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2019 State of Local Search & How to Get Your Business In Front of Users

Location Based businesses (hotels, restaurants, banks, retail, etc.) face the constantly changing problem of how to get people who are searching for their services on the internet into their storefront. This presentation, originally presented in a webinar ( covers the most effective digital marketing strategies you can employ to capture more customers from internet searches, and bring them to your business.

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2019 State of Local Search & How to Get Your Business In Front of Users

  1. 1. we put you in front of your customer 2019STATEOFLOCAL How to get your business in front of users?
  2. 2. | 1-408-200-2211 OURPANEL JakeBrennan CarrieHill KanikaThakran (Moderator) Co-founder – Technical SEO Ignitor Digital Marketing Director of SEO & Social
  3. 3. | 1-408-200-2211 MILESTONE–DIGITALPRESENCEPLATFORM W E D R I V E O N L I N E R E V E N U E A N D L E A D S F O R L O C AT I O N - B A S E D B U S I N E S S Finance | Hospitality | Restaurants | Retail | Automotive | Healthcare Silicon Valley ● Chicago ● D.C. | 2,000+ customers | 500+ Awards Full Service Digital AgencyThe Presence Cloud Software for digital marketers Platform independent services CMS Local Reviews Insights AnalyticsSocial Design Content SEO & local Paid Marketing Social content marketing Analytics & consulting Schema Voice
  5. 5. LOCALSEO IN 2019 & WHYCARE?
  7. 7. | 1-408-200-2211 HOWAREUSERSSEARCHINGFORBUSINESS? 46% of queries had local intent. 51% of mobile users discovered a new brand/product. 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day. Source:
  8. 8. | 1-408-200-2211 ASOLID LOCAL STRATEGYIS KEYTO SUCCESS! If you’re not investing in local SEO that means your competition is converting those searches into sales 8
  9. 9. | 1-408-200-2211 WHATARESOMEOFTHEMOSTPOPULARSERPFEATURES? Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher. GOOGLE Local Carousel SERP Features Local “Pack” Results Local Knowledge Panel Site links Review mark-up Featured snippets or People also ask Image or videos block
  10. 10. | 1-408-200-2211 NON-BRANDEDSERPSFEATURES Bothimpactmorecompetitivequeries”Location+category”andarereshapingthelocalSEOlandscape! @MILESTONEMKTG LocalCarousel Local“Pack” A horizontal Carousel display of local search results A SERP feature that shows local businesses related to search query
  11. 11. | 1-408-200-2211 BRANDEDSERPSFEATURES Showupforbrandsearches&providefindkeyinformationaboutlocalbusinesses @MILESTONEMKTG SiteLinks Reviews Imageblock Knowledge Panel providekeyinformation aboutlocalbusinessessuch astheiraddress,phone number,hoursofoperation, topquestions,reviews, eventsandmore
  12. 12. | 1-408-200-2211 OTHERSERPSFEATURES Showupforbothbrandsearches&takethezeropositiononthescreen @MILESTONEMKTG Peoplealsoask Relatedquestionsshowuphereandthis featureiscontinuingtogrow FeaturedSnippet Thiscanbeforbrandedornon-branded queries Tips on how to rank for featured snippets: 1. Ask and answer a question on the website. 2. Have structured data – FAQ 3. Build links to that content, both internal and external
  15. 15. | 1-408-200-2211 INFORMATIONONPRODUCTCATALOGINGMB Launch (April 4, 2019) : Product Catalog in the Business Profile on desktop Search
  16. 16. | 1-408-200-2211 INFORMATIONONSERVICESONGMB For all the spa services offered at this resort the details are updated in Google My Business
  17. 17. | 1-408-200-2211 @MILESTONEMKTG AUTOMATEDGOOGLE-POSTSFROMREVIEWS Types of Google posts available for businesses Posts show to users on knowledge panel and maps searches 1. Google posts expire in 7 days 2. Events last for a set time period 3. Google is also testing auto- suggest option on posts. Example
  18. 18. | 1-408-200-2211 @MILESTONEMKTG NEWEVENTSFEATUREONGOOGLEMAPS This feature is great for hotels as Google posts are not available to hotels.
  19. 19. | 1-408-200-2211 MANAGEINFORMATIONONALLKEYCITATIONS/DIRECTORIES Top Tier Citations are important and invest 80% of your time managing those 20% top citation Local Search Engine & Hyper Local Listings Data Aggregators Niche directories (Restaurant) Social ChannelsMaps APPS & LISTINGSMilestone Presence Cloud Source Tier 1 Citations Apps & Channels End-points Inadditiontothecorecitations,focusingonNichecitationswillALWAYSbeimportant.
  20. 20. | 1-408-200-2211 LOCALPAGEFORYOURSTORESORBRANCHES Great place to link GMB for individual locations & drive more organic traffic to the website. Store Locator Products and Services Information (hours, location) Meet Store Staff Consumer Reviews & Social Local Content and Offers Community Events ANATOMY OF THE IDEAL LOCAL PAGE
  21. 21. @MILESTONEMKTG Optimize your pages for WHERE you are & WHAT you do Location & contact info Reviews Products & Services Events & Community Local content Customer offer
  22. 22. | 1-408-200-2211 BUILDQUALITYLINKSNATURALLY Links specific to that location, built to that store/location page are best! Link Building Trade links with supporting business Local sponsorships Content based links – Blogs, PR Brand mentions
  24. 24. | 1-408-200-2211 CITATIONCONSISTENCYSCORE NAP+W consistency on core channels/citations is the key! @MILESTONEMKTG 1. Being present on the top tier citations is the first part 2. Having consistent business information is the other critical part • How often are maintenance activities being performed? • What happens to GMB updates coming from users?
  25. 25. | 1-408-200-2211 GOOGLEINSIGHTS–BRANDVISIBILITY&ACTIONS Bank with local branch pages January February M arch April M ay June July August Septem ber O ctober Search Impressions for branch pages increased 129% in 3 months More consumers reaching out to the local pages • Increase of 112% in the number of searches for branches • 51% increase in requests for driving directions • 35% in phone calls to branches from “click-to-call” 1. One central dashboard to see performance of all the locations under one view is critical 1. Top performers 2. Locations that need more attention 2. Phone tracking & UTM tags placement on GMB is recommended for most accurate reporting on leads
  26. 26. | 1-408-200-2211 LOCALPACKKEYWORDRANKINGS –NON-BRANDVISIBILITY Boutique hotel in Sedona, AZ @MILESTONEMKTG Jun'17 Jul'17 Aug'17 Sep'17 O ct'17 N ov'17 D ec'17 Jan'18 Feb'18 M ar'18 Apr'18 M ay'18 Jun'18 Jul'18 Aug'18 Sep'18 O ct'18 N ov'18 Citation management New website 30 days after site live: 814% increase in keywords on local pack 1. Measure visibility on local 3 pack and impact when local SEO is done full (on- page + off-page) 2. Tools – SEMrush, BrightEdge, Milestone Insights, BrightLocal, Whitespark
  27. 27. | 1-408-200-2211 TECHNICALHEALTHOFTHEWEBSITE Platform Performance and Site Speed Optimization Crawlability Optimization Search Optimization Minimize HTTP requests Minify JS & CSS Optimize images GZIP components HTML validation CSS validation Link checker / internal links Canonical tags XML sitemap (images, video) Optimized meta tags Header tags (H1, H2, H3) Alt Tags for images Schemas markup Social tags @MILESTONEMKTG
  28. 28. #ENGAGE2018 TECHNICALHEALTH SCORE 1. Ongoing review of the website technical health is critical. 2. Ability to compare key elements – Speed, Schema, keyword rankings etc. against competitors may provides key insights on what are your strengths and which areas are opportunities for your business.
  29. 29. | 1-408-200-2211 TRAFFIC&CONVERSIONSFROMLOCALPAGES AUTO dealership (10 Locations) 3X Increase in Traffic to Website At 3% conversion, 180 new cars over 3 months Website launch 1. Measure before & after traffic to the website and specifically to the local pages 2. Key KPIs: 1. Google Search Console 1. Impressions 2. Clicks 3. Ranking 2. Google Analytics 1. Traffic to the local pages 2. Bounce rate/ time spent on-page 3. Soft & hard conversions
  30. 30. | 1-408-200-2211 @MILESTONEMKTG LINKSAREIMPORTANTFORLOCALSEO! Link placed on the website 1. Impact of link building is hard to measure. Some links can drive referral traffic but others could help with building brand awareness or impact page authority 2. KPIs for link building: 1. Quality & quantity of links 2. Traffic/leads driven from those links to the website 3. Impact on page authority score
  32. 32. | 1-408-200-2211 @MILESTONEMKTG KEYTAKEAWAYS • Have a robust Local SEO strategy driven from your business goals • Google My Business listing • Key citations/directories • Local page for your location • Build quality links naturally • Don’t forget to measure success of your local efforts • On-page • Off-page
  33. 33. | 1-408-200-2211 @MILESTONEMKTG QUESTIONS?