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Greatest Hits-Chap. 4.2: By My Side (College Days)


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The kids are now in their senior year of college, old a

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Greatest Hits-Chap. 4.2: By My Side (College Days)

  1. 2. Prior to Thanksgiving dinner at the Song’s… “ Alright Isaiah, you said you needed to talk, [sigh] and I’m ready to listen. So, what could you possibly have to say that could make up for what you did? I mean I know we weren’t exclusive or anything, but you know that I really liked you.” “ I did know that yes…and I’m sorry. Ginger Newsom and I met when she and her sister moved into my building. They were living with an elderly couple-The Oldies. My mother died a few weeks later, right around the time I met you. It really hurt me, and I started acting out…I never meant to hurt you, or Ginger either for that matter. I can’t say I’m sorry enough. Ginger and I are no longer together, I’m not dating anyone right now actually. I’ve grown up a lot since all that happened, and I realized what I really want…and I really wish you weren’t getting engaged because you’re the one I want to be with. I mean that.”
  2. 3. “ Actually, Professor Ismael and I aren’t engaged any longer. I haven’t told anyone but you yet, so please don’t say anything. I couldn’t go through with it. I want to marry for love, not out of duty.” Isaiah then took Radiance in his arms and hugged her tightly. “Does that mean there’s a chance for us?” She thought for a moment before answering, then smiled at him, “I think so.” “ Do you want me to come with you tomorrow night?” “ You would do that?” “ Sure. You’re my girlfriend, I’d do anything for you.” “Aw, thank you Isaiah, you really have changed haven’t you?”
  3. 4. The next morning... *weeping uncontrollably* “Athenaeum? Please gather your brother and sister around...I...I have some very bad news honey.” “ What is it mother?” “ Sister Hazel died this morning. Journey and I were the only ones home when it happened, your father, Sing Along, and JaneDear were all at work. I can’t believe it, it’s so surreal. One minute she was here with me, and before I had time to process what was happening, she was gone. I don’t think I’ve ever felt pain like this since your uncle Zeph and I lost our parents.”
  4. 5. “ Oh no Mom,” Athenaeum started sobbing uncontrollably, Sister Hazel had been a member of the family since way before she or her siblings were born. It was hard to think of a memory that didn’t feature Sister Hazel in some way. She was heartbroken at the loss of their little dog, and knew the rest of the family would be too. “ I’ll tell Polar and Radiance Mom, I’m so sorry, I know what she meant to you.” “ Thank you honey, I have to go now, I just need to go lay down for a bit. Goodbye.” “ Goodbye Mom.” Athenaeum hung up the phone and went to tell her siblings, they spent the rest of the evening crying together and sharing stories of Sister Hazel.
  5. 6. “ Wow sis, you really shook things up the other night at dinner. Why didn’t you tell me you were dating Isaiah? I mean, I guess I can understand why you didn’t tell the rest of the family…but I’m your twin. We have a very deep connection to each other.” “ I’m sorry Athenaeum, really. I know how you all feel about Isaiah, but I’m really in love with him.”
  6. 7. “ In love? That’s great sis, can you trust him though?” “Would I be marrying him if I didn’t?” “ So, where’s the ring?” “ Well, he wants to surprise me.” “ So, you told everyone at the dinner he was your fiancé...why?” “ Ugh, because he will be, I wanted to break the news first. Can’t you just be happy for me?” “ Of course sis. You’re in love, and I am happy for you. Ok? I’m just worried about you.”
  7. 8. “ Radiance Song, will you marry me?” “ Of course I will Isaiah! I can’t wait until I become Mrs. Gavigan, I should get started planning the wedding, maybe Mom and,” a tear slid down her cheek as she thought of her Mom. As upset as Lyric was over her daughter and Isaiah being together…she definitely wouldn’t help plan the future wedding. “ I’m sorry sweetie, but it’ll be ok. Oh crap, my cell, hold that thought,” Isaiah looked at the number calling his cell and switched it off. “ Aren’t you gonna answer it honey?” “It’s nothing that can’t wait. So, can I take you out for some celebratory coffee?” “I’d love that honey, but I have to get to class. Rein check?” Isaiah nodded and kissed his fiancé goodbye.
  8. 9. “ Hello? Did someone from this number just call me?” “ If your name is Isaiah Gavigan, then yes. Can you come to the SSU Dorms within the hour, I promise you won’t be disappointed.” “ Uh, sure, I don’t have anything better to do.”
  9. 10. “ Isaiah.” “ Ginger? Wh-haha what are you doing here? I thought you and Georgia left town.” “ We did, but I missed you baby, so I decided to leave Academie Le Tour, and come to Sim State to be with you.” “ But you’ve been gone for so long…I didn’t figure I’d ever see you again.”
  10. 11. “ Can you forgive me baby? I was hoping we could pick up where we left off.” “ I’m kinda engaged Ginger.” “ Well, I bet I can make you forget all about her, come on inside Isaiah, I want to show you my room.”
  11. 12. “ Hey Radiance why don’t you come over here for a little makeout session?” “ Aww...I can't just now, I need to go eat before Bill cleans up the kitchen for the night. I'm starving, I haven't ate all day.” “ All right, you go ahead, I'll be here when you get back.” “ Bro, is it really necessary for you to try to make out with your girlfriend, in the same room where I'm trying to catch the game? I really don't need to see that.” “ I think someone's just jealous.”
  12. 13. “ Did someone just say make out? That sounds like a great idea.” “ What the hell is going on? Isaiah, I come back from the cafeteria, and this is what I'm greeted with?” “ I-uh, Radiance...this isn't what it looks like. Um, this Ginger Newsom.” “ What? Is saying her name supposed to excuse this?” “ It should, I was his first girlfriend, we were going steady when he met you. Oh yes, I knew about you. I excused Isaiah's little flings because I knew he was just acting out. He always came back to me, we're kindred, we both have had great loss in our lives. That loss is what brought us together, we understood what the other was going through.”
  13. 14. “ I don't care about what you had in high school Ginger. This jerk proposed to me, he said he was no longer with you, and that I was the one for him. Did he tell you that?” “ Isaiah thought that I was gone forever, it's only natural that he'd want to move on...Radiance was it? Well, Radiance, I'm back now as you can see. Isaiah and I belong together, and we're going to be together. It's unfortunate... for you ...but that's the way it is.” “ I'm sorry Radiance, but it's true...everything I felt for Ginger came back when I saw her today. I don't love you...I don't think I ever did. Before she realized what she was doing, Radiance had slapped Isaiah in the face. She was shocked by her behavior. He deserved it though, so she wasn't going to feel bad about it. In fact, it felt pretty darn good.
  14. 15. Radiance felt the sting of Ginger's hand smacking her face just then. She reeled back. “Excuse me? Don’t you even think about touching him again!” Then she smiled wickedly. “Isaiah made a mistake in proposing to you Radiance. Can you get that? But that’s over now, he and I are going to be getting married. We’re meant to be together, he loves me , not you. Ha, you were just a distraction until the real love of his life came back to him. Which I have.”
  15. 16. “ I want you out of here Isaiah Gavigan! We’re through, I never should’ve believed you. You were just using me, you are still acting like a kid, but you’re not in high school anymore Isaiah. It's time to grow up!” “ Wait, Radiance...I really am sor-” “ Save it! I don't care, just get out of my face, and out of my life. If I ever see you around me or my family again...well, you remember what I told you my father used to do right?” “ Isaiah, the taxi's waiting, come on!” “ I think it's best I go live in Ginger's dorm now.” “Ya think? Get out now!”
  16. 17. “ Radiance, are you ok? I’m truly sorry for my brother's actions. I don’t know who he is anymore.” “ Yeah, I will be, I just can’t believe I fell for it again.” “ Well, you know a good way to get over a break-up?” “ What’s that?” “ That scary cat lady movie is coming on tonight, wanna stay up late and watch it with me?” “ You’re a good friend Nate, but I’d like to be alone tonight, I think I’m just gonna go to bed.” “ All right. Good night sweetie.” “Night Nate.”
  17. 18. “ I'm so sorry sis, want me to kick his butt for you?” “ No, I wouldn't even know where to find him after last night.” “ Ya know, maybe you should call Mom and talk to her. Now that you're not with Isaiah anymore-” “ No, I can't Athenaeum. I can't face them right now. Mom would probably try to get me to be the heir, and convince me that Professor Wolfe was the right choice after all. I can't do that, I just can't.”
  18. 19. “ I'm sure Mom and Dad would just be glad to hear from you Radiance. They love you. Besides, Athenaeum's the heir now, and that's not likely to rest easy.” “ I'm not calling Mom and Dad, and if either of you two tell them what happened with Isaiah, then I'm not going to speak to you either. I just need time to think, time to figure things out is that too much to ask?” “ No sis, we're just trying to help, that's all.” “ Well help by butting out of it! I gotta get outta here for awhile, I'll see you guys later.”
  19. 20. Polar burst into his sister’s room, she was laying on her bed, reading a book…tears filled her eyes. It had been days since her break up with Isaiah, and she’d rarely been seen out of her dorm room inthat time. “Don’t hate me, but something had to be done Radiance, we’re all worried about you…so I called Mom last night. She’s probably on her way over here now. I told you she wouldn’t be mad at you.”
  20. 21. “ Hmm…I dunno if that was such a good idea Polar.” “ Of course it’s a good idea, you two need to talk, come on, I’ll walk out with you. Some of the guys and I were about to head out for a jog, so I was on my way out there anyway.” “ Mother was really upset with me Polar, I've never seen her like that...and-” “ Mom loves you Radiance. Come on, just try to talk to her, I know she'll be glad to see you. She's missed you, and so has Dad. He would've come today if he hadn't had to work.” “ All right, coming.”
  21. 22. “ Hello Radiance. I am so sorry about what happened honey, maybe now you’ll see that I was right all along…and that the plans I made were in your best interest.” “ Mothe-Mom, I really don’t need a lecture right now.” [sigh] “And I’m not here to give you one. I brought Professor Wolfe here, in hopes that you might accept the plans I had for you…he’s agreed to marry you honey.” Radiance hung her head in shame, maybe if she had agreed to these plans instead of believing Isaiah, she wouldn't have let her family down.
  22. 23. “ Mom-” “ I’ll just leave you two alone so you can talk. Professor Wolfe, I appreciate you coming-” “ No need to continue Mrs. Song. I recall our conversation last night, and I am in agreement. It was lovely to finally meet you in person.” “ Thank you Professor, Goodbye Radiance, I’ll be in touch. I love you honey, never forget that.” “ I love you too Mother.”
  23. 24. Radiance watched her mother leave, and turned to see the professor smiling at her. That’s new, he rarely showed any affection around me before. Maybe Mother is right. Maybe if I had listened before...I wouldn’t have caused a rift in my family. I’ll do the right thing this time, I won’t let them down again, I’m sure I could learn to love the professor. “ Radiance, I would like to apologize for my behavior of the past. It was wrong of me to act that way, and I hope you’ll forgive me. I know we don’t love each other, but I believe this marriage is a good idea. I’m sure in time we’ll grow to be fond of each other. When I spoke to your mother last night, she mentioned that if we were to marry, she might even be able to rename you as heir.”
  24. 25. “ Radiance Song, would you marry me?” She swallowed the lump in her throat, could she really go through with this? She immediately thought of her mother, how upset she had been when Radiance announced her engagement to Isaiah. Tears threatened to fall, but she would hold them back. Like her mother told her that fateful night.. .” sometimes you just have to do what’s right, even if it means doing something you don’t want to do.” This was one of those times, she could either follow her heart and hopefully one day marry for love...or she could make her family happy. “ Radiance, I kind of need an what'll it be? “ Yes. It'll be yes for my family's sake. “Yes, I'll marry you Professor.”
  25. 26. The professor left Radiance outside and ran into the dorms...he then ran straight to Radiance's room where her sister was...and kissed Athenaeum! I couldn't believe my eyes. They had never even met before!
  26. 27. “ What...was that? Did you just come in here and smooch me Professor?” “ Yeah...did you like it?” “ Did I-Did I like it,” she asked incredulously. Hmm, let me think...NO! Keep your hands off of me you slimy little snake!”
  27. 28. Just then Athenaeum grabbed a cup of water from her sister's bedside table and threw it in the professor's face. “What does that tell you Professor Wolfe? If you ever touch your lips to mine again...I will kill you. Are we clear on that? You see I'm not like my brother and my sister...they're closet nice sims. Me? I'm your worst nightmare Professor...if I ever come after you...they won't find the body. Got it?” “ Y-yes. I-I got it.” “ Good.”
  28. 29. “ Hey sis, I see you've met fiance -Professor Wolfe.” “ Oh yes. In fact we just had a nice little conversation before you came in. Well, Abel should be here by now, we have a date, so I gotta run. I'll see ya later sis.” “ Oh, ok. See ya, you guys have fun.” ” I should go too Radiance. I have the final exam to prepare. I'll see you in class tomorrow.” “ A-all right, Professor.”
  29. 30. Radiance relaxed on her bed with a good book. Unfortunately, she was too upset to concentrate. She knew she was doing the right thing for her family...but try telling that to her heart. “ All right, I think what's needed here is a little fun. Come on Radiance, let's go.” “ Hmm?” “ Radiance, get up, you're coming with me tonight. I promise you'll have a good time...and you need one of those” “ Nate I don't really feel-” “Like upsetting your best friend, so you're gonna come along with him? I know. Let's go!”
  30. 31. “ You're bringing me bowling ?” Nate playfully punched his friend in the arm, “hey, don't knock it.” “ I'm not...knocking it. I've just never been bowling before. I'm pretty sure I'll suck at this.” “ You''ve never been bowling before? How can that be? Oh and I know you will.” “ Hey,” she exclaimed, then laughed, Nate was right, she needed this.
  31. 32. “ Yes! In your face Nate Gavigan!” “ Oh, you're beating me? How can this be newbie?” “ Radiance? You just gonna let your Aunt Ryan stand here?” “ Your turn Natey.” “ I'm coming.”
  32. 33. “ Hey Aunt Ryan, what are you doing here?” “ Your Uncle Zeph is out of town, so I figured I'd come bowl a few frames, and grab some grub. I was about to leave when I noticed you over here. So, who's the dude?” “ That's Nate. I was having kind of a bad night, and he forced me out of the dorms to have some fun.” “ Sounds like a keeper to me. How're the 'rents and Polar and Athenaeum?” “ Uh...he's just a friend, we're not together. I'm actually engaged to my professor at SSU. Mom picked him out for me, she also picked a guy for Athenaeum, and a girl for Polar...and everyone's doing great.”
  33. 34. “ Except you.” “ Wha-what makes you say that? I-I'm doing great too.” “ Radiance, trust your old Auntie on this one ok? I know you're not doing great. If you ever want to talk, you know the number.” “ Thanks Aunt Ryan, tell Uncle Zeph hi for me. Oh and tell that cousin of mine, I said congrats on his wedding to Holly. I'm sorry we couldn't make it to the wedding, but we had first semester finals and all.” “ I will hon, remember what I said. I'm here if you need to talk. Well, I'd better get back home, Holly and Rally are expecting. The baby might make it's appearance tonight.” “ I will, and tell them congrats on the baby too.” “I will, bye hon.” “Bye Aunt Ryan.”
  34. 35. “ Here you are madam, front door service.” Nate hugged his friend close, he and Radiance had first met Freshman year at the dorms, Isaiah had introduced them. Now here they were getting ready to start the second leg of Sophomore year as best friends. He often thought of pummeling his brother for what he did to her. She was such a sweetheart and never deserved that. “ Thank you,” Radiance said letting go and stepping back. “I really have to go now, I have an hour to get to my finals.” “ Ok, I had fun tonight, I hope you did too.” “ I did, and I really needed it, thank you again.” “ Anytime.”
  35. 36. “ Two more years Celia, then you will officially become Mrs. Polar Express Song.” She giggled, “Yes, I know, and I can't wait! Your family is wonderful, and I'm so glad I'll get to be a part of it.” “ Speaking of my family, I think I helped patch things up between Mom and Radiance.” “ Oh Polar that's wonderful, I knew you could do it.” “ Well, enough about my family, let's talk a little more about us...” “ Ok...”
  36. 37. [phone rings] “ Hello...Mother, I'm engaged,” Radiance said as she looked at the ring on her finger, a single tear slid down her cheek. She wiped it away and calmed herself before the waterworks really hit. “ Oh, that is terrific news honey! I'm so proud of you, you did the right thing, and I know in time you two will become close.” “ Sure. I'm sure you're right Mom. Well, I have to go. Love you, goodbye.” “ Love you too honey, goodbye.”
  37. 38. Nate had been heading out for a walk when he spotted Radiance standing out in front of the dorms. “ Hey Radiance!” She turned around and saw Nate coming at her with something in his hand.” “ What,” she asked cautiously. “ What are you doing out here, it's freezing.” “ Oh, I'm waiting for Ismael...I mean Professor Wolfe.” Nate smiled faintly, “I know you two are engaged, no need for formalities...half the school already knows.”
  38. 39. “ Is that what you came to tell me Natey?” “ Nope.” He then revealed what was in his hand, as he sent it sailing at her head. “Snowball Fight!” “ Nate Gavigan! I am so gonna kick your butt!” “ Enemy sighted. Isaiah, I believe my sister told you never to come around us again. Do I need to show you my disappearing act?” “ Chill out Athenaeum, I wasn't coming here to see any of you. It just so happens that you have to pass by this dorm to to take the shortcut to the park....where I'm meeting Ginger for our date.” “ Maybe next time you should take the long way around then. Yes? I thought so, now scram!”
  39. 40. The next morning... Lyric got up and started calling people to invite them to her husband's birthday party that evening. Her last call was to her children's dorm. “ Hey Mom, what's up?” “ Your father's birthday Polar dear. I want all you kids and your fiances to be here. The party is at eight, I hate to do it that late, but he's at work and won't be home til then.” “ We'll be there Mom, wouldn't miss it for the world. Need us to bring anything?” “Just yourselves dear.”
  40. 41. “ All my simmies are growing up, hold it Rudy, I want to take a mental picture of the moment before you elderify.” “ You better hurry up and blow those out Dad, that many candles might set fire to the place.” “ Ha ha, very funny Polar, we'll see who's laughing when you get this old.” “ Polar, sweetie? You shouldn't tease your father like that.” “ Yes, dear.”
  41. 42. “ Ooh my back, is it supposed to hurt like this?” “ Just go with it honey, it'll be over soon, I can see the sparklies working their way up.” “ That's not a comforting thought babe, but thank you for trying.” “ Woot! Come on old man!” “ I'm not old just yet Mimi.” “ No, but you will be soon enough, haha.”
  42. 43. “ Ooh, my back...again.” “ You're an elder now...and apparently the does it feel Rudy?” “ Painful, but I'm sure it'll pass, it did for Lyric. I really need to go change now though.” “ Woo, happy birthday Dad!” “ Happy birthday honey, now I don't feel like I'm robbing the cradle anymore!”
  43. 44. “ Hey Professor, I just wanted to thank you for coming to my Dad's party tonight.” “ No problem Radiance, but I think you should start calling me Ismael. We are engaged to be married after all.” “ Yes. You're right, I'm sorry. Ismael it is.” [whispers] “I was also thinking, I know you're marrying me to make your Mother maybe we should uh...” “ What?” “ Well...act like a real couple. It would probably make your mother happy.”
  44. 45. “ What did you have in mind?” “ about we cuddle?” “ Ok, I could sit on your lap, and...” “ Yeah, and I could maybe kiss you?” “ Well, we are engaged, and that's how engaged couples behave isn't it?” “ Yes. Oh, mistletoe, why don't you go stand under it? People are sure to see you standing there.” “Ok.”
  45. 46. “ Oh look dearest, you're standing under the mistletoe.” [whispering] “dearest?” “ What?” “ Well, it's too old-fashioned, and it doesn't sound-” “ Yeah, ok, how about darling, dear?” “My Mom calls us darling and dear...dearest will be fine, I suppose.”
  46. 47. “ Ok, good, dearest it is then. Are they looking at us?” “ Yeah. You should probably kiss me before they wonder why we're talking under the mistletoe.” “ Yes. Ok.” Ismael then embraced his fiance and quickly kissed her lips. “ All right, well, I think I'll go make myself a drink.” “ Good, I'll get back to the evening news.” [sighs] “Great.”
  47. 48. “ Radiance, just what the heck do you think you're doing?” “ I can't take it anymore...all the pressure I'm under...I was bound to lash out at someone, and since you control everything, you seem like a good target for my aggression! You know what's happening, you saw it at see it now, and yet you do nothing !” “ Radiance, I understand I do, but it's not like that. I can't interfere in your lives...I'm just an emissary for the actual Creator Chick, er, Mimi. Kind of a mini me if you will. I can't control anything, unless given a direct order by her. She can control everything, but I can tell you now that she won't interfere either. If she did everything she wanted, there would be no dying sims, no unhappiness in the families. But, that's not how life really works there...or here amongst us sims.
  48. 49. “ Well, Mr. Song the party is over, our guests are gone, and we're all alone in this great big house. Hmm, what shall we do?” “ I'm sure I can think of a few things babe.” “ Hehe, I'm sure you can old man, but I was hinting about that mess in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned up.” “ That was just wrong Lyric, so wrong.” “ Hahaha, I know honey, but I had to get your attention somehow. Oh...what the heck, that mess isn't going anywhere.”
  49. 50. “ Polar,” Radiance exclaimed as she ran toward her brother's lifeless body. “Polar!?! Ok, he's breathing, so he's not dead. Thank goodness,” then she grabbed a cup of water from inside the dorm, ran back out to him, and poured it on his face. “ Ah! Wh-what happened?” “ Well, judging from your extremely red face, I'd say you passed out from heatstroke.” “ Oh, yes, I remember now. I went for a jog and I dressed warmly cause I figured it would be cold out today. It's pretty sweltering out for Autumn.” “ Yeah, you should go take a shower and get a cold drink or something bro.”
  50. 51. “ Alright Annette, you need a little help with your assignment yes?” “ Not really Athe-” “ Clearly ya do, because this one's been sitting out here on the table for awhile. Plus, I could use a little extra money, so here's how it's gonna go down. I'm gonna tutor you, you're gonna pay me, and keep your notebooks off the table. Why? Because I said so!”
  51. 52. “ Brittany Upsnott, I hear you're the queen of mean around here. Well, move over sister, cause there's a new queen in town. I will make you look like a saint when I'm done with this place. I've been a little busy lately woohooing half the town, because apparently I have turned into one of those kinda romance sims. Ask Mimi, she's seen my want panel enough to know.” Yeah, don't remind me Athenaeum, I'm trying to block it out. “ Ahem! As I was saying, once I'm done with my, let's call them ' extracurricular activities', I plan to take over as the new 'Queen of Mean' here at SSU. Now, how about a makeover, cause you really need one” “ I don't-” “ That wasn't a question princess.”
  52. 53. “ I have to confess, the streaker was a bit distracting, but I still think I did a darn good job.” “ Actually Athenaeum, I agree, I like it. I've heard about some of the other makeovers you've been doing around campus. I won't lie, I was a little freaked that you'd try to do something crazy to me.” “ I was tempted, believe me, it's not easy to find hair and makeup that looks good on Skeletor. You mind if I call you that? You kinda remind me of him. Ya know He-Man's arch nemesis ?” “ What did you just say to me!?!” “ Did I stutter Skeletor? You can go. That blond girl walking down the sidewalk needs my help now.”
  53. 54. “ What did you do to me? Hand me the mirror I want to see.” “ Oh, I have to pat myself on the back for this one. Truly some of my best work. Ya know how every time someone sees you they usually want to barf? Well, now that I made you look like a clown, they'll smile or laugh...hopefully that'll suppress the gag reflex. Yeah, I've seen people heart barf you quite a lot.” “ How can you talk to people like this? It's so-” “ Mean? Yeah, I know. I just have a gift for it, what can I say?”
  54. 55. These four always seem to have a nightly Mah Jong tournament. If I'm looking for them, and can't find them...they're here. In fact each one of them has been given a membership to Games of Glory, and Nate has a been awarded a plaque for his gaming abilities. I'm trying to get them all into the secret society, I thought we had befriended three of the members already...but apparently not. I think Polar's fiance is a member and all the kids are friends with her. They are also friends with the girl in the black business looking outfit with the red braids-I think she's in it too. Then there's the fugly guy in the gray shirt with the black stripe-pretty sure he's in it. They are wrapping up their Sophomore year now, and still no invite to the I'm guessing one of those sims isn't really in it...or they just don't like us. I used to know all the members, but I haven't played university in so long that I've forgotten most of them.
  55. 56. “ No, no, no Radiance. I saw what you were doing you can't just take the pool stick, use one hand and lunge at the balls. Are you new at pool too?” “ Yes Natey, I am new to pool. My parents didn't have a buttload of money when we were growing up, SSX3 was about the only game we played.” “ We have got to get you out more. Ok, watch me, you paying attention back there?” “ Yeah.” “ Good, we'll get through this...I hope.”
  56. 57. “ So Annette, why is your little secret society taking so long to accept my family and Nate into their little club? We're totally secret society material. Am I gonna have to break some legs?” “ Don't ask me Athenaeum, I don't run things. Are you sure you've befriended at least three members?” “ Well, there's you, fugly guy, and Celia-my brother's fiance. You're all in right?”
  57. 58. “ Honestly, I don't know. After you gave me this makeover, I was recruited by the 'Mime Liberation Army',' so I don't spend a whole lot of time at society functions. Most of my free time is spent trying to free mimes, and trying to negotiate on their behalf. Some people seem to think all we can do is that stupid 'I'm in a box' thing. That is so not true!” [raises eyebrow] “Well that's...ya know, I don't think I have any words for that. But, um I'm glad my makeover...helped?” “ Oh, it totally did, I finally have a purpose now. Thank you so much Athenaeum. If I can ever do anything for you, let me know. The mimes and I would be happy to assist you.” “ Uh...ok...thank you Annette.”
  58. 59. Another thing the kids all do once a night (it seems anyway) is have a dance party. I mean all the kids, not just mine. Yes, even Miss. Mime Liberation Army joins in! This is the first time they've danced in their new dorm though. I needed a dorm with a yard for a scene I wanted to shoot and this dorm's the only one that had one. It turned out to be too small a yard, so I may end up having to build my own dorm. I'm also thinking of building a greek house for the Song's. The thing is, they don't have a lot of money, so I don't know how or when I'm going to be able to build it for them. I have quite a few house plans I want to try out though, so I can't wait to get started.
  59. 60. “ You wanna dance with me Radiance?” “ Promise not to step on my toes?” “ Hey, I'm a good dancer. But, yes, I promise not to step on any of your cute little toes, all right?” “ Ok, then I'll dance with you. Ooh, I love this song come on!” *I finally have custom music in my game, woot! The kids love it, they are drawn to it like moths to a flame. Right now they're listening to Forever The Sickest Kids latest album-which I freaking love! My stepson and I sing to it in my car all the time. We've even infiltrated my husband's car with it, Honor Society, and We The Kings...I'll probably add them to my game soon.
  60. 61. Polar Express Song, how dare you cheat on me!” “ Pam? I haven't seen you since freshman year, and even then we fought all the time! Why wouldn't I move on?” “ Because no one moves on from me Polar! I move on from them, and I hadn't moved on yet.” “ What? You are a psycho Pam, get out of here!” “ Oh, I'll get out of here all right, but I'll be back, when you least expect it!”
  61. 62. “ Abel, I have missed you so much. Stupid Creator Chick just had to move us to another dorm, knowing the chances of you showing up here too were beyond slim!” “ It's ok Athenaeum, you know that old saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'? Well, it's true, I've missed you so much. I can't wait until you graduate so we can get married. Then we can get started on all those grandkids your mom wants.” “ Haha, I don't think we have to have all six of them, I'm sure Polar and Radiance will have a few of their own.” “ Maybe. I love you Athenaeum.” “I love you too Abel.”
  62. 63. I love you too Abel, you brought Athenaeum this lovely fountain...which I promptly sold before she saw. Kaching! Now, if I could just get Celia and Ismael to start bringing us gifts, you all might finally get that greek house.
  63. 64. Gee Bill, something tells me if there were health inspectors in this game, even an F wouldn't do you justice! “ My name is Daniel Mack, not Bill!” My apologies, Daniel. Clearly your name is what I should be focusing on now, not the know if you have too many of those they can kill? Did you get that Daniel? They can kill you! If my sims die because of won't have to worry about the flies killing it? Whoa, I must be channeling Athenaeum, sorry about that Dan.
  64. 65. “ You know something, you really should quit being a clown and join the Mime Liberation Army. We could use more members. There's strength in numbers, ya know?” “ Hmm, that's an interesting idea. Would I have to do anything weird?” “ Nope, just dress like us, we need to represent a united front. You'll also need the makeup, and a sassy beret doesn't hurt either. But that's my gimmick, you can't steal it.”
  65. 66. “ Come on slow poke,” Nate remarked as he watched Radiance climb up the stairs to the roof of their dorm. “Wow, you can see the whole campus from up here, and it's snowing! It's so beautiful!” “ Yep, but that's not entirely why I brought you up here. The weather's perfect for it though.” “ Perfect, for what exactly Nate?”
  66. 67. “ This.” “ Ice Skating? Nate, I have a little confession.” He smiled at her knowingly, “You've never been ice skating.” “ No,” she replied sheepishly. “ Don't worry, come here, we'll skate together. Just hold my hands, ready?” She smiled and nodded as he reached for her hands. Then they started twirling around on the ice.
  67. 68. Suddenly Radiance started flailing, then she fell back on the ice, and Nate came head first after her. “ Radiance! Ow, are you ok,” he asked her wincing. “ Ouch, yeah, I think so.” “ Good.” Then they both started laughing. “Well, it was fun while it lasted.” “ Hahaha, yeah. I swear, I'm accident prone, I'm sorry Natey.” “ It's ok, come on, let's get you off the ice. We need to see how bad your injuries are.”
  68. 69. “ Thanks for helping me off the ice Nate. I really didn't want to fall again. I think once a night's enough.” “ No problem, can you walk ok?” “ Yeah, I'm all right. But, what about you?”
  69. 70. He looked at Radiance standing there in the snow, moonlight shining down around her. He thought she'd never looked more beautiful, like an angel, his angel. Before he could stop himself, he touched her face, then pulled her closer, and kissed her tenderly. He was surprised when she returned the kiss, but grateful for it.
  70. 71. She suddenly ripped herself away from his embrace, a shocked expression replaced the smiling one from just a moment ago. “ Nate, I-I can't do this, I'm engaged. I have to do what's right, even if it means doing something I don't want to do,” she said her mother's words staring blankly into space. I-Ihave to go.” She turned around and ran back down the stairs, leaving him standing there in the snow and moonlight.
  71. 72. Radiance ran until she saw her sister and started yelling at her, “Athenaeum! Athenaeum!,” tears were starting to slide down her face. Athenaeum was staring blankly off in the distance, she couldn't focus on the game of pool she was playing. She was secretly plotting...until her sister's yelling jerked her from her thoughts.
  72. 73. “ What's wrong with you?” Radiance was about out of breath from running, and the tears were really coming now, “I...I have to tell...tell you something.” She paused to catch her breath, “sorry. You have to promise to keep this a secret, you can't say anything to anyone.” “ Yes Radiance, I'm familiar with the concept of secrets, what is with you?” “ Nate kissed me,” she exclaimed in a whisper and then started sobbing. “I'm sorry...I don't mean to cry, but it's so confusing, and-”
  73. 74. “ What!?!” “Nate Gavigan kissed you? I was beginning to think he didn't have it in him. I can't believe he finally did it!” “ What are you talking about Athenaeum?” “ Nate Gavigan has been in love with you since at least the beginning of Sophomore year Radiance! Now we're about to start our senior year of college, you do the math.” “ love...that's two years! Are you sure?” “ Uh, yeah! I think he was going to tell you...but then you got engaged to the professor. I guess he decided to keep it to himself...for your sake. He knew why you got engaged, so I guess he just resigned himself to best friend status...for you. He didn't want to upset you...that much was clear.”
  74. 75. In the meantime...Nate had went to talk to his roommate and friend-Polar...“Polar, I think I might have messed up, I kissed your sister, I kissed Radiance.” “ I don't understand. How is that messing up? You love her don't you?” He paused for a moment...”Yeah, I do, I've loved her for-” “ The past two years? Yeah, we all know...except for Radiance, she's been so busy with trying to make Mom happy that she can't see what's in front of her.” “ Exactly. That's why it was a mistake. She has to marry Professor Wolfe, she's resigned herself to it. Nothing will change her mind, after upsetting your mother at Thanksgiving, Radiance would do anything to keep that from happening again. We can't be together...and now I've added to this pressure she's under. I'm such an idiot!”
  75. 76. After hearing what Athenaeum had to say about the situation, Radiance ran to find Nate. “ Nate? Is it true? You're-you love me?” “ Yes. I love you Radiance, I've been in love with you for the past two years...but that kiss. As great as it shouldn't have happened...and it won't again. I'm sorry.” “ How could you feel this way and not tell me Nate Gavigan?”
  76. 77. “ I-” “ There you are darling. I've been looking everywhere for you. We have a reservation for seven, you need to go change, you can talk to your friends later.” Nate didn't like the way the professor talked to Radiance, but what could he do? Actually the more he thought about the whole situation the angrier he got. He should be with her, not the professor, what was with that family anyway? What was so wrong about marrying someone you loved? Then he spat out the words, before he could stop himself. “You should go Radiance, you don't want to miss your reservation.” “ But I-”
  77. 78. Later that night... Nate was heading out for a walk to clear his head, when he saw her, “Radiance!” He rushed over to her, what happened to her, he wondered to himself. “ Nate,” she murmured through chattering teeth, he could barely hear her. “ Don't worry, I'm here, I'm gonna take care of you Radiance. I'm gonna get you inside now.
  78. 79. “ Now that you're inside, you'll get warmed up, but I'm making you some hot chocolate to help with that. You just go get into some clean dry clothes, and I'll bring you a cup. What happened anyway?” “ I-I don't remember, I think I was walking back home from my date with Ismael, but I'm not sure. I'm gonna go shower and change now. I'll come back down for the hot chocolate...oh and Nate?” “ Hmm?” “ Thanks, if you hadn't found me-” “ Let's not even think like that ok? You're safe now, and soon you'll be warmed back up.”
  79. 80. “ Hi! I'm Tiffany, are you the one that called and asked about joining our sorority?” “ Oh, yeah, like, being in Tri-Var would just be like, the greatest thing ever!” “ Well, getting in isn't easy. First you have chase us through your dorm, and if you're lucky enough to catch us, you have to talk to us until we like you enough. There's three of us you have to do that with. Myself, Heather Huffington, and Brittany Upsnott. So, are you ready?” “ Like, totally! I've been waiting for this for a long time!” “ Great, on your mark, get set, go!”
  80. 81. “ Tiffany! I'm so glad I caught up with you. I was just upstairs talking to Brittany, and you would not believe all the mean things she was saying about you! She was saying stuff like, 'Tiffany's the reason we can never get anyone to join the sorority, she's always got her nose in a book and is too stuck up to bother talking to anyone about joining.'” “ Oh, really? I'm the stuck up one am I? What about her?” “ I know right, you should totally go kick her butt for that! I wouldn't let her talk that way about you.” “ Thank you for telling me Athenaeum, you're a good person.”
  81. 82. “ Yeah, take that Brittany, I heard what you said about me!” “ What are you talking about Tiffany? I haven't said anything about you! [sniff, sniff] I can't believe you slapped me!” “ Psst. Heather, guess what I just heard about you...” “ She said what!?! I am not a no class tramp! I have class, and can I help it that I'm a romance sim? Just because I enjoy the companionship of men, doesn't mean I don't have class, and it doesn't make me a tramp either!” “ Hey, preaching to the choir here sister, I'm a romance sim too! I think you should beat her up on behalf of all us romance sims everywhere.” “ Excellent idea Athenaeum, thank you for telling me.”
  82. 83. “ I heard what you said about me Brittany, if anyone is no class it's you, and how dare you call me a tramp!” “ What the heck is wrong with you two tonight. I haven't said anything about you or Tiffany!” Hahaha, I just love being mean. They ain't seen nothing yet though, hahaha!
  83. 84. “ She said she didn't say anything about me Athenaeum. Did you lie to me?” “ I have to confess that I did. I'm sorry, I just really wanted to get into the sorority but none of you guys were talking to me, so I got fed up. I'm really sorry, how about I give you a free makeover to make up for what I did?” “ It's ok, I forgive you...a free makeover? Well, you did a great job on Brittany, so sure.”
  84. 85. “ My beautiful long hair! What did you do to me? All my hair is gone!” “ That's not true, you still have some hair, and you didn't even say anything about the makeup.” “ I haven't seen the makeup yet, I was too freaked out by the sudden loss of hair.” “ Oh, I'm sorry Heather, I figured you'd like it. I'm sure once you get the full effect of the make up and the new 'do, you'll be speechless though. Next!” “ Maybe you're right, I'll go upstairs and look in the mirror in the bathroom.”
  85. 86. “ Ow, what gives lady?” “ You're coming with me, now let's go.” Yes! Finally, it's about time somebody got into that secret society!
  86. 87. “ Yay! Welcome to Landgrabb Secret Society Athenaeum Song!” “ This is it? All the people I've befriended that are members of this stupid club, and I only get greeted by two? Well, it's been real guys, but I have to run. Let me just grab a few things before I go. You don't mind do you?” “ Well, ye-” “ I didn't think so, now to get that limo back here, because I have makeovers to finish.”
  87. 88. “ I'm going to kill that little-” “ Only after I kill her first Tiffany, at least your makeover doesn't look at bad as mine.” “ Have you seen the lipstick?” “ Lipstick, that's what you're complaining about? I look like a clown!”
  88. 89. [smack] “Take that Heather Huffington! I can't stand you or your little merry band of sorority sisters. Haha, I can't believe you all thought I wanted to be one of you, ahahahaha. No, I invited you over here, because I can't stand you. I wanted to humiliate you, and I think I did a darned good job. First by making out with Castor in front of you all upstairs...see I knew each one of you had a thing for him, so I got you where it hurts. Then, as if that wasn't enough, I made you all turn on each other. But I think the best part was chopping all your hair off...oh and giving you all these 'makeovers'. Brittany shouldve taken my warning seriously. I told her I was taking over as the “Queen of Mean' here at SSU.”
  89. 90. “ Pam what are you doing in my room...while I was sleeping no less!?!” “ I told you...we're not through, until I say we're through. Watch your back Polar, and tell that tramp you're with to watch her's too.” “ Are you threatening my fiance Pam? Because I can guarantee you, you do not want to do that.” “ We'll see about that.”
  90. 91. “ Ok, enough with the punching game Athenaeum!” “ Fine. Assemble the minions, we'll meet on the roof in ten minutes.” “ 'The minions'? Oh, you mean Polar and Nate. They're not your minions Athenaeum, you know that right?” “ Just get them, and yourself up on the roof, and I'll meet you there in ten!” “ Fine!”
  91. 92. “ I know you all want to know why I called you up here. So, let's just get right to it. I have a mission for you, should you choose to except it. I call it 'Operation Pink Reign,' what does it mean? Well, I'm glad you asked. I'll get to that in a minute, right now let's cover what I want you to do. Polar, I need your niceness, you will call up Tri-Var Sorority and ask to join. When Heather, Brittany, and Tiffany get here, you will charm the heck out of them. I don't care how, just get into that sorority, got it?” “ Yeah, I got it.” “ Good. Now, once Polar gets accepted, he'll move into the Tri-Var house. Then he's going to invite us over and pledge us all in. Here's where the 'Pink Reign' part comes in. Pink=me, reign=taking over and ruling Tri-Var. Any questions?” “ I have one...why?”
  92. 93. “ I'm glad you asked Nate. You see the Song's need a greek house for the legacy. I loathe those sorority chicks, so I figured instead of building our own we'd just take theirs over. Simple enough?” “ Yeah, I understand now.” “ Ok, sis, I get what you're saying, but that place is tiny. We need a bigger place...I mean our kids will be joining our greek house, and that could end up being a lot of kids in a tiny house.” “ You do have a point there Polar, and believe it or not, I've already figured that into my plan. Right now we're gonna work on part A-infiltrating Tri-Var...then we'll get to part B. Ok? Everyone on board?” “ Where you go, I go, sis.” “I'm in.” “I feel like part of the gang, so I'm in too.”
  93. 94. Later that day, Polar called Tiffany up and invited her over. After she got there, he asked her about joining the sorority. She was a bit confused about why he'd want to join, but soon got over it and had the other sisters come over. After Polar spent hours chasing them down and talking to them, he finally got in. The following morning he moved into the sorority house, and was greeted by Tiffany. She gave him the grand tour and showed him to his room, before heading off to class.
  94. 95. “ Hey sis, 'operation: Pink reign-part A is almost complete.” “ Yep, you just have to pledge us in.” “ I know, let me go greet Radiance and Nate and then we'll begin pledging you all in.”
  95. 96. “ Ready to be a pledge sis?” “ I thought you'd never ask, so what do I have to do?” “ Just spend as much time here as possible while we boss you around. Don't worry though, I told the girls I'd handle getting new pledges in, while they're at class. So, all you have to do now, is hang out here everyday until your time is up, then you guys can move in.”
  96. 97. I hereby interrupt the plotting to bring you this message...all the kids excepting Nate are now members of the secret society. All the kids are also either “Big Man On Campus,” or “Big Woman On Campus.” They've also all maintained 4.0 grade averages...except Radiance who is for some reason now at 3.9...and no Polar does not ever change out of his pjs if he can get around it. Now we return you back to your scheduled plotting...
  97. 98. “ All right Athenaeum, your time is up, welcome to Tri Var Sorority. You can now move in.” “ Thanks big brother, I trust everyone else's time is up too?” “ Yep, I was just going to let them know now.” “ Great, I'm expected downstairs for a private meeting I called. So, I'll see you all later today?” “ Sure, after class.”
  98. 99. “ Heather! I hope I didn't keep you waiting long?” “ No. What I'd like to know is how you got in here to begin with!” “ That's a story for another time. Now that I'm here, let me get a few things clear...I'm taking over. This is....for all intents and sorority. There are gonna be a few changes around here of course, and I suggest you all get used to it.” “ Well, it seems we're outnumbered, so I guess we don't have much choice.” “ You guess correctly Heather Huffington.”
  99. 100. “ Muhahahaha! You want to know what I have planned next don't you? Well, that's for the next chapter. Yep, looks like our fearless leader took way too many shots, and so the college chapter is now going to be a three parter. We're finally seniors though, so we'll soon be graduating. That's all for now, I've got money to counterfeit, and I'm sure you all have things to do...nothing more to see here...scram!”