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Art, Culture, and Technology


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Art, Culture, and Technology

  1. Arts, Culture, and Technology:<br />The Digital and Social Media Renaissance <br />(and other things I think are neat-o.)<br />Presentation by @meloncamp for Social Media Club Detroit<br />Wednesday, September 23rd<br />Goldfish Tea House, Royal Oak<br />Photo by greefus groinks<br />
  2. Handouts are for Earth-Haters<br />Or, How to Shamelessly Drive Traffic to Your Blog During a Lecture<br />Visit<br /><br />for the virtual handout. <br />
  3. From Electronic Monasteries to Thriving Communities<br />In 1997 free email was a revolutionary idea<br /><ul><li>By 2001, all this free email caused concern over how the Internet would advance communication, because of the fact that we had no need to leave our houses to do so.
  4. From the June 2001 edition of fineArt Forum, an online arts journal, editor Nisar Keshvani laments…</li></li></ul><li>
  5. The Social Media Renaissance<br />The Social Media Equation<br />Accessibility<br />For both content providers and users<br />Free or low-cost ways to do everything: publish words, art, music, photography, etc.<br />Accountability<br />New avenues for ownership or collaboration<br />Even “Giving it away” (i.e. creative commons) presupposes ownership<br />Transparency<br />Free exchange of ideas<br />Small percent of exchanges are anonymous/fraudulent<br />Access to information<br />
  6. Case Studies<br />
  7. Social Media and the Rehearsal Process<br />How social media is revolutionizing the rehearsal process<br />Google Docs and Spreadsheets<br />YouTube public/private settings<br />The Social Media Equation: Accessibility =Accountability and Transparency<br />
  8. Social Media and the Rehearsal Process<br />
  9. Social Media and the Rehearsal Process<br /><ul><li>Yes, it’s an Oprah Flash Mob.
  10. I don’t care, it was awesome.</li></li></ul><li>Social Media and Visual Art<br /><ul><li>Collaborative Drawing
  11. A Digital Media Update on Andre Breton’s “Exquisite Corpse”</li></li></ul><li>Social Media and Visual Art<br />
  12. Social Media and Visual Art<br />
  13. Social Media and the Written Word<br />
  14. Social Media and the Written Word<br />
  15. Social Media, Art, & Social Change<br />
  16. Social Media, Art, & Social Change<br /><ul><li>Everyone can add art to their day!</li></li></ul><li>Social Media, Art, & Social Change<br /><ul><li>Social media brings us images and stories from around the world with ease
  17. We cannot help but be moved by what we see.
  18. Nuclear destruction, Superfund sites
  19. Iraq, Iran, Tibet, North Korea
  20. Forbidden Images</li></li></ul><li>
  21. Twitter and the Free Iran Phenomenon<br />
  22. Blogging for a Free Tibet<br />
  23. Blogging for a Free North Korea<br />
  24. The Equation Evolves<br />With that freedom comes visibility and responsibility.<br />
  25. 3 Local Ideas for Social Media Artists and Advocates:<br />1 Organize a Gallery Crawl for Art Detroit Now<br />October 2-3, 2009 (next weekend!)<br />2 Organize a Slideluck Potshow<br />Convene, take pictures, upload<br />3 Join Ypsilanti’s Spur Studios<br />An artist’s commune for all types of art: visual, musical, performance<br />4 Join The Key Performance Arts<br />Original Metro Detroit musical revolutionizing the rehearsal process through social media<br />
  26. 3 Ideas to Make Some Money!<br />
  27. 3 Steps to Being Incredible (as an artist, businessperson, human):<br />Step1: Realize there is always someone more talented than you are at what you do.<br />Step 2: Realize they will not always be as motivated as you are. <br />Step 3: Keep on creating, because tenacity beats talent 99% of the time. <br />Bonus Step: No man is an island: collaborate. “Simply put, teams of people can do more together, better, than any individual can do alone…” Chris Hueur, for<br />
  28. Discussion<br />Thoughts on The Social Media Equation:<br />Accessibility = Accountability + Transparency<br />How has creative commons changed art, music, and social media?<br />Group hugs are fun but…isn’t crowd-sourcing killing design/music/etc.? <br />Share Your Favorite Art/Media Site and Why<br />
  29. Photo by greefus groinks<br />