Greatest Hits (& Misses) Chapter 1: A New Gig


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Greatest Hits (& Misses) Chapter 1: A New Gig

  1. 2. “ Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome to 'Greatest Hits (& Misses)', the creator chick's new legacy. I'm your host (and the founder) Lyric Song. Creative name, huh? Well, it fits. After all, this legacy is based on one of the creator's most favorite things in the Yep, music is our anti-drug...or boyfriend...or whatever the cool saying of the moment is. We live it, breathe it, eat it, cuddle with it...need I say more? Ok, the last two are a stretch, but you get where I'm going with this, yeah? We'll be using Creator Chick's trusty iPod Nano (which rarely ever leaves her side anyway), to name the kids of the legacy. Oh, what the heck, the dogs of the petacy too...and maybe even the future chapters, we're crazy for music around here...and it shows!
  2. 3. “ While I'm being forced to do manual labor, I might as well tell you about myself. As I said the name's Song. Lyric Song, and I'm a pleasure loving kinda sim, but I also have strong family values. My parents are long gone now, actually my twin brother and I have no remembrance of them, they died when we were still very young. But my brother's band-mates have always been family to me. We all met in grade school and bonded over our love of music. Anyway, enough about that, I suppose you want to know more about me, yeah? Well, here ya go: Stats: 6, 5, 7, 3, 4 LTW: Become Celebrity Chef OTH: Sports Turn Ons/Offs: Vampires with Facial Hair, but they can't wear makeup, that's a no-no! (This, her aspiration, and zodiac sign were all randomly chosen by the roll of the dice).
  3. 4. After the manual labor, during which I only uncovered rocks and bones, I saw a cute dude walking down my street. So, I walked over to greet him. We talked for a bit, but it didn't take long for me to realize he wasn't the guy for me. I mean, come on, I'm standing there trying to be friendly and you throw up your hands to block me? Don't think so buddy, hit the road Jack, and you know the rest!”
  4. 5. “ Hi, I'm Rosemarie Bertino Muneris, the co-founder of the last legacy attempt the Creator tried, but she just packed us up in a new little house, and moved on to you I see. Not that I'm bitter, no of course not, but-” Ok, yes, I've had other legacy attempts, some were published, some not....but the legacy Rosemarie was in, I had on the exchange back in October of last year. Only it didn't work out (such is the exchange, though), since then I've been trying to recreate it, but my computer cord stopped working. Then I moved to my husband's computer-same thing happened, and now I'm on my son's laptop (which seems to withstand everything thrown it's far). But after constantly having to re-do the same legacy over and over, I got bored (and aggravated) and decided it was best to move on. “Whoa, what happened to that dude's face?” “Oh Gabe, that's just a bad makeover he got from my husband. Anyway, the other guy is the creator's husband's simself. Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone, we're part of the Belladonna Cove Welcoming Committee.”
  5. 6. “ Hello Miss. Song was it? Well, Miss. Song, I just wanted you to know that the Belladonna Cove Welcoming Committee isn't the only game in town. I belong to S.U.M.S., or 'the Society for Unplayed Maxis Sims', I see you're in a legacy, so you'll get plenty of face time. But, what about your children, your descendants-the spares? If they need a safe place to go, and they don't want to spend their lives in the sim bin, well, that's where we come in. Here, let me give you my card.” “ Uh, dude, I don't think I'm interested...but uh, thanks. I think.”
  6. 7. “ Hey Gabe, still got the makeover I see. Listen, you and Chasity oughta think about joining the cause, you guys aren't getting any face time except for when you're in the welcome wagon. Anyway, we meet every Wednesday around eight, it's the only night I could get off at Circus Dog. Let me get your email, and I'll have one of the chief representatives send you guys some info.” “ I'll have to talk it over with Chasity, but I'll get back to you Julien.”
  7. 8. “ Geezaloo, are you sure you guys aren't the Belladonna Cove Freeloader's Committee? Well, I tell ya one thing, if you think you're gonna eat me out of house and home, you're crazy! You each get one sandwich, and then it's time to hit the road, got it?”
  8. 9. That evening long after her guests had gone, Lyric’s phone rang for what seemed like the tenth time that day, and although she couldn’t afford caller ID she knew who it was. She didn‘t want to answer, but, she figured the calling would continue unless she did. So, with much reluctance, she reached for the receiver and put it up to her ear.
  9. 10. “ Hello,” she said curtly. “Hey sis, finally decided to stop avoiding your twin brother?” Lyric sighed heavily, “ avoiding you, now what would make you think that? Perhaps the fact that you didn’t stick up for me at your band auditions?” Then her mind drifted back to the day in question...
  10. 11. James really put me through the ringer you know, made me think I had a shot…all of you did. But, when he started running his mouth about my performances, you didn’t stand up for me Zephyr!
  11. 12. He said my singing sounded like a dying cat, and I played the guitar like a two year old. Stupid jerk prancing around in his unbuttoned see through shirt and skin tight jeans. He looks like an idiot, I mean what is this, the seventies? I don’t think so, and what does he know anyway? But, what really got me, was how you sat there and said nothing !”
  12. 13. Zephyr took in a breath, “you’re right sis, I should’ve been in your corner, and I wasn’t. James likes to think that in addition to being lead singer, he’s also the speaker for the band. The guys and I hate it, but it’s just easier to let him think that, than to have a big fight within the band. Anyway, I think I can make it up to you…if you’re interested.” “Oh yeah, how so?”
  13. 14. Zephyr grinned, “well, little sister, the band is back home in Belladonna Cove for awhile. I thought, since you don’t really sound like a dying two year old cat, that you might wanna come and jam with us for the few shows we’re doing while we’re here.” “Sorry big brother I already have a new gig, and it’s taking up all my time these days.” “What, you joined another band? That’s great sis, I know you have the talent for it. So, who’s the band?” “ Legacy,” Lyric said laughing, “I was hand picked to be the founder of one set right here in Belladonna Cove.” “Oh, that’s great Lyric, I know the family side of you is loving that. Wait-does that mean you’re living on your lawn right now? Cause, if you are then you have to come by the house-at least for a decent meal-while I’m here.”
  14. 15. “ How do you know anything about legacies?” Zephyr paused for a moment, “well, I have traveled all over the place with the band sis, and I do read a lot. I found out about them when I was surfing the ‘net one night. I’m really happy for you sis, don’t forget to send the guys and me an invite to your wedding. But, I’m serious about you coming over though, and I still think you should come jam with us. We’ll tranquilize James and stuff him in a closet or something so you won’t have to deal with him,” he joked. “ Luc wouldn’t mind seeing you again either, but then, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Ryan and Nick, are excited to see you again too. Why don’t you come over tomorrow night and have dinner with us?” Lyric thought about it for a moment, it would be good to see everyone again…well everyone except James anyway. “Alright, arm successfully twisted, I’ll be there around seven.” “Great, we’ll see you then. Goodbye Lyric.” “Goodbye Zeph.”
  15. 16. Lyric worked a few nights in law enforcement until a job became available in the culinary career track. She wants to become a celebrity chef one day, and she's not gonna get there working at the Belladonna Cove police department that's for sure. Her first job was at Circus Dog where Julien Cooke works, but it wasn't long before she was climbing the promotional ladder.
  16. 17. This chick was kind enough to rob us a few nights in, and she took the only bed Lyric had-her tent. Of course I had her call the cops, and then we played the waiting game...
  17. 18. The officer came right over just in time for the burglar to take off down the street with the loot! Thanks for nothing Officer Useless! Maybe if you spent a little less time crashing parties, and a little more time going after the crooks, Belladonna Cove wouldn't have this problem!
  18. 19. “ I have got to teach Sister Hazel to mop up her own pee puddles. You can teach a Chihuahua to do that...right?” Yes the iPod Nano has spoken, and the first dog of the pettacy is a female Chihuahua named Sister Hazel. The song that came up was “All For You,” which I didn't think would make a very good name, so in those instances the heirs (sim and dog) will be named after the band, band members, or album name...or if it's a solo artist, their name.
  19. 20. “ Hello, you're Lyric right?” “Yeah, who are you?” “Oh, haha, I'm Lyndsay Louie, I saw you at the LlamaTrauma auditions didn't I? You're Zephyr's twin sister? I'm James Donovan's girlfriend.” “Oh, yeah, I remember you now, how's it going?”
  20. 21. “ Hey, don't forget about me, over here.” “Lucas? Get your butt over here and give me a hug! How are you, I can't believe you found me. How're the guys?” Lucas laughed, as he looked at the girl he'd always had a crush on...”oh, um, they're great. Zeph's a little peeved that you didn't show up the other day. Well, more worried about you than peeved actually.”
  21. 22. “ Have you met James' girlfriend Lyn over there? She seems pretty nice.” “ That one, no. I've met the blonde one that lives at Main Street Trailer Park though. Word is, she's a gold digger, but it's not like he invests enough time in them for that kinda thing to work on him, ya know? It's kinda messed up though, how all the jerks get the girls, and the nice guys...well, don't.”
  22. 23. You can't tell here, but Lucas spent the night and slept in the tent with Lyric. Aww, they are so cute together, and if he wasn't a playable, they'd totally end up together. But he is, and I already have a girl in mind for kinda happened by accident, but it works anyway.
  23. 24. The very next night a bad snow storm swept through the cove, and I realized it was time Lyric and Sister Hazel had proper shelter. I had been saving all the money from both their jobs.. .
  24. 25. Here's the new kitchen, complete with pink fridge, countertop, and stove. As you can see Lyric is almost frozen to death, so I had to buy her a hot chocolate maker. As soon as she drinks enough to get her temperature back up, it'll be sold.
  25. 26. Here is the “bedroom,” I took down all the string lights that are on the wall with the door, after I realized how expensive they were. She finally got a desk for her “Humble” computer. Sister Hazel has a nice toasty place inside now, so I sold her doghouse.
  26. 27. Here's the living room area, with Sister Hazel's bed, and the painting Lyric's working on. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I'm sure I'll get better with time, I just have to get used to it.
  27. 28. “ DJ Fug-a-licious in the house! Alright ladies, this one's for you, get out on that dance floor and show me whatcha got!” Lyric's probably not gonna find a potential spouse hanging around the house all day, so on her next day off, I sent her down to the Crypt-O-Nite Club.
  28. 29. The first thing she wanted to do was take a photo in the photo booth, so I let her and then I noticed a familiar face walk in. “Nick? What are you doing here? Did you follow me?
  29. 30. Nick laughed nervously at Lyric's question, “no of course not” “Nick Donovan?” “Ok, yes, I did. Zephyr's had some of us looking after you. Ya know, behind the scenes-secret agent style. He was pretty upset when you didn't make it to dinner last week.” “ I can't believe him! I had to work, I've been trying to get this legacy show on the road, and-” “ Hey, don't be mad ok? He's just worried about you, he loves you Lyric.” “ I'm not mad.”
  30. 31. “ Oh, there's something else...Zeph and Ryan are finally tying the knot. It's a double wedding, I'm marrying Ever Valentino, we've been dating for over a year now. Anyway, you're invited of course, and I better see your butt in the seat.” Lyric hugged one of her best friends, “of course I'll be there! It's about time those two got hitched...and Nick, I'm so happy for you. When is the ceremony?” “Tomorrow night. Yeah, I know it's sudden, that's why I came looking for you tonight. Anyway, I better run, see you tomorrow?” “I'll be there,” she said as she hugged her friend goodbye.
  31. 32. Next I sent Lyric down to Rodney's Hideout, where she met *Rudy Reyes here. They somewhat hit it off, but it took forever before I could get their friend meter up, so that more romantic options would appear. *I have in Jordi's (@ModTheSims) name hack, so no more Pong's, and Dangsool's or whatever. Although his last name makes me think of Ernie Reyes Jr., I used to have the biggest crush on him back in the day. Surf Ninjas anyone?
  32. 33. Marge Simpson was quick to seat them, I guess Homer's home with Bart, Maggie and Lisa. Ok, ok it's actually Margie Simpson but still, haha. I need a tall blue beehive, and a green dress stat!
  33. 34. That's the way to reel him in Lyric, throw your food at him! Actually the way he eats, he probably likes that. At least this way there's a chance some landed in his mouth!
  34. 35. “ So, Rudy, my little pookie bear, how much money do you have? I'm not a gold digger or anything, but I am trying to build a proper house and found a legacy here. So, how much loot ya got?” “Oh, well, I am a fortune-minded Lyric, and as all fortune-minded sims should be...I'm loaded.” “ That's very good to know.”
  35. 36. “ Excuse me miss, you're Lyric Song, correct?” “Well, that all depends... who wants to know?” “ Oh, how rude of me deary, I'm Kathryn Gavigan. I'm a senior member of S.U.M.S., no pun intended. You know because I'm actually a senior citizen...yes, well, anyway, I'm here to speak to you about your future legacy spares. Julien Cooke passed along your information, and I tracked you here.” “Geezaloo! What is it with you people, are you like some cult or something? Look, I'm sorry you guys don't get the face time you think you deserve. But, that's not my fault, and I'm certainly not recommending that my descendants join you whackadoos!”
  36. 37. “ Rudy, I'm sorry but I have to cut this short. My brother's getting married tomorrow night, and I need to get some rest. I'll call you later.” “It was really great hanging out with you Lyric, and I look forward to hearing from you. Goodnight.” “ 'Night.”
  37. 38. “ Do you think I'm paying you guys to stand around? Nick, get over there with your base, Lucas-piano, Zeph-” “Pay us? You don't pay us anything James, you're the lead singer, not the band manager, would you get that through your head?!” “ Oh look, little Lucas is finally growing up-” “ Oh shut up James, leave him alone!” “BOYS! I do not need this stress before my wedding,” Ever yelled before taking deep breaths to calm herself.
  38. 39. Just then Lucas bounded down the stairs, got in his car and went to pick up Lyric. When they got back she enveloped him in a big hug, “thanks Luc, I really didn't want to have to walk up the hill tonight.” “No sweat Lyric, I was glad to do it. We should head inside, I'm sure dinner's ready. Zephyr made your fave.” “ Ah, you mean the pork chops he likes to pass off as my favorite so he can make them a ton?” “ Yep, that'd be them.”
  39. 40. “ So, James, I see the tranquilizer wore off and you've managed to escape the closet. Lyric said laughing in remembrance of her brother's joke from their last phone call. “ What are you talking about?” “ James, play nice would you, I haven't seen my sister in a long time. Speaking of which, I'm so glad you came Lyr, I've really missed having you around the loft.” “ I've missed you too, and I'm so happy that you and Ryan are finally getting married. I knew you two were always meant to be together.”
  40. 41. Zephyr hugged his sister and patted her on the back, “so, ready to sing a number with the band?” “ You really want me to sing, what about James?” “ He'll be alright, I think he knows better than to try a repeat performance.” “ Then, I'd love to,” then she grinned big, and asked, “any special requests?” “ Anything you want to sing, is fine by me sis, I'm just glad to have you back.”
  41. 42. “ Alright guys, hit it! (singing) “...I see your true colors, and that's why I love you, so don't be-” “ Hold it, hold it, hold it!”
  42. 43. James got up from his seat next to his brother's fiancee, “oh Lyric, you really haven't improved at all have you? Maybe you should have stayed home with your little dog instead of coming here tonight.” Lyric's eyes misted with, not this time, she was here for her brother, and she wouldn't cower off away from James again. Before she could get a word out she heard the piano keys behind her slamming down, and the bench being flung away.
  43. 44. “ What the hell is wrong with you James? Misery loves company doesn't it? You know that you'll never amount to anything, and so you pick on anyone who gets in your way. LlamaTrauma has made a mistake in ever letting you be amongst us. We only let you in as a favor to Nick, we should have put you on a leash a long time ago. You don't belong here, and if I ever see or hear you talk to Lyric that way again, you'll be eating out of a straw, got it?” “ Oh how cute, Lucas and Lyric sitting in a tree...let me tell you something Lucas Ravenel, you'll never get the girl, and you'll never make it in this business because you're too soft.”
  44. 45. “ James, this band doesn't need you, you can stay and watch your little brother get married, and then I want you out of this band, and out of our loft!” “ Honey, why don't you and Luc, go check on your sister, I've got this.” “ Aww, isn't that sweet Zephyr has to have his little girlfriend Ryan to fight his battles for him.” “ Let me tell you something James, Zeph doesn't need anyone to fight his battles, I just wanted him out of here before he has a chance to beat the shit out of you. You will not ruin your brother's wedding day. Now, go get changed and sit over there like a good little lap dog, before I lose all my resolve and send you to the ER myself!”
  45. 46. Later that evening, after everyone had a chance to calm down, the wedding ceremony began... “I Zephyr Lee Song, take the Ryan Nicole Ralston to be my lawfully wedded wife...” “ I Ryan Nicole Ralston, will later kill you for mentioning my middle name...even if it is part of our wedding vows.” Everyone laughed, except James who will still seething, and clapped their hands...I now present Mr. and Mrs. Zephyr Lee Song!
  46. 47. “ Hey sis, welcome to the family! I can't even tell you how ecstatic I am that we're sisters now!” “I know Lyr, I feel the same way...hey, I have a secret to tell you. Guess what,” Ryan asked, whispering in Lyric's ear, “I'm pregnant! I'm not that far along, and I just found out. Zeph knows, but we're not telling the guys yet. We agreed that you should be the first to know...Auntie Lyric.” “ Oh, I am so happy for you guys, I could just squeal like a little school girl! This is great news. Any idea if I'll have a niece or a nephew?” “Nope, but you'll be the first to know...after us of course, Ryan laughed.”
  47. 48. Next up...Ever Valentino and Nick Donovan were wed. Production Note: Ryan Ralston was always supposed to be Zephyr's girl, but sims have minds of their own, and when I first moved them in and wasn't paying attention, I heard the little “falling in love music,” (if you can call it that), that plays when two sims, well...fall in love. I looked to see who it was...and that sly little Nick Donovan planted a kiss on Ryan, they were already best friends so that's all it took. Well, Zephyr still needed a girl, so I went into CAS and Ever Valentino came out! I moved her in and made her become Zephyr's girlfriend...they even got engaged. That's when Nick decided he had three bolts for Ever and why not go for the girl he had the major hots for? Which of course pushed me back to my original plan of Ryan being Zeph's girl, and that's how Ever and Nick ended up together. Everybody's happy...finally.
  48. 49. Once the cake was delicately fed to their mates...and then put out for the guests, the ladies and their grooms spent a little one on one time with everyone before ending the wedding on a wonderfully positive note. Except for the part where James was involved that is.
  49. 50. A few days later Rudy came over to pay Lyric a visit, she wasn't home at the moment, but came in a little while later. He was still there waiting on her, much to my surprise. So, she greeted him warmly, before inviting him inside for dinner.
  50. 51. Ok, dinner's a stretch, when she's bringing crepes suzette out of the oven, but work with me here. “ Ooh, Rudy, look! I so deserve a promotion, I can cook with the best of them.” If by cook you mean lighting things on fire...then yes. “Hey, this dessert called for that!” Yes, but not the pancakes you burned a few mornings ago. “ Fine, you have me there, but I am doing much better.”
  51. 52. Before they were done eating, Lyric got up and sweetened Rudy's meal with a kiss. It was at that moment that he knew, she was the girl for him. As Lyric walked away, she realized the same was true of Rudy, “just switch the girl to boy.” Yes, I think we get it. She asked Rudy to move in, and he agreed, then they decided to finish their food.
  52. 53. “ Lyric, I don't want to put this off any longer, will you marry me?” She smiled brightly, and nodded her head, of course I'll marry you!”
  53. 54. No time like the present you get with the baby making, I need an heir and a spare! “ Wh-who's that?” “ Oh, that's just Creator Chick, She likes to narrate everything I do, but has rarely made any appearances, er, voiced herself straight to me before now. I expect you'll be hearing a lot more of her, now that you're part of the legacy.” That is certainly a possibility, I want to make sure things run as smoothly as possible around here. If that means I have to get in the trenches and order you guys around...then so be it! “ Oh, goody, just what I was missing in my life, disembodied dictators!”
  54. 55. While Rudy is skilling for a promotion over there, let me tell you a little about him. Rudy Reyes (he brought in over 17,000-he wasn't lying when he told Lyric he was loaded). Thank you Rudy! Fortune/Family Become criminal mastermind (I knew it! You see all that stuff there? Well, apparently, Rudy here knocked over a department store on his way over to the legacy lot. I guess he's practicing for the big time...but now all his loot=SOLD)! Stats: 4, 7, 8, 3, 3 OTH: Sports
  55. 56. The next night after Lyric got home and the two of them skilled a bit (he now has full logic), it was time for a wedding! Legacy founders/spouses of the past would tell you that normally they don't get such a nice wedding starting out...but thanks to Rudy bringing in a buttload of cash, we were able to pull it off. I don't know if you can tell, but as the pink petals fell down around them...snow started to fall down too. I've never had that happen before, so we'll take it as a good omen. I now pronounce you Mrs. and Mr. Lyric Song, that's a switch!
  56. 57. “ Luc, I'm so glad you came, I'll introduce you to my husband in a bit, but how are you?” “ Great! I met someone a couple weeks ago. I wasn't sure anything was going to become of it...but it did. We're getting married this weekend.” “ Married? You're getting married? That's really great Lucas.” “ Yeah, well...I couldn't wait around on you forever Lyric. Hey, um, it would really mean a lot to me if you would come it's Friday night.” “ Oh of course I will, Luc. I'm so sorry I-” “ Don't be...we're both happy, right?”
  57. 58. “ Hey, how's it going? I'm Lyric's big brother, Zephyr.” “ You're older by two minutes Zeph, that hardly makes you my big brother.” Rudy laughed, as he shook his brother in law's hand, “nice to meet you man, I'm Rudy Rey-well, I guess it's Song now, haha.” “ Yeah bro, welcome to the family, it was great meeting you but I need to go find my beautiful wife so we can dance now.”
  58. 59. “ Hey dude what's up, I'm Ryan Song, Zephyr's wife and your new sister-in-law.” “ Nice to meet you Ryan, I'm Rudy, and I believe your husband is looking for you.” “ Thanks, I'll go find him, it was cool meeting you dude.”
  59. 60. “ Honey, this is John, he's Creator Chick's husband's simself.” “ Yes, that I am, and Mimi sends her regards. She says she's really sorry she couldn't make it, but she had to stay home and watch the kids. Our nanny is sick tonight.” “ Oh, how many kids do you guys have?” “ Well, we have my son-Buddy's simself, and then our in-game born son-Henry. Maybe we can have you guys over sometime, meet the family. You could bring your kids, when you have some of course.” “ Sounds great, have your wife, get with mine and make the arrangements.”
  60. 61. I had to get Rudy inside before he froze to death, and so I decided to have him search for a job in the criminal career track. Luckily one was open and now he's a bagman. Doesn't he look thrilled here, hahahaha.
  61. 62. “ There she is, the lady of the moment, congratulations Lyric. James hasn't been bothering you has he?” “Nope, he hasn't said a word to me all night.” “Good, Ever and I gave him and Kimberly a ride over here, but only if he promised to be nice. I think she's really had a good effect on my brother since they've gotten married.” “ James is married!?! I never thought he'd settle down, heck, I never thought anyone would want him...Ah, oh, I'm sorry Nick, I-” “ Had every right to say that. I know he's my brother and I love him...but this is James we're talking about.”
  62. 63. “ Hey sis, I've got some sad news to share. Zephyr's still trying to figure out the best way to tell you, and I convinced him to let me tell you. Open and direct has always worked best for us both. After the wedding this weekend, LlamaTrauma will be heading back out on tour. We don't know when we'll be back home...but since I'm pregnant, this will be the last one for a long while. Zeph and I agree we want to raise the kid here where we're from.” Lyric's eyes started to mist, as she embraced her friend, “I'll miss you guys, and it sucks I won't see the birth of my niece or nephew...and you and Zeph will miss the birth of your's too...but I completely understand. We can keep in touch via email, and phone calls. I'm gonna miss you Nicole.” “Oh! Cheap shot, but one good turn deserves another, Allison!” Lyric and Ryan feigned angry looks, then burst out laughing. “Bye sissy.” “Bye sis.”
  63. 64. Time went on, as it is wont to do, and as it did, Lyric's belly grew. She was staying home now, and needed something to do with her time, so she took up painting again. I missed the little doodad, but she had just topped her creativity skill here...and was on her way to selling a masterpiece.
  64. 65. Soon it was time for the first baby of the legacy to be born...while Lyric writhed in pain, her husband (surprisingly) slept soundly. Until I made him get up, that is...I know what you're wondering now. Did the Song's give birth to a little boy or a little girl? Well, I'd like to tell you...but I don't know myself yet. The game ended as she was giving birth, luckily I had it saved up to that we'll just have to see next time won't we? Thanks for taking the time to read this, and...well, you know the rest! :)