MyChild Services Information Sheet (755kb)


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MyChild Services Information Sheet (755kb)

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MyChild Services Information Sheet (755kb)

  1. 1. Private Educational Psychology Services Schools & Academies Educational Psychology for Parents, Schools & Local Authorities Local Authorities Parents & Families We provide competitively-priced and flexible Educational Psychology services including psychometric assessment and intervention and consultancy to primary and secondary schools and academies. If your child is falling behind at school or you suspect specific educational or psychological issues please contact us to discuss a range of private assessment and intervention services. We have a bank of locum Educational Psychologists who can provide targetted services across the UK. 0115 714 9555 mychildservices Postal Address: MyChild Services Coppice Side Venture Park North Street, Nottingham, UK, NG16 4DF email or telephone today: We provide high-quality private Educational Psychological services to Parents, Schools and Local Authorities across the UK. Including school achievement and cognitive testing, educational assessment, evidence-based recomendations, testing, interventions and advice on educational attainment and Psychological development. From 5 to 17 years old
  2. 2. Committed to Wellbeing and Attainment About us... We start with an initial consultation followed by observation and assessment to produce a clear detailed confidential report. We can offer personalised recommenda- tions that include educational strategies, targeted interventions and guidance. Our evidence-based recom- mendations are often integrated into the child’s school curiculum and used to target particular strengths or weaknesses. All assessments include: How we work... Our Educational Psychologists are regu- lated by the Health and Care Professions Council and work within the British Psycho- logical Society’s Code of Ethics and Con- duct. We maintain the highest standards. We’re a family-run private Educational Psychology service based in the UK Mid- lands led by Dr Simon and Dr Fatima Bignell. We consist of a wide team of expe- rienced Educational and Developmental Psychologists. Our Psychologists are selected for their personal qualities, experience and qualification. They all have at least one degree in Psychology and a professional training and Doctorate in Educational Psychology or a PhD in Devel- opmental Psychology and research publica- tions. They have applied and research experience and are employed by Universi- ties and Local Authorities. emotional and behavioural difficulties, Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, gifted and talented pupils, training and consultation and many other flexibly delivered services. We offer impartial advice or full diagnostic testing. If you are a parent concerned about your child’s attainment or development, a school in need of expert advice and support or a Local Authority needing locum cover MyChild Services offer competitive rates. We specialise in evaluating the individual needs of children and young people of all ages and advising and assisting parents and schools to help them. We use achievement and intelligence assessments and can provide detailed evidence-based educational recommenda- tions for interventions and support. Areas include, learning difficulties, school work, As parents and professionals ourselves we want to help children be happy and achieve their full potential using the latest evidenced-based methods and assessments. Our services... An initial consultation with an experienced Educational Psychologist. Individual work with the Psychologist using a range of assessment materials. A clear, detailed and comprehensive report. Personalised recommendations: advice, strategies, targeted intervention programmes and guidance on additional support. A follow-up consultation to discuss the report and any further quesions you may have.