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AdReaction, el estudio global realizado por Millward Brown, analiza las actitudes y expectativas de los consumidores hacia el móvil como plataforma publicitaria, proporcionando a los anunciantes una hoja de ruta hacia la publicidad eficaz en este tipo de dispositivos.

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Millward Brown AdReaction 2012 Global

  1. 1. AdReaction 2012 – Global ReportMarketing in the Mobile World
  2. 2. AdReaction 2012 focuses on mobile advertising. Through this research, we provide marketers with mobile insights and a roadmap for navigating the mobile landscape – all to support brand growth. AdReaction Smartphone and tablet ownership, and time spent on mobile 2012 devices, are rocketing around the world. As we become a more mobile-based society, it is clear that the relationships between consumers and their mobile devices are unique, GLOBAL OVERVIEW and that while mobile media presents many new marketing opportunities it also presents many challenges. Marketing in the MOBILE This report first reviews how individuals use and relate to smartphones and tablets, before exploring attitudes toward mobile advertising and the roles that mobile can play in the WORLD marketing mix. We then identify rules of engagement that mobile marketers need to respect in order to be successful in this intimate space. Finally, we wrap up with best practice guidance for delivering effectively in the mobile world.2
  3. 3. Research DesignFor more than 10 years, AdReaction has delivered insights and findings related to the opinions and perceptions ofadvertising, particularly digital formats. AdReaction 2012 deep-dives into mobile and tablet advertising. AdReaction 2012 QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE Who: Smartphone and/or tablet users; Who: Smartphone and/or tablet users, total of over 6,000 interviews non-rejecters of mobile marketing What: Mobile usage and attitudes What: Deep dive into mobile advertising towards mobile ads, apps & attitudes via individual examples websites How: Mostly online interviewing, some How: Mostly online forums with follow-up mobile surveys depth interviews3 Respondents were recruited between August – October 2012
  4. 4. Conducted in 18 countries around the world U.S. CANADA* FRANCE* SPAIN GERMANY TURKEY ITALY UK* CHINA KOREA** INDONESIA** MEXICO INDIA THAILAND** KENYA BRAZIL* NIGERIA SOUTH AFRICA4 *Quantitative only; **Qualitative only
  5. 5. 1. Mobile devices are increasingly 2. However, while most central to our lives, so there is consumers will tolerate mobile huge opportunity for growth in marketing, few consumers are mobile communications favorable toward it Key Findings AT A G L A N C E3. Mobile is highly effective at 4. The industry can improve 5. Marketers can use mobile brand building and also very attitudes toward mobile websites, apps and ads flexible - it can play a marketing by demonstrating to grow brands IF simple number of diverse roles in greater respect for the best practice rules are the media mix platform and the audience applied more conscientiously5
  6. 6. the huge OPPORTUNITY MOBILE USAGE on the rise6
  7. 7. Mobile web is on the move 1.5 smartphones and tablets will be installed globally by mid 2013 – overtaking laptops and BILLION PCs* 37% in the number of global 3G subscribers in theGROWTH past year** 13% traffic comes via mobile – more than double last year; Mobile traffic share already over 50% OF WEB in India*** *Source: Morgan Stanley Research; **Source: Informa WCIS;7 ***Source: StatCounter Global Stats, 9/12
  8. 8. Mobile devices are indispensable efficiency toolsPlease indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements aboutyour mobile device: Having a mobile device makes me 33% 32% more efficient My mobile device is indispensable 30% 29% because I’m always on the go My mobile device is my primary tool for organizing my personal life 21% 29% My mobile device is my primary tool for organizing my work life 18% 27% My mobile device is my primary tool for organizing my household 12% 22% Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree8 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  9. 9. People love their mobile devices BEYOND “I take my smartphone everywhere. Life collapses if I ESSENTIAL forget it.” MULTI- “My tablet allows me to see the details, develop what I TALENTED want, check or do work; I have more freedom.” LIFE “Living in Lagos is so stressful with all the traffic, I don’t have to stress myself moving from one shop to CHANGING the other when I can get online with my phone.” TRULY “I always have an answer; my smartphone makes me SMART feel like a hero when I solve problems.” FUN “I feel like a wizard when I play and discover new things.”9
  10. 10. Mobile devices act as central hubs in our lives In a typical week, how many hours do you spend…. Share of Time Spent Share of Time Spent (Smartphone) (Tablet) Video Video 8% Talking 16% Games 16% Games 10% 15% Web or email Music Texting 21% 12% 13% Music 14% Social Web or Networking email Apps Social 13% 14% 19% Apps Networking 13% 16%10 Sample: global average
  11. 11. Massive potential for growth in mobile marketing 11.7% among U.S. consumers is now spent on OF TIME mobile devices JUST 1% globally is committed to mobile marketing OF SPEND 3X mobile ad spend predicted to grow from BY 2015 $6.4 billion (2012) to $18.6 billion (2015)11 Source: eMarketer
  12. 12. ARE BRANDS WELCOME in this intimate space? ATTITUDES toward mobile marketing formats12
  13. 13. Most users will tolerate mobile ads; some more actively embrace them Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements about your mobile device: Im happy to see ads on mobile websites as long as the websites 17% 25% 26% are free to access Im happy to see ads in my apps as 15% 25% 25% long as the apps are free Im happy to share my location to get 13% 25% 25% more relevant services and offers I enjoy playing Advergames (games 9% 18% 24% that incorporate ads/brands) Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neither Agree Nor Disagree13 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  14. 14. Attitudes toward mobile ads are much less favorable than other media How would you characterize your attitude towards advertising on….? VERY/SOMEWHAT FAVORABLE, % Non-Digital Digital TV ads 51% Online display ads 36% Radio ads 51% Websites/Microsites 36% Magazine ads 50% Social media ads 33% Billboard ads 48% Direct mail 32% Newspaper ads 47% Telemarketing 28% Opt-in email ads 45% Online ads with video 28% Local deals 44% Games 25% Social media news feeds 42% Cinema ads 41% Mobile ads 23% Online search ads 39% Online music players 23% Product placement 38% Non-opt-in email ads 18%14 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  15. 15. Ads on tablets are viewed more positively; attitudes most favorable in Africa and India How would you characterize your attitude towards advertising on mobile phones/ tablets? VERY/SOMEWHAT FAVORABLE, % Global Average 23 29 Kenya 48 55 Nigeria 48 39 India 43 51 South Africa 30 35 Brazil 23 29 China 22 30 Mexico 19 19 Italy 19 26 Turkey 17 28 UK 14 25 Germany 13 28 France 13 22 Spain 12 18 US 11 16 Canada 11 9 Sample: smartphone users Sample: tablet users15
  16. 16. Higher ad favorability appears largely to be driven by importance of mobile devices Mobile ad favorability vs. device importance 55 NIGERIA KENYA 45 INDIA Mobile Ad Favorability 35 SOUTH AFRICA 25 BRAZIL CHINA MEXICO ITALY UK TURKEY 15 GERMANY FRANCE SPAIN US CANADA 5 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Having a mobile device makes me more efficient16 Sample: smartphone users
  17. 17. Beyond news feed posts, there is little variation in attitudes towards other mobile ad formats SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS FEED POSTS (35%) MOBILE SEARCH ADS (25%) AUGMENTED REALITY (24%) MOBILE DISPLAY ADS (23%) SMS TEXT (23%) VIDEO ADS (22%) IN-APP ADS (21%) MUSIC PLAYER ADS (20%) VERY/ SOMEWHAT FAVORABLE, % For brands with a large number of fans or followers, social media news feeds may represent the easiest way to engage with mobile consumers.17 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users; global average
  18. 18. Users have high expectations for mobile 1 2 3 Mobile Mobile Mobile will offer an will be will know exchange of competent who I am tangible value And audiences can be receptive to mobile when it’s done right.18
  19. 19. Mobile ads can be associated with many positive archetypes COMPANION HERO MEDIATOR SERVANT “Offers information in “Offers help when I’m “I can compare prices, “All my ‘questions’ about different ways like a in need” features and brands, the brand/product are solution provider” before deciding on answered directly” what to buy” BUT if it invades clumsily, negative associations can prevail BULLY THIEF REBEL VAMPIRE “I hate it when ads “It steals the little space “Its rebellious, it “It enters your space, as interfere with my online I have on my screen” interrupts me while I if it were going to harm activity, asking me to play or work” your phone” click something that is unclear”19
  20. 20. Brands are welcome when they align to broader mobile benefits USEFUL “I like it when ads connect with the app, as it’s offering you some more information that may be interesting.” [Spain] “The Magnum gold door is very intriguing… makes INTRIGUE me want to know what is inside…‘Crack the code’ seems mysterious and sounds like a game...” [Indonesia] “By offering me this friend request in the famous CONNECT ‘Kakao Talk’ social network, the brand is demonstrating they will keep me regularly updated with brand news.” [Korea]20
  22. 22. Mobile ads generally have more impact on all brand metrics than online ads Percent Impacted (Δ) MOBILE +4.8 Aided Brand +2.1 ONLINE Awareness +17.3 Ad +4.0 Awareness Message +10.0 +2.2 Association Brand +3.8 Favorability +1.3 Purchase +4.3 Intent +1.2 Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms for Online, last 3 years through Q1/2012, N=2,211 campaigns, n=2,804,52522 respondents; Dynamic Logic’s AdIndex for Mobile Norms, data from last 3 years through Q1/2012, N=181 campaigns, n=127,191 respondents.
  23. 23. Beyond brand impact, mobile ad exposure mostly drives consumers to a brand’s website or search Which of the following actions have you taken as a result of seeing a mobile ad? Visited the brand website 33% Searched for the brand 31% Clicked/Interacted with ad 22% Looked for brand in a store 19% Visited a site for similar brand 16% Downloaded brands app 15% Recommended the brand 15% Purchased the brand 14% Searched for more ads 13% Mobile display ads are just one element of a mobile campaign; use display to drive traffic to an optimized website for continued engagement23 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  24. 24. Don’t just rely on mobile display to generate traffic; any media can drive users to a mobile website Which of these could make you visit a brand’s mobile website?Recommendations 31%Brand in Store Online 30%Online Ad 29%Print Ad 29%Brand in Store Offline 28%Event 28%TV Ad 28%Radio Ad 25%Billboard Ad 25%Brand Post in Social 23%24 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  25. 25. Mobile users want content from many categories What types of companies or brands would you most like to see delivering services or features for your mobile devices? Online shopping sites 37% Online Newspapers or magazines 32% retail Local restaurants 32% 37% Banks/Financial services 31% Technology companies 31% Retail stores 27% Newspapers Food products/brands 26% & magazines Hotels 26% 32% Airlines 26% Fashion/Designers 26% Telecommunication companies 25% Sports teams/leagues 24% Local Quick service restaurants 23% Restaurants Drink products/brands 19% 32% Automotive companies 17%25 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  26. 26. PRINCIPLES for a brand’s MOBILE SUCCESS26
  27. 27. RESPECT for the mobile audience and platform will ensure a constructive future Relevance Surprise & Exchange Time & delight place Engagement Play to Competence strengths27
  28. 28. Relevance Mobile content needs to be tailored to both the target audience AND the context where they will most likely experience it. Guerlain, Spain • Full-page cover up ad when consumers launch the mobile site of a Spanish fashion magazine • Appropriate placement and a high-quality ad unit makes this high-impact format permissible • Also polite: easy-to-close28
  29. 29. Engagement Mobile provides opportunities to go deeper when users have moments of downtime. Carling Black Label, South Africa • A unique one-off soccer match where fans could select the players and vote for substitutions in real-time via mobile devices • Event was promoted heavily in traditional media and over 10 million mobile votes were cast • Event generated huge interest • Mobile acted as the primary route to engage – it was the technical glue holding the entire campaign together29
  30. 30. Surprise & delight Put a smile on the face of your consumers with every mobile connection you deliver. Le Trèfle, France • To re-launch this 20-year old brand, new and humorous TV ads presented toilet tissue as a personal care product, and a mobile app “where are the toilets?” was developed • Funny, distinctive and surprising campaign created buzz • The mobile app was humorous but also useful – everyone needs to know where to find toilets now and again • Synergistic effects between TV and mobile30
  31. 31. Play to strengths Mobile can play a unique role in the wider media mix since it is both portable and personal. Renault Twizy, Spain • TV ad for this electric city car encourages users to tag songs with Shazam which links to a sponsored page within the Shazam app • Music is an integral part of the ad; Shazam helps consumers find the song and deepens engagement • Seamless integrated experience • Mobile website content makes more information easily accessible for those who are interested • Use of technology aids innovative brand positioning31
  32. 32. Exchange Users are looking for something of value in return for access to their mobile phones. McDonald’s, Germany & Nigeria • In Germany, coupons are offered when using the McDonalds app; in Nigeria, they are delivered via SMS • Basic, but effective • The German app rewards loyal customers; the app page is not overloaded and the offer is clear • In Nigeria, the simple addition of a brand logo makes the coupon stand out: “Most text ads I see don’t have pictures or brands on them so this is unique”32
  33. 33. Competence More than any other media, mobile marketing needs to be clear, functional and focused. Volkswagen up!, Italy • Mobile banners & website for VW’s new up! car • Simple banner message (price focused) • Simple and clean mobile site design • Good mix of text and graphics • Exhaustive information for each model • Easy-to-use33
  34. 34. Time & place Mobile content needs to be tailored to when and where it is most likely to be consumed. Rolex TED Sponsorship, Global • A feature within the TED app: users select how much time they have on the Rolex watch and then suitable TED videos are recommended • The feature serves a clear purpose within the app • Obvious connection with the brand • It is interactive and playful • Surprises positively, updating Rolex perceptions from “traditional” to more “creative” and “intriguing”34
  36. 36. Start doing something: all kinds of mobile marketing can improve brand opinions if done well When using your mobile phone or tablet, which of the following can improve your opinion of a brand? They send or display deals or coupons 35% They have a good mobile website 34% They offer an app for my mobile device 30% They give me access to free tools (like organizers, calendars, 29% shopping lists, reminders) Their mobile website makes it easy to download their app 29% They send the latest breaking product news 26% They send or display information tailored to my interests (like recipes 25% or sports scores) Their website works well on my iPhone/iPad, no Flash content 23% They send or display information specific to my geographical 21% location (like locations of stores, promotions) They let me do something entertaining like play a branded game or 20% listen to a free song They send me Facebook/ Twitter posts with links that work on my 20% mobile device36 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  37. 37. What makes a good mobile website? Loads quickly 64% Speed & display Displays clearly on my mobile device 53% Easy to find via mobile search 47% Easier to use than the brands 32% regular desktop website Different features to the brands 25% Unique to screen regular desktop website Looks better than the brands regular 24% desktop website More fun than the brands regular 21% desktop website Includes location based features 23% Targeted37 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  38. 38. Mobile websites should be fast and functional What makes a good mobile website? do: don’t: make it fast feel compelled to outdo your online website make it clean forget mobile users are goal directed make it easy to use value entertainment over competence Simple is safest until network speeds improve38
  39. 39. What makes a good app? Free to download 59% Quick to download 54% Easy to acquire Easy to find in app store 32% Easy to find on brands website 31% Doesnt crash 47% Competent Works for all software versions 38% Doesnt bug me for a rating too often 35% Clearly explains updates 36% Clear Clear and comprehensive description in 32% app store Easier to use than desktop website 27% Different features than desktop website 23% Not too complex Includes location based features 19% More fun than desktop website 19% Looks better than desktop website 18%39 Sample: smartphone and/or tablet users, global average
  40. 40. Make apps easy to acquire and easy to use What makes a good mobile app? do: don’t: be free if possible and crash (don’t be too resource easy to find intensive) clearly explain what you offer, build one unless it will be used and what you’ve updated regularly focus on ease of use feel compelled to make it too complex deliver something of value bite off more devices than you can chew (better no app than a poor app)40
  41. 41. Huge variation in effectiveness between best and worst performing mobile display ads Percent Impacted: Delta (Δ) Mobile Best Performers Overall Mobile Performers Mobile Worst Performers +41.9 +26.4 +17.3 +17.0 +16.3 +14.3 +10.1 +4.8 +3.8 +4.3 -4.3 -0.5 -1.3 -5.2 -5.7 Aided Brand Mobile Ad Message Brand Purchase Awareness Awareness Association Favorability Intent Source: Dynamic Logic’s AdIndex for Mobile Norms, data from last 3 years through Q1/201241 Overall Mobile N=181 campaigns, n=127,191 respondents. Delta (Δ)=Exposed-Control
  42. 42. Mobile display ads need clear branding, communication and call-to-action What makes a good mobile display ad? do: don’t: clearly brand your creative show your brand only on a product shot make sure you have a clutter your ads with too much clear call-to-action text or too many logos make the ads interactive repurpose online creative only to and engaging leave it cropped target as tightly as use intrusive formats unless possible context is highly relevant42
  43. 43. More detailed AdReaction findings For further information on the Global AdReaction study please contact: Delyth Hughes +44 (0) 1926 826 247 or If you are interested in more detailed country-level findings, please contact your local Millward Brown Office via Customized analysis reports are also available. FURTHER READING • TNS Mobile Life: • Google Mobile Planet: • Google Mobile Playbook: • Mobile Marketing Association case studies: • More mobile examples:
  44. 44. AdReaction is part of Millward Brown’s Changing Channels campaign, a series of published insights helping marketers navigate the changing media landscape and explore new opportunities to connect with consumers. VISIT WWW.MILLWARDBROWN.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. VISIT WWW.MILLWARDBROWN.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.44