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  1. 1. Chinese is considered as one of the hardest languages to learn primarily to those who speak English, Arabic, Japanese and Korean.Devis
  2. 2. So why learn Chinese? Main reasons to learn Chinese: LearningChinese is a smart business move: It’s a competitive world SpeakingMandarin gives you an edge in doing business China has a greateconomic influence on many Asian countries Chinese is the languageof Nearly 1/5 of the Worlds Population China is one of largest tradingpartners of the United States International businesses prefer to hirepeople who speak more than one language and china has greatopportunities being second largest economy in the world A easy transitin Chinese politics, economy, history or archaeology Sink yourself intotheir culture Know more about their traditions, customs
  3. 3. Be a part of another culture Learning Chinese broadens your outlookand awareness of the casual and cultural Chinese people, places, andmarkets China is blessed with some of the richest lands in the world,and is home to one of the worlds oldest civilizations Chinese is spokenas second language by a vast number of people throughout the world
  4. 4. Trendsetter: Like to initiate things Be one of the firsts to learn Chineselike a hobby or to increase your knowledgebase and understandingDevis Still not sure if you need to learn Chinese? Or don’t have thetime to find a suitable learning center Today, the world runs via internet
  5. 5. and take courses at your convenience Take online Chinese lessonsfrom your home, your office or anywhere at any times suitable to youOnline Chinese lessons are delivered using video conferencing toolssuch as Skype Or signup for conveyed specially to you by an expert in
  6. 6. I, Charls giving you a new modern and advance way to learnChinese online At ChineseSphere com, we help every student keen tolearn Chinese and help them achieve their goals For more informationon learning Chinese online visit our site at
  7. 7. Devis