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Presentation creating incredible social media


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Guest Lectured at New York University Presenting best practices in Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing, copyrighting and blogging

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Presentation creating incredible social media

  1. 1. + Experiences that matter= Building your Brand in Social Media Mildred Brignoni Creating Incredible Social Media
  2. 2. + Why you? Why Write? Where? What are your core disciplines? Define your reason to write and share Then Establish a voice per platform -Not all platforms are alike nor created equal CONSUMER INSIGHTS (THE LISTENERS) MARKETING (THE INFLUENCERS) Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr CUSTOMER SERVICES (THE APPEASERS): PUBLIC RELATIONS (THE SHARERS) Others: Pinterest has over 70 million users globally. The site also drives more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined. That’s a lot of traffic.
  3. 3. + Marketing or Editorial - Content Marketing vs. Editorial – Reach vs…discussion Good example of editorial: targeting and teaching: editorial:
  4. 4. + What makes Social Media Great? It helps Social Responsibility, Advocacy and Relationship -Common Interests EX: Goal to leave less environmental footprint = goal to raise digital views .. - But how it can be disruptive ? Are you faced with bigger issues that you need social media? -Avoid making critical errors- follow conversations, and use languages they do to connect: Note: NESCAFE- Used English saying in a Spanish page, but when brand message was approved in English: “Mojo Monday” it doesn’t translate to Spanish language. Thus this cost them a few thousand views …improper use of either message or language leads to bigger connectivity…NEED to be positively talked about…SPIN want to talk about relevant content. ANSWER: Its both marketing and editorial in one sentence. Google+ makes it possible to be found and post all in one platform
  5. 5. + Establish Type of Blog Trending topics in your area of interest or expertise knowing what makes a good title Know your audience: -using good KEYWORDS that capture the audience you intend to target – Example such as: “ become an instagram badass”-use key blue -WHY? Social Media is broken into two parts: -Earned media and Paid 1-Earned media: is editorial 2-Paid- marketing USE IN TANDUM: while the other is editorial turn into marketing for commerce convergence, leverage costs Convert: Divide Social Media Investment: net spend + net profit/ total views:
  6. 6. + Gain Relevance = Grow & Engage then Amplify Ask yourself: WHO IS THE PERSON or GROUP that wants to hear from you most and why? Are you posting too much, or not enough? When do you post?and how much is too much? Are people liking it because they also post in same area or was it just a “One Hit Wonder” like any virality..your audience needs you not just because you wrote a clever post but because it is about some need they want to hear from you.. EDGERANK- TYPE X RELEVANCE X (TIME ) AMPLIFY - GAME the Hashtags : Does your organization need a specific Hashtag? What are they?
  7. 7. + Make Friends Identify who your Market is? Building Partners and Brand Advocates -shared by to determine partners? What partners in your Market Who's following? are they the audience you want, if not then start refusing followers and take control of your real-estate online because its engagements and followers have determined different needs… Increase audience? Increase awareness? tight lipped? Whats your ultimate Social ROI? and if you id, then, it is determined ask what your goals are? Timelines and calendars help you? When to change? How are you measuring your engagement? What is your projection for ads? Who is biggest competitor? YOU don't need a personal email if you are transparent
  8. 8. + Call to Actions on your social space Organic followers I have a lot more than followers in Twitter vs others, why? Make them work for you by telling them a story in one and offering answers to questions on the other, or get them to put their creative differences with you on one of them – answer on the other … Their profiles are different, what do I say? Ex: lots more accounts on FB are skinny younger care about looking good - vs twitter, - they are older care more about hygiene and information… Gaming them: gamed from one to the other to add and allows audience to learn what they are getting from one to the other… Always Respond
  9. 9. + Authenticity 1. Write what you know 2. Have a POV and Defend it! 3. People either come to you for advice, to share ideas, or to get information( resources) 4. Topics can vary and if you haven’t figured out what to say stick to an opinion on something 5. Don't always have to agree with yourself 6. Authenticity- be yourself ( don't use loose language too often) But its public so remember this lives forever - Maria Forlio
  10. 10. + Can’t Be All things to All people Social Responsibility may not fit your audiences interest - The Voice of the Brand needs unless you fit it in the two differ – Your blog is no place for a rant…unless you are taking a position to help someone
  11. 11. + Engagement Best Practices Posts & Blogs Brand voice -KEEP Consistent – Maria Fiorola is your pal: vs Oprah is your mom seems less of your friend but she is assertive and has lots of friends as partners. She sounds more like a mom…wants the best for you… They Both Draw the - Ability to connect and focus on the emotional level YOU MUST engage: you always have to participate and write from the heart.. -Upfront -Avoid the rumors but be Supportive … - Ask questions… - TALK BACK
  12. 12. + Mistakes to Avoid  Example of writing something that alienates or explodes into a fight or problem:  Your brand = Content  Social media for products: don’t always have to stay on brand message because you can use of related stories you don’t own…its an alternative interest  A Sales Pitch “ Yawning”… more later!  Example such as Coffee Brand: Home Our Coffees Plan Farming = farming production, instruction consumer needs, ambition
  13. 13. + THEMES – THIRSTY Draw an Audience and Engage = VIRALITY SUCCESS Notes after Film/ THIRSTY: Audiences: interests Beauty Wigs Children Gay Rights Stores in Footwear Vintage Lifestyle Gay and Lesbian Human Rights
  14. 14. + Not all Platforms Are Created Equal Views Best Practices suggestions/ recommendations: Instagram PINTEREST Blogger Tumblr Tumblr & Blogger : Hashtags on all images Endorse Others Instagram: Use hashtags that matter to you, you don't Make SEO website and always have to have a successful campaign because Call to Action from your posts if someone highjacking can lead to longer driving Leads to? From blog traffic conversations…they'll get the hint and stop Brand the PAGE TWITTER DIFFERENT FROM Highjacking hashtags: Sometimes it supports a claim FB that you are cool…(not a bad thing entirely! ALL: Posting depends on your audiences Pinterest: Use current backlinks : Short captions vs FB: noticed-on-pinterest/ longer breathy stories
  15. 15. + Stay Focused/ Nimble and then Pivot Starting: Grow the business from grass roots = Build Brand from Within Creative Structure = know your Analytics: Build up with goals from 30% increase means you need to post more or post smarter? Answer post smarter because that drives more relevant traffic from edge rank… Edgerank: Based on combo of type of content to relevant audience and consistence with frequency = best time to post: no control except that FB makes changes to its algorithm and you can post often to see if it is working, afterward you need to tweak the audience and if you still have trouble meeting your threshold, you need to get rid of followers comments and start posting in a new strategy BE an early adopter - and share it because it makes you a thought leader: Some of the strongest posts come from posts that generated views in the past that can support your posts with back link to your own posts…don't always have to remind people… Make notes to self: focus on good content: Ex: Maria Forilio blog for audiences shares from blog, focus on Ex: FB short clips for shares- THIRSTY page, focus on Tumblr highest Shares- Frenchvogette, Instagram - highest Shares Madam Ostrich, Madam Ostrich writes about what she knows.- Example write my blog for Fashion – Twitter followers love it…Business News
  16. 16. Bullet List of to dos + Social Media Notes  find your audience-but don’t bore them with a sales pitch. Adjust TITLE URL EX: Nobody cares for Serial number/?p=353 *note: you can’t find them with title tag  use keywords and SEO: Metadata and meta-descriptions matter…to search engines  backlink appropriate sites  share w/keywords  share audiences  Call to action requires: MARKETING: calendars, themes interactivity with other platforms  write a purpose  make activity posts relatable to TIME DATE TARGET  Raise Views  it helps raise views if you use any third party analytic tool outside of fb or platform because they will likely still want to sell you something...  study insights-reporting  Calenders and time of actions  Use appropriate images and memes-Use images and videos that are your own assets  use blog post as a forum or to drive sales, have a POV as a leader or direct editorial commentary ( can't be all things to all people)  Use hashtags for blog posts from your twitter and fb etc…  use your own back linking tags EX: 
  17. 17. + Lets Practice Blogging Blog dedicated to fashion and social media enthusiast or “Latina Influence-r Integrating Fashion and Content into everyday lives - topics: Social Media, Fashion, Content and TECH -embedded media player -provide categories -find trending topics write a given advice or to share: Doesn’t have to stick to 250-300 words….Ex: -Timing?- but if you have nothing to say, then its better to write a small description rather than to leave blank… -What do you have to say? - if you can't manage your time to post a regular blog every Sunday/ or whatever, then you need to post on your feeds to drive interests… Change your mind? Its ok to pivot Sell your product, market a service or use as a thread for - A press release. GREATbut stick to word count and back linking to promote a product or service offered in new NEWS- BUT, write about it because it is different from blogging – one can support the other
  18. 18. + Blogging - Entertainment while Learning “ITS FRIDAY” 1/Evolution of your BLOG2/Know your audiences be thoughtful about total time your taking from your audience 3/ lead with a question? And be prepared to Stand your ground (note: agree to disagree continue the conversation without pissing off their pov) 4/ Be short and sweet Whos it for and what function do you serve to audience? 6 areas discussed in AUTHENTICITY Selling A Product: They SELL ADVERTISING with PARTNERS and AUDIENCES Examples: Learning, sharing and Press with partners: WAKEFIELD – short and knowing TECH folks don’t have time., Also noted no content marketing in this post, its for entertainment. Social Good examples of Personal Growth experienced - Maria Folio
  19. 19. + TIME - Post Comments 100 viewed INTEREST
  20. 20. + TUMBLR Positive reinforcement in TUMBLR- shares
  22. 22. Calendars Social Media weekly and quarterly cycle Calendar Suggestion of Posts Time Table 7/1/12 Fall2012 Territory USA When What 7/1/12 Why Staff Who-Target where Blog Type Car lovers Car Magazine FB Dev Content Invite friends Executive 14-Jul Team leader Politics El Diario/ Poling 15-Jul Twitter engagement Intern Fashion Fashion blogs 16-Jul Pinterest 17-Jul Blog Date Time Table Fall2012 Territory USA When Executive + Fashion Blogger#1 Fashion 7/1/12 What 7/19/12 20-Jul 21-Jul 22-Jul 23-Jul Why Staff Who-Target where Blog Dev Content Invite friends engagement Blogger#1 Philanthropy Invite friends News feeds FB Twitter Pinterest Blog Team leader intern Executive Blogger#1 Type Events Make a calendar for posts either the week, month or marketing strategy Confidential 12/12/2013 ©
  23. 23. + Measuring Your Success: Good Comments reporting analytics THIRSTY
  24. 24. + FB VIRALITY Page Posts went viral after it was not just LIKED, it was shared and commented
  25. 25. + What Next? • • • • • • encourage engagement have a purpose schedule your comments research be an expert stay focused Have fun! Not passionate than you don't have to have to force it…be yourself too if you just feel insecure than push through and talk about your opinions in a subject you like
  26. 26. + Contact me: E: and Follow me Google+-MildredBrignoni Twitter-MildredBrignoni FaceBook- Media and Fashion Branding, Mildred Brignoni – Media Specialist, Digishon Pinterest- MBrignoni Learn more: