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  • Mb four modesofdeployment

    1. 1. MAKING INNOVATION HAPPEN FourWays of Deployment
    2. 2. • IN-HOUSE • PARTNER SITES • PUBLIC CHALLENGES • MEGA-TRENDS WHAT DOES MILLIONBRAINS DO? We have four modes of deployment; MillionBrains is a high-end, specialist provider focusing on innovation and talent matching within large organizations
    3. 3. 4. MEGA-TRENDS 1. IN-HOUSE 2. PARTNERS 3. PUBLIC CHALLENGES FOUR MODES OF DEPLOYMENT - Secure SaaS implementation - Specific security procedures - Bulk data import - Bespoke modules & tools - Open/closed/by-invitation - Advanced admin tools - Bespoke API integration - Secure SaaS implementation - Bespoke interface - Open social modules - Content management tools - Basic admin features - Open social network tools - Seeding to communities - Monitoring tools - Open/closed social processes - Content management tools - Grouping/partnering modules - Monitoring/admin tools MillionBrains engages with its clients through a 2-day workshop and can implement a community within 2 weeks
    4. 4. 1. In-House Example:ARLA FOODS - Commissioned by HR - Implemented internally as ArlaBrains - 1000 initial users initially - Stage gate process to qualify ideas - Innovator “Hall of Fame” - Monthly prizes for best ideas - Feeding into Arla Projects pipeline - Supported by the CEO
    5. 5. Summary of activity Discussion Arla Foods uses MB as its customized innovation platform Inspiration Ranking Collaboration Leaderboard Intelligent matching
    6. 6. Latest updates List of Challenges Activity Innovation staff at Arla Food around the globe conduct early stage ideation work in a secure environment Referencing
    7. 7. Latest updates Staff profile Activity Social network functionality that is intuitive, inclusive and easy to use LeaderboardRanking Feedback
    8. 8. 2. Partner Sites Example: IDEASPACE GLOBAL - Part of Global Entrepreneur Week (GEW) - Global event attracting 8m people - Supported by 60 governments world wide - IDEASPACE is a GEW online community - IDEASPACE is a charity based in the UK - IDEASPACE Powered by MillionBrains
    9. 9. Community siteS powered by MillionBrains allowing flexibility and their own “skin” Powered by MillionBrains
    10. 10. Flexible menu Advanced publishing tools to include picture galleries, videos, blogs, feeds e.t.c. Video embed Flexible formatting
    11. 11. Flexible menu and navigation Complete with advanced admin tools to build and manage third party communities Social network functionality Collaborative framework Powerful admin tools
    12. 12. 3. Public Challenges MILLIONBRAINS.ORG - The open MillionBrains community - Prizes for solutions to specific challenges - Collaborative social platform - Brainstorming and idea generation tools - Semantic matching of skills and challenges - Advanced moderator tool kit
    13. 13. Suggested People Community Rating My Activity PERSONAL PROFILE Suggested Groups Comments Quick overview of activity and suggested groups/people
    14. 14. CHALLENGES Add challenge Overview of challenegs Latest comments Simple overview of challenges and latest contributions
    15. 15. Templates to assist clear, effective communication of ideas Intuitive and prescriptive tools to aid clarity of thought and drive innovation culture Ideas
    16. 16. 4. Mega-Trends Example: NewCITIES - Powered by MillionBrains - By invitation only community - Closed - Advanced admin features - Advanced publishing tools
    17. 17. MillionBrains powers several “mega-trend” communities to help solve global challenges Powered by MillionBrains Full editorial flexibility Custom pages for videos, photos etc
    18. 18. Collaboration within a narrowly defined set of relevant challenges, ideas and groups Challenges, Ideas and Groups Intelligent matching Site-wide search Overview of Challenges, Ideas and groups
    19. 19. Advanced admin tools to power the community and maintain a high level of interaction User Stats Community admin tools Site-wide search
    20. 20. Contact us on info@millionbrains.com Contact us for a 2-day workshop or free demo