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  • How to look up job informationDepartment Code. See handout.Location Code – Located in HRIS - DemonstrationJob Code – Located in HRIS - DemonstrationJob TitleSupervisor ID – Located in HRIS - DemonstrationEnd Date
  • Look up Compensation Rates in HRIS (see handout)Job Codes are in Labor Agreements on CityTalk. http://www.minneapolismn.gov/hr/laboragreements/Make sure to put entire compensation rate(To the hundredth $00.000)Job Earning Codes – Finance Staff or you look up incumbent in HRIS.Pay Group – Is always PWP (hourly) or PWE (salaried).Don’t for get to sign the bottom of the form.
  • Please read the directions included with each form thoroughly.
  • Make sure employee signs.
  • Bring Acceptable Documents – We cannot tell employee which documents to bring.Union Cards are NOT acceptable verification for the I-9.
  • Please instruct the employee to use forms of identification from this list. Union cards are NOT acceptable forms of identification.
  • Make copy of front and back of each.Only submit one copy with the hire packet.Do not keep copies of I.D. cards in divisions.
  • New Employee Packet includes important forms and policies. It should be filled out completely and all pages should be signed by employee and supervisor.The examples can be found on-line at CityTalk. Intern New Hire paperwork always comes to Michelle Chavez.Temporary Hires off the bench can be done at a divisional level or with the help of Administration. I-9 and supporting docs ALWAYS go to HR within 24 hours of hire.
  • First you go to the Public Works City Talk Home Page: http://citytalk/publicworks/index.htm
  • Then to the New Hire Information Page.http://citytalk/publicworks/admin/WCMS1P-022444
  • Click on Temporary New Hire Packet -- http://citytalk/wcm1/groups/public/@publicworks/documents/webcontent/wcms1p-088291.pdfImportant – The hiring manager keeps copies of the following pages.Cover Sheet – has detailed instructions.Forms Check off Page – For supervisor.Performance Evaluation Page – For temps to see how they are doing.Separation Page – To separate the employee when they leave.NOTE: Employees who drive need to fill out the license form. Those who drive CDL’s have an additional form. Employees who have another job must fill out Declaration of Outside Employment.
  • All new employees must attend Public Works NEO. Intern Orientations will begin May 14th.Temporary Orientations will begin as needed.Includes important policies and Ethics / Respect in the Workplace.If temps are attending Spring Kick Off / Forum – They only need to attend Ethics and Respect in the Workplace. (Noon to 3pm).
  • Training goes from 8am to 3pm.Employees are paid to attend.Temps who attend spring kick off only need to attend noon to 3pm.
  • Hire presentation final mar13

    1. 1. Public Works Temporary New Hire Training March 15, 2012
    2. 2. Overview of New Hire Form, I-9 and W-4, and Job Change Forms Millicent Flowers
    3. 3. The three most important forms tofill out in the Hire Packet:• Hire Form• I-9• W-4
    4. 4. The Hire Form.You must fill thisform out completelyfor all new,temporaryemployees. If theemployees workedfor the City in thepast, please fill out aREHIRE job changeform.
    5. 5. Fill out every line and box. Add the HireDate. Don’t forget to have the newemployee include their ssn, marital statusand phone numbers. Please indicate TEMP,INTERN or RE-HIRE in the upper right! Inter n
    6. 6. •Please include the expected job end date if employee is temporary. •There is NO position number for temp employees. •Specify YOUR Dept. Code. DO NOT write ‘Water Dept.’ OR ‘Paving’.•Enter the Job Code, and job description.•Please enter hours per week, FICA, Union Code and the classifiedindicator (Classified, Unclassified, Permit or Temporary).
    7. 7. Important!!• Include the Pay Group, Salary Plan, Salary Grade, Step AND Compensation Rate!• Make sure you include the Earnings Distribution Code.
    8. 8. The I-9 form.Federal law requiresevery employer to verifythe identity of everyprospective employee bycompleting the Form I-9.You can get a copy of theHandbook for Employershere:http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/m-274.pdf
    9. 9. *Please read the instructions on the form!*Fill out each space in Section 1. Make sure theemployee writes CLEARLY. This is a federaldocument, and will not be kept in the employeesfile!
    10. 10. In Section 2, use a passport or Driver’s license andsocial security card, or appropriate combination(seethe list on the following slide). Include the issuingauthority, document #, AND the expiration date, ifany.Please DATE the certification section (see highlight)and sign and include the address of the workplace!
    11. 11. This is the list of documents that theemployee may use for identification purposes on the I-9 form.
    12. 12. Don’t fill out section 3.There should be 5 pages of the I-9 form, including theactual form and all directions.
    13. 13. Please include a copy of allidentifying documents. Sincethe social security card anddriver’s license are the mostcommon, include ONE copyof the front and back of eachdocument.
    14. 14. Form W-4.Have the employee fill outthe form completely, anduse the PersonalAllowances Worksheet ifneeded. Make sure theemployee checks thesingle/married box, andenters the allowances online 5. Employee must signand date the bottom.
    15. 15. Questions?
    16. 16. Overview of New Hire Packet and New Employee Orientation Michelle Chavez
    17. 17. Public Works City Talk Page
    18. 18. New Hire Info Page
    19. 19. 2012 Temp Packet
    20. 20. New Employee Orientation
    21. 21. Public Works New Employee Orientation AgendaWelcome and Introductions - 8am to 8:15amCity Structure, Goals and Vision - 8:15am to 8:30amPublic Works Overview – 8:30am -9:00am - Organizational Structure, Public Works Web PagesPayroll Overview - 9:00am to 9:15amNew Hire Paperwork -9:15am to 9:30amBREAK – 9:30am to 9:40amIncident Review Board and Drug and Alcohol Policy – 9:40am to 10:00amEmployee Right to Know Part I - 10:00am to 10:30am• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)• Confined Space• Hazard Communication• Work-Zone Safety and Excavation SafetyEmployee Right to Know Part II – 10:30am to 11:00am• Hazardous Materials• Respiratory Equipment• Fit Testing ProcessBREAK for LUNCH 11am to Noon pmEthics Policy- Noon to 1:30pmBreak - 10Respect in the Workplace Policy – 1:30PM – 3:00pmWrap up and adjournment – 3:00pm
    22. 22. Questions?