Perfecting The Customer Experience Sep 24 to 27 at Disneyland


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Perfecting the Customer Experience is a unique, three-day benchmarking program at the Disneyland® Resort. It demonstrates the service standard to which all consumer-facing businesses should aspire and provides intensive, hands-on experiential learning in a small group. It will be most effective for participants working at a level where they can influence both the service environment and the people in it, and who already understand why those things matter. Any consumer-facing business will benefit.

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Perfecting The Customer Experience Sep 24 to 27 at Disneyland

  1. 1. The most engaging, interactive and effective program we have ever offered... Serious Business Lessons in the Fun Environment of Disneyland® September 25 to 27, 2012 in Anaheim, CAWHAT THIS ISPerfecting the Customer Experience is a unique, three-day benchmarkingprogram at the Disneyland® Resort. It demonstrates the service standard towhich all consumer-facing businesses should aspire, and delivers:□ Solid ideas for perfecting the customer experience and creating loyal customers.□ Proven examples from Disney and other world-class organizations.□ Applications for transferring what you learn directly to your business.WHY ATTENDUnlike previous recessions, the latest one shifted consumer behaviorpermanently. Customers today expect much more for even less, and they willquickly buy on price if a business does not demonstrate value in every senseof the word. Improving the customer experience is one of the most effectiveand enduring ways a business can demonstrate that value. That’s whydelivering a compelling customer experience has become an importantcompetitive battleground.The visionary leaders that built such successful consumer-facing brands asDisney, Apple and Cirque du Soleil have shared several traits that help toperfect the customer experience:□ visualize the big picture (the end result) from the customer’s perspective,□ understand clearly the emotional customer reaction that they want to achieve, and□ create systems, standards, tools and even new technology to enable their company to deliver that customer experience profitably. 1
  2. 2. WHAT TO EXPECTThe super-effective tactics of those leading brands can be learned andimplemented in any size of business, and Perfecting the CustomerExperience will help you do it. You will benchmark one of the world’s mostsuccessful companies, and see that quality (attention to details) and service(exceeding guest expectations) are built in, not separate from, the productbeing sold.This intense, small-group experience will help you see the business behindthe magic of Disney. Although you will be among thousands of visitors, wewill help you observe significant things that others do not notice. You willinteract constantly with the facilitators and your fellow participants, and havetime to discuss specific issues.But be advised: although you will no doubt have fun, this is immersive,hands-on work. Your senses will be bombarded with things to notice andlessons to learn, as you experience real-life best practices at Disneyland®Park, Disney California Adventure® Park and the Downtown Disney® District.And because the most-effective way to learn is through personal experience,these lessons will stay with you for life.PROGRAM CONTENTThe secret to Disney’s success in delivering the world’s most enduring andsuccessful consumer experiences for the past six decades isn’t promotion ormagic “pixie dust.” It is an enthusiastic and motivated workforce operatingon a solid foundation of delivery systems and customer-experience metrics– motivation, systems and metrics that can be learned and implemented inany size business.Perfecting the Customer Experience provides hands-on experientiallearning in these topic areas: □ Leadership Excellence □ Understanding Your Customers □ Service Standards and Values □ Service Netting □ The Service Integrity Matrix □ Service Recovery □ Selling a Complete SolutionDuring the three days of Perfecting the Customer Experience, we will visitattractions in each of Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, New OrleansSquare and Tomorrowland. Each one provides a specific business lesson andreal-life stories about the Disney culture.You will discover best practices adaptable to your business, plus relevant anduseful tools that you can use immediately to build your success. 2
  3. 3. WHO SHOULD ATTENDPerfecting the Customer Experience provides intensive, hands-onexperiential learning in a small group. It will be most effective for participantsworking at a level where they can influence both the service environment andthe people in it, and who already understand why those things matter. Allbusinesses facing the consumer will benefit, including: Automotive • Education • Energy • Financial • Food and Beverage • Government • Hospitals and Health Care • Hotels • Insurance • Manufacturing • Museums and Galleries • Recreation Equipment and Facilities • Restaurants and Coffee Shops • Retail • Services • Shipping • Shopping Centers • Spas • Technology • Tourist Attractions • Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Special Events • Transportation • TravelAn affinity for Disney movies, characters and products is an asset, but notnecessary for this program. Companies wanting to send five or more peopleto this event may wish to consider a tailored program on dates of theirchoosing.PROGRAM FACILITATORSTed Topping is president of Creative Insights Inc., a service-designconsulting firm in Vancouver.As a speaker, trainer, author and consultant, Ted helps organizations learn toexecute the all-important details that lead to sustained success in aconsumer-facing business. His approach is practical and action-oriented, andhe delivers not just ideas but effective tools that are useable immediately.Ted is a widely published writer and co-author of the international best-sellingresource Start and Run a Retail Business. He was a card-carrying memberof TV’s original Mickey Mouse Club, and uses his continuing study of Disney tohelp clients add their own amazingly powerful “magic” to the customerexperience.Jeff Kober is president of Performance Journeys, Orlando, a training anddevelopment group specialized in performance improvement and learning inthe workplace.When Jeff was a leader with the acclaimed Disney Institute, he designedcustomer-service programs for the Walt Disney World® Resort. The models,concepts and examples from those programs were later introduced tocorporate America in the popular benchmarking book, Be Our Guest.Jeff now works with a range of organizations, providing best-in-business ideasand practices in the areas of customer service and leadership. A well-knownonline columnist and blogger, Jeff is author of The Wonderful World ofCustomer Service at Disney and co-author of Lead With Your Customer. 3
  4. 4. REGISTRATIONThe registration fee for Perfecting the Customer Experience includes: □ Three-day, hands-on workshop plus all materials incl. workbook with key points, room for notes. □ 3-Day Park Hopper® admission to Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park. □ Casual dining experiences throughout the program. □ “The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney” by J. Jeff Kober. □ “Lead With Your Customer” by Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober. □ “Start and Run a Retail Business” by James E. Dion and Ted Topping.For more information or to register for Perfecting the CustomerExperience, September 25 to 27, 2012 in Anaheim, CA Canada: $1,750 CDN., plus HST/GST Payable in Canadian funds by cheque to Creative Insights Inc. Ted Topping Creative Insights Inc., Vancouver, BC 604 685 7571 USA: $1,750 U.S., all taxes included Payable in U.S. funds by check to Performance Journeys. Jeff Kober Performance Journeys, Orlando, FL 407 973 3219 www.performancejourneys.comThe fine print: Perfecting the Customer Experience: Serious BusinessLessons in the Fun Environment of Disneyland® is offered by PerformanceJourneys and Creative Insights Inc. Neither the program nor either companyis associated in any way with The Walt Disney Company.Can’t attend this time? Next program is April 16 to 18, 2013. 4