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Greatest Hit & Misses-By My Side-Chapter 4: Part 1


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Generation 2 hits their teen years, and head off to college.

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Greatest Hit & Misses-By My Side-Chapter 4: Part 1

  1. 2. Last time we visited the Song's they all went on vacation and brought back Rudolph Bigfoot. Polar became a teen, right before his mother entered elderhood. This seemed to kick the family side of her into overdrive, and she began seeking out potential spouses for her kids. Soon after this, the twin terrors became teens, and they decided to celebrate by sneaking out of the house. Enough crappy recaps...onto the legacy!
  2. 3. “ So, did you have a successful sneak out sis?” “ Well, I didn't get caught if that's what you mean.” “ Haha, neither did I, ya know Polar could really learn a thing or two from us. But enough about that, how did it go? Do you like Isaiah?” “ It went pretty well. I like him ok, but he's dating someone else right now.” “ So? That's easily handled, want me to beat her up for you? I could beat the crap outta him too.” “ You know, I think I'm gonna pass. But thanks for having my back sis. So, how was your night?”
  3. 4. “ Eh, I thought it was going to be great when I saw him drive up in that limo, ya know? But, I don't think Heath Butler's the guy for me. I mean it's not like I'm looking for Mr. Right or anything, but I'd prefer a guy with some spunk. Someone I have something in common with.” “ Not to mention...someone you can boss around?” *narrows eyes and smirks* “Now you're talking! Know anyone like that?”
  4. 5. “ No, but there are plenty of other nights to sneak out, and plenty of other guys to sneak out with.” “ Ya got that right, Radiance.” “ Sure, well, I'm off to bed before Mom or Dad get up and catch us out here. They'll know something's up then.” “ Yeah, ya got a point there.”
  5. 6. The next morning... “ Ohmigosh! I got it, I can't believe I finally got it, YES!” “ Got what Athenaeum?” “ A position in the music field! You know how I want to become a Rock God, right? Well, this is how I get my foot in the door of the music industry!” “ Yeah? That's great! Maybe I'll check the ads when we get home this afternoon. Now come on, we're gonna be late for school!”
  6. 7. “ Hey what's up? I'm Lyric Song, and I'm conducting sidewalk interviews with anyone who might pass by today, for the position of spouse to one of my kids. So, what's your name?” “ Er...I'm Rose. Rose Dai” “ Oh, what a pretty name...uh just a minute Rose, I see some other folks walking down the sidewalk. I'll be right back.”
  7. 8. “ Hello, do you have a moment to chat? I'm conducting interviews to find spouses for my children, one of whom will become the second generation heir of this legacy. Shall we start with the introductions then? I'm Lyric Song, that redheaded young lady over there is Rose Dai-interviewee #1...and you are?” “ Oh wow, I could be in a legacy, that's so cool. I'm Christy Toyonaga.” “ I'm your mailman Hun Cho, I've delivered your mail for a very long time, you should already know me.” “ Nice to meet you Christy. I do remember you Hun, but I can't properly interview you now, since you're on the job. Perhaps I'll call you to come over later.”
  8. 9. “ Rose dear, if chosen, what would you bring into the legacy house?” “ Myself. Ahahaha....ahem, actually one of the things I would bring is money. Yep, I've got a nice little nest egg, and I'm pretty good on the skill front too, plus I get along great with your little dog over there.” “ Uh-good to know. Let me talk with Christy a bit, and then I may have a few more questions.” “ Great, I'll be here.”
  9. 10. “ Christy, just a few questions. First what do you do for a living?” “ Oh, I'm in the culinary field...much like yourself I hear. I'm a fast food shift manager.” “ Oh, that's lovely. What about skills and money?” “ Well, I'm not really good at anything yet. As for money, I've got a ton of it, and I'd totally share with you guys!” “ Well, I think that's it dear. I'll review your information, and then give you a call.”
  10. 11. “ Rose, I just have two more questions for you. Well, the second question will depend on your answer to this one...what is your job?” “ I'm a hypnotist.” “ Ooh, intriguing. How would you like to meet my son?” “ I'd like that Mrs. Song.” “ Wonderful, just follow me.”
  11. 12. “ Hey Mom, what's up?” “ Oh honey, I'd like you to meet Miss Rose Dai.” “ Pleasure to meet you ma'am.” “ It's nice to meet you Polar, please call me Rose.” “ Oh, wonderful. I'll just leave you two to the living room...scoot!”
  12. 13. Athenaeum lost her job after just one day...much to her disappointment...and mine. It took forever to finally find her a job in the music field! “ Hey honey, bad day?” “ Now what would make you think that Dad? Perhaps the big red X with the glowing red desk over my head?” “ All right young lady, no call for that, there will be other jobs.”
  13. 14. “ Ok Daddy, that is so not the point! This was my big break into the business...and I couldn't even last a day! Oh how could I expect you to understand? You never got fired from a job you loved!” “ Perhaps not pumpkin, but that doesn't mean that I don't understand feelings of failure. Now come on over here and give your father a hug. This too shall pass honey.” “ Dad! We're in public. Hello!” “ Oh, right....heh, what came over me?”
  14. 15. What are you doing Rudy?” *wailing* “My daughter hates I'm stuffing my face to cope with the pain!” Athenaeum doesn't hate you Rudy. She's a teenager, and usually when kids hit that age, they're embarrassed by everything their parents do. Deep down she really loves you. Now, step away from the chocolates, and turn the candy making machine off.
  15. 16. “ Where are you going Rudolph?” “ The creator feels that the house is a bit too crowded with me living here, so I'm moving out.” “ Aw well, we'll miss you. Goodbye!” “ Goodbye Polar.”
  16. 17. After moving Rudolph out, I chopped the garage down, and now we have more room on the lot as you can see. It was getting a bit crowded with: two adults, three teenagers,a bigfoot, and four dogs! The kids will probably be leaving for college soon, and I wanted to make sure there was room for the next generation's kidlets. Who knows how many they'll have.
  17. 18. With the spare space I added a driveway and bought everyone a car. Only Lyric and Rudy have CC cars....everyone else has that Ford Escort lookalike from Maxis. Rudy's Chevy Cobalt and Lyric's Chrysler PT Cruiser are from Fresh-Prince's site. I think he also has these same ones on MTS, if I'm not mistaken.
  18. 19. I finally downloaded Lyric some appropriate clothes-courtesy of All-About-Style, and with the help of my six year old niece who “helped” me pick out the “pretty ones” (aka outfits). I think this look suits her pretty well. “ Of course it does dear, I love music, this legacy is based on music, and now even my clothes have musical notes on them! I think I look pretty good myself, given my age and all.” You sure do, and I am very much dreading your death, which is one reason this chapter isn't getting uploaded until after Thanksgiving, even though it has some Thanksgiving scenes in it.
  19. 20. Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks Lyric looks good in her new outfit. Yes these two still have it, and are in a constant state of PDA bliss. The kids on the other hand, are not. They're frequently running around the house shaking their heads, covering the eyes, and making gagging sounds. In case you're wondering why Rudy is still young...he's actually about 12 days younger than Lyric. I have no idea how that happened, because I don't remember it taking that long for her to meet him...but maybe I'm wrong.
  20. 21. “ Ugh, gag me with a spoon! Can't you guys go get a room or something? So disgusting, I swear if I ever have kids, which is highly unlikely, I will not subject them to this freakish kind of torture. Mom, Dad, hello! You guys are so gross...and that's coming from a romance sim, ok?”
  21. 22. “ Hey sis, watch me bust a move!” “ Oh, that's great Polar, get down with your bad self. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do something else...anything else.”
  22. 23. “ Ok guys, we get it, you can stop now! Ugh, so disgusting...I'm gonna go barf.” “ Hey! Your mother and I love each other, are you calling our love gross?” “ Yeah, duh Dad.” “ Well, our love made you missy, and your brother and sister, so you just think about that before you call it disgusting.” “ Oh, no you did not just say that Dad...I really don't need that picture in my head...somebody pass the brain bleach STAT!”
  23. 24. “ Haha, well said sis! You might just have a mean bone in your body after all.” “ Of course I do Athenaeum, I have the same amount of nice points as you...three.” “ Yeah? Well, Polar only has one more than that, and he is no where near as mean as I am. The points prove least in his case.”
  24. 25. “ Ow Athenaeum, what the heck!?!” “ Case in point, here is exhibit A sis. How many times have I noogied our big bro?” “ Um...I've lost count.” “ Bingo. But has he ever given me a noogie?” “ Nope.” “ There ya go. Polar is what you'd call a closet nice sim...that's a sim having the ability to be mean...but not having the guts to prove it.” “Thanks for explaining that Obi-Wan.”
  25. 26. *hollers and does the chest pound* “ Oh Geez Dad, what was that, your mating call?” “ No smarty pants, I'm trying to teach you the chest pound...Rudolph taught me how to do it, now I'm trying to teach you. I figured it would be useful if we ever go back to Three Lakes. Oh who am I kidding, I just think it's fun.” “ I'm gonna have to pass Dad. Thanks anyway...I think.”
  26. 27. “ Take that Polar, hahaha!” “ Ow...why me!?!” “ Because you're worthless and weak! Hehe, I'm kidding bro, ya know I love ya!” “ What did you do ? I know you're behind this Athenaeum.” “ Aw, thanks Dad! But, I really can't take the credit, Radiance did it all on her own. She's finally little protege. *sniff, sniff* I'm so proud!”
  27. 28. “ Yes! I got back into the music field...who's awesome, who's awesome? ME, that's who!” Congratulations, how about you try to last more than a day this time? “ How about you stuff it Mimi! It's your bad chance card choice that got me fired in the first place. Don't think I don't know that!” You might have a point there...but still.
  28. 29. Hi Mrs. Song, Hi! Over here, look at me!” “ I'm trying my best not to, I'm kinda in the middle of playing catch with my handsome hubby, so, if you don't mind-” “ Oh, that's ok, this will only take a sec, I heard you were looking for spouses for your children and-” “ I was, but I've already selected Polar's wife...he just hasn't been informed of my decision just yet. Maybe come back when we have 3 rd gen kids to marry off. Have a nice day now. Oh, and please don't forget to water all the daisies this time, you left without getting them all last time and I had to throw some away.” “ Ready babe? Catch!”
  29. 30. “ Don't think we haven't noticed your gaming-” “ Noticed? Have you been spying on me? Cause that could totally get you killed...depending on what you didn't hear that. Nevermind, just get out you creep.” “ But, I haven't been standing here watching you long enough yet, and you haven't shook hands with me, it's in the manual, I can't leave until you do. Oh, and we also want to invite you to our super secret club house.” “ Trust me lady, you really don't want to invite me to your little clubhouse, because I would just round you all up and beat the crap out of you. Now, if you get out of here real quick, I'll promise to give you a head start before I track you down and kick your butt, deal? Thought so, now scram!”
  30. 31. “ Ok, Radiance, I don't have a lot of time to teach you this stuff because Polar's right behind me and I haven't tormented him enough today. Gotta get on that ASAP.” “ All right Athenaeum, let's go then!” “ Ok, good stance, now put up your dukes and-” “ What are you guys doing, it's 1am!” “ I'm teaching Radiance how to punch someone...hey, would you like to be our vict-uh, I mean volunteer? You can play the little goody-goody that we're trying to beat up!”
  31. 32. My little slap dancers...I'm trying to let the kids have some fun before they go away to college. I wanted to have them around the legacy house a little longer, but Polar's days away from his birthday, and I wanted all the kids to go to college together. There are tons of teenagers in the neighborhood, so one reason I wanted to stall, was because I wasn't sure which of those kids would be joining the legacy kids. Every member of Lyric's brother's band has at least one teenager, Nick and Ever have two. Then my simself has three, and that doesn't count the other playables in Belladonna Cove that have teens. On the other hand, college is insanely long, and I don't know if I can put up with 11+ kids-including my legacy kids-for that long without wanting to rip my hair out. Since I'm kinda partial to my hair, I may give them one more day or two so I can figure out what I'm gonna do. Polar won't technically be a teen for about four days.
  32. 33. “ FIRE!” “ I've got the fire extinguisher, everybody calm down, I'll put it out!” Who did this!?! “ Polar, he put a toaster pastry in the oven and went to bed before getting it out.” Great! No fires all this time in the legacy...and now we have one! From now on, only Lyric is allowed near that stove! Well, maybe Rudy, he can actually cook without setting the house on far.
  33. 34. Polar brought this kid home with him-*Russell Frank. Which may not have been the best of ideas, considering that Athenaeum's on the prowl. “ Hmm, he looks easy to manipulate, just what I love in a guy!” *I may have mentioned it before, but I have in Jordi's name hack (from MTS), and I love it!
  34. 35. “ Hey, you're Polar's little sister aren't you? I've heard all about you.” “ Of course you have, I'm awesome, it's bound to be spread around. You are?” “ Russell Frank, I'm your brother's friend from school.” “ Oh, ok. Well, this must've been the first time Polar's ever invited you over, I'm sure I would've remembered a fine specimen such as yourself Russ. Can I call you Russ?” “ Heh heh,thanks...and yes. Russ is fine.” “ Haha, yes, that he is.” I'm so good, he'll be eating out of the palm of my hand any second now.
  35. 36. “ Not so bad yourself there, pretty lady.” “ Aww, that's so sweet. Listen Russ, I would just love to spend more time with you but I have so much homework I have to get done, and I have chores to do.” “ Well...what if I did it for you, while you work on your chores? That way everything will get done faster and we'll have more time to hang out.” “ Oh, no, I really couldn't let you do that Russ.” “ It's really no problem Athenaeum, I'd be happy to.” “Well...if you insist. It's over there beside my car, I'll be...uh, doing my chores. I'll come get you when I'm done.” “Great!”
  36. 37. Later that evening after Polar returned home from work, it was skilling time at Ye Olde Legacy House. Everyone except Athenaeum participated. But then she's never been one to follow the flock, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Correction, Rudy didn't skill either, but he was doing a little financial consulting on the computer. Lyric and Polar were working on their body skills, I was trying to get Polar a scholarship. Didn't happen, but I tried. Same thing with Radiance and her creativity skills...or lack there of. So, no scholarships for the legacy family this round. No time to work on them either, since they're leaving soon.
  37. 38. “ Great. See you then Isaiah.” “ Radiance get off the framming phone, I have a call to make...NOW!” Hmm. They're up to something, I just know it. “ Girls, what are you doing?” “ Uh...I'm just making plans to see Isaiah after school tomorrow Daddy.” “ Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy...haha, I mean Forsooth Gary, I hardly knew ye! I think that's how it goes...I'm starting to forget my lines already! Sorry Daddy, just need to go over my lines for the school play, and I need the phone to call the guy that's playing Gary, so we can go over them together.” “ All right pumpkin, Radiance let your sister use the phone.”
  38. 39. “ So, do you think Dad bought it?” “ Hard to say, but pairing 'Daddy,' with the puppy dog eyes sure couldn't have hurt. I learned that when I was five, and it hasn't failed me since. Pretty quick thinking with that forsooth Gary stuff huh? Oh and you might want to change, or does Isaiah like the school girl look? Why are you even going out with him again? There are so many guys sis...and so little time.” “ Yeah, you almost got me busted...tooth fairy. Anyway, I don't have time to change with you gabbing at me Athenaeum! As for Isaiah...I dunno. I'm not a Romance sim like you, I don't need a million guys fawning all over me. Just one will do.” “ Well, you might want to make sure that one is loyal to you sis...and Isaiah isn't. I heard he was seeing another girl behind Ginger's back...and that girl isn't you. That's three girls Radiance. The guy's a jerk.”
  39. 40. “ Psst. Athenaeum.” “ What?” “ Were you serious? Ya know, about Isaiah?” “ It's what I heard. Just be careful, and keep your voice down until we're out of here.” “ O-ok. T-thanks for telling me sis.”
  40. 41. “ Hey.” “ Hey. Listen Isaiah?” “ What?” “ Are-um...are you seeing another girl? B-besides Ginger...and um, m-me?” “ Yeah. It's nothing serious. I mean, this is high school after all. What's with you tonight Radiance?” “ Nothing. I guess I just thought that...” “ Hmm?” “Nothing, let's just go.”
  41. 42. “ Athenaeum?” “ Shh, what?” *lowers her voice* “You were right about Isaiah. I asked him point blank, and his response was basically, this is high school. He's not serious about anyone, and his behavior is ok just because he's in high school. Can you believe that?” “ I'm sorry Radiance, but it's better that you find out the kinda guy he is now. Before you get too wrapped up in him. Ya know?”
  42. 43. “ I have an announcement to make everyone! Since you kids will be leaving this evening for college, how about we have a day of fun together...just us. It snowed last night, I figured we could all bundle up and go play in the snow.” “ Great idea Dad, what do you guys think?” “ I think it's a wonderful idea honey, let's do it, Polar, Radiance, you kids up for it? Athenaeum clearly is.” “ Sure. I need something to take my mind off things.” “ Cool, I think that's a great idea Dad.”
  43. 44. First I had them all pose for a family picture...out of all the ones I took, this was the best. So, that probably shows you how well that went. Poor Polar is sunk down into the snow, every time I tried to get a shot of the girls looking forward, they started talking to each other. Then Rudy and Lyric figured since they were cuddling, it was the perfect time for a few smooches.
  44. 45. Athenaeum and Radiance decided to work together to build a snowman, while Polar built one on his own. Meanwhile the 'rents spent their time cuddling and making out on the bench by the Koi pond. “ So, are you done with him Radiance?” *heavy sigh* “Yeah,” she replied, tears filling her eyes. “Like I said I'm not a romance sim, I can't let something like that just roll off my back. The weird thing is, he's not a romance sim either. He's knowledge like me. Maybe he's just acting out or something. Someone said that he did that when his dad married his half-brother's mom, after the divorce of Isaiah's parents. But that was years ago, I don't know why he'd be acting out now.” “ I don't care sis, he has no right to treat you that way. Tough times or not.”
  45. 46. “ There, I'm done with his face, hat, and scarf.” “ Alright, I've got the arms and the pitchfork.” “ He needs a name, what do you think? How about Frosty B. Demented?” “ Haha, I like it, I was thinking of naming him Isaiah, they're both mean.” “ Well, so are we, but there's a fine line between mean and jackass. Isaiah has sprinted over that line.” “ True. All right, Mr. Frosty B. Demented it is.”
  46. 47. Polar finished his snowman just as the taxi arrived to take all the kids off to college. “ Try not to let that mean Frosty B. Demented scare you all right? I guess Athenaeum was right all along, I'm a closet nice sim, this proves it. But, I'm ok with it, there's nothing wrong with being nice.” Polar turned to say goodbye to his parents, as did his sisters, and then after they all promised to call...they hopped in the taxi and headed off.
  47. 48. “ All right, we made it sis! I'll see you and Athenaeum inside. I gotta go claim my room.” Polar, did you cut your dreads off on the ride over? I liked your dreads, not as much as I like Rudy's, but still. “ Yeah, I'm going to become a lawyer, so I have to make sure I project the right image Mimi. The dreads were fine when I was younger, but I'm an adult now.” Young adult, but adult nonetheless. All right, fine, you can have short hair. But not that hair, I don't like it on you. After you claim your room, find a dresser and a mirror young man!
  48. 49. So far the kids have grown up in half decent outfits, I don't like them, but it could be a lot worse. Radiance kept her hair do, and I think the style suits her and her twin. “ All right! I'm finally here, time to study hard and make my dreams of becoming an Education Minister come true!” I like your enthusiasm, just make sure you change your clothes ASAP. That outfit is so not you. “ This is true, but we haven't been out to shop yet.” Don't worry, I took the opportunity to shop for to speak.
  49. 50. Ahahahahahahaha! I spoke to soon when I said you were all choosing decent outfits so far. “ I'm totally freakin' awesome, but even I can't make this look good. Where's the dresser?” Inside, don't forget the mirror either, that pink bob is kinda like your trademark. “ Right, can't forget that. I am so gonna rock this place! But first I have to change, choose a room, and then pick a major. Oh, and give my hair a little chop and dye job.”
  50. 51. Makeovers done, and rooms chosen, next it was time to choose majors. Polar chose Psychology, Radiance and Athenaeum chose Literature. In case you may have forgotten: Athenaeum wants to become a Rock God, Radiance wants to become an Education Minister, and Polar Express wants to become The Law. Once majors were chosen they each got to work on their term papers, after taking turns playing chess to get the logic point they each needed.
  51. 52. Mother! What brings you by?” “ Oh darling, terrific news, I just had to tell you in person. With the help of Mimi, I've been able to interview a few folks from the college as potential spouses for you and your brother and sister. I'm happy to announce that I've finally decided whom each of you will marry and I've come to tell you all the news. Where are your siblings dear?” “ They aren't here Mother, they're at class.” “ Oh...I know! I'll just give the info to you, and you can pass it on. Now, for your brother, I was originally going to go with Rose Dai, but I heard they couldn't even converse without her running off.” “ That's true, we've been here a week, and he invited her over a few times. She took off every time he invited her over.”
  52. 53. “ That's all right, I have someone better. Her name is Celia Turner and here's a slip of paper with her name and number, give that to your brother. For your sister, I've chosen Abel Rodgers, here's his info to pass on to her. Now, for you dear.” “ Oh I hope it's someone good.” Her mother smiled, “of course it is. He's a professor here at the school. I figured since you are interested in going into the education field, and he's a professor you two would have loads to talk about. I found out that he's going to be your professor this semester, giving you ample time to talk to each other. His name is-” “ Professor Ismael Wolfe? Yes, I've already met him in class Mother. We haven't really talked, but I suppose I could invite him over tomorrow night.” “ Yes, do dear. I've got to go now. I love you, goodbye.” “Love you too Mother, bye.”
  53. 54. “ Professor Wolfe, thanks for coming over. I have to say I really enjoyed your lecture today.” “ Of course you did. Your mother and I spoke a great deal about you last week. I know what is expected, and I shall do my part. Now, if you don't mind, I have to speak with this young gentleman about his grades. Perhaps you might tutor him in your free time Radiance? He could use it!” “ Uh. Sure Professor Wolfe.”
  54. 55. “ What the devil are you doing young lady? I know that some professors enjoy familiarities with their students, but I am not one of them. If anyone saw us, I could lose my job!” “ I-I'm sorry, I just thought if we were going to be in a relationship, then we should like each other. If we like each other, then there should be a few romantic interactions between us here and there. Don't you think?” “ No, I don't. We're not marrying for love. We're entering into an arranged marriage. Sure we may grow to be fond of each other, but it's not a requirement. It's time you accept that.” “ Well, I guess I can live with that. Maybe it's easier to keep from getting hurt again this way.”
  55. 56. Radiance and Professor Wolfe had been dating for awhile, this wasn't her preferred method of dating, but after what happened to her as a teen, she figured it was for the best. At least in a more formal relationship, where the two were just together because they were arranged to be wed one day...there were no feelings to get in the way. He had called her that morning, and they'd agreed to meet for dinner. She had decided that she was going to propose to him tonight. He was a decent man, and she sure could do a lot worse...and had actually. Yes. This was for the best, and she was sure in time that she and Ismael would come to love each other. She was sitting alone in the common room, contemplating all these things, when she saw a new student walk in. “ Isaiah Gavigan?” Please don't be him, please don't be him. I so don't need this right now.
  56. 57. “ Oh Radiance. Hey, how are you? I didn't know you were here at Sim State.” “ Sure you didn't. I only talked about going to college all the time. This just shows how much you cared Isaiah, you never could listen. Never had the time for that, what with chasing skirts and all.” “ Hey, listen Radiance, I was a kid then, I was just acting out. I'm sorry for how I treated you. I actually have a lot to talk to you about, so I'm glad I ran into you. Wanna go get a cup of coffee with me?” “ No. I don't. You had plenty of chances, and you blew them all, I'm getting engaged tonight. It's too late for talk Isaiah. I have to go, I'm gonna be late for class.”
  57. 58. “ Hey, I'm looking for an Abel Rodgers. Anyone know him?” “ Yeah, I do.” “ Great, could you introduce us?” “ Sure, what's your name?” “ Athenaeum Song.” Nice to meet you Athenaeum, I'm Abel,” he replied with a tough handshake and a smile.
  58. 59. Later that day the phone rang, and Athenaeum rushed to grab it. “ Hello?” “ Oh hello dear, I just wanted to call and invite you all home for Thanksgiving dinner. Tomorrow night, let's say around 5ish?” “ Ok Mom, we'll be there.” “ Great, so, how are your brother and sister getting along. Did you meet Abel Rodgers yet? How are things between you two?”
  59. 60. “ Well, Abel and I are doing great Mom. You really picked a great guy for me. We are totally in love. In fact, try to hold on to your seat now Mom...we're engaged. Yep, and I didn't even get those red rings that romance sims get when that happens. I was totally stoked!” “ Oh that's just fantastic Athenaeum, I'm so happy for you two.” “ I'm truly happy too Mom. Abel even let me give him a makeover, can you believe it?”
  60. 61. “ The first one was so bad, I can't even tell you, but then he sat right back down in the chair and I managed to fix it. He loved what I did, and that gave me an now I'm doing makeovers for everyone at our dorm.
  61. 62. As for Radiance, she and Professor Wolfe are getting engaged too. That guy is a real piece of work Mom, he and Radiance don't love each other at all. But she's agreed to marry him anyway, as soon as she graduates. I think she's just agreeing to make you guys proud of her. Speaking of Radiance, one night while Abel and I were ahem...hanging out in the common room, Isaiah Gavigan walked in. That backstabbing jerk that cheated on her in high school. Well, he didn't say anything to her, just came in and fell asleep on the couch. Radiance said that he tried to talk to her, but she wasn't having it.”
  62. 63. Polar is totally gone on Celia. They're not as crazy for each other as Abel and I are, but then we're a three bolter couple. Ok, they're crazy for each other, but it's not like it is with Abel and me. I guess that's what three bolts does to you though. You and Dad would know, since you're a three bolter couple too. Anyway, they are so cute together. Polar was dating a cheerleader before he met Celia, but they just fought all the time, so that's no big loss. I can tell you this, we're all glad that 'Vo Gerbits' is no longer being yelled through the hall day and night. That was getting so annoying, that I thought about pummeling her.” “ I'm so glad dear. I'm coming over tomorrow morning for a bit. I just wanted to be formally introduced to everyone before tomorrow night. I haven't actually met them in person yet. Everything was done over the internet.
  63. 64. “ Hey bro, Mom's coming over this morning to meet Abel, Celia, and Professor Wolfe. Thought you should know. You might want to get out of your jammies. Oh, and I'd like you to meet my fiance-Abel Rodgers.” “ Nice to meet you man, I really look forward to meeting the rest of your family.” “ Nice to meet you to Abel, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to go prepare Celia for the meeting.” “ Yeah, you go do that and don't forget to change!” “ Oh, right. That too.”
  64. 65. What in the heck is wrong with this year's crop of students!?! “Are you all right miss?” “ Hmm? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Do you like my new makeover, Athenaeum gave me? She said it hid all my blemishes.” “ Was your face the blemishes?” “ Yeah. She said this was an improvement over what I looked like before.” “ Ah...Words fail to express my thoughts on that.”
  65. 66. “, t-this is Celia. Celia this is my mother-Lyric Song...” Oh please like her, please like her! This is so nerve wracking. If she doesn't like her, I'm standing my ground. I love Celia, and I want to be with her and no one else. “ Lovely to meet you dear. I hope you'll join us tomorrow evening for Thanksgiving dinner.” “ It's very nice to meet you too Mrs. Song. I'd love to join your family for Thanksgiving. I don't have a family of my own, so I was just going to stay here at the dorms.” “ Oh, well, we certainly can't have that. Polar you bring her with you tomorrow night, all right dear?” “ Of course Mom.”
  66. 67. “ I'll just leave you two youngsters alone, while I go find your siblings. All right dear?” “ All right Mom, you should check in the common, they're almost always in there. Now...where were we?” “ Hehe, we weren't any where Polar, this is the first time I've seen you all day. But...I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to get somewhere.” “ I love you so much Celia.” “ I love you too Polar, with all my heart.”
  67. 68. “ Hey sis, Celia and I were just coming to warn you. Mom's here to meet Professor Wolfe, she's looking for you and Athenaeum now.” “ Yeah, and Polar told her to look in the common. She wanted to invite each of the potential spouses to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. She seems like a sweet lady.” “ Oh. I just got here, I was doing a little workout, the coach is driving me nuts stopping by all the time. So, I was trying to head him off this time. Could you just tell Mom, that I'll have to just see her tonight, I have to change and get ready.” “ Sure, I'll go tell her we'll see her tonight. She can meet Ismael and Abel then. I think he's in class anyway.”
  68. 69. “ Rudy, I’m going to go ahead and make dinner, would you greet everyone when they arrive?” “ Of course babe. So, how are you feeling…about things.” “ Uh…you know, a little…nervous. Well, duty calls sweetie. I‘m making Turkey with all the fixings, what kind of dessert would you like?” “ Anything you make is good by me babe, but I wouldn’t hate it if I saw a cheesecake on the table. I think I hear some of the guests arriving. You go ahead and make dinner, after I greet everyone, I’ll make us all some drinks.” Lyric smiled and nodded at her husband.
  69. 70. Rudy walked into the living room where his children and the other guests were pouring in. “Welcome everyone, dinner is being prepared as I speak, just make yourselves at home.” “ Hey Dad, I don’t think you two have been properly introduced, this is my girlfriend-Celia Turner.” “ Lovely to meet you Celia.” “ Nice to meet you too Mr. Song.” “ Please, call me Rudy,” then Rudy raised his voice a little so everyone could hear. “Alright folks, none of this Mr. or Mrs. Song stuff, we’re family…call us Rudy and Lyric.” Celia nodded and smiled, as did the rest of the guests.
  70. 71. “ Hey Daddy.” “Hello baby girl, how are you?” “Great, I think I’ll go make myself a drink. I‘m gonna need it.” “ Actually honey, I was going to go make us some drinks in just a bit.” “ You still can Daddy, but I need one now.” “ All right then sweetie, go right ahead.”
  71. 72. “ Daddy, good to see you. This is my fiance Abel Rodgers. Abel, this is my father-Rudy Song.” “ Hey pumpkin, good to meet you Abel” “ Nice to meet you Mr. uh, I mean Rudy.” “ Haha, there ya go son.”
  72. 73. “ Dinner’s ready, come and get it!” Everyone sat down to the table and started to eat, idle conversation going around the table. “ Ahem. Can I have your attention…kids, guests?” A moment passed as everyone brought their conversations to a halt. “ Very good, now you are all probably wondering why you’ve been called here tonight. Well, it’s taken us a long time, but Mimi, your father, and I have finally reached a decision about the heirship.” Everyone gasped, rather picked or not, this night would change their lives in some way.
  73. 74. “ Yes. I know, it is a bit nerve wracking. But, we think we’ve made the best decision. Lyric why don't you go ahead and tell the children. I think it would be best coming from their mother, than their creator.” “ Yes. I believe so too. Heh, I hope you all will bear with me, as I am nervous about how the news will be taken, both by the heir and the well as their spouses.” “ It's all right babe, just go ahead, we're all listening.”
  74. 75. Polar…you were our first born, and you taught us so much. What it meant to love unconditionally, what it meant to worry every second, what it meant to be a family. We will always be grateful for those, and the other lessons you and your sisters taught us along the way. You are a wonderful son, and I know that you will make Celia a wonderful husband…and we believe that she’ll make you a wonderful wife.” Polar reached over and took his girlfriend's hand as they shared a knowing smile. Of course things would work out for them. They truly belonged together. “ It is my hope that all you kids and your dates will have many beautiful children together, and that you will be as happy together, as your father and I have been all these years.”
  75. 76. “ Athenaeum, you are tough and ambitious. You wanted to be a Rock God since you became a teenager, and you’re taking the initiative to make that happen. You might have only three nice points pumpkin, but you also have a lot of heart. You would walk through fire for your family, and life wouldn’t be half as exciting without you here to ruffle the feathers, and live life on the edge. I know you are a romance sim, but you’re not one of those romance sims…and that is going to lead you into a wonderful marriage with Abel. I know that you will make each other happy. Maybe enough to produce a couple of little ones?”
  76. 77. Athenaeum smiled, “I don’t know about that Daddy, but you never know…you just might get a grandkid or two out of us,” she said smiling at her fiance. Abel held her hand, and then ran his hand along her arm. He smiled at the idea of the pitter patter of little feet. “I just might be able to convince her,” he said winking at her. “ You want to have babies with me?” “ Though, I'm not family minded, I care more about obtaining knowledge...yeah. Just imagine it...the best parts of me and you in a tiny little package.” “ Aww, that's so sweet Abel.”
  77. 78. “ Radiance…your name says it all sweetie. You are indeed radiant, you’re the balance between your brother and sister. You help keep things sane, you are hard working, and I know you will go far in life. We are so proud of you-our little knowledge sim. You want to become an Education Minister, and that is so fitting because you have also taught us a lot, and we know that you’ll pass that down to your children. Not to mention, your engagement to the professor. You two are perfect for each other! We just wanted each of you kids to know how much we love you, and how hard it is to just pick one of you. Now, without further ado…the newest heir/ co-heir couple for this legacy will be…Radiance and…honey where’s Ismael? He needs to be here for the announcement.”
  78. 79. “ Mother, I’m not marrying Ismael.” “ Oh, haha, good one honey.” *doorbell rings* “ I’ll get it. Someone, I don't care who, have a drink ready for this hand when I get back, got it?” “ Oh, that must be him now!”
  79. 80. Radiance walked to the front door of her parents’ house, and opened it. “ Hey honey, I am so sorry I’m late, I didn’t mean to make you face everyone alone.” She kissed him, and then lead him into the kitchen.
  80. 81. “ Mom, Dad, everybody, I’d like you to meet my fiancé.” “ Oh honey, we already know your-” Lyric started to say, looking up at her daughter.
  81. 82. “ As I was saying, this is my fiancé…Isaiah Gavigan.” Lyric, who normally had a handle on her emotions, was about to lose it. That backstabbing snake in the grass who had cheated on her daughter in high school? Then there was all the time she had spent planning out who her children were going to wed. Even Athenaeum accepted her intended and that‘s who she expected to fight over it the most…not Radiance! She was a knowledge sim after all, couldn‘t she see the sense in the decisions her mother made? Finally, she broke down…
  82. 83. “ Radiance Song, what is the meaning of this? We already had your intended picked out! You are marrying Professor Ismael Wolfe, and taking over this legacy and that is final!” “ Mother! I don’t want to lead this legacy. I already have my life figured out. I am marrying Isaiah and we’re going to have a wonderful life together. He is the man for me Mother, if you can’t accept him, then you can’t accept me…and we’re done here.” “ If that’s the way you want it dear.” “ No, Mom, it’s not the way I want it, but…”
  83. 84. “ Darling, I love you, and when I was younger and the pleasure side of me was more dominant, I didn’t really care about such things. But now that I’ve gotten older it seems the family side of me has taken hold, and-” “ Mom…I-” “ Radiance, I probably don’t have many years left…I guess that’s why I planned your lives out for you. I wanted you to get what was best for you. I want to see my grandchildren before I die, and I want what’s best for this family. Now, sometimes you just have to do what’s right, even if it means doing something you don’t want to do. I want you to be my successor, and I’m not budging on this. Mimi, please tell my daughter the requirements for her spouse.”
  84. 85. “ Only NPCs and townies may marry into the official legacy bloodline. I am so sorry Radiance.” “ As I said before, I don’t want to be heir, pick Athenaeum or Polar.” Lyric put her hand to her head, and closed her eyes, “Radiance, I’m not the domineering type, but I will not buckle on this issue.” “ Then, I guess we have nothing more to discuss Mother. I told you if you couldn’t accept Isaiah, then you can’t accept me, we’re leaving. I’m done with all of this, I’m washing my hands, goodbye Mother.” Tears fell down both their faces as Radiance walked out the door…and out of her parents’ lives.
  85. 86. Mimi cleared her throat and began speaking, “I hate to do this right now, in light of what just happened. But, since the heir that was picked decided to forfeit, a new heir must be named. Lyric, do you have another heir in mind?”
  86. 87. “ I don’t. I thought my daughter would be elated to find out she was chosen. I didn’t see the need to pick an alternate heir.” Mimi gave her founder a faint smile, “that’s alright, I can do it. Before I name Lyric’s successor, would anyone else like to say anything?”
  87. 88. “ Yes, I would. As the first born, I kind of secretly thought I had the heirship in the bag. Haha, but, recently I’ve come to the realization that all I need in my life, I have right here. He smiled as he touched his girlfriend’s hand…
  88. 89. ” Celia Turner, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” “ Oh,” Lyric exclaimed, at least something good was coming out of this night. “ YES! Yes Polar, I will marry you!”
  89. 90. “ All right, congratulations sport!” “ Congrats to you both, oh, my son is getting married!” “ Yes, congratulations Polar and Celia…Celia, Lyric and I will work on the wedding plans while you’re in college Polar. As soon as you graduate, you can get married! Oh, my little sims are growing up!” Everyone smiled, as the newly engaged couple shared a kiss.
  90. 91. “ Ok, everyone, listen up! I’ve actually had this person in mind for awhile, but when Lyric came to me with Radiance as her choice for heir, I decided to go that route. Everyone of you kids would bring something great into this legacy if chosen heir, that point has already been made, so let’s not stall any longer. The heir of the 2 nd generation is…Athenaeum Song!” “ YES! I was born to rule baby! I will so rock this legacy!” “ Haha, I know you will, you’ve got the spunk, and the tenacity to pull it off. Let’s hear it for Athenaeum and Abel!” Congratulations pumpkin!” “Congrats Sis!” “Congratulations honey, I know you’ll make us proud…and now you have to give us those grandkids.” “ Haha, yeah, guess I do huh?”
  91. 92. “ Well, now that everything's settled, John and I are headed home. Goodnight everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!” *in unison* “Night, Happy Thanksgiving Mimi!” “ Alright guys why don't you drag the Christmas decorations out, the girls and I will make some cookies in the kitchen while you do that.” “ I'm gonna make us girls a few drinks.” “ That sounds great Celia, I'll go get the decorations for the kitchen while you do that. Then we can work on the kitchen, while the guys untangle all those lights for the tree, haha.”
  92. 93. “ Mmm, these drinks are yummy Celia. The cookies will be ready in just a minute.” “ Good, cause they smell great, and I want one.” “ Done! Sorry it took so long to finish up the kitchen, I had to go change my clothes. It's freezing outside!” “ Come have a drink dear, that'll warm you up.”
  93. 94. “ “ Oh the tree looks so beautiful. I just wish Radiance had been here to help us decorate it. Maybe we can work this thing out by Christmas so I can have all the kids home then.” “ Maybe I can talk to her babe, we always were close.” “ Sure, if you want to give it a try honey.”
  94. 95. “ Dad, I hate to leave, but Celia and I have to get back to campus, we have early classes in the morning.” “ We understand son, we really enjoyed spending the evening with you two. Congratulations again on your engagement.” “ Thanks. Hey Dad, is Mom gonna be ok?” *sigh* “I'm sure she will be son. She's very excited about the weddings to come. She's just upset, maybe it would help if you talk to Radiance. I'll try calling later in the week when we've all had time to cool off.” “ Ok, love you guys. Good night.”
  95. 96. “ You keep that up and Santa won't come visit you sis. Santa doesn't visit the naughty people.” “ Shut up Polar.” “ You better not shout, you better not cry, you better watch out , I'm telling you why...” “ Honey?” “ Coming Celia!”
  96. 97. “ Good night Daddy, and Happy Thanksgiving. Sorry Abel and I were making out on the loveseat. Not one of my finer moments, I admit.” “ That's for sure. Good night pumpkin.” “ Goodnight Lyric, I had a really great time, thanks for inviting me.” “ Of course dear, next time though, how about waiting til you're away from us to make out with our daughter?” “ Uh...yeah, I'm sorry about that.”
  97. 98. “ Need help cleaning up babe?” “ Nope, Celia and Athenaeum did that for me. I think I'll just call it a night, and go to bed.” “ Me too, gotta work tomorrow, but one quick kiss before we sleep?” “ Of course.”
  98. 99. *weeping uncontrollably* “Athenaeum? Please gather your brother and sister around...I...I have some very bad news honey.... Thanks for taking the time to read this...part two of this chapter should be up soon. Gonna try to cover more than just a semester or two in the next one...or it'll take way too many chapters to finish the kids' time in college.