Managed Cloud Services for Siebel CRM on Amazon AWS


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Deploying Siebel on Amazon AWS

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Managed Cloud Services for Siebel CRM on Amazon AWS

  1. 1. Managed Cloud ServicesFor Siebel on Amazon AWSEnterprise Beacon,
  2. 2. Amazon AWS Components• EC2 (Elastic Compute 2)– Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable computecapacity in the cloud• RDS (Relational Database Service)– IAAS more specifically Database As A Service– Available database options for Siebel• Oracle• SQL server• VPC– Logically isolated section of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and RDS– EC2 and RDS instances can be launched in a virtual network that is• Private and Public facing Subnets can be created• Multiple layers of security: security groups, network access control list– Hardware appliance based VPN between your corporate datacenter and VPC– Dedicated lines available with select service providers additional can be added
  3. 3. AWS RegionsUS West(NorthernCalifornia)US East(NorthernVirginia)EuropeWest(Dublin)AsiaPacificRegion(Singapore)AsiaPacificRegion(Tokyo)AWS RegionsAWS Edge LocationsGovCloud(US ITAR Region)Each region is again divided in sub-regions thatare isolated from each other from failures
  4. 4. EC2• Various instance sizes and types– From 64mb/2ECU(Elastic Compute Unit) to 115GB/35 ECU/10Giga bitEthernet• Easily change instance size (ECU/Memory) with web console or AWS APIs• Easily backup and restore images (called AMIs)• Provisioned IOPS – tailor storage performance to your need• Only storage charges apply for shutdown instances– $0.125 per GB per month– $0.10 per 1 million I/O requests• All web console task can also be automated• For shutdown instances only storage charges are applied– `
  5. 5. Change the size of a instance in two clicks
  6. 6. AWS pricing model• On-Demand– pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-termcommitments.• Reserved instance– option to make a low, one-time payment for each instance you wantto reserve and in turn receive a significant discount on the hourlycharge for that instance. There are three Reserved Instance types(Light, Medium, and Heavy Utilization Reserved Instances) that enableyou to balance the amount you pay upfront with your effective hourlyprice• Spot instances– allow customers to bid on unused Amazon EC2 capacity and run thoseinstances for as long as their bid exceeds the current Spot Price
  7. 7. RDS• Amazons database as a service for Oracle and SQL Server.• Automatic Backups for user define period• Point in time recovery• Provisioned IOPS currently upto 30000 IOPS for extreme IOperformance• Using the Multi-AZ deployment option you can run missioncritical workloads with high availability and built-inautomated fail-over from your primary database to asynchronously replicated secondary database in case of afailure• DB Event Notifications – Amazon RDS provides Amazon SNSnotifications via email or SMS for your DB Instancedeployments. You can use the AWS Management Console orthe Amazon RDS APIs to subscribe to over 40 different DBevents associated with your Amazon RDS deployments.
  8. 8. VPC• A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to yourAWS account. It is logically isolated from other virtual networks inthe AWS cloud. You can launch your AWS resources, such asAmazon EC2 instances, into your VPC• You can configure your VPC; you can select its IP address range,create subnets, and configure route tables, network gateways, andsecurity settings.• A subnet is a range of IP addresses in your VPC.• To protect the AWS resources in each subnet, you can use multiplelayers of security, including security groups and network accesscontrol lists (ACL).• Direct connect establishes private connectivity between AWS andyour datacenter, office, or collocation environment.– Service providers not on AWS list can be added but they have to besetup and cost will have to be determined
  9. 9. Client pain points• Unpredictable capacity demand for capacity for differentcomponents• Fixed capacity vs dynamic loads• Need multiple environments often for short term(days/weeks) e.g conversion, training, integration, break fix• Long lead times to acquire and provision• Need disaster recovery across geographies• Require robust scalable infrastructure with Managed Services• Large Capital Expenditure
  10. 10. Benefits of AWS for Siebel• No upfront Pay as You Go (Monthly billing)• Ease the demand on your data center and leverage AWS infinite capacity• Scale your infrastructure based on demand e.g add servers/componentsbased on number of users, number of active product configurationsession etc• Quickly provision low cost temporary (hours/weeks) instance fortraining, testing, integration or conversion• Amazons reliability and practically infinite ability to scale• No lock in, the infrastructure could be moved on premise or to anothercloud at any time• Oracle RDS BYOL (Bring Your Own License)• Implement Robust disaster recovery, scalability and fault tolerance• Easily upgrade/migrate and enable Siebel on Cloud scale• AWS has constantly added features while dropping prices and some of thelargest Enterprises (corporate and government) rely on AWS
  11. 11. $0.10 per• AWS VPC will be a isolated sectionon Amazon AWS that will only beaccessible through a VPN connection• AWS VPC will be a logical extensionof Clients data center• Siebel instances on AWS will bemade accessible only on clientsnetwork• Routing tables and access rulescan be setup as required• The VPN can be setup over dedicatedline• Clients F5 will be used for loadbalancing web servers• For dedicated connection there will beadditional setup and costs• Proper analysis is required to decide thephysical architecture of the VPC• All instances are assumed to be Windows• Final architecture will vary based ondetailed requirementsSample Architecture
  12. 12. Instance Sizes Details• Double Extra LargeInstance Type Details CommentsM1 Medium 3.75gb/2 ECU EC2M1 Large 7.5 gb/4 ECU EC2High Memory Extra Large 17.1Gg/6.5 ECU RDS
  13. 13. Solution Highlights• AWS offers Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux andOracle Enterprise Linux as platform Options forSiebel• AWS can be setup as a extension of your corporatedata center using secure VPC• Database can be setup as HA using mutli AZ option• Any failed instances can be quickly replaced usinghot or cold backups• Stand by instances (only storage cost for instance willbe incurred when not running) that can be added tothe Siebel enterprise automatically by EnterpriseBeacon “Cloud Management Framework”
  14. 14. Enterprise Beacon• Founded 2008 by ex Siebel/Oracle employees• Operations in Los Angeles and Mumbai• Oracle Gold Partner and Amazon Consulting partner• Deep Siebel expertise from infrastructure, Campaign management,Prospect to Cash• Deep understanding of Siebel and AWS infrastructure• Experience automating Siebel on AWS using AWS APIs• Only company to have implemented Siebel Test Drive with EC2 and RDSusing APIs to automate monitoring and termination• Inventors of Object Hive the only Object Based version control toolwhich is also Exaready certified by Oracle.•
  15. 15. Enterprise Beacons 5E RoadmapEngageExploreExpoundExpandEvolvePilotReplicateProdTransitionAdvancedServicesMaturity
  16. 16. Engage“to participate”• Define Identity and Access management solution (joint session EnterpriseBeacon, Amazon AWS and Client security)• Create Virtual Private Network between Clients data center and AWS• Determine Subnet configuration for pilot• Create base AMIs for Siebel Web Server, App Server and Gateway• Create proposed instances from AMIs (non clustered gateway)• Migrate Client Db to RDS• Functional test of key functions of current application
  17. 17. Explore“to investigate”• Create stand by instances from AMIs• Cluster gateway• Load test different scenarios e.g (# users, # EAI users, #transactions)• Full regression testing• True up infrastructure for anticipated load• Test HA fail over (Cluster and RDS)• Configure basic monitoring and alerts scripts (App server,Web server and db)• Define end User support, Developer support, Escalationsupport, Backup, Backup retention processes• Define regular and non-regular release process
  18. 18. Expound“to set forth”• Name support team• Reserve required instances• Implement preliminary monitoring• Go Live - Cutover to AWS• Implement:– User support– Developer support– Manual Scaling up and down– Release management– Escalations– Backup– Security checks– Basic monitoring– Simple Auto Scaling
  19. 19. Expand“to increase the extent, number, volume or scope”• Enterprise Beacon CMF (Cloud Management Framework)• Monitoring of all layers• Auto scaling of App Servers• Backups and purges (if any)• Migrate additional environments (dev, test, break fix etc) toAWS• Provide additional Siebel environments as needed for varioustesting, development and training exercises• Implement Object Hive for Siebel version control• Setup Disaster Recovery and conduct DR drills• Review problems and Adapt
  20. 20. Evolve“to come forth gradually into being”• True up infrastructure based on gaps in loadvs sizing• Improve Automation and provide GUI forautomation framework
  21. 21. Support Model• Support will be primarily offered out of US and India• One release every quarter additional release will be charged extra• Weekly and monthly operational reports• Additionally 3 production size environments provisioning anddecommissioning• Unlimited dev, test (non production size) provisioningdecommissioning upon one weeks notice.• Unlimited number of disaster recovery incidents• Bi-Annual disaster recovery drill• Onsite engagements can be dealt on a case to case basis• Does not include any development work• AWS architects will be required occasionally
  22. 22. Try it now! Register on our site2) Launch a test drive3) Connect using Remote Desktop Client4) Try Siebel on AWS for free for 30 days
  23. 23. Initial Contact• We will evaluate if AWS is right for your Siebelenterprise• We will provide a road map based on the needs ofyour Enterprise• Provide estimated operating costs for yourenvironments based on your current