Study Item on a Loring Park Conservancy Framework MPRB Meeting 9-21-2011


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Study Item on a Loring Park Conservancy Framework MPRB Meeting 9-21-2011

  1. 1. Posted by http://MillCityTimes.comTO: Innovation and Development CommitteeFROM: Don Siggelkow, Assistant Superintendent for Development ServicesDATE: September 21, 2011SUBJECT: Study Item on a Loring Park Conservancy FrameworkBackgroundThe Board of Commissioners have held three study sessions to discuss the concept of aconservancy at Loring Park. Tupper Thomas, former Director of the Prospect ParkConservancy in Brooklyn, New York has been a valuable resource in the discussions. Inaddition, a work team met and discussed how a conservancy could work in our park system.The work team was comprised of:Anita Tabb – District Four CommissionerBob Fine – City-Wide CommissionerRay Harris – Loring Park Neighborhood ResidentTupper Thomas – Former Executive Director for the Prospect Park AllianceDon Siggelkow – Assistant Superintendent for DevelopmentCecily Hines - Minneapolis Parks Foundation PresidentShortly after the Board held a third study session on the conservancy concept, a public meetingwas hosted by Citizen’s for Loring Park to engage the community in the discussion. Valuableinsights were garnered from that meeting and subsequent meetings with Citizen’s for LoringPark.To progress the discussion on whether a conservancy would be a viable concept for LoringPark, the Board will be presented with an operational framework. The framework is outlinedbelow and is based on the Board study sessions and the community discussions. This stframework will be presented and discussed by the Board at the September 21 InnovationCommittee meeting. The Board will vote on the framework at the October 5th InnovationCommittee Meeting and the October 19th Board Meeting. If approved, the framework will bepresented in a series of public meetings to be held through the winter months. A draftagreement will be presented to the Board at the conclusion of the public meetings based on thecommunity input from the public meeting series.
  2. 2. Posted by Draft Framework for a Park Conservancy Model 9/21/2011 1. The conservancy will undergo an evaluation commencing in the fourth year and a review and decision by the Board in year five on the future of the conservancy. 2. The conservancy role is to enhance the maintenance level of the park, enhance programming in the park and raise funds and make improvements to the park. 3. The parkland remains in control of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. 4. The Conservancy will not make public policy decisions about parkland. 5. The Park Board will retain final authority on all decisions about the park. 6. All Park Board policies on community engagement will be adhered to by a conservancy. 7. The Policing functions in the park will remain with the Park Board. 8. Full time Park Board employees will be retained but managed by conservancy staff. 9. A Conservancy Board will be comprised of representatives from local businesses, the Minneapolis Community Technical Community School, neighborhood organizations, neighborhood institutions, community representatives and downtown business community representatives. The Possible structure of two Boards for the Conservancy will be an executive committee and a community committee. 10. Special events that currently occur in the park will continue to be permitted and managed by the Park Board.Previous Board DiscussionsFebruary 9, 2011 Presentation by Tupper Thomas on the Prospect Park AllianceMarch 16, 2011 Discussion of Conservancy Models in Innovation and Development CommitteeJune 15, 2011 Innovation Committee DiscussionPrepared by: Don Siggelkow, Assistant Superintendent for Development ServicesApproved by: Jayne Miller, Superintendent