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  1. 1. -Hello! every one my name is KIm min jee!-I explain persuasion that adolescents induce activity participation in such retreat orcamp.-As persuasion, I applicate Rapport /positive sympathy/ self reliance /adolescent asencourage/ empowerment.First Rapport-Not need to unconditional trust, when people talk to each other.-But If trust formation come true, adolescent can be lead to more activelyparticipation.-so, I suggest first way of persuasionBetweencounselor and client, they respect and trust each other and then that makeharmonious relationships and interactive accountabilityIt can be counselor and client s sense of closeness.-I help to your understanding, I give example.-How do you think about teacher?you would be think , teacher is people that have to follow.-okay and then I have one questionWhich teacher do you more follow?I think your answer is when I feel reliance to teacher.
  2. 2. -yeah! one more question!which friend do you talk to more secret?yeah reliance if you have reliance to one friend , you can more talk secret to friend,-When you talk or persuade person you effort to give a reliance, Rapport is samerelation.Second Accurate empathy-Ability to be able to understand about clients experience.- Do not lose as~if of assumption and counselor feel clients experience ascounselor s experience.Ability to react emotionally about it (Rogers 1957)-When empathy is effectively used, counselor feel stability and understood feeling.-Promotes clients self-discovery.about this Accurate empathy is induce two step!Empathic rapport and communicative attunement-Empathic rapport: Counselor definitely feel clients world and can see way seeingthe world like client. (Bohart & Greenberg 1997)This meaning is same first chapter.-communicative mediate : client and counselor what understand content can beshared stage such an linguistic way.(Bohart & Greenberg 1997)How do we know this? Are you curious?
  3. 3. Adolescents express themselves mind. Its easy!Adolescents are generally pretenseless about inside mind.therefore they speak like these sentences."yes! that is my mind!" or "that is exactly right"But ! you should not compulsive empathy!!!!!This Immersion cant be kept objective attitude / about clients experience.therefore / It cant be help counsel.When we was adolescence, we often listen Dont do that from parents and teachers.Do You think like this?" that time Im very young. they may be right about that?no!no!no!Actually you want to listen like this!I understand your mind .you want to listen positive empathic communication.Through positive empathic communication, like I understand your mind /Adolescents think you understand them selves so, they more induce activity andyou can communicative attunement with adolescent.Third . positive respect-positive respect promote relation of consultation for long period .-It occur clients positive expect.
  4. 4. -counselor attitude make client worthful person.-Showing positive respect for clients , It express what counselor feel as client isworthful and unique person.-Although counselor and client different opinion, counselor have to protect andaccept clients opinion .-Not only clients to feel a positive sense but also It is important to pass.This is very important!you can see other people mind? you can see? Really???!!!we are not psychic!!ha haother mind so, therefore we deliver our positive feelings!they can feel that.If you dont tell to adolescents, they dont we have to deliver feelings.-It just confirm value that is not unconditional adoptionfourth. deliver positive feedback-Effective counseling relationship is best expressed in the early.- I - messageI-message when I saw your any image , I think blah-blah-blah.Adolescent is focus on appearance and moody.
  5. 5. So I message Is more effective adolescent.Because I-message talk to just real.I messages subject is always I Adolescent feel teacher or somebody always concerned to me.Although I is one word, and then they want to show more good side.So they more participate activity.Fifth. self-disclosure.Adolescence is wandering term.Have you had run away from home?Im notBut I had experienced wondering. Sometimes I dont go academy or buy somethingwith mothers permission.Although you dont have same experience , you can talk your similar experience.self-disclosure is meaning like this.self disclosureCounselor open information to client such as counselors thinking, values, feeling,attitude, and personal situation.Through self-disclosure , you can make bound of sympathy.As a result , this way of persuasion make us more ultimate with adolescents and youcan make bound of sympathy with adolescents.
  6. 6. and then adolescents feel friendliness so they want to more communicate me. so,they naturally participate activity.Sixth. Adolescent counselor as encourager.I think this part is best important. If you do this way using encourager features chart.You can persuade adolescents.비 격려자로서의 특징 격려자의 특징Non encourager features encourager features비 효율적인 경청 효율적인 경청inefficient listening courteously listening courteously부정적인 면에 초점두기 긍정적인 면에 초점focus on the negative side Focus on positive side비교 경쟁 협력 협동Comparison and Competition cooperation위협 수용Threat acception냉소, 당혹하게 만듦 유머 사용, 희망을 줌Cynicism. make a embarrassing using humor, give a hope굴욕감 주기 자극제공Give a humiliation offer a compliment잘 한점만 인정 노력과 향상을 인정Only acknowledge good thing acknowledge effort and improvement
  7. 7. 감정에 무관심 감정에 관심 갖음indifference about emotion be concerned inemotion수행결과에만 가치를 둠focus on performance resultWhen I participated in volunteer. My teams two boys are second year in middleschool.They always talk swear word. They dont have passion and desire of participation.I want to make them to participate programs and ultimate other students.I focus on positive side.whenever I find them positive side, I offer a compliment.That time introduce one program.The program is getting other friends name.That moment I talk to them." you are so hand some, I think if you go to girls , girls really happy! because youcome to herself ! "First time reaction of two boys are not good.but after program is over, they paricipate other programs.Whenever they do good behavior, I admire them.and then they come in all programs. not only that, they lead to my indication.And then they often talk to me" I really like you! teacher!"
  8. 8. " you are so beautiful!"they no more problem students they are good students.Seventh . empowerment-It mean power is greatly.-own work can be handled competently the activities that makes you feel-empowerment mean that problem is not clients fault, it is caused system.<This is developed via communication process , discovery process, developmentprocess>1.communicationcounselor conclude cooperative relationship and equivalent position with client.When I meet my team in volunteer. First time, I dont order them. I concludeequivalent position.For example I more participate program than my teams students.2.discoverycounselor find out resource and strength that client do not realize things. Thencounselor modify clients emotion and needs and make a plan and provide solution.I always look at themselves strength and favorite things.when I find that, I inform that.3 . behavior and developmentRaise Power
  9. 9. operate resourceRecognize successful behaviorsconfidence is increased with new resourcelast day of volunteer, I write letter on post it.I write about each strength.several students cry.Now I dont know . how they spend time.But I just want to they develop their strength resource.Seventh . persuasion of own techniquesthis part base is my volunteer of experience.-Memorize nameWhen I memorize name first time. I write feature each students on hand.While I call their name, they are surprised and they ask to meHow do you know my name?I said secretThat time students really happy. and eyes are twinkle.Although themselves stories are small, you have to remember.One student talk to meI can play basketball very well!I remember that story , when we relate to program, I instruct to him
  10. 10. and I talk to himyou do!you can do it!first time he is shy , but after that program he is more participate activity.yeah My presentation is overI want to help your adolescents induce activity participation in such retreat or camp.thank you for listening my presentation.