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2013 Top Internet Marketing Trends


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As we look and plan ahead, several new trends and strategies have emerged that are essential to our “must do” list for 2013. This article covers some of the major trends we are noticing in the search industry and how they will impact customer behavior. We will also discuss how businesses, hoteliers, and search partners can capitalize on these exciting trends for 2013.

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2013 Top Internet Marketing Trends

  1. 1. Top 10 Resolutionsfor 2013 Milestone Confidential
  2. 2. Panelists Presenters Benu Aggarwal Founder & President Milestone Internet Marketing Brittany Bingham Social Media Team Lead Manager Milestone Internet Marketing Kchitiz Regmi VP, Operations and Technology Milestone Internet Marketing Moderator Mike Supple Sr. Social Media Manager Milestone Internet Marketing Milestone Confidential 2 @milestonemktg
  3. 3. Milestone at a GlanceDrive online revenue and profitability for our clients Silicon Valley . Chicago . ~130 employees . ~ 1400 hotels Milestone Confidential 3 @milestonemktg
  4. 4. Know Great People? for referring someone!Some of our current positions: Senior Client Services  View all of our positions andManager apply today: http://jobs.milestoneinternet. VP of Sales com Software Architect Milestone Confidential 4 @milestonemktg
  5. 5. 2013 Trends1. Engaging, relevant, qualitative and fresh content2. SCHEMAs - mark up your site3. Robust mobile strategy4. Cross channel optimization5. Links – quality over quantity6. Usability and conversions7. Robust social content marketing strategy8. Social media is a must for SEO9. Channel diversification10. Search retargeting and remarketing Milestone Confidential 5 @milestonemktg
  6. 6. In 2013 I will...focus on creating engaging,relevant, high quality content onmy website. Milestone Confidential
  7. 7. Engaging, Relevant, Fresh Content Reviews Contests Polls Engagement Social Blog and freshness engagement Milestone Confidential 7 @milestonemktg
  8. 8. Quality Content Time spent Quality Social backlinks strength Relevant and user- friendlyUsability site Not over- optimized Semantic Fresh search content Milestone Confidential 8 @milestonemktg
  9. 9. Content Freshness and EngagementCalendars, Social Profile Feeds,Newsroom, Contests, Videos, etc Milestone Confidential 9 @milestonemktg
  10. 10. In 2013 I will...start a conversation with the searchengines by marking up my site withSCHEMAs Milestone Confidential
  11. 11. SCHEMAs - Mark Up Your Site1. Semantic Search Keyword Search  Determines the2. Schema’s Deployment importance of websites based on words it3. Validation contains, links4. SERP results Semantic Search  Results based on people’s intent  Information collected through SCHEMAS deployed on the site  Information through knowledge graph, open linked data Milestone Confidential 11 @milestonemktg
  12. 12. Higher SERP Ranking, Click Throughs and Conversion Milestone Confidential 12 @milestonemktg
  13. 13. In 2013 I will...Create a robust mobile plan thathas as much thought as mywebsite strategy Milestone Confidential
  14. 14. Mobile Strategy Hyperlocal promotion Mobile PPC (check in offers) Interactive/optimized Responsive site mobile siteConsistent NAP Mobile Promotion Milestone Confidential 14 @milestonemktg
  15. 15. Mobile Sites Milestone Confidential 15 @milestonemktg
  16. 16. Responsive Site Example Milestone Confidential 16 @milestonemktg
  17. 17. In 2013 I will...focus on robust cross channeloptimization. Milestone Confidential
  18. 18. Winning the Chess Game King SEO –Keyword and Semantic Search Queen Socially Relevant Content Rooks Robust Site Architecture Knights B1 - Cross Channel G1 - InnovationA B C D E F G H Bishops C1 - Social Media F1 - Paid/Local/Mobile Pawns A2 - H2 Training Needs Milestone Confidential 18 @milestonemktg
  19. 19. Cross Channel Optimization: Organic, Local and Social Webmaster Social Local Image tagging Milestone Confidential 19 @milestonemktg
  20. 20. In 2013 I will...make linkbuilding an act focusedon quality, not quantity. Milestone Confidential
  21. 21. Channel Breakdown National /Travel Special PromotionDirectories, IYP, Feeds, Local Links Niche Links (not included as UGC part of RB) Info USA Pet Friendly Travel Trip Advisor Acxiom Spa Index The Knot Local Eze Wedding Connections Meeting Focus Super Pages Gathering Guide Boulevards Yelp Golf Link Wedding Location Best of The Web BB Getaways I-Meet Milestone Confidential 21 @milestonemktg
  22. 22. Local Ecosystem Milestone Confidential 22 @milestonemktg
  23. 23. Key Focus Areas Towards Higher ROI Promotion Local Usability Analytics Milestone Confidential 23 @milestonemktg
  24. 24. In 2013 I will...take time to question my site’susability - it will lead to conversions. Milestone Confidential
  25. 25. Usability Testing AudienceImplementation Navigation Design Content Distractions Milestone Confidential 25 @milestonemktg
  26. 26. Navigation Primary nav Click-through Labeling Position Flow Milestone Confidential 26 @milestonemktg
  27. 27. ContentBooking Engine RFPs Conversion Analysis Newsletter Specials Subscriptions Milestone Confidential 27 @milestonemktg
  28. 28. Distractions Milestone Confidential 28 @milestonemktg
  29. 29. Extensive R&D Related to Human Behavior on Web Pages improvement.html Milestone Confidential 29 @milestonemktg
  30. 30. In 2013 I a thoughtful social contentmarketing strategy across allchannels. Milestone Confidential
  31. 31. Content Marketing Listen Semantic Search trend Find keyword Adjust tools successes saturation WebsiteWebmaster Analytics Tailor to Measure your Keywords audience Authoritative driving local topics conversions Publish Milestone Confidential 31 @milestonemktg
  32. 32. Social Content MarketingContent goals: communicate, Foursquare tips’engage, and compel keywords used Milestone Confidential 32 @milestonemktg
  33. 33. Purpose of Social Content What is your purpose for creating social content? 1. Engaging the audience 2. Building personality 3. Creating local relevancy 4. Offering users more information 5. Capturing long-tailed relevancy 6. Creating repeat engagement 7. Driving social traffic 8. Drive revenue Milestone Confidential 33 @milestonemktg
  34. 34. In 2013 I will...leverage social media in my digitalmarketing; it is a must-haveelement of SEO. Milestone Confidential
  35. 35. Social Media Role in Digital Marketing Influence on Search Results“I can confirm we do use Twitter and Facebook linksin ranking”– Matt Cutts, Search Quality Group, Google Impact Purchase Decisions 1 billion 50+ million 3 billion 225 million users reviews daily views users Build Share Define Brand Customer Semantic & Compelling Personality Service Long-tailed Media Relevancy Milestone Confidential 35 @milestonemktg
  36. 36. Social Media Marketing Social media is must-have for successful SEO strategy, so…. It must be measurable. A 1 point increase for reviews (on a 5 point scale) allows for an 11.2% rate increase without any impact on occupancy* $ *Cornell Center for Hospitality Research; Milestone Confidential 36 @milestonemktg
  37. 37. Social Signals: an Element of SEO Authority of Clickthrough social networks rate on links @mentions & Proximity of retweets post & linking Twitter content Shares, likes, & Other networks: comments Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook Instagram, Foursquare+1’s & circle size Organic Age of social Google+ Ranking networks Milestone Confidential 37 @milestonemktg
  38. 38. Social Influence on SERPs Milestone Confidential 38 @milestonemktg
  39. 39. Facebook Graph Search Personalized social results based on your network Makes fans, sharing & engagement ever-more important Milestone Confidential 39 @milestonemktg
  40. 40. Social Media: Supporting SEO Content publishing Content Visitor Insight engagement Social referrals Repeat & site traffic engagement Organic authority Viral visibility Social signals for site and brand Increased Visibility Milestone Confidential 40 @milestonemktg
  41. 41. Leveraging SE…O&M Lead generation Social Sharing social apps Features on Social PPC Site Cohesive Engagement content Applications marketing strategy SocialSweepstakes a Cross- channel promotions Milestone Confidential 41 @milestonemktg
  42. 42. In 2013 I will...focus on direct bookings: the OTAswill always be a player, so I’mbringing my A-game. Milestone Confidential
  43. 43. PPC Trends Short-tail Short-tail keywords Branded Search 2013 RemarketingRetargeting trends Channel Diversification Milestone Confidential 43 @milestonemktg
  44. 44. Channel Diversification Facebook Tripadvisor, Expedia, Yelp Adwords Express Milestone Confidential 44 @milestonemktg
  45. 45. In 2013 I will...leverage remarketing andretargeting to capture pre-qualified audiences. Milestone Confidential
  46. 46. Remarketing What: Show ads to users who have previously visited your website How: Use Remarketing on Display Network to capture incremental conversions How: Run remarketing campaign within Google adwords Why: No minimum remarketing budget required Why: Increase brand awareness Milestone Confidential 46 @milestonemktg
  47. 47. Search Retargeting What: Purchase high-intent targeting & serve scalable ads on major platforms Why: Very low cost/value purchase Why: Target only users who searched for relevant keywords How: Through ad-exchange platforms Milestone Confidential 47 @milestonemktg
  48. 48. Conclusion Milestone Confidential
  49. 49. Focus on Your Customer Milestone Confidential 49 @milestonemktg
  50. 50. Your Online Visibility Content & links quality over quantity Social Media Social contentConversions + SEO Strategy SEO Best Practices Usability Schema Milestone Confidential 50 @milestonemktg
  51. 51. 2013 Trends1. Engaging, relevant, quality and fresh content2. SCHEMAs - mark up your site3. Robust mobile strategy4. Cross channel optimization5. Links – quality over quantity6. Usability and conversions7. Robust social content marketing strategy8. Social media is a must for SEO9. Channel diversification10. Search retargeting and remarketing Milestone Confidential 51 @milestonemktg
  52. 52. Thank You Questions? Milestone Confidential 52 @milestonemktg