from the start.” Liz Thomson Learning and Development Manager - Berlitz
  14. 14. Want to learn more about Open Source benefits? 15 The benefits of open source from How Open Source benefits the development process: Michael Rubinstein discussed how his visual microscope changes when it was open sourced ecide?language=en
  15. 15. So Is Totara LMS really changing the LMS market? You decide. Get in touch: @sammorgan73