Greatest Hits & Misses Chapter 4.3


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The 2nd gen kids bid college farewell, and start their own lives...

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Greatest Hits & Misses Chapter 4.3

  1. 2. When last we left the Song's... Polar, Athenaeum, and Radiance (yes, Nate too) were all in their senior year of college, all big man/woman on campus, and each legacy kid has been excepted into the secret society.. Radiance caught Isaiah Gavigan making out with his former girlfriend-Ginger Newsom, and sent him packing. Shortly thereafter, when her mother showed up at SSU with the professor, Radiance accepted his proposal. Polar's relationship with Celia was threatened when his psycho ex-girlfriend started showing her face around the dorm again. Athenaeum-after thoroughly humiliating the girls of Tri-Var, staged a takeover at their on with the show...
  2. 3. “ Brittany, since you and Tiffany missed the meeting the other night, I'm gonna explain it to you, and then you can pass it on to her. The jist is this...I don't like the three of you, and I already warned you that SSU only has room for one “Queen of Mean,” which is now-ME! You see, my family needed a greek house before we head back home to The Cove, something for the future descendents to be a part of. Now, we have that. It's a bit crowded right now, so I could and totally should throw you all out on your butts. But, then I thought you all could be of great use to me. So, now you will each be my servants. You work for me now. Speaking of, how about you go whip up something for us in the kitchen?” “ No! I won't do it, I had plans for tonight.”
  3. 4. Suddenly lightening flashed in the room and crackled as it hit Brittany. “ Gotta say Brittany, not a big fan of the word no. That little jolt you're getting should serve as a reminder of that. It's courtesy of a little object I swiped from the creator's house the other day. I have to have it back before she notices it's been taken, and they're due back from their vacation tomorrow night. This is a little taste of what can happen to you and the other two if you don't get with the program...and please don't think that just because I have to return this little item, that I won't have ways of taking care of you. I have a little plan for that as well.” “ You're a monster Athenaeum! How can you-” “ Treat people this way?'s simple...being a mean sim, I quite enjoy it. Oh and Brittany...I'm your worst nightmare...only, you can't wake up from me .
  4. 5. TV Dinners Brittany!?! I want real food now or so help me I'm gonna-” Athenaeum stopped talking and lunged at Brittany for emphasis. “ Ok, Ok! I'm about to have bladder failure here, so I was trying to make something quick.” Brittany didn't want to admit it, but she was definitely scared of Athenaeum, there was no telling what she would do to her! “ Yeah, you're mistaking me for someone who cares! Just go clean it up, and then take care of your bladder issues before ya wet yourself, all right?” “ Got it.”
  5. 6. “ Celia, your time has passed and you can now move in with me here at the greek house, so what do you say?” “I'd love to move in with you Polar, but isn't it a little cramped in here right now?” “ Athenaeum said she had a plan, so we're just waiting to see what that is, but in the meantime, I'm sure I could make room for you in my room. She has fixed up the sorority a bit, so I hope you won't mind all the pink. It looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismal.” “ Oh, I'm sure I can deal with it, anything to be with you my love.” “ Come on then, I'll show you to our room.”
  6. 7. “ Mimi, ol' buddy, ol' pal. How was the vacation?” “ What do you want Athenaeum?” “ Can't a friend call another friend just to check on them?” “ Yes. If that friend isn't Athenaeum Song. I know you too well.” “ Seriously, I really want to know how your vacation was.” “ Mmm-Hmm.”
  7. 8. “ I'm hurt! How could you think like that?” “ Fine, I'll bite. The vacation was great. I mainly went to scout out vacation homes, because I'm thinking of buying you guys one as soon as you have the money for it.” “ That's great. Now, are you free to come over here tonight or tomorrow? I got to thinking that if I really want to be an effective mean sim...I'm gonna need something...something that you could give to me.” “I'm not giving you the item you bogarted from my house Athenaeum, although I appreciate you bringing it back. It was never meant to be in a sim's hands-aside from mine anyway-and it never will be again.” “ Um...I suppose it's too late for an “I'm sorry” then.”
  8. 9. “ Brittany, still cleaning up I see. What's taking you so darn long?” “ Well, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm kinda fried right now, all my motives are draining from me.” “ Oh is that all? Well, I tell you what you do. There's an energizer right outside, I just put it out there in case anyone needed it. Why don't you go juice yourself up in it and then continue?” “ I thought you had to be at least in the gold for that to work. You want me to get in there and end up dead!” “ No! That's not true Brittany, if you weren't here, who'd prepare our meals? Tiffany and Heather have the cleaning and the gardening to do, they don't have time.”
  9. 10. “ What happened to Brittany? Polar were you out here when she died?” “ No honey, I wasn't. Nate and I just discovered her out here. Radiance, you can stop mopping up her puddles, I'm sure that can wait.” “ Ugh. Are you kidding me Polar? I'm a neat freak, I can't leave it there.” “ Waaaaahhhhh! Poor Brittany, she died too young, and we hardly knew her.” “ Nate! Get control of yourself man! While I'm not happy to see anyone die, Brittany was hardly a saint.”
  10. 11. “ Heather put a lid on it! Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you here. I'm sure you've all heard of Brittany's passing in the night. Some of you where there when Grimmy came to collect her, some of you just found out this morning, I just want-” “ WAAAAHHHHH, she was a great sister to Tiff and me before you got involved and over took our sorority.” “ Pssh yeah right. Half the town hated her, now if I may continue-” “ I know you did this Athenaeum!”
  11. 12. “ Shut up Heather. Now as I was attempting to say. I would like to introduce you to the new maids/groundskeepers of our little sorority/fraternity...sorernity? Yeah. Heather and Tiffany...if you need anything, see them, and they'll take care of it. Everyone except Tiffany and Heather please leave the room. We have important matters to discuss.” Athenaeum waited for everyone to leave before she continued.
  12. 13. “ Girls, girls, girls...what am I going to do with you,” Athenaeum asked, smiling. “Heather, we had a deal. I was to take over Tri-Var, and you and your merry band of brats were to stay on as members of the greek house, instead of being turned out on the street with no where to go. This place is getting a little crowded, but still I let you all stay on, with a must tend the grounds, clean the house, and prepare meals...oh and wear those outfits to distinguish you as the help. “ Look Athenaeum, I know you are the cause of Brittany's death, I just know it! That wasn't part of our 'deal,' if you can even call it that.” [heavy sigh] “You know, it's unfortunate that people don't believe it when you threaten them. Sometimes, in that situation you have to make an example out of someone. Yes, unfortunately...for her , Brittany was the example, now if I have further trouble from you'll be next on my hit list!”
  13. 14. “ Good job getting into the greek house sis, I think you're doing a great job as our leader. With the exception of killing Brittany, as a future lawyer, I can't condone that.” “ I don't need you to condone it Polar. I just need you to remember that no matter what...I'm still your sister.” “ I do. Listen, I hate to bring this up now, but this place is getting insanely crowded, there's seven people living here, and we're having to double up in the bedrooms. I know you said you had a plan...” “Yes, I do have a plan...had a plan. I was going to leave this place in ruin with the Tri-Var girls having nothing but a shadow of what they once knew. But, I kinda took a liking to the I'll have to figure something else out.”
  14. 15. I went on a downloading binge the other day, and got some great CC for the Song's. So, I decided to give everyone makeovers, and do a little photoshoot. The next few photos are the result of that. Nate: The only thing I changed on him was the outfit, this one is from Parsimonious (one of my faves). Radiance: Radiance's outfit is also from Parsimonious, I kept her hair , and I changed her eye makeup and lipstick. Athenaeum: Another great Parsimonious find, the top and bottoms are from there, and that was the only change for her. Polar: My little future lawyer deserved a more grown up look...and that's what he got courtesy of All-About-Style.
  15. 16. I have to say these guys are really great together. Celia was not in the original plan for Polar-Rose Dai was. When she didn't work out, I had another plan for Polar...Celia was about the last person I had considered for him. Not because of anything on her part, I just didn't think of the two of them that way. But when they met, it was clear...they were supposed to be together. They're both smart, talented, go getters, who know what they want out of life...and they're planning to get it...together. Celia: For Celia, I really liked her in brown and decided that was her signature color, the way Pink is Athenaeum's. I even recolored the glasses that Lyric wears in a brown (and a whole bunch of other colors too-in case I needed them for another sim) for Celia but then decided she's better without them. Anyway, her outfit is from Qbuilderz at MTS. I changed her makeup to include more browns...and of course we couldn't leave her without her cute little hat!
  16. 17. Here's the last one from my little photo shoot. I love how Polar and Celia-my little straight lacers are just standing there all calm and reserved, while Athenaeum and Nate go nuts. Then we have Radiance standing away from the group, like she doesn't want to be associated with the antics...but she'll do a little pose anyway. They're really a great bunch of kids, yes, even Athenaeum.
  17. 18. “ Pink Venom, this is Llama Breath...these code names suck! I wanted to be something cool like-” “ Shut up about the code names Llama Breath, are you in?” “ Oh, I'm more than in, I just finished cleaning them out, and am getting ready to head back home. So, what are we gonna do with the loot?” “ Impressive Llama Breath. As for the loot, we're gonna keep most of it, and ditch the rest. That'll teach them, we don't need their stinkin' secret society! Oh, and don't forget to-” “ Lock the doors, yeah I know, I'm on it. See you back at the place. Llama Breath out.”
  18. 19. “ Tiff, psst. Listen, we've got to get the heck out of here. You heard Athenaeum admit what she'd done to Brittany. Do you want to be next?” “ No, I'm with you, we need to leave. But how?” “ I have a plan, we'll need disguises, come on upstairs, I bought the outfits today. Let me fix your hair and makeup. Then you'll do mine. Once we get changed, we'll plan our escape for tomorrow. Everyone will be at class, and we'll be here alone. We'll have to change our names too, and see if we can find shelter somewhere on campus.” “ Ok, let's do it.”
  19. 20. “ Sorry it took me so long, I had to change, before I could meet you back up here. Ok, I'm done. What do you think?” “ Wow. Good call Tiff, no one would ever guess Heather Huffington was under here.” “ Yeah, or that Tiffany Sampson was under this.” “ Ok, late aunt's name. Huff...le...puff?” “ This isn't Harry Potter, Heather! If you want to use part of your last name, how about Alberta Huffman?” “ Good. What about you?” “ Uh....I'll be Roxy Ravirt-that's Tri-Var backwards. I tried Sampson wasn't pretty.”
  20. 21. “ Neither was that!” “ Ok, let's get serious, you'll be Helen Huffman-just transferred over from Academie Le Tour, and you're planning to finish out your major in literature here at Sim State. I'll be Roxy Samuels, transfer from La Fiesta Tech in Strangetown to finish out my major in mathematics.” “ Ok, sounds good, Roxy. Sorry about your hair by the way, I know what it's like to have most of it shaved off. But, I had to disguise you, and I figured no one would expect Tiffany Sampson to be some rocker chick.” “ No. It's ok, you were right, and we have to be undetectable if we wanna have a chance of escaping.”
  21. 22. “ Wait up Roxy!” “ Come on Helen, we don't have much time! Get your butt in gear. Oh, did you find us a place yet?” “ Yeah, I found a great place, it's small, but it'll work for us.” “ Great, let's get the heck out of here then!”
  22. 23. “ So, what movie are we gonna watch tonight honey...honey...Polar!” “ Huh?” “Movie?” “ Oh, yeah, I'll put it on in a sec, I could've sworn I heard someone come in,” he said looking over at the doorway. “Did you hear something?” “ know now that you mention it...”
  23. 24. “ Pam! I cannot believe you broke into our house and hid behind the couch! How dare you interrupt my evening with Celia...again! You need to get some professional help Pam, do you hear me?” “ Oh, what's the matter pookie? I just wanted to surprise you. I thought we could stay in and watch a movie tonight. Maybe you could make us dinner?” “ NO! What is wrong with you? You have totally lost it! I want you out of here now!” “ Oh, is this still about me sneaking in, I didn't know you were so sensitive, I'm sorry, ok? Like I said I just wanted to surprise my little schookums, you really should calm down.”
  24. 25. “ Where's Polar, thought you two lovebirds were gonna stay in tonight?” “ Well, we were, but it didn't work out that way. Athenaeum, can I be frank with you?” “ Sure.” “ Polar's ex-girlfriend Pam...she snuck in here tonight, she hid behind the couch while Polar and I were getting ready to watch a movie. Polar noticed, and jumped all over her. But, she acted like they were still together, calling him 'pookie' and-long story short...I fear if something isn't done soon she's going to ruin our relationship.” “ Don't worry Celia, I'll handle everything.”
  25. 26. “ Awesome party babe, your band sounds great!” “ Aww, thanks Abel. I promise I'll spend some time with you when we're done with our set.” “ Don't worry about it babe, you keep playing and have fun, I can always come over tonight to hang out.” “ True, it's a date then.”
  26. 27. “ Hi Ismael, thanks for coming to our party. Athenaeum's trying to raise money to fund an expansion to the house. We thought we'd have a party and charge admission. Plus her band is playing for tips too.” “ Well, I have to admit these kinds of parties are a little juvenile for my tastes my dear, but I suppose it's time we start making our engagement public. What better way than at a college party I suppose.” “ Yeah. Well, I'm gonna get some punch, you just enjoy yourself. You can always go inside and watch the news, if this party bores you.” “ Excellent suggestion Radiance, I believe I'll go do that.”
  27. 28. “ CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!” “ Shut up Abel, my only comfort in life is hitting the, keg.” “ Sorry Radiance, if you ever want to talk about it, I'm here for you. You are my future sister-in-law after all.” “ Thanks Abel, I really appreciate it, but right now this keg's my counselor and friend.”
  28. 29. “ Profes-ish...I mean Ismael-hic-you don't have to do this.” “I'm afraid I do, someone needs to get you away from the keg. Radiance. Is a potential life with me so bad? So, I'm not handsome and devilishly charming. I am well educated which means the chances of me getting a good job are excellent. I promise that I will provide for you and our future children, I'll find us a good home. I know that you don't love me. But, maybe you could find it in your heart to accept the situation...and me, as I have done in mine?” “ I have accepted your proposal Professor Wolfe. I will marry you for my mother's sake...I have both accepted and resigned myself to it. But, you're right, I don't love you, and I never will. This is not what my life was suppose to hold for me!”
  29. 30. Not a roof raiser, but everyone had a good time none the less, and at least the cops didn't come to bust it up. “ Athenaeum, I gotta go, Mime Liberation Army meeting at seven. Hey, you wanna come with? We could sure use an evil mime to get things done.” “ Ya know Annette, I'm gonna have to pass. I have some remodeling to do upstairs, now that Tiffany and Heather disappeared, we have a little more room to work with. Maybe next time.” “Ok, yeah, I'll let you know when the next meeting is.” “ You do that.”
  30. 31. “ Hey Honey, I know you don't have much time left at SSU, but I figured we should be comfortable while you do. So, when Heather and Tiffany left, I decided we should have the room they shared for our own. I just finished decorating in here, what do you think?” “ I think it's just perfect Celia. I've only got a semester left, and then you can come back to Belladonna Cove with me. I figured we'll go straight to my parents' place and stay there until we are married. Then we'll find our own house, and get started on our own life together.” “ I can't leave here and become your wife. Maybe then that Pam girl will get it through her head that you aren't her's anymore.”
  31. 32. “ Psst, hey dude, that psycho cheerleader is outside the window, playing your sister's drums” “ I don't know what I'm gonna do about her. I've told her and told her that we are NOT together. That I don't love her! How can I make it any plainer than that? Yet she's constantly sneaking in here and acting like we're still together. Maybe if I just ignore you think she knows I'm home today?” “ I don't think she does, she hasn't looked in the window that I know of, and she hasn't been inside the house. But, if I could maybe give you some advice...I think if this continues after telling her off, and trying to ignore might be time to go to the police.” “ If she doesn't get the message today, then I will try that, thanks Nate.”
  32. 33. “ Well girls we're almost out of here. Final exams in two or three days for Radiance and me. Celia are you going to finish college before you come to Belladonna Cove and marry our big bro?” “ No, I want to be Polar's wife, I can't wait to marry him. So, when his exams are over, I'll be going home with him. I hope we're able to find a nice little home somewhere near your parents' place. I know how much Polar loves them...and you two as well...of course.” “ Well, I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to going back home, and marrying Professor Wolfe, of course I guess he'll no longer be a professor then. Since he'll be leaving the college soon after me.” “ Sis, you don't have to go through with it. Marry Nate, he loves you...and you love him.”
  33. 34. “ Annette, glad you could make it, I have something to ask you.” “ Well, ask away Athenaeum.” “ Well, Polar's graduation party is today, Radiance and I are going to celebrate with him instead of having three different parties. Anyway, since we'll all be gone tomorrow, except Nate who's only gonna be here long enough to finish college, I-we need someone to hold down the Annya Fruhm Urele greek house. Just until our kids are old enough to come to college and pledge. Will you do it?” “ Well, I'd be honored, of course I'll do it.”
  34. 35. “ Honey we're so proud of you! You left the house as a teenager with dreams of becoming The Law, and now you've graduated and will be getting married soon. Then I'm sure you'll achieve your dream soon after, with Celia by your side. Oh,” Lyric exclaimed smiling down at her oldest child. She hugged him tight, “I love you son.” “ Aww, thanks Mom, with Celia by my side, I believe I can do anything. I can't wait until we're married and have a couple of little ones of our own and...I love you too.”
  35. 36. “ Hey sport, I'm sure your mother has already told you, but we're very proud of you and your sisters. We love Celia like a daughter, and can't wait for the wedding. You two can stay at the house as long as you'd like. We'd love to have you back home.” “ Thanks Dad, Celia and I had already planned to stay at home until we were married. Which won't be long as we've set the date.” “ Great, well, I'd better go say hello to your sisters and Celia.”
  36. 37. Quit photo bombing Ashley and get out! You weren't invited anyway! After the party was over Polar exploded into adulthood, then he and Celia headed back to Belladonna Cove and moved in with his parents. Radiance and Athenaeum still had a final exam and then they'd be following suit in the morning.
  37. 38. After arriving back at their parents' home, the kids along with Celia and Lyric gathered around to talk about their college days. They discussed their upcoming weddings, and Lyric told them of life in the Cove since they'd went away four years ago. Each child graduated with honors as follows: Polar Express Song-Summa Cum Laude Athenaeum Song-Cum Laude Radiance Song-Magna Cum Laude
  38. 39. “ John, I think you need to retake flying out for that mailbox!” “ Whoops, heh heh, sorry about that. Well, let's go inside, I know you're excited for the wedding ceremonies.” “ Excited yes, and also a little anxious, hopefully Radiance won't attack me today like she did at her father's birthday.” “ She's just under a lot of pressure, you know that.” “ Yes. I do, and part of me wishes I could change things, but I've been given strict orders not to interfere. But, would you consider making the professor dance like a chicken interfering ? Or is it entertainment?” “ Both. Come on, let's go.”
  39. 40. Polar and Celia (Turner) Song ended their wedding ceremony with a kiss in front of all in attendance. Unfortunately, Rudy had to work, and before I realized he was getting in his car to leave, he had already left. I also completely forgot about the community lot that I built specifically for Song weddings...and I wasn't paying attention, so now instead of Polar taking Celia's surname, she has his...for added confusion. I mean it's not like I don't have a whole town full of Songs running around! ARGH! Other than problems caused by me, the wedding went off without a hitch.
  40. 42. I decided the best course of action-wedding wise-was to have all the kids get married at their parents' place. That way the whole family could partake in the festivities. Next up to the alter...Athenaeum-heiress to the legacy “throne,” and her fiance Abel Rodgers. Aside from Rudy and Lyric, these guys are the only three bolter couple I've had in the legacy...thus far anyway.
  41. 44. “ Bye Celia, I'd like to wish you and Polar a very happy marriage.” “ Aww, thank you Abel, I wish the same for you and Athenaeum.” “ I'm gonna miss you sis, but it's great to have you in the family, take care of that brother of mine.” “ Will do, goodbye everyone, Polar honey the taxi's here let's go.”
  42. 45. With shaky nerves, and a pounding heart Radiance walked outside to the alter, there he was-her future husband. Could she still go through with it? She looked over and saw her mother smiling at her, and knew what she had to do, and someway it would all work out. Maybe life with Ismael wouldn't be so bad. She took her place next to him as they each said their vows, in front of family and friends.
  43. 46. Radiance stood there trying to put on a brave smile for all her family and friends that had gathered, as Ismael left her standing alone at the alter. She hoped with all her heart that this wasn't the beginning of things to come. It was hard enough to marry someone you didn't love, but someone that ignored you too?
  44. 47. “ You girls never looked more beautiful than you did today, standing up there, getting married. I can't believe I have three grown children, I want you to know that I am proud of you honey. I know what you did wasn't an easy thing to do, and I know that you did it for your mother, and believe me that speaks volumes about your character and your devotion to your family. I do not, however, condone that man leaving my daughter at the alter. I know you're married now, and it's not like he left you there before you were wed, but it's wrong just the same! I'm going to give him a stern talking to!” “ Daddy, thank you for those words, and don't worry about Ismael, he probably just went inside to call the taxi. Perhaps he's anxious to get to our new home. That's all it is, I'm sure.” “ Well, if you say so, then I'll stay out of it...for now. Best not mention this conversation to your mother baby girl.”
  45. 48. “ Oh Radiance dear, it was such a beautiful wedding, all of them were, and I'm so happy I lived to see all my children married!” “ I know Mother, I'm happy that you're happy. I have to run inside now to cut the cake, so we can be on our way. I love you Mom.” “ I love you too darling, and your sister and brother. You've all made me very happy today.”
  46. 49. “ Open wide Ismael.” “ That's entirely too much cake my dear,” he replied after swallowing the piece of wedding cake she had shoved into his mouth. “ Sorry, Ismael,” Radiance felt she couldn't do anything right today...starting with the wedding she never should've agreed to. “ Nevermind, let's just eat so we can get to our new home. You did get us that place-” “ Yes, the house that was for sale near Polar and Celia's new place
  47. 50. “ Come on Radiance, show some hustle, the taxi's waiting.” “ I-I'm just kind of sad to leave this place Ismael. I did grow up here after all. My parents are here, Athenaeum's here-” ” Yes, I know. But we're married, and it's time we go off and live our lives now. So, let's go.” “ Coming,” Radiance said, taking one last look at the family estate as she climbed into the taxi with her husband.
  48. 51. Celia and Polar got a house across the street from his parents, it's one of the houses that came with Belladonna Cove, but I remodeled it inside and out to fit them. They both got jobs in the law field, since Celia's want is to become best buds with 20 puppies or kittens-it'll never happen.
  49. 52. Celia soon gave birth to their first child (so far), a boy with his mother's eyes, and father's hair and skintone. The iPod has spoken and the song that came up was...”She Wants To Be Wanted Again” by country singer Ty Hearndon. Not sure if he's still singing, but he had a few hits in the 90's. Since the song doesn't make a very good name, I named him after the singer. Welcome to the legacy-spare side-little Ty Song. Polar is a very proud father, and was glad to welcome a son into his little family.
  50. 53. Radiance and her husband moved into their little two bedroom house next to Polar and Celia's place. She was able to get a job in her chosen field right away, and is now a University Guest Lecturer. Ismael on the other hand, was not so lucky, his career track (Athletics) has not yet become available...but it isn't for lack of looking! The two have no children of their own yet...but who knows what the future holds.
  51. 54. “ Pretty eventful day huh Ath? I sure have missed you the last couple years, only getting to see you every once and awhile. I can't believe we're finally married, and-” She smiled knowingly at him, “I've missed you too Abel. So, it appears that I'm the 2 nd generation heir.” “ Yes, it does.” “ and it appears that this legacy won't be able to go forward unless you and I have some children.” “ I like where you're going with this,” he replied and she laughed.
  52. 55. “ Rudy, can you believe how far this legacy has come. I can still remember the first day I walked onto that lot, the first time we met...” “ I know, now our kids are grown and married. Polar and Celia have a baby boy, and with any luck Athenaeum will be next to have a child.” “ Rudy, I just want to thank you for all of wouldn't have happened without are my soulmate, I love you.” “ Babe, the pleasure was all mine I can assure you, but you're wrong...It's thanks to you, that we've made it this far, and I love you too.”
  53. 56. “ You look so cute in that, my little pink candy cane.” “ You look great in your new Christmas clothes too babe. We're having everyone over for Christmas this weekend, so you and I have to go shopping later...Mom and Dad might join us.” “ I don't have a problem with that, did you manage to get your car sent here from the university?” “ Yep, Nate drove it over this morning. I really wish he would just go sweep my sister off her feet, and they could run away together leaving Ismael in the dust. But, he won't even talk to her, it's been this way between them since the kiss.” “ That sucks, wish there was something we could do.”
  54. 57. Lyric and Rudy walked into the living room, and over to their portraits, they started reminiscing about the “old days.” “ Just think babe, this all started with you, and one day soon Athenaeum and Abel's portraits will be hanging up there beside ours.” Lyric became misty eyed, “I know,” she said, getting choked up. Rudy smiled over at her. “ ...and then,” he continued, “our grandson or granddaughter and their spouse will be up there on that hallowed wall,” he started laughing then. “I think, my beautiful wife, that we're going to need a much bigger wall.” Lyric laughed then too, and they hugged each other close. “Oh dear, I almost forgot,” she said eyeing the clock. “We have to head over to Mimi's. She invited us over tonight for a little Christmas celebration.”
  55. 58. “ Merry Christmas Lyric, it's good to see you and the family. I'm so glad you all were able to make it.” “ Merry Christmas to you too Creator Chick, sorry-Mimi. I'm afraid Abel wasn't able to make it, he had to work today.” “ That's all right, I understand. I know your family is having a Christmas dinner, and everyone will be showing up at your place to celebrate...but I have some gifts for each of you, and I couldn't wait to give them to you.” “ That is awfully kind of you Mimi, thank you.” “ Please, come inside, it's too cold to stand around out here.”
  56. 59. “ Merry Christmas Radiance, I got you a little something for the baby, which I'll give you before you leave. But, this one is just for you.” “ For me? Thank you Mimi.” “ Yes, it's a piano, and don't ask me how I managed to cram it in that tiny box. There are a ton of things in the simverse that just can't be why bother trying?” “ That's for sure! Thank you so much, I can't wait to get it home and start playing, hopefully Ismael won't mind me putting it in his study. I tried to put my easel in there when we moved in, he said that was his personal space, and I would have to just put the easel outside on the porch.” “I'm so sorry Radiance, I hope things work out for you...”
  57. 60. Radiance gave her creator a hug, “I'm so sorry for the way I treated you at Dad's birthday party. I was just under a lot of stress...still am...but that was no excuse. “ I know Radiance, I know just what you're going through, I can see everything all my sims are going through...usually. But, there's a big difference between watching over you all, and interfering. But, know that if you ever need me, I'll try my best to be there for you.” “ Thank you Mimi, that means a lot to me. Well, I hate to leave early but I really need to get back home. The baby's due any day now, and if it comes tonight, I'd like it to be in my own home. I think I have everything I need there, oh and thank you for the baby's gift.” “ You're most welcome, have a very, merry Christmas.” “You too>”
  58. 61. “ Here you go Athenaeum, take this home with you for Abel. It's a telescope, I thought he might like one, he is a knowledge sim after all.” “ Thank you so much Mimi, he will flip over it, I'm sure.” “ You're welcome, oh, and I have something for you too.”
  59. 62. “ Just stand still ok?” “ Are you serious? You're giving me-” “ That's right, the thing you've been driving me nuts about since you found out I was a witch.” “ But, if you were planning to do this, why didn't you show up that night that I asked you to come to the greek house?” “ Because I'm not a freaking genie Athenaeum! Just because you ask, or in your case demand , doesn't mean I'm gonna show up at your convenience. Now hold still, and shut it.”
  60. 63. “ Rudy, you know you're one of my favorites, right? This legacy might have been possible without you...but it sure wouldn't have been half as fun. Here you go, I hope you like it.” “ Thank you Mimi, your words....they mean a lot to me. I just want to thank you for taking a chance on me. My existence would've been a very sad one without Lyric by my side.” “ I'd do it all over again Rudy, Merry Christmas.” “ Merry Christmas Creator Chick.”
  61. 64. “ Here you go Polar, it's a telescope, I hope you enjoy many nights looking up at the stars with this.” “ How did you know I've been wanting one of these? Thank you so much Mimi, I can't wait to get home and use it.” “ I'm glad you like it, now where is that wife of your's, I have something for her as well.” “ I believe she was sitting in the living room talking to your kids and Mom.” “ Ok, I'll go find her. Give Ty a kiss for me when you get back home.” “ Will do, you can come and visit him, and us, anytime.”
  62. 65. “ Hello Mimi, I heard you were looking for me.” “ Yes, I was, I wanted to give you this. I noticed how much you loved to paint at the university, so I thought you should have your very own easel. Oh, and before you leave, there's a gift under the tree in there for Ty.” “ Oh, thank you so much Mimi.” “ You're very welcome, Celia.”
  63. 66. “ I saved the best for last, here you go Lyric.” [unwraps gift] “It's...a cash register...thank you Mimi, but I don't have-” “ I'm sure you'll find some use for it soon, Lyric,” Mimi said with a wink at her founder.
  64. 67. Later that night, after arriving home... “ AAAAHHHHH!” This is it, I'm going to have the baby tonight, just as I thought. I wish Mom were here, Athenaeum, someone with a kind word and a little compassion. I'm having his son, and he's over there looking at his bookcase! “ Do be quiet Radiance, I'm trying to select a book to read this evening.”
  65. 68. “ Ismael, the baby's coming, and I'm-” “ That's nice, I'm a little busy now, maybe we can talk about it in the morning.” “ Ismael, did you hear what I said? I'm having the baby now.” “ What's that you said? 'Maybe now?' No, I just can't, I need to finish this book tonight.”
  66. 69. Before she had time to gather her thoughts, Radiance was holding her baby in her arms, and she thought that she could never be as happy as she was in that moment. The song that came up for her name was “Forever Girl” by Forever The Sickest Kids. “ It's perfect, because no matter what, she'll forever be Mommy's little girl. What do you think Forever? Do you like your name? Let's go feed you and get you in the bed, because after that delivery, Mommy could sure use the rest.”
  67. 70. Ismael drove up in front of The Captain's Galley and got out of his car, he started up the walk to the restaurant when he noticed her. “ Hello, I'm Ismael Wolfe, and I must say you are a ravishing beauty. Please accept this rose, it's beauty does not nearly compare to your's my sweet.” “ Oh, thank you Mr. Wolfe, you're quite the charmer aren't you? I was just heading inside for a bite to eat, why don't you join me? I hate to eat alone, and my numbskull husband didn't want to come with me.” “ I'd love to, and may I say that your husband is an idiot. If I were married to someone as beautiful as you, I would follow her to the ends of the earth.”
  68. 71. After dinner the two of them went outside, where Lisa practically jumped into Ismael's arms. “ Shall I drive you back to Bluewater Lisa?” “ Oh, no, thank you Ismael, but I'm not ready to go home just yet. Is that your car over there?” “ Yes, it is, but I thought you didn't want to go home yet.” “ Well, there's other things we could do in your car, Ismael.” He smiled at her, as he unlocked the doors and got in.
  69. 72. Unfortunately...for him, he didn't plan on seeing any of his wife's family that day. “ That low down, rotten, no good scoundrel! How dare he treat my baby this way!?! After she gave everything up, I've a good mind to go over there and wring his neck!” Rudy was beyond angry at his son-in-law, he stood there plotting ways to get rid of him. Unfortunately, he figured that would only cause more problems for his family, so he immediately headed for home.
  70. 73. Radiance had invited her parents over the next morning for brunch. She couldn't wait to introduce them to little Forever, and show them the house too. “ There's my girl,” Rudy said walking up in the front yard, Radiance walked over and gave him a hug. “ Daddy, I'm so glad you and Mom could make it. Come on inside, your new grand daughter is waiting for you.”
  71. 74. “ ...and here's our room Mom.” “ And there's your father making off with our first granddaughter.” “ I'm just going to feed her babe, I might let you hold her later.” Radiance and Lyric shared a smile, “I tell you dear, I haven't seen your father like that since you and Athenaeum were born.” “ I can tell he's going to spoil my child. Mom, why don't you help me make the food?” “ Really? Well, I'd be honored, dear.”
  72. 75. Radiance and Lyric worked on getting the dining room ready, and making the food for their little get together. Rudy walked into the hallway with his granddaughter, and handed her to his wife. “ I guess I'll let you hold her now,” he said, beaming. “ Well, it's about darn time! Come with me my little angel, Grammy's gonna put you down for a nap while the grownups eat. But, don't you worry, I'll be back in to hold you as soon as we're done.”
  73. 76. Radiance headed her mother off at the entrance to the living room. “ Uh-uh, you and Dad go ahead and get your plates Mom. I'll put her down for her nap and then join you both in the dining room.” “ Radiance Song Wolfe, did I just hear you 'uh-uh' me?” “ Yes. If I don't pry Forever away from you now, you'll never eat! Now, go on, I'll be in there in just a minute.” “ Fine, but you better believe, I'm holding her just as soon as we're done.”
  74. 77. “ Hello Ismael, nice of you to join us.” “ Thank you Mrs. Song. I'm so glad you and your husband could join us this morning,” Ismael responded, clearly agitated that his in-laws were there. “ Well, if you ask me, I think you should be locked up in a prison cell somewhere right now, instead of sitting here eating pancakes with us,” Rudy snarled angrily as he stared straight ahead. He didn't even want to look at his traitor of a son-in-law. He was tempted to jump up and pummel him into the ground right then and there. Suddenly, he heard his daughter's voice, and it snapped him away from his thoughts, and back into reality. “ Dad, what's wrong? Did Ismael say or do something to make you upset?”
  75. 78. “ If I were the judge and jury, I'd throw your butt in the brig so fast it'd make your head spin!” “ Dad, are you all right?” “ Oh, I'm fine sweetheart, just dandy.” “ Rudy, what are you not telling us? For you to have so much animosity towards Ismael right now, there's got to be a reason.” Rudy grumbled under his breath, and then apologized, “Ismael, perhaps you and I could go have a talk in the living room? You can show me your books.” “ Certainly, Mr. Song, right this way.” Ismael and Rudy got up, slid their chairs in, and headed into the living room.
  76. 79. When Rudy thought of what he'd seen just yesterday, his son-in-law making out with some harpy in the car that his daughter had bought for him...well the anger came rushing back. “ Just what the heck do you think you're doing traipsing all over town with some harlot, while your wife and baby sit at home alone?” “ What I do, and who I do it with are not your concern old man! Your wife and I had a deal, I would marry your daughter, and in turn I would get to live a rich life. I would have money, a home, a car, a job. Things you can't get as an NPC professor at university. That's why I agreed to it! Now, I have fulfilled my part of the bargain, and it's time I collect my reward!”
  77. 80. Radiance and her parents said their goodbyes as she walked them out that morning. She had spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what had transpired between her father and her husband. It seemed as if Rudy could barely contain his anger at Ismael. Was it because Ismael had walked off and left her standing at the alter on their wedding day? She knew her father was angry about that. No, it had to be something else, Once she reached that conclusion, she figured it was time to confront her husband. “ Ismael, I'm very disappointed at what happened this morning between you and my father. You had to have done something in order for him to get that angry with you. Dad doesn't just get that way for no reason. What did you do?” “ What did I do,” Ismael returned the question, exasperated. What about the way he talked to me in my own house,” he exclaimed. “That's all right I guess.” “ I didn't say that, I-”
  78. 81. “ Just shut up Radiance, it's like I told your father, I've fulfilled my end of the bargain with your mother. Now, it's time I start reaping the rewards. I will not be talked to this way in my own house, got it?” “ I-” Radiance hung her head, and clasped her hands nervously, she had a baby to worry about now. “Yeah, I got it.” “ Good, I'm going out, don't wait up dearest, ” that last word dripped from his month like poison. It almost sounded as if he completely despised her. Radiance wondered what she had done to cause her husband to turn on her. The way he had been her last year at university...well, it almost seemed that they could actually love one another. Now this...she didn't know what do make of it.
  79. 82. “ Oh, welcome back Creator Chick, long time no see. Have a nice little vacation from us did you?” “ Hey! I'm sorry, but I had to celebrate Christmas with my family and then we had my (step)son for half of Christmas break. Have you tried keeping an 11 year old entertained 24/7 lately? The important part is that I'm back, and I have some news. You all are going to be moved in the coming weeks. You would be already, but stupid me thought I ordered the cord that my laptop needed, only to find out that I just placed it in the cart and never hit 'checkout.' Well, we were just about ready to get the family together for Christmas...we're celebrating a little late thanks to your little vacation, you're welcome to hang around.”
  80. 83. Rudy was in the living room, napping, when his wife walked in and started making calls to invite everyone over. He woke up, and realized what she was doing, a smile spread across his face. “It's time then, babe?” “ Time for you to get up? Yes, dear, you might want to go freshen up a bit. Oh, and if you don't mind, make some drinks for everyone. Abel and Athenaeum are already in the kitchen getting things ready.” “ I'm on it,” he replied with a yawn. “Sorry dear, I'm still tired from work earlier. Don't worry though, I'll push through, we'll all have a great time.”
  81. 84. Soon guests started to pile in...”Hello Ian, it's so great to finally meet my little grand-nephew.” Lyric looked up and smiled at Ian's mother-Holly. “It's so good of you all to come Holly, where's Rally, Ryan, and Zeph?” “ We had to stop by for a minute, but I'm afraid we have to go. The service is tonight,” Holly said as her eyes got misty. Both of her parents had passed away recently, and the family was getting together to have a memorial service in remembrance of them. “ Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. I really wish we could be there, you know how I loved Luc and Noelle. If we hadn't had these plans, I would've come.” “ That's ok, Ryan and Rally are going, they're outside now. They should be coming in the door in a minute.”
  82. 85. About fifteen minutes later her brother's family said their goodbyes and left. Soon there after, came a knock at the door. “I'll get it,” Lyric yelled walking into the living room. She opened up the door, and in walked her brother. “ Zephyr! You came? I thought you were going to the memorial service?” “ I was, but I couldn't miss what might be our last Christmas together, everyone understood, so here I am.” Lyric hugged her brother tightly, they had both got on in years, and knew that any day now...might be their last. They talked fondly of childhood Christmases, and laughed as the memories came rushing back. “ Go on in the kitchen and have a drink, I'll be serving dinner as soon as everyone else arrives.”
  83. 86. At around eight o'clock that evening the Song family gathered together to celebrate Christmas and New Year's... Celia picked up the turkey and headed to the family table to serve it. “Celia honey, I know you're pregnant, why don't you let me handle that, and you sit and rest a bit?” “ Nope, you cooked the meal Mom, and I'm gonna serve it.” “ All right dear, if you insist. Come on everyone, it's time to eat,” Lyric yelled through the house to get their attention.”
  84. 87. Right before dinner Rudy grabbed a pot and a spoon from the kitchen, ran into the living room, and started making a terrible racket. Abel followed him, curious as to what he was doing, he laughed with glee at the sight of his father-in-law. Soon he was cheering him on, and Rudy started dancing around as he banged on the pot with his spoon. “ Dad, what are you doing,” laughed Abel. “ This is a party, and parties are for having fun and causing a ruckus are they not?” “ Ok you two, get in here, we're about to eat,” Lyric shouted to be heard above the noise.
  85. 88. “ Oh Radiance dear, so glad to see you!” Radiance hugged her mother closely, “I'm glad to see you too Mom.” Lyric smiled at her daughter, “where's Ismael honey?” Just then Radiance looked over at her father, and they exchanged knowing glances. “He-uh, he couldn't make it Mom, he-” “ Didn't you tell me the other day that he had to go out of town on business?” “ Yes. That's where he is...he's out of town on business,” Radiance ended, repeating her father's line.
  86. 89. “ All right, let's eat,” Rudy said, as he scooted his chair up to the table, where his plate of food sat.” “ Great to see you again Abel,” Radiance said with a smile at her brother-in-law. “ Yes, you too,” he replied nervously. “H-how are things?” “ Um-well,” Radiance swallowed the lump in her throat, “things, are...good I suppose.” “ It's so great to see you again Uncle Zeph, we're all glad you could make it.” “ Thanks Ath, I'm glad I could make it.” Polar watched his wife lovingly, life couldn't get any better, they already had a toddler at home, and now a baby on the way. He didn't know how his mother had picked Celia for him, and he didn't care, he was just glad they were together.
  87. 90. The next morning the family gathered in the living room. “ Hey guys-aren't you all gonna change, we're not still celebrating the holidays.” “ What did you call us in here for again sweetness?” “ Oh, um, well, our last week at college, this lamp was delivered to our doorstep. I've been holding on to it ever since, almost forgot I still had it, actually. Anyway, It's obviously one of those genie lamps, and I think we should use it. I pick Mom and Dad to go first, and then I'll take the last wish, since it's my lamp. Sorry Abel, but there's only three wishes.” “ That's ok, I have everything I need right here,” He smiled at her brightly. What more could I wish for?”
  88. 91. “ Ah, before we do any wishing, I have something for you honey.” “ What is it Mom, you already gave each of us a gift at Christmas.” Tears started to form in Lyric's eyes, “well,” she said softly. “I'm not always gonna be around, and so before my time comes, I just want you to have some stuff, I've stashed away in my inventory. You can go through it later, I just don't want it to go with me when I...well, you know.” “ Mom...I don't know what to say.” “ Well, that's rare,” she laughed heartily. “don't say anything baby girl, just take it.”
  89. 92. Lyric had just finished her wish...she told the genie that she had no use for other wishes, as her time was growing short...instead she wished for something for her “ Greetings mas-hey where'd the lady go?” “ We're all kind of sharing you, now it's my turn to wish. I just want my family to be taken care of, so I'd also like some money.” “ So be it then new master of the moment!” Athenaeum was next, she wished for peace of mind, and then the genie quickly disappeared.
  90. 93. “ How's my beautiful wife, and my future son or daughter?” Athenaeum laughed, “we're all fine Abel, speaking of, you should get to meet him or her very soon.” “ Really! That's great! So, think you'll want anymore? “ Maybe, I kinda have to have an heir and a spare anyway, ya know.” “ Well, I think we should get started as soon as you have this soon as you're ready,” he added. “I think it would be great for them to grow up together, close in age.”
  91. 94. Meet Smoke (Smoke Rings In The Dark by Gary Allan is the song that came up when it was time to name him). He and JaneDear get along great. Which bodes well, since we need more doggies to continue the petacy. I now have a little Chihuahua mix in real life, and have fallen in love with the breed, so we're gonna keep it Chihuahua around here through the whole petacy. It'll be interesting to see how these two different colors and coat types look on the pups.
  92. 95. Speaking of puppies, it took two tries, but JaneDear is finally expecting. I can't wait to see how the pups turn out! Well, that's it for the legacy...for now. I have enough pics for another chapter, but I'm not going to write or post it for awhile. Right now I have an over-population (of Belladonna Cove) problem I have to work out. I have my legacy family, Lyric's brother's band are all also on their third generation (no they're not in the legacy, but I enjoyed playing them just a little too much it seems). Then you have the townspeople that were already there when I opened the neighborhood to play. There's also the other legacy family that I was working on before I started this one. They now have grandkids. Then there are the folks at S.U.M.S HQ (Society of Unplayed (or Unwanted-they both work) Maxis Sims). My simself and her family. It's getting insanely crazy, hectic and crowded. I have to move the Song's onto an external harddrive for the move to my laptop anyway, so I think I'm going to move them to a completely new neighborhood as well...maybe one I create myself...we'll see. Sorry for rambling! ------->
  93. 96. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (extremely belated because I shot this way before Christmas, and am just now getting it wrote up and uploaded-sorry!) From: Left to right/back row: Buddy (my stepson's simself), John (husband's simself), Mimi Middle row: Nolee (my simself's in game daughter) Front row: Henry (my simself's in-game son), and Cynthia Kim-our zombie nanny/maid/cook/gardener/driver. *I want to apologize for this font (arial) it always looks fine here, but I've noticed when I upload to slideshare the letters sometime either space out, or look like they've melded together. I don't know how to change the default font on OpenOffice Impress, or I would do it. If anyone else knows , please share...and thanks a million if ya do. ;)