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Nestle marketing strategy


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Nestle marketing strategy

  2. 2. Group Members • Afroja Chowdhury Irin • Atiya Aysha Mim • Khadizatul Kubra • Farzana Nasreen Sharna
  3. 3. Nestle is the largest nutrition and food company in the world , founded and Headquartered in Vevey , Switzerland . The founder of nestle is Henry Nestle . Global Brands of nestle : Baby food , bottled water , Cereals , Chocolate and confectionery , coffee, dairy , ice-cream, pet care , health care. Nestle Bangladesh Limited started it’s commercial operations in Bangladesh in 1994. The only Factory of the company in Bangladesh is situated at Sreepur. The factory produces the instant noodles, cereals , soup , beverage and infant nutrition product . Introduction ( Nestle Bangladesh )
  4. 4. Products of Nestle Bangladesh
  5. 5. Bases for segmentation : 1. Geographic 2. Demographic 3. Psychographic 4. Behavioral Market Segmentation
  6. 6. • Weather • Nescafe Ice Demographic • Age • Occupation Psychographic • Life Style Geographic
  7. 7. Positioning Statement • Baby product • Nescafe • Maggy Target Market
  8. 8. Distribution Channel There are currently 80 distributors of Nestle Bangladesh products of which 76 are retail distributors and remaining 4 are Nestle Professional’s distributors providing products for the out of home consumption . The whole country is divided into 6 regions.
  9. 9. Supply Chain •Locally available Raw Materials are used. These are collected directly from producers or purchase through trade channels. The raw materials are legal and have a good quality. Raw Materials •In Manufacturing they do all the processes that are necessary to transform raw materials into food product . They use environment friendly manufacturing process and use most appropriate packaging materials. Manufacturing •The Retail distributors supply Nestle products to 4 types of outlet and Nestle professional distributors supply products to different institutions. Distribution Market
  10. 10. Consumer Buying Behavior Culture: Our culture supports joint family tradition . Nestle Bangladesh offers products as Maggi family pack for those customer who lives in a joint family. Family: Nestle has different products for different member of family like nutrition food for babies , breakfast cereals for children . Beverage for parents . Occupation: Those who work hard for long and need refreshment Nescafe is for them. Life style: Those customers who are really busy and don’t have time Nescafe 3 in 1 and Maggi 2 minutes noodles for them.
  11. 11. • Milk Products, Nutritional, and Ice Cream Nestle’s milk and ice–cream brands compete with product such as Dano , Iglo , Polar etc. • Prepared Dishes and Cooking Aides In prepared dishes like maggi compete with products such as Kolson Macaroni , Cocola egg noodles. • Confectionery In confectionary it compete with chocolate and candies from Hershey foods and Cadbury. Competitor Analysis Nestle competes with the companies such as Unilever , Hershey foods, Kraft foods, Cadbury and Dano in the packaged food market.
  12. 12. • So by these analysis we can say that the: Direct competitors are: • The substitute competitors are: Competitor Analysis 1. Cocola 2. Hershey Food 3. Dano 4. Diploma 1. Cadbury Foods 2. Hein’z Group