Evolution beaks modified worksheet


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Evolution beaks modified worksheet

  1. 1. WORKSHEET:Directions: How are birds adapted for eating different kinds of food? Match the following tools with thebird beaks below. A – Tweezers B – Strainer C- Straw or Eye-dropper D – Scoop E – Nutcracker or Pliers F – Fishnet G – Meathook H.Tongs Whip-poor-will________ Snipe_______________ Food________________ Food________________ Hummingbird_________ Pelican______________ Food________________ Food________________ Warbler______________ Toucan______________ Food________________ Food________________ Grosbeak_____________ Flamingo_____________ Food________________ Food________________Based on its beak, what do you think each bird eats in the wild? Write down your hypothesis next toeach drawing. How will you find out if you are right?