Memory Foam Mattress Top FAQ’s


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Memory Foam Mattress Top FAQ’s

  1. 1. Memory Foam Mattress Top FAQ’sIs a foundation really necessary for a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress?The foundation for any mattress is usually a bedframe. A bedhead or footer is not essential, butto keep a mattress in good shape, a firm foundation is necessary. For a short period of time, themattress placed on a floor won’t damage it if the floor is clean, but a foundation bedframe isnecessary for a memory foam mattress.king size memory foam mattressHow long should I let my memory foam expand?As to how long you should let your memory foam expand depends on the size of the mattress ortopper. A thinner memory foam requires less time than a full size King bed mattress forexample. A good rule of thumb guide would be around 24-48 hours. If the mattress hasn’tflattened out or if you can still smell a strong chemical smell emanating from it, then leave it a bitlonger and/or place it in a more aerated place while still keeping it flat.How to compress a memory foam mattress for storageMemory foam can only compress so far due to the way the polyurethane cells are formulated.The best suggestion I could offer would be to have it professionally vacuum packed and sealedfor storage. This is not essential as they do store reasonably well without damage or harm if theremovalists take care when handling it. If the mattress is a large one then tell the removaliststhat it is heavy as they will need to know that to have enough staff to do the job.How can I fold or roll a 4? memory foam mattress topper?It is not recommended that you fold a memory foam mattress topper for a number of reasonsbut mainly because the memory remembers the fold. A preferred option is to roll the mattressloosely and tie with a wide band to hold it in place. It is also not recommended that you leave itrolled or in storage that way for any length of time.Can you cut a memory foam mattress?It is NOT recommended to cut a memory foam mattress because in doing so means it loses itsstrength and chemical integrity. 1/8
  2. 2. What memory foam mattress topper does not warm hot flash sufferers?Memory foam mattresses are probably not the best choice of a mattress type for a menopausalwoman due to the density of memory foam. For many women they will be an excellent choicebut for the occasional woman they won’t be. However, there is no such thing as‘never-say-never’ and one type of mattress for consideration would be the Viscoelastic memoryfoam mattress.Do I HAVE to wait 24 hours for the memory foam mattress?No, you don’t. If the memory foam mattress is delivered flat and you aren’t allergic to theoccasional chemical smell that can be smelt coming from them after they have been encased ina closed container for some time – there is absolutely no need to wait. Put it on the bed andenjoy a terrific night’s sleep JPillowtop with memory foam, should i use a mattress pad?If you have a memory foam pillowtop mattress top, there is no need for an extra pad. Just besure that you do have a mattress protector in place as this helps to keep the mattress clean andis very easy to remove for regular washing.Why does my lower back hurt more after getting a memory foam mattressand how can I fix it?Your back may hurt more initially when you first start to use your new mattress because you willbe sleeping on different bedding. This should stop within roughly three nights to one week asyou adjust and your mattress accommodates your shape. Memory foam uses your body heat toshape itself for your comfort.Another idea to try is to turn your mattress frequently – which should be done for everyone – notjust bad back sufferers. When you turn your mattress, the best way is to turn it front to backand top to bottom. By turning it so completely will remove any ‘ruts’ that may have developed.tempurapedic pillow Would a memory foam bed pillow help with the headaches I get almostevery night?I once used to get a lot of headaches too and the two things that helped me were:1. I drank more water each day and 2/8
  3. 3. 2. I got myself a memory foam pillow. I have had that same pillow now for 6 years and it stillworks beautifully. Every morning when I make my bed, I always ‘pummel’ it back into a flatshape and it works superbly. I would recommend a memory foam classic pillow for anyone whosuffers a lot of head or shoulder pain. There is a big variety of pillows available now in memoryfoam.Our son peed on our memory foam mattress, how can we clean it?Cleaning memory foam mattresses isn’t difficult when children have “little accidents”. All youneed to do is to swab the bed with an absorbent cloth and use this pet stain and odour removerand then leave uncovered to dry-out.Cats like to urinate outside Our Cat urinated on our bedThe same procedure as above. Cats, kittens, puppy dogs and little boys spring leaks! Cats maybe trying to tell you something else though so check their litter tray for cleanliness andconvenience.Can I put a memory foam mattress on a futon- will memory foam work on afuton?Once a Futon bed is laid out for use and the base is flat, yes it will work – no problem.But if the Futon bed is to be folded back then a thick memory foam mattress probably wouldn’tbe ideal because of the density of the foam. A memory foam mattress topper may work butpersonally, I don’t think I would do it because even a mattress topper develops a memory andas it so dense, it would probably be more inclined to slide off the base than stay on. 3/8
  4. 4. Memory foam mattress is it safe for old people?A memory foam mattress is perfect for older people. In fact, it was developed for people whowere bed-ridden for long periods of time to help to eliminate bed sores in hospitals and old-agedpeople’s homes.They will however be more comfortable if the mattress is frequently turned over. The best way isto turn front to back and then head to toe. This eliminates any possible ‘ruts’ that may havedeveloped.Are memory foam mattresses safe for babies?No, they are NOT.The reason they are NOT safe for babies is due to the density of the foam. The polyurethaneused is also a chemical compound.Very young babies could easily suffer cot death as they are unable to turn themselves aroundand could too easily suffocate. WARNING – DO NOT USE MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES IN CRIBS FOR BABIES.Is a memory foam mattress pad safe to use in a crib? NO! WARNING – DO NOT USE MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES IN CRIBS FOR BABIES.A better alternative for crib bed mattresses can be found here.Chemical smell coming from memory foam mattress?If your memory foam mattress has a chemical smell it simply needs airing. The fastest and bestway to do this is to remove your mattress outside into sunshine. The open air flows through it (abit) but the warmth of the sunshine heats the mattress and causes the smell to evaporate.If you live in a cold climate putting a mattress outside to air may not be possible so lay itpropped on one side inside in an airy place like a hallway breeze way for 24-48 hours turning ittwo or three times.Memory foam mattress really need to expand for 48 hours?No, this is not necessary. If the mattress has been delivered flat and doesn’t have a strong 4/8
  5. 5. chemical smell, you can use it immediately.How long should I let my memory foam expand?The length of time required to let your memory foam mattress expand will depend on thethickness of the mattress. Once the mattress is flat and there is no strong chemical odour, it’sready to be used.Will my new memory foam mattress get softer over time?Yes, as you use your new memory foam mattress the heat from your body will adjust thememory foam in the mattress to your body fit to become more comfortable. This canoccasionally form what I term a ‘rut’ which simply means an area of the mattress where younormally lay in the bed. This is easily avoided though with frequent turning and then a big turnevery month or so with a back to top, head to toe turn of the mattress.Because the thicker the mattress, the heavier it will be to turn because memory foam is a densesubstance made from polyurethane; and if regular turning of the mattress is going to be aproblem for you, then I would suggest seriously considering a memory foam mattress topper.In many cases of bad back, neck or shoulder problems, a mattress topper laid on a good bedbase will be as comfortable, with greater ease of care, than a full mattress -definitely somethingworth considering mattress for my bed Mattress help – Memory foam or Normal Mattress?Mattresses are a very personal choice to make. After all, most of us spend at least one-third ofour lives using them. In fact, bedding arrangements can lead to a large number of domesticdisputes because we all need different types of mattresses to be comfortable. If we don’t havea comfortable mattress to lay on for a sound night’s sleep, people get grumpy and shorttempered leading to yet more domestic disputes. The importance of a good night’s sleepcannot be over emphasised.The only way to get a comfortable and satisfying nights rest is to lie on a mattress that suits yourbody-type. The advantage of memory foam is that it fits ‘every’ body according to their bodyshape and weight. The memory foam adjusts itself to the person using it. 5/8
  6. 6. So called ‘normal’ mattresses can be comfortable too and a wide range of inner spring pillow topmattresses can be found hereHowever, if you want to have the decision both ways, why not try an innerspring mattress with amemory foam mattress topper?Where can I get a cheap memory foam mattress foundation ONLY Queen?If you are after the bed base for a memory foam mattress there is any number of options. If youare looking for a single/double/Queen/King size bed base foundation that isn’t going to breakyour budget, then Queen size bed bases can be found here.An alternative could be to check your local garage sales in your area or ask a carpenter to makea cheap timber bed base frame for you. Ask at your local Home Depot if in the US/Canada orBunning’s if you live in Australia.How can I cover my memory foam bed to stop bad smell?To stop a bad smell from any mattress it needs to be aired. When I say aired, it needs takingout into sunlight and fresh air. I know that in a colder climate this isn’t always possible so thenext best thing is to put it up in a breezeway on its side and allow it to remain uncovered for aday or two with air circulating around it. Then spray it with Scotchgard fabric protector beforeplacing it back on the bed.I bought a plush memory foam mattress its hard as a rock.I am not familiar with this brand of memory foam so am not able to advise you. Polyurethane isa man-made chemical product so it is possible that there are variations in the ‘recipe’ ofmanufacture. If it continues to disappoint you, see if there is a guarantee period and if so, returnit and ask for either a refund or a new type of memory foam replacement mattress.Mildew under MattressMildew under a mattress can cause a serious health problem with your respiratory system.Mildew is a mould spore that gets into airways and is a major cause of Asthma and a number ofother Bronchial diseases. Mildew usually lodges and is found in damp warm areas where thesun doesn’t shine. It needs removing immediately for the sake of your health not to mentionthe unpleasant sight of mould and damp stain. Once the spores lodge deep into material theyare extremely hard to kill.The way to remove mould spores is a good non-chemical product. If all else fails, try chlorinelike bleach.Mould on memory foam mattress: 6/8
  7. 7. See above answer. If possible, after treating the mould and mildew spores, remove yourmattress off the bed and place in an airy environment in the sunshine.When cleaning the mattress, don’t forget to clean the area where the mattress has been laid.Memory foam topper slides offIf your memory foam bed topper slides off the underlying mattress, this could be caused byhaving too thin a memory foam mattress topper for the weight of your bodies. You may need toinvest in a thicker memory foam mattress topper. Another reason could be because yourmattress protector is sliding away from the mattress that you have the foam mattress toppercovering.One idea to stop this if you aren’t ready to buy a new mattress or mattress topper is to get along wide ribbon or something similar that is wide and flat and tie the mattresses together.Once they are well secure where they can’t move away from each other, could solve thisdilemma for you.Memory foam mattress topper that does not flattenIt is very unusual for a memory foam mattress topper that won’t flatten out when placed flat onthe floor for 24-48 hours. Have you tried sunshine? By placing the mattress outside in the sunthe foam mattress softens and should straighten out nicely.Moving memory foam mattressIf you are moving house with a memory foam mattress, it is best if the memory foam is kept flatand enclosed in a strong plastic covering to avoid damage or dirtying it. A good removalistcompany will either assist with the packing of such a heavy item or provide you the plasticcoverings to use if you ask them to do so. They have probably packed them many times beforeand will know how they prefer to carry them. Talk to your friendly removal team for their advice.After all, it will be their insurance coverage that will be called upon if the mattress incurs anydamage.Does memory foam get softer?Yes – memory foam softens up with use. It is your body heat that the polyurethane cells react towhen they mould the mattress around your body shape.How long does a memory foam mattress last?With care a memory foam mattress will last many, many years. Most are guaranteed forbetween 10 and 20 years so be sure to keep your purchasing documentation.How long to leave a memory foam mattress? 7/8
  8. 8. A memory foam mattress when delivered flat doesn’t need to be left at all if you are not upset by the occasional paint-like smell of the polyurethane. Most people probably put it straight onto their bed – I did and have had absolutely no problems. How to repair a rip or tear in a foam memory mattress? This is not my area of expertise but I believe it would depend on the size of the rip or tear. If you are unable or unwilling to try to sew it together with a darning needle and strong nylon thread, you could ask a furniture repair business to come and fix the problem. I doubt most would charge “an arm and a leg” for such a small job. Bed-Frame Question: Do I need slats across the middle? As I am not 100% sure of your precise meaning of this question, I am assuming that you have a bedframe and was wondering about what type of base? If you have springs as your base, then you won’t need to have slats as well because the springs will support the mattress. If you have a slat bed, then yes, you will need to have slats in the middle to support the memory foam mattress otherwise it will dip/sag in the middle. If you have an innerspring mattress base for your memory foam mattress or topper, then no, you won’t need slats across the middle. Can I convert my metal frame bed to a platform-bed? king size platform bed Yes, it can be done but you will need to have the right tools to screw wood into metal – hard but not impossible. If your metal frame bed has slightly raised sides on which you could place a wooden frame would probably be easier than trying to use a slat base platform. If in doubt, find a local handyman and ask him to do it. I am looking at buying a memory foam mattress. Tempurpedic is very expensive, anyone tried selectabed? No, I’m sorry I haven’t heard of them, so I am not familiar with selectabed . But the Tempurdic pillow is marvellous. When you consider cost versus how much time you will likely be spending in a bed over the next 20 years, it works out very cost effectively. 8/8Powered by TCPDF (