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Jim's celebration

  1. 1. InCelebration,JimDurana co-worker,mentor,friend andinspiration!
  2. 2. Jim always showed incredible integrity and energy in all of his work in the ED. He was always willing to go the extra mile. He was able to show compassion and caring to all patients, even the most abusive and difficult. His work in heading up the volunteers provided a great source of assistance to the daily running of the department. You never heard “It’s not my job” from Jim…. I don’t think that phrase was in his vocabulary.Steve Cantrill, EM Physician
  3. 3. Jim was a model of grace underpressure, and an example of howcritical a consistent positive attitudeis to survive in the ED and in life. Itwas always a joy to see him when Iwas coming on a shift and I knewthat shift was going to be that muchbetter because Jim was there. It wasan honor to work with him and learnfrom him.Marlow Macht, MD, MPHEMS Fellow
  4. 4. Jim inspired me to be charitable andgenerous. He had a way of alwaysgiving, either a kind word, a smile,the way he included people of allkinds in his warmth, or just by beinga good listener. He was generous ofspirit and so full of vigor and life. Hewill be missed.Erin Moore SW
  5. 5. Jim was one of the first figures ofDH/ Denver General that I met whenI started. At that moment he was aninspiration! He smiled, calmed mypatient and calmed me (being a newgrad). His kindness, gentleness andwords of encouragement to all walksof life is unforgettable and somethingfor all of us to strive for. He trulywas a shining star!Kelly Gettman, RN BSNDepartment of Patient Safety &Quality
  6. 6. "Jim could snap anybody out of a bad mood or bad day"...he was Mister Sunshine:) Miss you Mr.. Good Vibes!!! Darrel Bailey, Radiology A few words/phrases come to mind when I think if Jim Hi honey...big hugs sometimes a little longer then expected...hot coffee...smiles...scissor holder...huge heart...great smiles...kind...beautiful person. Jennie Buchanan, EM Physicianif I have to give you JUST words for Jim, theywould be: RESPECTFUL, RESPECTED, GENUINE,CARING, GOD-LIKE, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING,and FUNNY! (I probably could go on and on.)TinaMarie Castillo, RNClinical Risk Manager
  7. 7. I don’t think there are words todescribe how much Jim impacted mylife but I can say that I miss the lovethat he uniquely gave to everyonehere in the department, patientsincluded. Jim was just an all-aroundHERO to many of us. He wasknowledgeable and resourceful anddefinitely always more than willing tolend that helping hand and lovingcompassionate heart. Jim was theperson who would literally take thejacket off his back to hand to ahomeless on those cold winterdays/nights for him. Or feed thestarving co-worker by lending themmoney for dinner when they wereshort on cash. Anyway I could go onand on about all the generosities thathe carried in his heart and couldseriously never find end. JIM DURANwe miss you brother.Brenda Guerrero, ED Clerk
  8. 8. Jim’s uplifting spirit and tremendously kind heart inspired everyone around him to be a better person. His beaming smile and positive outlook made our ED a better place for patients and staff alike. It was an honor to know Jim and to have him in our lives. Jody Vogel EMDI worked with Jim in the ED from 1990 – 1994 andhe was the most consistently wonderful person towork with and just be around. He was always, and Imean always, so very positive with a ready, warmsmile and a great work ethic.I was saddened when he retired and left DenverHealth and now so much more so.You said it all - Thank you again to an amazingfriend, co-worker and human being…. You aremissed by many!!!!Mary Kilfoyle, Cardiology
  9. 9. Jim was absolutely the happiest, most positive person I’ve ever known! I looked forward to his smiles and hugs every time he brought a patient to the unit. I know he is even happier now We miss you, Jim Jan Smith, MICU We have lost a truly special person. My memory is that he always had a smile and a hug. No matter how busy, he always took a second to say hi. Zita Fenner, 9A CNERIP Jimbo. You had the most loving,genuine heart for people, women andtrees. I’ll never forget the things youtaught me and the love you showedfor myself and my family. Rest easymy sweet friend.Kelci Lutz, ED RN
  10. 10. There is nothing like a smile and a bit of kindness in the ER. The DH ED is forever indebted to you Jim. RIP. Colleen Foster, DH ResidentThinking of him kissing up on all the ladiesbrings a smile to my face. Didn’t matter how bigsmall white or black… he was loving up on ya!Here’s a big kiss right back at ya Jimbo!Renee Militello, Former DH Employee He was an incredible guy. There was many a day in the ER where I would be taking a hell of a beat down and Jim’s positive attitude and smile was one of the only uplifting parts of my shift… Carl Bonnett, Former DH Employee
  11. 11. Though I have not worked with you in many years, I have thought about you all the time! Because you are such a kind man, I think you stamped your name into everyone’s heart who knows you! Rachel Garza, Former DH employeeWe all learned something from him!! Such an honor tohave been a friend and co-worker. Love you Jim…Haley Torres, Former DH Employee So grateful I had the privilege to work with such an inspirational man. Jim taught me to pay attention to the little things as a new nurse in the ED, that there was so much more to our patients than their medical complaints. He put a smile on my face each shift I worked with him, he was a rock for not only the ED, but for the entire DH family! Love you Jim, and thank you for helping me become a better nurse! Jenessa Williams, ED RN
  12. 12. R.I.P. Jim Duran You were such a kind person, great friend and mentor! I learned so much from you, and you made a difference in thousands of lives, including mine!!! You will be sorely missed and the world is a sadder place today… Frank Warren, DH Paramedic. I was a nurse in the ED at Denver Health(General) from late 1980 to 1984, then returnedas nurse manager from 1988-1991. Jim displayedgreat loyalty to DG/DH. In my early years there,I remember Jim working with an unmatchedintensity and speed, especially on those crazybusy shifts, willing to maintain the frantic pacewithout complaint. He was the “go-to” guy. Jimwas a strong link in any team.I believe Jim felt a protectiveness of the staff.Carolee Sherer Whitehill, Former DHEmployee
  13. 13. I was a volunteer in the ED and Jimwas my first introduction to thedepartment. I remember Jim over allother people in the departmentbecause he loved what he was doingand loved teaching anyone about thedepartment he loved so much. In mylife there have been a handful ofpeople who have encouraged me tocontinue the struggle to become anattending at the place I volunteeredin 1990. He maintained his passionthroughout the years and workedthrough pain and still brought a smileto work. I miss him.Pete Pryor, EM Physician
  14. 14. Jim was always smiling…always in a good mood and always making other people smile. He could make our patients feel better with his kind words and loving heart. He gave the best hugs and lifted everyone’s spirits. He will be dearly missed. May you rest in Peace, Jim. We all love you! Kristi Garcia, SICU RNHemingway wrote, “When you loveyou wish to do things for. You wish tosacrifice for. You wish to serve.”Jim did so on a daily basis for ourpatients and all of us. By followinghis loving and passionate lead we canhonor his memory.Kerri Mason, EM Physician
  15. 15. Jim was incredible to work with. He was always on the go and could run circles around the younger staff (nurses and techs). He was a great team player and always made sure his colleagues were taken care of by making us coffee or giving out hugs (when needed). Im honored to say I worked alongside such an exceptional person. He will be greatly missed. Jen Barrett, ED RNJim not only worked hard in his department, hemade sure that all who worked here were guided orhelped by him. He also made the patients feelsecure and treated all with respect and kindness.God bless you jim! To good to be forgottenTerry Bevill Radiology
  16. 16. The few times I interacted with him in the ED, he was an absolute gem and he will be truly missed. Amy Friedman, Director Customer ExperienceI remember my friend Jim, when I was inTransportation Dept. Jim was a very good ERTech, helped a lot of people & pt. Jim cared a lotabout anyone, that he took care. I moved to the9th floor as a CNA,then HCT. I always see Jimwhen he bring up pt. to our floor on 9A. Jim wasalways a happy & caring pt, he knew us on thefloor, Jim always says that we will take good carethe pt. Jim brought up to 9A. I am going tomissed Jim a lot, he made me laugh always.Linda Lilgerose 9A.
  17. 17. Jim was always such a warm person, he showedcompassion not only to patients but his co-workersas well. I knew Jim from my working here from2003-2008, and now I am back. I always knew if Ipassed Jim in the hallway he would always take amoment to acknowledge those who were around.He was very good at his job and was always such apleasure to be around.Sarah Alexander (MRI) Jim would always tell me “Honey the coffee ready”. He never missed a day with a Kiss and coffee is ready. Carol Davis, ED Admin
  18. 18. Truly sad to hear. Loved Jim, his smile, his hugs. Hard worker and he loved everyone. Miss you Jim!Christina Hale, SICU RN
  19. 19. I worked many, many years with Jim and Ihave to say that he was the mostcompassionate individual I have ever met,he accepted people for who they were anddid not judge them for their circumstancesof how they met. He ALWAYS made mesmile, and he will be missed.Amy Smith, RN MICU Such a sad day for all of us who knew Jim. I missed him when he retired and Ill miss him even more now. I will always remember his kindnesses and generosity of heart and spirit. He kept us smiling and was a truly compassionate man - he made sure we had nourishment not only of heart and soul but of stomach with his ever lasting bags of animal crackers. Thank you Jim and may you rest in peace. Hilary St John, ED RN
  20. 20. So so sad…a great human being!! Big hug right at you Jim… Clare Fortune, ED RNSo few people have that gift to turn your entire dayaround for the better with just their presence…we’llmiss you Jim.Mandy Kao, DH Resident I am so sad. Happy to have known such a wonderful man. RIP Jim, your memory will live on for a long time to come. You taught me how to drink the strongest coffee ever made! Love you. Kresha Sulzman, DH employee
  21. 21. • What a sad sad day. He was an amazing person.• Truly a great soul!• This hurts my heart… he was a wonderful person and will truly be missed!• He was such a kind soul.• I have never met a man like you and I bet I never will. RIP• How many fond memories I have of you and your kindness to all human kind! Thank you!• Loved when he was working, always made our day a little brighter• I will never forget what a great person he was, So blessed to have known him.• So sad…the passing of a true DG Icon!! He will be missed!
  22. 22. Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apartYour spirit lives on at DG, forever in our hearts