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Planning your 2020 Digital Marketing Budget

Q4 2019 approaches, which means it’s time to start thinking about your 2020 budget. This slide presentation is from a Milestone Inc. webinar discussion about the trends impacting the hotel industry in 2020 and the technologies and strategies that will be critical for digital marketing success in the coming year. Use this as a starting point to build your digital marketing plan for next year.

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Planning your 2020 Digital Marketing Budget

  1. 1. we put you in front of your customer PLANNINGYOUR2020DIGITAL MARKETINGBUDGET | @milestonemktg M I L E S T O N E W E B I N A R
  2. 2. | @milestonemktg TODAY’SPRESENTERS Jake Brennan Moderator Holly Zoba Owner Influencer Sales Tammie Carlisle Head of Hospitality
  3. 3. | @milestonemktg MILESTONE–BESTOFDIGITALAGENCYANDSOFTWAREPROVIDER W E D R I V E O N L I N E R E V E N U E A N D L E A D S F O R L O C AT I O N - B A S E D B U S I N E S S Hospitality | Restaurants | Retail | Finance | Automotive | Healthcare Silicon Valley ● Chicago ● D.C. | 2,000+ customers | 500+ Awards Full Service Digital AgencyThe Presence Cloud Software for digital marketers Platform independent services CMS Local Reviews Insights Analytics Design Content SEO & local Paid Marketing Social content marketing Analytics & consulting Schema Voice
  5. 5. | @milestonemktg POLLQUESTION At the property level, who owns your marketing budget?
  6. 6. Holly Zoba Owner Influencer Sales PLANNING FOR 2020
  7. 7. • 15 years in hotel sales and marketing • Web development • Training for Signature • Full Stack Web Developer • Past Chair of HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board • Co-Author – Certified Hotel Digital Marketer Presentedby Holly Zoba
  8. 8. The Big Picture Source: Tourism Economics Total United States: Key Performance Indicator Outlook (% Change vs. Prior Year) 2019F – 2020F
  9. 9. Aligning Sales and Ecommerce FOR A MORE PROFITABLE 2020
  10. 10. Awareness Interest Decision Action Hot Leads Opportunities Proposals/Quotes New Customers MARKETINGSALES Traditional Funnels
  11. 11. Distributionof Buying Groups’Time by Key Buying Activities 17% 16% 27% Other Meeting with potential suppliers 16% Researching Independently Offline 22% Researching Independently Online Meeting With Buying Group Source: Gartner
  12. 12. Our Buyer’s New Path To Purchase – Program Overview Share Relevant Content Be Fabulous, First and Fearless Be Compelling, Clear and Confident Create Awareness Inform and Delight Create Advocates Our Buyer Our Strategy Sales Marketing
  13. 13. A ShiftinRanking Signals 2018 Inbound Anchor Text Link Quality Brand Authority User/Usage Signals Keyword Matching Intent Matching Content Structure Comprehensiveness Content Accuracy 2019 Intent Matching Brand Authority Link Quantity User/Usage Signals Comprehensiveness Content Structure Inbound Anchor Text Content Accuracy Keyword Matching Source: SparkToro
  14. 14. HowtoBegintoIntegrateMarketing/eCommerce&Sales Common Goals Buyer Personas Perfect starting point – Define your audiences Hope and Pray Might work Both departments should share several common KPIs
  15. 15. Marketing KPIs Some Common Key Performance Indicators Sales KPIs Website traffic lead ratio Keyword Performance # of Activities % New Visits Closed Sales Conversions Average Price Paid Sales Activity Efficiency RatioTime on Page Social Engagement Email Open Rates Frequency/Referrals
  16. 16. What is he or she in charge of? Expected to manage? ROLE How are they measured? What does success look like for them? Goals Driver – what would make them leave? Inhibitor – what makes them stay? CHANGE External – what outside factors might cause problems? Internal – within their organization, what might cause trouble? Challenges Where do they go to learn? Where do they find new information? Information Buyer Persona – B2B: How to Build Your Own
  17. 17. Age Marital Status Profession Lifestyle/Social Status Background Demo Income Financial Type – Thrifty, etc. Finances What do they spend their time worrying about? Worries What do they want at this stage of their life? What do they want in their future? Hopes & Dreams Where do they go to learn and get advice? Influencers Buyer Persona – B2C: How to Build Your Own
  18. 18. Segment Role Goals Challenges Change Driver Change Inhibitor Information Medical Professor of Anesthesia – in charge of continuing education To ensures that the attendees leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of the latest advances, risk mitigation strategies and anesthesiology guidelines, but also with specific recommendations to incorporate these updates into practice. Travel rates going up making it difficult at times for her attendees to afford to travel to Boston for the course -Other courses with similar material taking place over the same time frame -Attendees preferring online courses Service challenges -Preferred dates not available -New Course Director -Course outgrows space Long term partnership and loyalty -Concessions -Service CME Courses, social medical, medical conferences... Education 3rd party meeting planner - Sources all their meetings. From RFP Stage to contract signing stage She is measured by her contracting skills. What is the best rate she can get for the organization and lowering the risk. Turn around time for her internal clients and being available for questions. Cities that had pass laws that does not allow multi gender bathrooms. This has created some issues for the association to book into certain states. CCSSO is not loyal to any brand. They look for the best rates and the space they need. Sometimes the RFP is out of space/room ratio or their pattern is during mid-week. Time saving The best deal upfront you can offer is the best. Holly does not have time to go back and fourth. They gather their information from government and from data collected from their attendees Corporate entertainment Provide talent for conferences Show talent, attendees and revenue Staffing, calendar changes such a show in a city gets canceled or added price, contract changes familiar team, ease of contract, vip treatment media and networks, competitor shows Buyer Persona Matrix
  19. 19. To learn more about how and why to create buyer personas More Information
  20. 20. | @milestonemktg POLLQUESTION What are your biggest worries for 2020?
  21. 21. Tammie Carlisle Head of Hospitality STRATEGY PLANNING
  22. 22. | @milestonemktg YOURBUSINESSGOALS Be specific about your goals DECREASE3rd PARTY REVENUE Reduce referral partner revenue from 40%+ to 20% INCREASEPRODUCT VISIBILITY Promote specials, packages around events BOOSTWEDDING BUSINESS Need period for weddings business
  24. 24. | @milestonemktg ISITTIMEFORANEWWEBSITE?
  25. 25. | @milestonemktg EXPERIENTIALDESTINATIONCONTENTINSPIRESENGAGEMENT 67% of travelers will book with a hotel that provides relevant destination content.
  26. 26. | @milestonemktg SCHEMA: WHATCONNECTSVOICETOYOURSITE The data-driven web ~90% of your content is tagged with schemas to make your site easy to find in search engines and Siri, Alexa and Google Home Support for 120+ schema tags Address Location Restaurant Shopping Reviews Things to do Events Images Specials Videos Rooms Breadcrumbs Support for 120+ schemas
  27. 27. | @milestonemktg of smart speaker owners search for deals, promotions & discounts of smart speaker users are searching for business information 52% 39% Americans own a smart speaker58M (TechCrunch, 2018) VOICESEARCHCAN’T “SHOW”SEARCHRESULTS
  28. 28. | @milestonemktg FAQSFORVOICESEARCH FAQs wrapped in schemas
  30. 30. | @milestonemktg KEYMOBILETECHNOLOGIESFOR2020 SPEED MOBILE-FIRST AMP PWA Over 50% of all searches are done on a mobile device
  31. 31. | @milestonemktg SPEEDIMPACTSSEARCHVISIBILITY&USEREXPERIENCE 50%+ of consumers leave a mobile site after 3 seconds if it does not load
  33. 33. | @milestonemktg PWA:AFASTER,BETTERMOBILEEXPERIENCE 1 Reliable Launched from the user’s home screen – just like an APP, with off-line access 2 Fast Because content is cached on the consumer device, PWA sites provide a blazingly fast experience 3 Engaging Send notifications and provide an immersive full- screen experience 53% Increase in Conversions $55K Revenue 5 Months Progressive Web App Case Study 200+ downloads within 48 hoursMetrics are from Dec 2017 – May 2018
  34. 34. | @milestonemktg ACCELERATEDMOBILE PAGES(AMP) @MILESTONEMKTG AMP pages load faster leading to higher mobile visibility, conversion and engagement Mobile visits +59% Visits (30 days pre-post) +34% Impressions (30 days pre-post) +54% Milestone AMP results (from 12 sites launched) Speed 10x higher Engagement 20x higher Milestone is Google’s case study for travel
  36. 36. | @milestonemktg SEARCHINDUSTRYTRENDS2019 Q2 2019 overall organic searched dropped by 6% Q2 2019 Google, Yahoo & Bing overall vs. mobile searches
  37. 37. | @milestonemktg MAPMESSAGINGTOTHECUSTOMERJOURNEY All channels, all devices Pay-per-click advertising Programmatic display advertising Personalized email marketing Social media advertising Local search & SEO Persona-driven website Meta-search advertising
  38. 38. | @milestonemktg YOURSEOSTRATEGY Googlewantstofindoutabout “things”notkeywords Entitybuildingandschema markupmattermorethanwhat keywordsyouputonyourwebsite Yourwebsiteneedstoloadin under2secondsflat Your site must be secure (https) Optimize for Voice
  39. 39. | @milestonemktg Local search on mobile is growing faster than mobile search overall — 50% year over year. -- Google, May 2018
  40. 40. | @milestonemktg BUILDPROMINENCEINLOCALSEARCHCHANNELS Ensure correct and enhanced information on all the channels on an ongoing basis
  41. 41. | @milestonemktg USEPERSONALIZATIONDATATO DRIVEDIGITALADVERTISING Website Behavior Purchasing Behavior Demographic Data Segmented advertising Customer Intent Additional customer data leads to better targeting options Also leads to more relevant Ads Personalization and segmentation leads to higher conversion and ROI
  42. 42. | @milestonemktg SEGMENTINGADVERTISINGAUDIENCEFORPRECISETARGETING New customers Reach users similar to your customers and your competitors’ customers Email Lists, Website Visitors, Subscribers, Loyalty Member, Purchasers Your customer data Data from Display platforms, AdWords, Facebook, Instagram Segment & map customers to buying funnel across all channels: Online purchase history Offline purchase history Website behavior Social interactions Psychographic attributes Current customers Target customers you already know @MILESTONEMKTG
  43. 43. | @milestonemktg MAPGOALSTOMEDIAMIX Awareness Consideration Engagement Conversion Display In-market search Branded search Meta search Social Remarketing 25% 45%15%15% 55% 10%15%20%NEW HOTEL GUEST ACQUISITION DRIVE DIRECT REVENUE MAXIMIZE ROI Goal Remarketing
  44. 44. | @milestonemktg DIGITALAUDITANDCOMPETITIVEINSIGHTS Digital audit and comparison to industry benchmarks and trends Keyword and SEO insights Competitive insights
  45. 45. | @milestonemktg ANALYTICSANDREPORTING Save time in excel report preparation Integrated view of marketing Multi-property report Faster decisions
  46. 46. | @milestonemktg MILESTONE’SDIGITALPRESENCEMATURITYMODEL SOFTWARE TACTICS Content management system Local SEO with suppression Easy to use CMS Social marketing Review management Basic reports Schema-friendly Platform Competitive intelligence Digital marketing analytics Predictive analytics FAQ management Voice-publishing Website, HTTPS Technical SEO Local optimization PPC Keyword optimization Content improvement Responsive site Speed Paid marketing Backlink strategy Schema Mobile-first design Leverage CDNs Retargeting FAQ content Voice search Segmented paid PAMP FOUNDATIONAL PROACTIVE PROGRESSIVE STRATEGIC
  47. 47. | @milestonemktg BUDGETINGSUMMARYFOR2019 Next generation of digital marketing will be driven by technology differentiation W E B S I T E S E O & W E B S I T E T E C H N O L O G Y R E V E N U E O P T I M I Z AT I O N Mobile first design Progressive WebApp AMP pages Destination Content Events Experiential design Site speed Schema technology Voice search enablement Local search saturation Meetings & weddings Social Media Content Website abandonment Rate comparison PA I D M A R K E T I N G Omnichannel – PPC, Display, Social, Meta (Hotel Ads on Google) Yelp advertising Social Media Advertising Audience Segmentation A N A LY T I C S Benchmarking vs. Competition Analytics Review
  48. 48. QUESTIONS?