Chute Square Park Design


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Chute Square Park Design

  1. 1. Posted by http://MillCityTimes.comChute Square Park is a one-acre park at the gateway to NortheastMinneapolis. It is a place to walk, enjoy a leisurely lunch, or relax and watch thevibrant Northeast scene. The park is the site of the first University of Minnesotabuilding and is home to the Ard Godfrey house, the oldest frame house stillstanding in Minneapolis. The Greek revival-style house was moved to ChuteSquare in 1907 and was extensively restored by the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.Today this neighborhood gem awaits neighborhood contributions to implement aplanned update of park amenities being spearheaded by the newly-formed Friendsof Chute Square Park. The proposed renewal plan will help maintain and improvethe welcoming ambience of the park, ensure nighttime safety and enhanceneighborhood property values.
  2. 2. Posted by http://MillCityTimes.comDesign Solutions• Create welcoming entries at corners by building small • Improve handicap access to the Ard Godfrey house entrance areas through integrated universal design• Improve safety by adding pedestrian-scaled lights along • Create safe walking surfaces for pedestrians by replacing the paths and in the central plaza worn asphalt walks with new charcoal gray colored concrete paths• Create a festive nighttime atmosphere with decorative up-lighting on several park trees • Create a brighter and more attractive environment through a plan that will enhance community health,• Encourage relaxing in the park by adding new and more attractiveness and property values - all proven benefits of sturdy picnic tables that will complement the new benches neighborhood parks.• Brighten up the park by replacing existing benches with brightly colored, elegant and more inviting modelsPark ElementsExisting Conditions Proposed Elements New Picnic Tables There currently are two heavily used picnic tables in the park. Two new square tables will be purchased - one to provide additional seating and handicap access and another to replace one of the old tables. This will bring the total number of tables to three; new tables will be located adjacent to the existing table built in 1940 by the WPAExisting picnic tables are deteriorating. which will remain due to its historic designation. New Pedestrian-scaled Lights There are only three pedestrian-scaled lights around the park and these provide light only around the perimeter rather than within the park. Additional new lights selected to fit with the historic nature of the park will be located around the central plaza and adjacent to each pathway to illuminate the park’s interior, making it safer and moreThere are not enough lights in the park. inviting. New Brightly Colored Benches Currently the benches in the park are old and several are broken. New benches located around the central plaza and paths will add a vibrant updated and more inviting feel. The bright colors will be especially attractive when contrastedExisting benches are worn and broken. with the winter snow. New Up-lighting to Highlight Trees Several park trees will be highlighted with ground level soft reflected energy-efficient lighting to extend the beauty of nature into the nighttime. The improved ambience will enhance the aesthetics of the park by creating an attractive, safe and welcoming ambience. 2 New Entry Plazas and 4 Updated Paths The four corner entrances and paths in the park are uninviting and undistinguished. New entry plazas on the two University Avenue corner entrances will provide welcoming and more accessible gateways to the park. Updated concrete paths to replace the deteriorating asphalt will add to the overall attractiveness of the park. An integrated design will improve handicap access to the ArdExisting pavement is in poor condition. Godfrey house.
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  4. 4. Posted by Friends of Chute Square Park a group of committed neighbors working together to restore and renew the park and inviting you to: Contact Information Friends of Chute Square Park • View the plan at designated neighborhood events c/o Cobalt Condominiums Association • Support the project with your contribution 45 University Avenue SE • Enjoy recognition in the park with a major gift Minneapolis, MN 55414 • Thank the following for their contributions and support. Lou Burdick 612-339-4053 Cuningham Group Architecture, P. A. Duane A. Kell, Architect Minneapolis Park & recreation Board Minneapolis Parks Foundation The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis Scott ParkinFriends of Chute Square Parkc/o Cobalt Condominiums Association PLACE45 University Avenue SE STAMPMinneapolis, MN 55414 HERE Mail to:
  5. 5. Posted by     Friends of Chute Square Park              Renewing Our Neighborhood Gem YES! I/we want to join my neighbors in support of the project to refresh and renew the historic ChuteSquare Park for the benefit of all who enjoy it as wonderful feature of great benefit to our neighborhood. Contributor Information: Name(s): _____________________________________________ Street Address: ________________________________________ City: _____________________ State: _________ Zip: ________ Phone: ___________________ Email: _____________________ ___ I would prefer that this contribution and/or my name be kept confidential. Donation: ___ $5,000 Leader* ___ $2,500 Champion* ___$1,000 Benefactor* ___ $500 Supporter ___ $250 Booster ___ $100 Helper ___ $50 Fan ___ $25 Neighbor ___ Other: $_________ _____ Yes. I’d like to help with this neighborhood project. Give me a call at: _______________ Method of Payment___Check enclosed payable to Foundation for Minneapolis Parks, the fiscal agent for the Chute Square Park project.Please forward with completed form to: Friends of Chute Square Park, c/o Cobalt Condominiums Association, 45University Avenue S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414.___ I prefer to make a pledge for the above amount and understand my gift will be due on December 30, 201l, when Iwill receive a written request for funds from Friends of Chute Square Park___ I’ll use my credit card and donate online at Click on Support Mpls Parks & then BESURE to click the dropdown box to check Donation Designation: Chute Square Park so your donation goes to thisproject. Contributions to Foundation for Minneapolis Parks (Tax ID#20-0715686) are tax deductible. Questions? Contact Friends of Chute Square Park, Lou Burdick at 612.339.4053 or *Contributions at the $1,000+ level are eligible for public recognition in the park. 