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Automated UTM Tag and Link Builder Shortens Links via &


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CampaignTrackly is an automated UTM and custom tag link building app that enables marketers to tag their links and shorten them in seconds. The app has over 35 productivity features & 9 integrations and is always adding new features to meet the ever-growing needs of the next generation marketers.

In the past several years, Marketing teams have been increasingly focusing most of their budgets on their Digital channels.

Measuring the ROI of Digital is mostly about links and clicks.

To measure cost-effectively the ROI of their efforts marketers need effective link & click tracking and management strategies that would enable them to have consistent tracking and reporting in place.

Therefore, conventional manual UTM tag and link builders no longer meet the needs of busy marketers who could deal with dozens of links at a time.

With the increased number of tracking tags and links comes the need to automate their creation and daily use to achieve efficiencies of scale and consistency in tagging and subsequent performance reports.

Automated UTM builders and tracking link generating apps like CampaignTrackly are here to help marketers implement consistent tagging strategies and ops, so that they never under-report their efforts.

CampaignTrackly is currently integrated with Google Analytics, Bitly, Short, Zapier, Hootsuite, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and offers considerable economies of scale.

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Automated UTM Tag and Link Builder Shortens Links via &

  1. 1. CampaignTrackly: High-productivity linktaggingapp forthenext-gen marketer The cool alternative to the manual, error-prone & boring CampaignTrackly - brought to you by Leafwire Digital, Ltd. All rights reserved ® 2019
  2. 2. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation Accuratelink tracking&reporting inthecloudwithout theneedtocodeany tags page 2 • Out-phase manual work on long, error-prone tracking URLs • Centralize link tagging, introducing best practices with minimal effort • Tag and manage all your links consistently, easily and in one place • Track with precision your live multi- channel marketing campaigns without stretching production times All rights reserved ® 2019
  3. 3. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation page 3 • Create and save your reporting tags in one place, in seconds. • Access and re-use saved tags with a click of a button. • See consistent tag naming and error-free reporting across your marketing efforts. • Select tags with an easy drag-and-drop or single click action, eliminating typing or pasting errors. • Need to add new tags? Save time with our flexible single or multi-tag creation functions. 36xfaster Tag your marketing links 36x faster than the manual link taggers like Google Campaign URL Builder Timesaver #1: All YourTags AtYour Fingertips. Click & Go. All rights reserved ® 2019
  4. 4. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation Link Checker Easily Preview your links & tags to ensure accuracy Link Builder Let our app add all the needed tags to your link in seconds ClicksTracker Connect to Google Analytics and watch the clicks mount page 4 CoolFeatures thatCustomers Enjoy Start your free subscription today UTMTags External channel tracking tags – easy to upload, type or paste PromoTags On-site tracking tags for buttons and banners – easy to upload, type or paste CustomTags Track links by division, product type, affiliates & more for in-depth reporting . All rights reserved ® 2019
  5. 5. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation page 5 • Grab & send your link straight to yourTagging Dashboard with a single click. No typing or pasting. • Use the bulk-import feature to send multiple links to yourTagging Dashboard in one go. • Prefer to copy and paste? Paste both single and multiple links of any kind in yourTagging Dashboard. • Missed a link?You can always grab it and add it to existing campaigns with a click. 10xeasier Our automation tool is 10x easier to use and eliminates error- prone activities like typing and pasting. Timesaver #2: No More Manual Link Typing with Link Grabber & Link Import All rights reserved ® 2019
  6. 6. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation Campaign Exists Check Avoid duplicate campaigns & reporting issues Campaign Dashboard Store, manage and track campaigns in a user-friendly table Add Link to Campaign Missed a link?Add it to your existing campaign in a second page 6 MoreCool Featuresthat CustomersEnjoy Start your free subscription today Link Grabber Send any link from any webpage to the Tagging Dashboard with a single click Bulk Import Upload your links from your computer into the Tagging Dashboard in seconds. Bulk Paste Copy and paste multiple links to be tagged in one go. Fast & easy All rights reserved ® 2019
  7. 7. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation Starttagging instantlywithour pre-populatedtags andintuitivefeatures page 7 • No software to download • No code to learn • Free consultation to get you started faster • Seamless integration with Google Analytics • Simple, secure Bitly auto-login • Link Grabber Chrome extension for more productivity • Social sharing buttons & link exports • Friendly support • New features added all the time All rights reserved ® 2019
  8. 8. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation page 8 • Upgrade your process from multiple spreadsheets to one automated platform. No more complicated formulas, manual link processing, awkward file searches and lack of visibility. • Reduce production times and eliminate multiple back and forths between platforms with our,Zapier, Google,,Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Hootsuite Integrations. • Tag & manage all your marketing links and clicks in one central place. you’reincontrol No more messy spreadsheets and tagged links living in disparate places and files. One central place for end-to-end link management Timesaver #3: AllYour PrepWork & Link Management on One Platform All rights reserved ® 2019
  9. 9. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation Bitly, Internal & External Reports Track all link clicks automatically with our friendly reports UnlimitedTagging Templates Save tag combos that you tend to use repeatedly & save time Segment Campaigns Group Campaigns by Category – external, PR, Internal & more page 9 EvenMoreCool Featuresthat CustomersEnjoy Start your free subscription today Bulk-Upload UTMTags Upload all your UTM tags from a file, no coding needed Auto-shorten Links Auto-shorten single and multiple links via Bitly or Short BulkTag spreadsheets Upload & bulk-tag your Hootsuite or Google Feed files All rights reserved ® 2019
  10. 10. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation Transparentlink performanceinsights availableatthepress ofabutton page 10 • Near real-time visibility to link performance by tag • Uncover and fix fast blogs, emails, banners and pages that drive no clicks • Optimize your budget spend by focusing on the best performing promo channels All rights reserved ® 2019
  11. 11. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation WhyCampaignTrackly • Over 40 features and growing • You can start with a free account and only pay if you like what you are getting • Hassle-free unsubscribes • You get free training and on boarding via email, phone, chat, web-conferencing • Friendly and timely support + data security • You can enjoy our growing training videos and knowledge base resources • We take ANY feature requests • We add new features every 2 months • We are here to stay page 11 All rights reserved ® 2019
  12. 12. CampaignTrackly Link Tagging Automation page 12 ThankYou Milena Mitova +1 6092169942 All rights reserved ® 2019 Start your free subscription today