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Greatest hits (& Misses) Chap. 2 Holdin' Heaven


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Greatest hits (& Misses) Chap. 2 Holdin' Heaven

  1. 2. Dear Lyric and Rudy, What's up you guys? Zephyr here, I thought it was about time I wrote you guys an email to let you know how things are going. Right after we got into Veronaville, Ryan gave birth to our son. We had no clue what we were going to name him, and then suddenly it hit us...Ralston, which as you know, is Ryan's surname. She was adamant about staying in one place until he gets big enough to tour with us. So, now we're gonna be living in Veronaville, we even found a nice little house. The band is still touring, just without Ryan and me for now. Noelle took over as singer after James left, and she hired a guitarist and a drummer to fill in for us. Did you hear that James is a back up dancer now? Nick got an email from him, and apparently his wife Kimberly Cordial-Donovan is now a solo artist, and James is her backup dancer. I can't believe it, I about busted a gut laughing when Nick told us.”
  2. 3. Luc and Noelle wanted me to let you know that they really appreciated you coming to the wedding sis. They also said they totally understand why Rudy wasn't able to make it. They really are a great couple, and Noelle fits in so well with the rest of the band. We decided to make her manager since she has a lot of experience with music, she used to run My Muse-Dance Studio, so she's comfortable handling the business end of the band. Oh, I had so much news to share with you, I almost forgot. Ever and Nick have joined the “Baby Brigade.” They had twins-a little boy and a little girl. Sorry, but I don't have pictures to show you, yet. So, how are things back home? We miss The Cove something awful, I can tell you that. Write back, and tell us what's going on around there. Love ya Allison (Ryan made me put that in). Give our love to Rudy too, and take care, Zephyr, Ryan, and little Ralston :)
  3. 4. Dear Zephyr and Nicole, Think you're funny with that “allison” stuff don'tcha punk? Two can play at that game. I have a little nephew? That's great guys, congratulations! Boo, that you're settling in Veronaville though, that sucks. But, I completely understand Ryan's actions. I joined the Baby Brigade (is that really what we're calling it now) myself last night, it was the most painful thing I've ever gone through. If Rudy had been here and within reaching distance, I think I would've hurt him badly! He did this to me after all. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for him, he was at work. At least you were there with Ryan, I'm grateful for that, and I'm sure she was too. It's strange though, after I spent a good part of the labor process plotting against Rudy and screaming out in pain, I forgot all about that once our son was born.
  4. 5. Other than skin color it's hard to tell which one of us *Polar will take after in the looks department. He has green eyes and brown hair just like me, and Rudy. I'm sure now that you're a father, I don't have to tell you how ecstatic Rudy was to come home and discover he has a son. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Production Note: The iPod has spoken once again, and the song that came up was The Polar Express, from the soundtrack of the same name ) by Tom Hanks. Polar's actual name is Polar Express. :( I had tried to add some songs from my Sony Vaio laptop to this one on itunes, so I could get them on my iPod. Only I messed up somehow and all my music was deleted except for three albums! Otherwise, Polar might have gotten a better name. I've since spent two days getting most of my music back and adding new stuff.
  5. 6. In other news, we've been saving all our money, and Mimi (aka Creator Chick) built us a new house with it. I have a few pictures, so I can give you a virtual tour. Be warned though, that it's no where near finished...but we were tired of living in a three room of those rooms being the bathroom! Luckily, by the time I had Polar, we had already moved in.
  6. 7. This is our new living room, you can see Rudy freaking out on the right there. Most of the rooms are sparsely decorated because it took a good amount of money to build the house. We just have the middle and the eastern wing right now. It's a work in progress. But, if I keep knocking my promotions out-and I plan to-then it shouldn't take too awful long to finish. I just have to get Rudy's head in the game, he takes forever to promote it seems!
  7. 8. Here we are looking into the dining room side of the kitchen, from the living room. I plan to add more chairs at that table, but we couldn't afford anymore at the time. Both Rudy and I were jonesing for a car at the moment too, and he wanted to take a vacation to Takemizu Village. I told him the vacation could wait until Polar was old enough to go too. As for the cars, we did manage to find an old junker and Rudy spends his freetime in the evenings fixing it up so we can one day drive it.
  8. 9. This is the other side of the kitchen...I plan to add more expensive counters later, and I might change the brick walls into something else. It needs some décor in there to, don't you think Zeph? Maybe when you guys get back home, Ryan and I can go shopping and get some new things for the kitchen. I'm sure she'll want to go out and get some things to spruce up the loft, including turning your office into a bedroom for little Ralston. Yes, I admit, I am holding out hope that you guys will eventually move back home. I need my big brother, and all my best buds back home ASAP! I have a kid to raise and...when did we all cross over to the dark side by the way? Here we all are getting married, having kids, acting like mature adults. It's madness I tell you! Ok, ok, so the family side of me is loving this...but my Pleasure side...yearns for the old days. I guess if you all come back home, I could have the best of both worlds. Don't worry, I'm not about to bust out a version of “Best of Both Worlds,” by Miley Cyrus. I'm not that mad...yet.”
  9. 10. Where was I...oh right...the tour. This is the hallway to the east wing of the house, it needs some lights, and some artwork or something. Maybe we could call it the “Hall of Generations,” or something, and hang the portraits of Rudy, me, and all future heirs and their spouses. On second thought, I'd probably need a bigger hall for that.
  10. 11. This is our bedroom, Mimi said in her finished floor plan (when the house is done), this will be the “Grandparent's Suite,” where all future grandparents of the future descendants will be sleeping. Then there will be a master bedroom and two bathrooms to finish out this wing. We already have the bathrooms in, but only one was able to be furnished.
  11. 12. This is the newly added nursery, and the future site of the master bedroom. After we have the money, the nursery will be moved elsewhere. The way the building is going, we may need to move to a bigger lot, if we're planning on having anything other than a house on it! Do you think if we were to move, that Lucas and Noelle might want to move here? I'm not certain that's even going to happen, but if it did, then they'd certainly be welcome to it. We'll, I'd love to write more, but motherly duty calls. Those diapers aren't going to change themselves. Give my new nephew a kiss for me. Love you guys, take care, Lyric, Rudy, and Polar-our new little rock n' roller. ;)
  12. 13. After Lyric was done responding to her brother's email, I decided it was time to get started on a spare. Let's give these two some privacy, shall we?
  13. 14. Rudy and Lyric are pretty decent parents, there are times they leave Polar laying on the floor, and there are the times that I about have to pry them away from him. Hopefully it'll even out as they get used to having a baby in the house...but I doubt it.
  14. 15. Woot, woot! See that shiny platinum plumbob, and that 25,000 aspirational point boost there? Well, that can only mean one thing right? Lyric has topped her career and is now a celebrity chef! So, now that you've hit the big time, what are you gonna do Lyric Song? “I want to have six grandchildren, and don't even think for a minute that I won't be counting them!”
  15. 16. Lyric was going to need something to do while she was pregnant, so I got her to work sewing. She seems to enjoy it, and automatically started rolling wants to “gain a bronze badge,” which as you can see...she eventually got. “Well, I figure Polar is going to need new clothes, and I could use a new outfit. Why not just make them myself? We still have a lot to do around the house. By making our clothes, I'm helping to save money.”
  16. 17. Now that the car is finished, Rudy spends his free time working on Lyric's portrait. I'm not sure if I'll be doing a mausoleum type deal, or if I'll just hang the generational family pictures around the house. Either way, it's time to start painting them.
  17. 18. “ Hey Rudy, I just wanted to come and thank you on behalf of the band and the spouses, for arranging that flight for us. We really wanted to come home for the party so the cousins could meet, but we just didn't have it in our expenses to make the trip.” “Oh, don't worry about it, I was glad to do it. I know that you guys being here means a lot to Lyric, and we are one big happy family, it's only right that we get to celebrate Polar's birthday with you guys.” “ I agree, and not to change the subject, but I love what you guys did with the kitchen, it looks so much better than the pictures Lyric sent us.” “Thanks, her promotion helped pay for it. I'm so proud of her.”
  18. 19. “ Ok Polar, this is your big moment honey, everyone's waiting for our little rock n' roller to become a toddler! You are just growing up a little too fast for Mommy and Daddy...alright let's blow these candles out.”
  19. 20. I present Polar Express Song, isn't he a little cutie patootie? I think so, and I can't wait to watch him grow up. “ Happy Birthday honey!” “Yay birfday, mama, I want cake!”
  20. 21. “ Happy Birthday Polar, I'm your uncle Nick, are you ready to come and open presents now buddy?” “Pwesents Mama?” “I think we can go ahead and let you open them sweetie.” “ Sorry Lyric, Ever and I have to head back to the kids soon, and I wanted to see his face when he sees what Aunt Ever and Uncle Nick got him.” “ It's ok Nick, it is getting late, and this little guy should be in bed, why don't you take him in there and get started while I take care of this mess in the kitchen?” “ Sure, come on Polar.”
  21. 22. About twenty minutes later, Nick entered the kitchen. “Polar was having a ball in there Lyric. Rudy's gone to put him in his crib now...I thought you were cleaning up?” “ I was, but I figured some of you guys might still be hungry, so I'm whipping up a quick dessert.” “ Well, whip away, cause it's not everyday I get to taste a celebrity chef's cooking.”
  22. 23. “ Lyric, this is freakin' awesome cheesecake, I mean WOW! You wanna come on tour with us and cook our meals from now on?” “ Haha, thanks for the offer Nick, but I'm good where I am.” “ You simply must give me this recipe Lyric, it's to die for!” “ Thanks Ever, it's really very simple, just remind me before you leave and I'll print out a copy of it for you.” “ Thank you, I will.”
  23. 24. The next morning it was business as usual. Rudy finished Lyric's portrait, and it went straight to his inventory, until I finish the house. I'm sure I'll find the right spot for it then, but I didn't want it to get deleted accidentally while I'm still adding on.
  24. 25. By that evening Lyric had not only a new outfit, but a gold badge in sewing to boot! I was contemplating a new makeover to go with the new outfit...but that hair is like her signature 'do now, and I just can't change it.
  25. 26. Say hello to our little friend...MatchboxTwenty, Sister Hazel was 12 days away from becoming an elder pooch, so I had her chow on some EOL for pets, and then it was off to the pet store to get Matchbox. Now I just need Lyric to convince them to make me some puppies and the Petacy will be on it's way!
  26. 27. Lyric was...I'm not quite sure what to call that...surprised? Happy(?) to get her second baby bump. I'm wanting her to have around three children, and then I figure if each of them has two that will give her, her second LTW. She's already perma-plat of course, but I like to keep my sims happy if I can. As long as they're not asking for some weird or unattainable LTW, then I try to make it happen for them.
  27. 28. Lyric spent much of the rest of her pregnancy like this, she didn't have to work, and we already had the nanny coming out. I guess she figured the best thing she could do, would be to take it as easy as possible.
  28. 29. Ugh, sorry about the shot. I have to confess something...this is the second time this pregnancy was done. I don't know what happened, I usually use the gaming motto-”save early, save often,” but I guess something went haywire. When I went back in game again, there were no twins, and Lyric wasn't pregnant. So, I had to repeat everything over again. I fed her cheesecake the first time, but I can't remember if I did the second time. I don't think so though. At any rate, here they are-two twin girls-*Athenaeum and *Radiance. Athenaeum came up on the iPod, but the song wouldn't have worked for a name, so instead I decided to name the twins after the band name, and the album. *Athenaeum is a local band from the town I used to live in before we moved. They actually had a hit song in the '90's called “What I Didn't Know,” off their debut album-Radiance. I think I read somewhere that the album was named after the street they lived on at the time. They went on to release a second album but, I don't think it did as well. I haven't heard anything out of them since, so I don't know if they're still a band, or if they've released any other albums.
  29. 30. “ Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...I got another promotion by the way Creator Chick. You love me don't you? Admit it, I'm awesome!” “ Yeah, yeah, I do. You kinda suck on the job promotion front, but you've been doing a little better lately. You love your wife, you're pretty good to your kids, and-” “ Kids? She's had the baby!?!” “ Babies, yes. Twins actually.” “Ba-babies? As in plural? Ok gotcha, that's terrific. Twins! Who knew? I think I need to sit down now.”
  30. 31. Rudy has become a really great father, and he dotes on little Polar, always hugging and snuggling. I think he senses that his little boy is growing up and he's trying to make up for lost time. In other news he finally got promoted again, and is now a counterfeiter...yes, he's moving up in the criminal field, we're all so proud /sarcasm .
  31. 32. “ Oh no you don't,” Lyric remarked, picking up her son. “Just where do you think you're going Polar?” “Work, Dada!” “ Oh, definitely not happening. You can't go to work with Daddy. That's no place for you... or your father for that matter ,” she muttered under her breath. “The only reason mommy doesn't say anything-about what Daddy does for a living-is because he supported Mommy in getting her lifetime want. So, Mommy is trying to be supportive for Daddy. Now, how about we go make breakfast?” “ Pancake Mama?” “Sure honey, anything you want.”
  32. 33. “ Oh, Ralston! Auntie Lyric is so glad to finally meet you, why don't you go play with Polar, until everyone arrives. I'll make sure you get a big piece of cake.” “Thanks Aunt Lyric...c'mon Polar, let's go draw!” “ What are you two whispering about over there?” “Uh, nothing” Lyric glared at her brother, and his wife. “ Ok, ok, you know how we said that we'd decided to move to Veronaville and raise Ralston there? Well, now that he's older, and you've had a few kids-one who's about to be Ralston's age-we thought we should move back home. This way the cousins will get to know each other and play together.” Oh, and we're trying to get pregnant again too.” “ That's so awesome! Maybe Rudy can watch the kids while I help you guys find a new house.” “That'd be great, we'll be moving in with Luc and Noelle until we can find a place...they bought the old loft from us. It was too small for us to live in, but perfect for them since they don't have any kids. Maybe we can start looking next week, we still have to go get our things from Veronaville and all.”
  33. 34. “ Hey there little nephew, ready for your big birthday party? Now, you're gonna be a big kid like your cousin Rally.” “ Uh-huh, big boy Unca Z!” Haha, that's right buddy. Uncle Z, Aunt Ryan, and the rest of the family are gonna chill with you in here until Mommy has everything ready for the party, ok?” “ 'K Unca Z, come dwaw wif me!” “ Alright, come on guys let's go draw with my nephew.”
  34. 35. “ Miss. Song, I have just put the babies down for their nap, and Polar is busy with your family. Can I help you get ready for the party?” “ Oh, thank you Nanny Nerissa, but I think I have everything under control. I'm just taking care of a little last minute straightening up. Why don't you go relax for a bit in front of the TV, I think there's a paper in there if you'd prefer to read. Oh, before you go...I just want to thank you for the great job you're doing around here. The kids love you, and...well, just thank you.” Seems like she needs a friend, Nanny Nerissa thought to herself, Lyric had seemed saddened the past few days...or worried. Either way Nanny Nerissa felt bad for her, and wanted to cheer her up.
  35. 36. “ Oh, by the way dear, I meant to ask you if you saw The Simmies, last night?” “ Actually I did. Well, some of it, I was sitting up waiting for Rudy to get home from work. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before seeing the whole show.” Nanny Nerissa laughed recalling the show, “so did you see that back up dancer fall on his butt?” “ No, who was he doing backup dancing for?” “ Some new artist-Kimpulsive?”
  36. 37. “ Wait, was the dancer a blonde guy?” “ Yes! Hahaha, he had long blond hair, and-” Lyric burst out laughing, “ohmigosh, hahahaha, that sounds like James Donovan. Do you know what the artist's real name was?” “Kimberly Cordial-something or other, but I don't understand. Do you know them?” “ Yes, Kimberly Cordial-Donovan, ooh, hahahaha, it was James. You didn't happen to tape it did you?” “ 'Fraid not dear. I was planning on taping it, but knew I wouldn't be able to finish because of Mr. Kittykins. He expects his nightly walk right after dinner, and gets cranky if I don't take him. But, I'm glad to see you smiling again deary.”
  37. 38. “ Hey babe, I got another promotion today. I'm almost at the top of my career!” “Congratulations.” “ What's the matter baby?” “ Nothing...ok well not nothing. Polar followed you out the door this morning, claiming he was going to work with you. I worry about the effect your 'career' has on our children Rudy. I mean, you're a professional criminal, for goodness sakes!” “ Well, not yet,” Rudy said smiling as he grabbed Lyric for a kiss.
  38. 39. “ Get off me, I'm being serious!” “ Look, baby, the kids will be fine. It's just one more promotion to the top and-” “ And then you'll quit and go into a different career?” “ Sure, if that's what will make you happy. Now, how about that kiss?” “ Well, ok...but we only have a few minutes. The guys and their wives are watching the kids, and I have a few more people that I need to call to make sure they're coming.”
  39. 40. “ Ok pooches, come and get it! Here Matchbox, here Sister, come on guys!” I decided it was time to change Rudy and Lyric's look. You've already seen Lyric's...I just changed her clothes and makeup. I finally got around to downloading a little CC for my game. Not much, but it'll do. For Rudy, he looked good in about everything I tried on him, but I ultimately decided on this recolor by HP @ MTS (I think?), and some dreads.
  40. 41. “ I think it's about time I made out with my husband, come here, baby!” “ Creator Chick, do you really think now is the best time for that?” “ Oh, you're right, haha. Almost forgot myself there for a moment. I'm not normally like that.”
  41. 42. “ That's disturbing Rudy.” “ Ahh, you're tellin' me? What's happening to my arms...and my son!?!” “ Calm down guys, it's just a glitch, we all have them from time to time. Just walk over there and sit him down Rudy, then you'll snap back to normal.” “ Lyric, I just love what you've done with this kitchen! I've got to get some hanging pots and pans for our new place!” “ Carlos Contender is here, man, that guy used to be an animal in the ring.” “Oh, I know, remember when we used to go to the matches?”
  42. 43. “ Hi Mrs. Hogue, have you seen John? He promised to play catch with me.” “ I just saw him heading outside looking for you honey, you might want to change clothes first, it's a little hot out there for long sleeves.” “ Ok, thanks Mrs. Hogue!”
  43. 44. “ Aww, isn't she so cute! Happy Birthday Athenaeum!” “ Don't tell me you want us to have one of those now.” “ No, James, but it doesn't mean I can't admire other people's children. Besides, even if I did want kids, I'd have to wait. I'm busy touring could be touring with us, if you hadn't fell off the stage and hurt your back,” Kimberly responded, clearly irritated at her husband. Lyric suppressed a laugh, as she imagined James dancing and then busting his butt on stage in front of everyone at the Simmies. “Alright everyone, time for birthday number two, of the evening. Gather 'round!”
  44. 45. “ Check it out Creater Chick, my little girls are growing up. Isn't she beautiful?” “ Yes, she certainly is, she'll be a little heart breaker for sure, just like the other two will be.”
  45. 46. “ Haha, ok, guys last one, I promise! Thank you all for hanging around tonight to see all our kids grow up.” “ Well, it sure helps that you're placating us with cake, haha.” “ Yeah, I thought that might go over well.”
  46. 47. “ Happy birthday to all my little rock stars: Polar, Athenaeum, and Radiance!” “ Yay!” “ Mmm, that cake smells delicious Lyric, mind if I help myself?” “ Of course, that's what it's over there for dude.”
  47. 48. “ Catch me Bambi!” “ Oh, my gosh, you're about to break my back Captain!” “ Kimberly, what's up? As for me, I'm great! Especially since seeing your husband fall on his ass, haha. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. “ I am so mad at Zephyr! How could he pick Ryan over me!?!” Maybe because you cheated on him with Nick? Besides, he and Ryan were meant to be, so shut it! “ Frankly, I think most of these nut jobs should be cuffed and put behind bars. Don't you agree Mr. Can? What's that? What's the matter with you, cat got your tongue!?!”
  48. 49. “ Hey sissy, I'm your big brother. I'll always have your back, that's what big brothers do, you wanna go play with blocks in our room?” “ Uh-huh!” “ Ok, follow me then.”
  49. 50. We had quite the night at the old legacy house...birthdays for the twins, and their older brother Polar, and now Matchbox and Sister Hazel are gonna have pups! Sure took them long enough, I think I had Lyric ask each dog about ten times before they agreed.
  50. 51. “ Hey son, the girls asleep finally?” “ Yep, want me to go clean up our mess Mommy?” “ No, I'll do that. Here, I have something for you.” “ That's for me, wow!” “ Yep, it's from your father. He was very sorry that he had to leave the party, it was work. He asked me to give this to you for him.” Polar rips open the wrapping paper and finds a R/C car inside, and starts playing with it, “this is awesome!”
  51. 52. Lyric smiled down at her son, “wait honey, there's another one. This one is to be shared with your sisters when they're older.” “ Another present for me Mommy? I thought I already opened them all at the party. You already gave me one remember...the clothes?” Yes, she had given Polar a present already, but she felt awful that Rudy had left the party so early. So, she ran to the store and got Polar another gift to make up for the disappointment, while her brother watched the kids. Polar had been busy playing, and hadn't noticed. “Totally, I couldn't let my little rock star get away with only one present from us, now could I? It's from Daddy too, go on, open it.”
  52. 53. “ Mommy! Oh that is it, I am beating you this time, just watch me!” “ Haha, we'll just see about that, bring it!” “ Oh, I will bring it, I'm taking you down,” Polar said and then he started laughing happily. Lyric laughed too, she hadn't had this much fun in a long time. “Actually, it's past your bedtime honey. We'll have to postpone the bashing until after school tomorrow.” “ Alright Mommy, goodnight.” “ Goodnight honey, oh, make sure you take a bath first...and try not to wake your sisters.”
  53. 54. “ See that platinum plumbob? I just fulfilled my lifetime want, and am now a Criminal Mastermind, muhahahaha! I can fill the power coursing through my veins!” Congratulations, Rudy.” “ Thank you Creator Chick, I know I took my sweet time, but I finally made it, and I feel fanfreakintastic!”
  54. 55. “ Weee, Dada!” “ Haha, are you having fun honey?” “ Yep!” “ Good. Now, why don't I take you into the nursery so you can play with your sister?” “ K, Dada!”
  55. 56. “ Hey babe, I topped my career today. It was beautiful, well, it would've been had Captain Hero not arrived to ruin everything. I had this guy held up at gun point like this, and I was like-” “ Ah-no, I don't want to hear about that Rudy, ok?” “ But, babe, I was just getting to the part where-” “ I don't want to hear it Rudy!”
  56. 57. Rudy sighed, he knew Lyric didn't approve of his criminal exploits, but darn it he had just reached the top of the field, wasn't that worth celebrating? I just have to choose my battles... he thought to himself. “Alright, Lyric, I'm sorry. Hey, how about to make it up to you, I take you out tonight? We haven't been out on a date since I moved in with you.” “ A date,” Lyric asked smiling, “oh Rudy, I would love that. Just let me go get a shower and freshen my makeup.” “ No, problemo babe, that'll give me time to find a baby sitter for the kids. I think I know just the person.”
  57. 58. A few minutes later Lyric reappeared in the living room. “ Oh, thank you, that's great man. See you in a bit, thanks again.” “ Who was that babe?” “ The sitter, he'll be over in a few.” “ He? But our nanny is a woman.” “Yes, but when I called the agency they told me Nerissa wasn't available tonight, she was with another family.”
  58. 59. “ Did someone request a baby sitter?” “ Thank you so much Zephyr, I really wanted to take Lyric out to celebrate my promotion. That, and we haven't been out on a date since the day I moved in with her. I'd say it's about time for one.” “ Definitely, and don't worry about the kids, I'll take excellent care of them. “ I know you will, I trust you, and I don't trust many people. You can't in my line of work you know?” “ Yeah, well, you guys should get a move on, you have reservations don't you?” “ Yep, see you later tonight. I left the number of the restaurant and the coffee house near the phone, in case you need us.”
  59. 60. “ Welcome to Lucky's sir, I'm Lisa.” “ Hi, Lisa, I have a reservation it should be under Song, party of two.” “ Rudy Song? Oh yes, you called earlier, I have your table ready, please follow me.” “ Yes, thank you. Lyric sweetie, they have our table ready, come on.”
  60. 61. “ I love you babe, and I'm so glad you decided to come on this date.” “ Well, it has been awhile since we've been able to do this. What with work, and raising three kids, and all.” “ Yeah, I know. I can't believe our babies are growing up. It won't be long before the last two are old enough to go to school, and by then our oldest will be a teenager...then comes preparing to go to college.” “ I don't think I'm quite ready for that kind of talk Rudy. I want to keep them little forever.”
  61. 62. “ Well, that was a lovely meal. Ready for more? I figured we'd go have coffee, there's a new place that recently opened up down the street from the arcade.” “ Yes, that sounds great, but I want to call the house when we get there...jus-just to check on the kids, Polar should be home from his first day at school and I need to make sure that he is doing his homework and-” “ Take a breather babe, Zephyr has it under control, he has a kid Polar's age, well a little older. Rally will be a teen soon.”
  62. 63. “ Oh, hello dear, fancy meeting you here. Say, I've heard that you have three children. Isn't it time you started thinking about those potential spares? I really think you should let some of us S.U.M.S. Members come and talk to you and your husband. We can help!” “ Oh crap, not you people again! Look lady, I just want to get some coffee and spend time with my husband, alright?” “ Sure, I understand, we'll be in touch!”
  63. 64. “ This is such a great place Rudy! Of course it would've been nice to be able to sit down and drink my coffee, but those coffee tables were in the way. You know if I owned this place, I would fix that. Maybe even offer desserts as well as coffee and...oh, I'm sorry. This is a date, and here I am talking about a business.” “ That's ok babe, here, come sit on my lap. Oh Lyric, I love you so much, holding you in my arms right's like I'm holding heaven.” “ Aww, Rudy, that's so sweet, I...hey, is that Noelle Ravenel over there? I'll be right back sweetie.”
  64. 65. “ Noelle? Ohmigosh, when did you and Luc get back home?” “ Yes, it's me, we just got in a few days ago. I'm sorry we missed the last half of the party for your kids, Luc really wanted to be there, so did I, but we had to go finalize the paper work for the loft, and then buy new furniture.” “ Oh, don't worry about it, I totally understand. So, how's Luc doing?” “ Um, well, you know...same old Lucas,” Noelle let out a breath, “so, uh, I gotta go, see you later?” “ Sure, we'll have to get together soon, I'll call you.” “ Great. Well...bye.”
  65. 66. The next day was a Saturday, and Lyric didn't have to work. Since Rudy did, Zephyr decided to come and help out with the kids. “...and then the little boy grabbed his teddy bear and...oh no he didn't!” “ Huh? Did he or didn't he grab his teddy bear Mommy?”
  66. 67. Lyric jumped up and ran towards her husband and her daughter...”get away from her! How could you? You told me when you reached the top of the career , you would get out of the criminal field and find another job! You're going to scare the children in that getup!” “ Lyric, what is wrong with you? I'm not scaring anyone, they know it's me. As for the job, I will get another one, I just thought we could use the money from this job a little longer is all. I'm making almost 2,000 dollars a day here!”
  67. 68. “ Get your head out of your butt, this isn't some game!” “ Don't fight guys,” Polar exclaimed as he ran out of the room. He didn't want to hear or see his parents like this. “ We're not fighting Polar. I'm going to work, I'll see you all tonight.” “ Honey, why don't you go take your bath, and then Mommy will tuck you in after Uncle Z and I put the girls to bed, ok? “ Ok, Mommy,” Polar said sniffling, as he ran into the bathroom.
  68. 69. “ Well, the kids are in bed, now let's sit here and have a cup of coffee and talk.” “ Zephyr,” Lyric sighed as she said her brother's name. She knew he wanted to help, but this time Rudy had gone too far. He had made her a promise and broken it. Not to mention wearing that scary outfit around the kids, and what if some of the thugs that worked for him decided they didn't like taking orders and retaliated against his family...what then? “ Lyric listen, I understand where you're coming from, and understand why you're concerned, but I think you were a little hard on Rudy tonight. It seems like the house is under control, so I'm gonna head home to my family. Think about what I said...maybe you two should talk when he gets home, ok?” “ Ok, I guess you have a point. Goodnight bro, give the family my love.” “Of course, call me if you need me.”
  69. 70. “ Mommy, are you and Daddy gonna get a divorce? My friend Colin at school, he said his parents got one, and now they never speak to each other and he rarely sees his mom.” “ Oh Polar, honey I don't know what's going to happen with Daddy and me...but no matter what we will always love you, Athenaeum, and Radiance. We will never stop being in your lives. Now, what are you doing up so late?” “ The girls were keeping me up, can I sleep with you Mommy?” “ Sure kiddo, come on up here. I'm gonna go check on the girls and then wait in the living room for your father to get home.”
  70. 71. About an hour later Lyric heard a car pull in the drive. “Hey, I'm home.” “ I can see that...why don't you go shower and change, we need to talk.” “ A-alright, um...I guess I'll go do that.” “ I suppose you're hungry?” “ Well, I could definitely eat.” “ I'll meet you in the kitchen then.”
  71. 72. “ I-I didn't expect you to make something from scratch, I could've ate leftovers.” Lyric finished pouring the cheesecake batter into the pan, and slammed the mixing bowl in the dishwasher, before putting the pan in the oven. “So, you don't want cheesecake then?” “ Is that what you're making? I could eat some cheesecake.” “ Good. Why don't you go sit at the table, and I'll bring us both a plate when it's done.” “ Alright, sure. Thank you,” Rudy wasn't sure how to respond, it seemed like the least thing would set his wife off...if her clipped tone was any indiction.
  72. 73. “ Here you are,” she said sitting a plate of cheesecake in front of her husband, before sitting down with her own. “ I-” I-I'm sorry, Lyric, go ahead.” “ I want you to quit your job Rudy. I supported you in reaching your lifetime want because you did the same for me. But, being a criminal...don't you realize that you could be putting our family in danger! Not to mention, what if you were to get put in the slammer? Do you know what that would do to your family? Do you care?”
  73. 74. “ How can you think that way Lyric? Of course I care! I-I just, it's the money, I figured we needed the money right now. Our house isn't finished, Polar's having to share a room with his sisters, our room basically consists of a bed and two night stands. I mean, come on, don't you understand what I'm trying to do here!?!” “ Yes! But, I'm working as a celebrity chef, bringing in over 2,000 a day, and I know that I only work three or four days a week...but still. I'm making enough, that you can afford to find another job-even one that pays less. Isn't there something else you want out of life?” “ Well, now that you mention it, I have been thinking of going into the oceanography career track...ya know to become a 'Hand of Poseidon?' It would be a lot less income though, that's why I was putting it off.”
  74. 75. “ Well, no time like the present, we'll make do. At least this way I don't have to fear for the kids and our lives.” “ Alright babe, if it'll make you happy, I'll do it. I love you Lyric, and I'd do anything for you...anything,” he said blowing her a kiss. Lyric caught the “kiss,” and smiled. Maybe things really would work out after all. “I'm glad we had this talk, I love you Rudy Song.” “ I love you too Lyric Song.”
  75. 76. “ Hey Mom...Mom!” “Hmm?” “ Mrs. Hogue is on the phone, she wants to know if we'd like to go to the beach with her and the Captain today. She says it's the last day of summer, and thought we'd enjoy spending it there.” “ Well, I guess I can finish this restaurant guide later. Let me just call the nanny to come sit with your sisters. Tell Mrs. Hogue we'd love to, and we'll be right over.” “ Yay,” Polar exclaimed as he put the receiver back up to his ear, “she said yes, Mrs. Hogue. Do you think the Captain will take me on the pirate ship remains again?”
  76. 77. “ Are we still going to the beach with the Captain and Mrs. Hogue Mom?” “ Yes, honey, I'm sorry it took this long, but I had to wait on Nanny Nerissa to get to our house, so she could watch the girls for me. We'll go pick the Hogue's up now and head over to Belladonna Beach.” “ Yay! Thanks Mom!”
  77. 78. “ Gosh Lyric, you are like, so brave to try and learn the fire dance! I don't think I could do that, I'd be afraid of setting myself on fire, hehe.” “ Yeah, guess I'm just fearless that way, haha.” “ Ok, well, I think I'm going to go hang out with Polar. I know he was kind of disappointed that the Captain couldn't make it tonight. Restaurant emergency, you know.” “ I'm sure Polar understands, he's just in awe of Captain Hogue.”
  78. 79. “ Argh, who be this scurvy dog that sets foot on me pirate ship?” “ It be I, the great and feared Cap'n Polar!” “ Well, Cap'n Polar, do ye think Bambi, the Pirate Queen be just lettin' anyone on her ship?” “ Yarr, I reckon, we'll just have to have a duel then, Bambi-Pirate Queen!”
  79. 80. “ Come're ye little pirate cap'n, and give the Pirate Queen a hug.” “ I love you, Mrs, Hogue, and I'm so glad you and the Captain settled in Belladonna Cove. “ So, am I Polar, it's like, great to have a little bud like you. You're welcome to come over and hang out with us anytime you want. Oh, and like, the next time you guys come to “The Captain's Galley,” the meal's on the Captain and me.” “ Alright! Thank you Mrs. Hogue.” *If you're wondering how the Hogue's came into the story, I created them in CAS to run a restaurant that I had remodeled. Anyway, I noticed that whenever Polar and the Hogue's were around each other, he kinda clung to them. I think he's just in awe of the fact that he knows a real captain of a ship (according to the story line in my head anyway, haha). Not to mention Bambi is always calling over at the Song's just kinda fit that they'd be close friends.
  80. 81. After Polar finished building a sand castle with Mrs. Hogue, Lyric came over and they did a little wave watching, and swimming before heading inside for dinner. It was a perfect end to a fun-filled evening, and after dropping Bambi off, Polar and his mom headed home.
  81. 82. Once they were home, Polar went straight to bed. Lyric gathered up the toys in the nursery that her son had left out, and put them away. Then she tucked in each of her daughters before heading off to bed herself. *Side note: Does anyone know how I can turn those blasted plumbobs off? I tried the plumbob toggle cheat, but it won't work for me. It did a long time ago, but it won't work now for some reason. I downloaded JonInMobile's smaller, cuter plumbobs and that helps since they're higher up and not as big...but they still get in the way. Note to self: Put a ceiling in, and turn ceilings on! I always forget to do that./crazy lady rant
  82. 83. “ Daddy? What are you wearing that for? I thought you promised Mommy you weren't going to be a bad guy anymore.” “ I'm not...after tonight. In fact, I'm looking for another job at the moment. Now, why don't you tell me why you're up so late?” “ The girls. They woke up and now they're making so much noise I can't sleep.” “ I'm sorry little guy, hopefully we'll get to either move or expand the house soon. That's one reason Daddy didn't want to leave his job. Sometimes son, the bad guys aren't really bad. They're doing what the have to...for their family. At least that's true in this case.”
  83. 84. The puppies are here! Two girls, and a boy...the first song that came up was “Sing Along,” by the JaneDear girls. So, the girl puppies are: JaneDear, and Sing Along. For the boy, “Open Arms,” by Journey came up, so his name is Journey.
  84. 85. “ Here you go guys, hope you don't mind omelettes Polar. I know you prefer pancakes, but I thought I'd make something different for a change.” “ It's ok Mommy, you're a celebrity chef, anything you make will be good, I just know it!” “ Smells great babe.” “ Hey Daddy, can we maybe play a game together today?” “ Sure sport, right after breakfast.”
  85. 86. “ Honey, I can't tell you how happy I am that you've left the criminal field.” “ Well, unfortunately the Oceanography career track wasn't available when I looked online...but, I managed to get a job in law enforcement. I told them I felt my experience as a criminal, might help them to catch more bad guys. They agreed, and I start today. In fact, I better go now, or I'll be late. Love you both, Polar be good and help your mom today, she has a lot to do with the party and all.” “ That's great, so now you'll be arresting the criminals, instead of being one yourself. Oh, I'm so proud of you honey!” “ Me too Daddy, and I will be good and I'll keep the girls occupied while Mommy prepares for the party tonight.”
  86. 87. “ Athenaeum and Radiance are now best friends. Pretty soon I'm going to have to turn this room into a bedroom, and sell all the nursery stuff. I already have a house built for the Song's, they just have to wait until they can afford it, which is one reason the house is so sparsely furnished. We need all the money they bring in.
  87. 88. Some hours later...”Mommy, the girls are playing in the nursery, can I help do anything?” “ Oh, nope honey, I have it all under control. I already have the cakes ready, and I'm working on a dessert for the guests.” “ Ooh, ooh, then I know what I can do! I can be your official taste know, to make sure everything tastes good?” “ Hmm. You know, you might just have a point. Every celeb chef, needs a sidekick to taste their wares. I suppose my taste tester would also like to eat the leftover batter in this bowl?” “ Yep, I sure do!”
  88. 89. Later that night...”Unca Z!” “ Hey Uncle Z!” “ Glad you could make it bro, where's the rest of the family?” “ Oh, they're on their way in...stragglers, the lot of 'em.” “ Hey Zephyr, how's it going?” “ Oh, hello Mimi, it's going great.”
  89. 90. “ Check it out people, that's right, a beautiful baked alaska just for you.” “ Honey, um, trying to blow out the candles here.” “ Sorry, carry on.”
  90. 91. “ Mommy, look, I'm a big girl now!” “ Huh? What's that Athenaeum? Mommy's a bit distracted right now.”
  91. 92. “ Alright Radiance, time to grow up...I'm gonna be an old geezer soon, and this may be the last birthday of your's that I get to be a young chick for.”
  92. 93. Great, one grew up well, and the other grew up bad. Their personality points are almost identical. I don't have the info with me right now, but I believe they're just a point or two different.
  93. 94. Here they are Athenaeum and Radiance...Athenaeum's just a tad darker in skintone than her sister, and it looks like her lips are just a little bigger. Otherwise they look very much identical twins ought to, I suppose. ;)
  94. 95. “ Hey Rally, all grown up I see. What's it like being a teenager? I'm supposed to be one in five days.” “ Oh, it's pretty awesome little dude, you can drive, and fall in love,'s just pure awesome!” “ Will you come and play catch with me Rally?” “ You got it cuz, let's go!”
  95. 96. “ Ryan, I'm so sorry, I haven't been able to help you guys house hunt yet. I've just been so busy.” “ Oh, don't worry about it, we're making do at the loft. We've been to busy to look too, what with Rally's birthday and-” “ Well-sorry for interrupting-but I think I might have the perfect house for you guys. The problem is that the current owners aren't able to move just yet. But, I'm sure they'd sell to you as soon as they're able to move.” “ That sounds good, maybe you could introduce us?” “ You already know them. One of them is standing in front of you.”
  96. 97. When Lyric isn't busy working three or four days a week, she sews. After obtaining her gold badge, the first sewing project I made her work on, was quilts. Then I had her start making outfits for the family. She's currently making a new dress for herself. Then she'll make some teen clothes for the kids.
  97. 98. “ Hey honey, glad you're back home.” “ Me too, oh is that your latest creation? I like.” “ Good, cause I made something for you too. I figured you could wear it to bust the bad guys...just until something in oceanography pops up.” “ Really? You made an outfit for me? Thanks babe, I'll go try it on.”
  98. 99. “ So? How do I look?” “ Great, it fits you perfectly.” “ Dance with me? “ There's no music playing honey.” “ Pretend there is.”
  99. 100. “ I wonder if I might convince the lady to go on a little vacation with me? Hmm, I think I know just the way to do it too,” Rudy said kissing Lyric up her arm. “ Well...that just might do it.” “ Mmm, I thought it might. How about I take you and the kids to Three Lakes? I know I wanted to go to Takemizu for the longest time. But, now I'm thinking spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods, might be just what the doctor ordered.”
  100. 101. “ Come on honey, we have to swing by the school and get the kids. They'll be so surprised!” I'll leave you with this lovely shot of Matchbox peeing on the sidewalk as his owners head off on a family vacation. Note: I know this chapter is majorly lacking, that's because it took several weeks to write, my beloved little dog died after I started it, and I just didn't feel like getting back in the game for a while...I was depressed at her loss. The next one should be much, much better. Thank you for reading...and for being patient through my many mistakes. :)