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Webinar on google essentials


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Aarrrmor Digital did a very important Webinar on 1st August 

Sharing the recorded version of it here.

We cover essentials for FREE Google tools and how to use them to get access to free data on your users and increase visibility of your business

It's helpful for: Freelancers, Solo-preneurs, Artists, Startup Founders, Enthusiastic students

What we cover:

- How to set up Google Analytics (GA)
- Understanding of key metrics / kpis within GA
- How to track a landing page or specific button within GA
- How to set up a Business Ad Account
- Basics of using the Keyword Planner / Research tool
- How to set up a Google Search Console (GSC)
- Understanding key metrics within GSC
- Doubts (live)

Email me on if you've any questions or you have more topics to conduct webinar on

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Webinar on google essentials

  1. 1. Webinar on Google Essentials By Mili Mishra, Agency Head, Aarrrmor Digital
  2. 2. Why are we doing this? Free & Easy Tools Data about Website FREE Google Analytics FREE Google Search Console FREE Google My Business FREE Google Ads How Google sees your website Where do visitors come from and what they do What do you need to improve!
  3. 3. How to go about it Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Ads
  4. 4. Login with your Google account
  5. 5. Google Analytics - Go to Admin (bottom left of screen) - Create Account - Give website or mobile app details - You get tracking ID - Under Property, Go to Tracking Info - Copy & Paste code into HEAD section of you website - For Wordpress Users - Use Plugin GA Google Analytics
  6. 6. Google Search Console - Add Property - Select Property Type - Domain (For most of you) or URL Prefix - Verify Property - Choose from verification methods - TIP: Do this after Google Analytics code is present, makes it easier to verify - After verification, data starts coming up in 2-5 days
  7. 7. Google Ads (not Adsense) - What’s your goal? (Call, Visits, Sales) - Business Details - Ad Details - Billing Details
  8. 8. Next Session QnA session in 5 minutes, stay tuned. (Check your email) More Resources, References and Guide in a post coming soon. Email doubts and feedback on webinar at