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  • Fonts used – (Poster) Segoe UI (italic) – review by famous newspapers Eurostile – credits
  • Evaluation question 2

    1. 1. 2) How effective is thecombination of your main product and ancillary task? Mariam Nawab
    2. 2. My Ancillary Tasks Review PosterWhen I was creating my poster and my review, I struggled a little bit in keeping the look of itprofessional yet simple. As I experimented I came across a YouTube clip which helped meeven more because it showed me steps that I should take in order for there to be nomistakes.
    3. 3. Ancillary Task Objective• The aim of the ancillary task was to create a poster and review that promotes our film using aesthetic and textual platforms.• I wanted to ensure that by creating an effective poster and review that my target audience would be lured in to watch our film. I wanted my poster and review to appeal to them instantly.• In order for me to achieve that goal, I had to use a Adobe software, Photoshop, with which I could create elegant and professional review and posters.
    4. 4. Images Used - Poster • I had been inspired by an animated image similar to the one on my poster. • I had asked my actress Amy to stand in this position as if she were writing with her back against the wall. • The positioning of the image illustrates her confusion because she is ‘writing’ points that will impact her life and this represents her feelings which the audience will take note of. • I used this image because it connotes to the audience that the film will be about a teenager who is in education. The uniform also signifies this. • I knew that this image would raise enigmas in the audiences mind of what else it could represent about the film we’ve produced. • I used this image also to give the audience anticipation of the genre and style the film will be.
    5. 5. Images Used - Review• I used this image because it reflects the title of the film. ‘Goodbye High School’.• That she is ready to say ‘goodbye’ to her school after being there for 7 years of her academic life.• Another reason why I used this image because it somewhat shows her innocence• The fact that the actress is staring at the school sign signifies her emotions for leaving the school. It shows the start of her new journey – University.• The dullness of the image and the weather also illustrates and reflects the mood that actress is in.• Because she is the central character of our film, I decided to put her on the image. And the film is based on her life and what it entails.
    6. 6. Fonts Used - Poster • The font I used for the title of the poster was Copper STD. The reason why I used it was because it is big and bold and is eye catching. Against a black background, the red title stands out and will make the viewer instantly look at the title once they see the poster. This meant that they will realise what the film is going to entail because the bold colour emphasises it. • This font has been used in many other areas of the poster for texts such as the tagline and cinema release date. • A similar font called Copperplate gothic bold has been used too, on the actors names and the web addresses. It is used to emphasise the remainder of the information the viewer needs to know for a better interest on the film.• This font I used it called Blackadder ITC (italic). The reason why Iused this font was to emphasise the narrative of the film which isschool life. This font looks like a handwriting font and so relates to theconcept.• Furthermore, these specific words are meant to look like they’vebeen drawn on by chalk again reiterating the idea of what the film isabout.• All these fonts have been used to relate to the films narrative, to givethe viewer a clear understanding and interest on the film.
    7. 7. Fonts Used – Poster (continued)• I used the font Eurostile for the credits because it is compact and eye catching. I used the colour white for the information on the credit to stand out. Also to match with the colour scheme throughout the poster. • I used a font that would stand out here, mainly because it was a light looking font and with the use of Cap locks on the font, it emphasises the details the viewer may need or require.
    8. 8. Fonts Used - Review• The font used on these is Copperplate, bold for some I used the font Verdana of the text. because it shows that, in• The reason why I used this Italics, that the opinion is font was because it looked professional and clear to not part of the review being see. The boldness of some read, it is part of another of the text emphasises the interpreters opinion. I made important information that it bold and big to make it generally the reader doesn’t look at. eye catching and show the• The different colours used reader of its importance on on this font on the different the review. information makes the review look more professional and The font used here for the interesting. verdict of the review was Times Roman. Firstly I used this because it is a common font that is used by many people. Secondly, I used this font because it differentiates the main part of the review and the verdict ,which is the overall opinion.
    9. 9. Colour Scheme• I used both dark and light colours in both my poster and review. I used different colour backgrounds too. The reason being that the reader understands that although the film is a comical one, it entails little negative aspects. The red colour on the poster was mainly used to give a bold and eye catching effect.
    10. 10. Web Address• I used these two web addresses for the audience to look at and add their opinion of the film.• Also by receiving the feedback I am able to take critical action for further productions.• Furthermore, these websites can also provide the audience with more information about the film made.• The Facebook link was mainly put up for the audience to like our update posts and comment on them.