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Millward Brown Saudi Arabia - Get Your Advertising Right


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Millward Brown Saudi Arabia - Get Your Advertising Right

  1. 1. GET YOUR ADVERTISING RIGHT and your brand grows
  2. 2. Challenge for advertisers: maximize advertising ROI, drive sales and build brand equity. It costs the same to launch an effective campaign as an ineffective one. The challenge for advertisers and for advertisers to maximize brand ROI in limited to advertisingowners is timemaximize with limited ROI advertisingbudget. in limited time with limited budget.
  3. 3. World class work starts with great creative idea To get from good to great, start early in the process
  4. 4. Communications have three broad stages of development
  5. 5. Our solutions and the creative development process MESSAGE IDEA EXECUTION
  6. 6. Link was developed from observing advertising effects Link measures developed to predict the effects seen in tracking ADVERTISING AIRED Captured effects via tracking Link validated against sales and refined
  7. 7. Millward Brown have now conducted over 100,000 Link™ Tests No of tests Link for TV 100,011 Link for Kids 1460 Link for Print 4252 Link for Outdoor 394 Link for Radio 348 Link360 488 Link for Storyboard 729 IDeA Assessment 16 TOTAL Link *as of May 2013 107,698
  8. 8. Number of Adult Link ™ for TV Tests Conducted in Middle East and North Africa No of tests MENA – TOTAL Saudi Arabia Egypt Levant United Arab Emirates Morocco Iran Tunisia *as of May 2013 1672 993 365 160 70 68 8 8
  9. 9. Principles of Successful Advertising
  10. 10. Neuroscience has helped us understand how we notice and remember ads Advertising has to compete with everything else in the environment to get into the ‘mental workspace’
  11. 11. There are several opportunities for advertising to work When people… …see the ad …are deciding what to check out …are experiencing the product Immediate Challenge Interest Status Enhancement • The key to the advertising is its immediate relevance, not just its creative content • Conscious decision to act • The key to the advertising is to establish interesting associations about brand • Triggers curiosity at a later date • The key to the advertising is to establish interesting associations about brand • Advertising memories affect brand experience
  12. 12. Thought starters for engagement Strong engagement comes from ads with at least one of: PERSONAL RELEVANCE EMOTIONAL RESONANCE DISTINCTIVENESS
  13. 13. But does an entire ad engage? 30 Second TV Ad Recall 5% of ad creates 45% of recall
  14. 14. It is critical that these engaging “moments” be linked to the brand and the message... Linked to the MESSAGE Linked to the BRAND Engaging Moments
  15. 15. Branding is challenging Our tracking research indicates that only one-third of target viewers who are aware of an execution can link it to the brand… 32 % Brand Correct Identification … the remaining two-thirds either don't know what the ad was promoting, or misattribute it to a competitor.
  16. 16. Learning says that brand linkage is not related to the time at which the brand appears in an ad No correlation between top box branding score and the first appearance of the brand in commercial A: You couldn’t help but remember the commercial was for (brand) Top box branding score (%) % 50 0 0 10 20 Length of time before first appearance of brand (seconds) 30 40
  17. 17. And there is also no relationship between how often the brand appears in the ad and the resulting brand linkage A: You couldn’t help but remember the commercial was for brand 80 60 40 20 10 0 No Continuously During Certain Parts Only Frequency of Brand Appearance At End Only
  18. 18. The quality of brand integration Ads can integrate a brand in different ways: 1. Presence of brand at key points of interest Soft 2. Active role for brand within story 3. Use of overt brand cues in story link with brand 4. Use of brand itself as the story Hard
  19. 19. Brand cues established through consistent use, over time and across multiple ads helps branding Distinct styles or visuals Ferrero Rocher, iPhone, Airlines or Telecom Music or sound Slogans or Taglines Brand in Saudi (1) ‫ﺑﺻﺣﺔ ﻭ ﻋﺎﻓﻳﺔ‬ Afia Brand in Saudi (2) ‫ﺗﻧﻣﻭ ﻣﻌﻪ ﺍﻷﺟﻳﺎﻝ‬ Nido Brand icons or spokespeople, including celebrities Yasser Qahtani, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi
  20. 20. Our experience shows, ads that communicate well are able to express the key idea single mindedly and effectively Generally, having fewer messages will aid communication delivery Ads trying to convey... 1 message 2 messages 3 messages 42 20 15 19 7 8 % registering each message Message 1 Message 2 Message 3
  21. 21. Getting the message across does not mean we have to always 'tell' consumers 83 % Of all information people receive is visual Millward Brown BrandSense 2003
  22. 22. Lack of understanding the storyline can detract from overall ad performance  Persuasion   Branding UNDERSTANDING Involvement in the ad   Communication of messages  Enjoyment
  23. 23. What makes a message motivating? New News Is it a new angle on the brand, or new for the market? (And is this the right thing to do anyway?) Relevant Tapping into a consumer need/want Differentiated Are you leading the way or just following other brands? Credible Not necessarily about deception -reflects the ‘fit’ with the brand
  24. 24. Persuasiveness is about having a compelling message about the brand % of ads tested that are above average on persuasiveness Number of criteria ad satisfies 0 9 1 12 2 33 53 84 New, relevant, credible & different 3 4
  25. 25. For optimum effectiveness MAKE IT MEMORABLE, MAKE A ROLE FOR THE BRAND 25
  26. 26. Say what needs to be said ONE MESSAGE IS BEST FOCUS 26 DELIVER
  27. 27. Persuasion comes from DIFFERENTIATING, RELEVANT, CREDIBLE NEWS 27
  28. 28. Which ads work well in Saudi Arabia? EXPLORING ADVERTISING THEMES USING IDEABLOG
  29. 29. MENA Consumers Relationship With Ads • Consumers in the region currently look upon advertising primarily as being informative: - About the product/ product demo - Spontaneous focus is usually on the functional benefits of the product they can identify • However, the market is moving to ads playing in the emotional space - Encouraging identification with a lifestyle or image that the brand owns • In such a scenario, the differentiator across ads therefore becomes the entertainment value offered by the ads through different elements. • And ads which offer these aspects appear to engage consumers more than purely imagery ads. 29
  30. 30. What drives Persuasion in KSA Global KSA Brand Appeal 0.75 0.78 Relevance 0.65 0.46 New news 0.59 0.16 Credibility 0.53 0.68 Brand Difference 0.58 0.73 Enjoyment 0.43 0.56 Understanding 0.40 0.52 Branding 0.34 0.71 A bigger role for emotional story line, easy to understand story and role of brand for driving persuasion in KSA High correlation with Persuasion Avg/Low correlation with Persuasion
  31. 31. Ideablog® at play… • Discussion and conversational platform • Accessible via their mobile: Idea blog Mobile App 31
  32. 32. A New Interaction Style With Consumers - A New Perspective to Ad Evaluation BREAKING SOCIAL CODES EVOLVED DECONSTRUCTION OF ADVERTISING Safe Environment Processing of Ads • Freedom of expression • No cultural barriers • Personalised conversational style 32 • We enter their spirit, we play by their rules, we co-create. • Focus given to entertainment factor and engagement.
  33. 33. Having looked at the top ads in Saudi, we explored 4 executional themes… Humour Music 33 Celebrity Slice Of Life
  34. 34. Humour
  35. 35. The type of humour Saudis enjoy… • Ad relevancy results form humor based around a specific cultural nuance, using dialect specific humor, and country specific situations Saudi Community: Sharing Self Deprecating vidoes on Saudi made by Saudi Omar Hussein in 3al6ayer (As it goes)- A satirical Saudi program on internet 1,141,974 viewes, 182,548 followes and 14, subcribers • There is an evident attraction to a more satirical, self-deprecating humor, and use of play of words. 380,000 Twitter followers. Every video has approximately 400,000 views 35 • Challenging conformity in humor is happening the region. • Humor is perceived as a way that help people cope with harsh reality and therefore needs to ultimately trigger positive emotions.
  36. 36. Some examples they have shared with us… Snickers Ad click here to view ad • • • Relevant situation Smart analogy, play of words Positive impact on protagonists MTV Arabia Ad click here to view ad Funny, Relevant, SelfDeprecation of Saudi youth behavior Mobily Ad click here to view ad Funny yet the protagonist is not in a flattering situation
  37. 37. Celebrity
  38. 38. Expectations from Celebrities Local Celebrity Brand values need to fit with the Celebrity reputation are likely to drive persuasion and credibility 38 Fit with Brand Local celebrities resonate more and drive engagement Accessibility Presence in social media, taking part in socially responsible activities
  39. 39. Locally acclaimed Celebrities generate a stronger emotional connection Yasser Al Qahtani  Saudi  Respected in football world  Credible in the ad (Gillette) Tuba Buyukustun  Turkish actress  Pantene commercials Cristiano Ronaldo  Respected football player - He is everywhere (“no credibility in that” – KFC ad) 39 Hend Sabry  Tunisian actress  Followed in TV series - Not relevant to brand (“her hair is different than ours”)
  40. 40. Music
  41. 41. Music is About Modern Pop Arabic Music • In the region, the new trend is Fusion. Mixing Arabic tunes with more Western types of music. We love Arabic beats, modern ones! It attracts the attention to the ad and makes it more pleasant to watch • Music should be selected keeping in mind tastes of the two audiences. • National popular music should be considered. Saudis accept more regional tunes Qusai Kheder Arab Pop style is what we love! Beats that we love and words that we can relate to!
  42. 42. Slice Of Life
  43. 43. Slice of Life Directly Impacts Engagement Helps the Brand build Engagement through relevance of the story Relevance • Culturally and socially rooted situations • Creates identification and increase sense of national pride Brand Fit • The brand needs to fit to the situation depicted • Brand has to play an active role Motivations • A more simple, matter of fact style of acting. • Positive emotions are key drivers, situations showcasing negative emotions do not work well ENGAGEMENT 43
  44. 44. Engagement is more about the story and not just the message Evolve with Your consumer Give your brand a face which they identify to Give your brand a local feel 44
  45. 45. Link – the way to great ads
  46. 46. Outline of how the interview works in a typical Link Recruit target audience Respondents are recruited online – 150 respondents Warm up A Link survey averages Asked warm-up questions about advertising Exposed to Test Ad twice Facial responses recorded via webcam while watching the test ad in length Full interview Self-completed questionnaire Overall timelines: 2 – 3 weeks (from ad to report)
  47. 47. LinkExpress™ fast for decision making on television commercials 47
  48. 48. LinkExpress™ covers the same 3 areas we know that drive successful advertising ENGAGEMENT BRAND ASSOCIATIONS Does the ad connect with people? And does the brand have a role in the connection? Does the ad affect brand associations in the right way? BRAND PREDISPOSITION Does the ad make the brand more desirable at key decision moments?
  49. 49. LinkExpress™ speed is driven in part by mobile technology and ease of use In Middle East & Africa, we are proud to be leading the world in implementing faster ways to test creatives via mobile technology. - Recruit - Watch - Answer
  50. 50. LinkExpress™ – Using Panel Panel Respondents complete survey We receive the responses all in real time CS logs onto portal to view responses… 50 Respondent routed back to Panel for quality checks and incentive GLOBAL DASHBOARD 3 – 5 days field time
  51. 51. Results delivered via intuitive, clear INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD
  52. 52. Results delivered via intuitive, clear INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD
  53. 53. LinkExpress™ Pilot in Saudi
  54. 54. LinkExpress™ pilot in Saudi What we tested…
  55. 55. LinkExpress™ – Quality Control STC Ad LinkExpress Geographical spread 55
  56. 56. LinkExpress™ pilot in Saudi – Few Findings
  57. 57. LinkExpress™ pilot in Saudi – Few Findings
  58. 58. LinkExpress™ pilot in Saudi – Few Findings
  59. 59. LinkExpress™ pilot in Saudi – Few Findings
  60. 60. LinkExpress™ pilot in Saudi – Few Findings
  61. 61. Strong advertising is built on key principles LOGO Pre-testing can help improve creative ROI VALIDATED 61 EVALUATIVE DIAGNOSTIC PREDICTIVE FAST
  62. 62. Link helps raise the advertising game 62
  63. 63. Any Questions? Or for more information please contact: Piotr Chodakowski