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Why Marketing Sucks™: Generating Targeted Leads and Sales

The sales cycle of many businesses got more complicated due to COVID-19. And that’s perfect for inbound marketing. Many have spent money on traditional sales & marketing efforts with an unknown ROI. Digital marketing in today’s world requires using innovative, evidence-based strategies your competitors aren’t.

These digital marketing strategies help B2B clients in manufacturing, tech and professional services fill their sales funnel with qualified, excited leads that are ready to talk.

Short term results have included: 2 additional qualified leads per day, 200 page views per day (both trending upward). Click-through-rates at 5+% (nearly double industry average) and the client currently owns a 14% impression share, meaning they show up in 14% of all searches nationwide for their category, which is more than and second only to Uline for total impression share in this category.

Long term results have included: 398% growth in organic google search traffic, a $300K sales contract directly from inbound marketing, 1,290% growth in organic google search traffic, 136% growth in email leads from content, 12% growth in sales conversions (not just leads)

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Why Marketing Sucks™: Generating Targeted Leads and Sales

  1. 1. How to Use Digital to Generate Targeted Leads & Sales 920-538-5833
  2. 2. But
  3. 3. The very best ideas come from a place of — but they alleviate those conditions.
  4. 4. My 2008 Story...
  5. 5. 99 Cents Left?
  6. 6. in new revenue directly from content article in new revenue directly from digital ads Client securedClient secured
  7. 7. Is Your Marketing Prehistoric?
  8. 8. Effects of COVID-19: Won’t Our Website Sell Them? Shift to Phone and/or Video Chat Tradeshows, conferences, networking events, job fairs, sales meetings, travel, etc. on hold Modify Approach Due to COVID? Prospects (or Even Customers) May Not Be Ready for Sales Calls
  9. 9. COVID-19 Spending more time on computer Watching more on streaming services Spending longer on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Listening to more streaming services Spending longer on social media
  10. 10. Won’t We Go Back to Normal? 03 More Will Retain This Preference 01 02 04 New Normal Will Be Forever Changed More Prospects Getting Used to Online Research First Digital Will Continue to Amplify Qualified Lead Generation & Nurturing, Warming Them Up for Sales
  11. 11. Be In It for
  12. 12. Employed in
  13. 13. is Reality?
  14. 14. What about
  15. 15. Hiring Ads:
  16. 16. Passive vs Passive candidates make up 70% of the global workforce, you are limiting your search for talent. - LinkedIn - 70% Passive candidates 30% Active candidates Open roles
  17. 17. How Do We Balance
  18. 18. If We Pull This Off, We’ll Eat Like Kings
  19. 19. Growth in Qualified Leads in new revenue directly from digital ads Client secured
  20. 20. Sales Leads:
  21. 21. Cold Sales Emails: Mailshake
  22. 22. Longform Content + + Email Automation
  23. 23. Where is the to hide a body?
  24. 24. The of Google.
  25. 25. Top 3 Google Seach Results Get 75.1% of Clicks
  26. 26. Moving Up One Position Increases CTR by 30%
  27. 27. What Does Longform Content Look Like?
  28. 28. Content marketing than traditional marketing & - DemandMetric -
  29. 29. more leads are generated by using - Point Visible -
  30. 30. Growth in organic Google search traffic contract secured by the client directly from content marketing Growth in organic Google search traffic Growth in email leads from content
  31. 31. 01 02 Are There Downsides? Do We Throw Out Paid Ads?
  32. 32. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Revenue Time
  33. 33. Don’t Be Guy
  34. 34. 6 Typical Steps: Create a Plan & Content Calendar Optimize Existing Website and/or Landing Pages Document Business Goals/Priorities & Allocate Budget Accordingly Identify & Select Writers Audit & Repurpose Existing Content Edit, Publish, & Promote
  35. 35. Our Process... KW Research Write, Edit & Publish Structured Content Influencer Email Outreach for Backlinks Email Opt-ins & Automation Nurturing Tracking Direct Sales, Lead Scoring & Handoff to Sales
  36. 36. Keyword Research & Strategic Topic Selection
  37. 37. Influencer Email Outreach
  38. 38. Email Opt-ins &
  39. 39. 49% of consumers said that they would promotional emails on a weekly basis. - Statista -
  40. 40. Effective email marketing has an for every dollar spent. - DMA -
  41. 41. The future is always scarier than the present, but the future always becomes the present,
  42. 42. for Pandemic 03 Digital Marketing/ Technology Focus 01 02 04 Grit Hustle Seed for Why Stuff Sucks™
  43. 43. Moved to
  44. 44. Things Happen
  45. 45. Much Too Young to
  46. 46. .com