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Style Star by Moda e Tecnologia- CINEMA FASHION TECHNOLOGY.

STYLE STAR project, by Moda e Tecnologia.

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Style Star by Moda e Tecnologia- CINEMA FASHION TECHNOLOGY.

  2. 2. THE SCENARIO The fashion and luxury landscape is undergoing great change. Globalization and technology have considerably increased the opportunities but also the challenges faced by fashion brands, and more and more advertising spend is required to strengthen brand value. Brand identity, with its inherent guarantees, is gradually replacing the increasingly abstract figure of the fashion designer. Runway shows no longer seem the only way to promote fashion in the globalized, technological new world of the 21st century. Luxury brands are beginning to experiment with a mix of new media alongside traditional media. Their objective is to interact directly with the public using web 2.0 tools and mobile communications. The fashion and luxury consumer is no longer seen as a target but as an individual demanding participation, exchange, and co-creation. A new Era is dawning for the fashion and luxury sector and for companies which are at the forefront of this new trend in alternative forms of communication. The world of cinema is getting closer. 1
  3. 3. THE OPPORTUNITY • THE BRAND - aspirational luxury, fashion and design icons THE B AND R STOR L I YTE L NG • THE SHORT FILM - a universal language format • STYLE STAR - a new way to promote short film and brands by means of a series of real and virtual events, using traditional and new media THE PU L C BI Cinema and technology are the new allies of creative communication. Luxury and fashion brands are choosing the short film because it is the natural evolution of brand communication and storytelling, empowered by technology. Style Star is a format which aims to focus on and promote this trend. 2
  4. 4. SHORT FASHION FILM: IT’S HAPPENING Several short fashion films were released in 2008 and 2009. Promoting luxury brands by means of the short film is indeed an established trend. For example: - PRADA invited two-time Oscar winner Pietro Scalia to produce a feature length narrative inspired by nine shorts previously made for Prada by budding international directors; both productions were shown on the brand's website. - TOD’S signed Dennis Hopper on to direct a short, “Pashmy Dream” featuring Gwyneth Paltrow. The four minute film, shot on location in Rome, shows a “Day in the Life” of the actress and of her Pashmy bag. - CHANEL and DIOR short movies are two refined examples of how the short movie can be used to communicate the brand heritage and at the same time convey a contemporary message. - FERRAGAMO celebrated its 80th anniversary with a funny short movie called "The Shoe”. - LOUIS VUITTON engaged the Italian director Edoardo Winspeare to direct "Les Noces De Papier" a short movie of 12 minutes telling the peculiar story of two young and modest people who dream to have a LV bag. The movie also denounces counterfeiting; - INTIMISSIMI entrusted Muccino with “Heart Tango”, starring Monica Bellucci. Others: - ALEXANDER MCQUEEN and John Galliano - YSL - RALPH LAUREN Tom Ford’s movie, A Single Man, will be presented at the Venice Film Festival. The emergence of the fashion designer as movie director and the upcoming short fashion film trend were anticipated by Marina Garzoni in the book “Fashion and Technology” (EGEA 2008). 3
  5. 5. STYLE STAR : FASHION, CINEMA AND TECHNOLOGY Style Star is a new format for the promotion of fashion and luxury brands. Its mission is to bring together and celebrate short fashion and luxury films, thereby creating a fertile collaborative and promotional environment involving designers, fashion and luxury companies, production houses and advertising agencies, well-known and up-and- coming directors. Within the Style Star format, brands and designers will be able to showcase their productions and tell their story in an appropriate and empowering context fueled by the most innovative technologies. Style Star will be interactive, in both the real and virtual worlds. Thanks to strong internet and mobile channel presence, it will increase market reach for all players involved. In fact, Style Star will include a number of “real world” and “virtual” activities: • Film festival events during the Venice Film Festival in September 2009 and during the Cannes Film Festival in May 2010; • Ad-hoc dedicated portal within and (17m unique visitors/month) • Web promotion, WOM and viral dissemination through social network groups • Milan Fashion Week dedicated events(“Cinema is Fashionable”), aimed at fashion buyers as well as the general public; • Mobile channel marketing initiatives and dedicated apps • A web-based Style Star Community for the fans of fashion and cinema • A road-show and local events in several large cities • Retail-based activities and promotions (casting, in-shop or window short movie showings, contests and draws, etc.) 4
  6. 6. STYLE STAR: TIMING MAY 2009 - MAY 2010 MAY 2009 SEPTEMBER 2009 NOVEMBER –DECEMBER FEB. 2009 MARCH 2010 MAY 2010 2009 Style Star Lounge, Style Star Road Show Press Conference for Excelsior Terrace, Venice, Various cities fashion press 2-12 Sept. Press Conf., Press Conf., Style Star Retail Promotions Press Conference for Milan Venice Various cities cinema press 26 May date tbc Events and VIP parties: Sept. 10 Style Star Festival “A celebration of Classic Cinema Style” Style Star Lounge, Town House Hotel 7* Style Star Awards Milan Fashion Wk 23-30 Sept. “Cinema is Fashionable” “Cinema is Fashionable” Style Star Best Milan Fashion Wk Milan Fashion Wk Digital Interactive 23-30 Sept. 23-30 Sept. stylestar live on mobile channel 5
  7. 7. STYLE STAR LOUNGE, VENICE FILM FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 2-12, 2009 The Style Star Lounge will be inaugurated on September 2nd and continue through September 12th, 2009, in Venice, during the 66th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia. The Style Star Lounge - a personalized, high-tech space of 250sq mt. located on terrace of the prestigious Excelsior Venice Lido Resort - will serve as an elegant meeting place and promotional hotspot for Style Star participants, the press, key players of the movie and the luxury industry, actors and directors, buyers and more. The Style Star Lounge will be open to a qualified public and available for special events, parties, and promotions, co-marketing initiatives and selected sponsoring. Innovative interactive technology products will form an integral part of the locale ( 8
  9. 9. STYLE STAR LOUNGE, VENICE FILM FESTIVAL, SEPTEMBER 2-12, 2009 The Style Star Lounge will be the location of choice for several exciting events to take place during its opening period, from September 2-12, 2009. Special Event with Atelier Rubinacci On September 10th, Style Star and Atelier Rubinacci will be Celebrating Classic Cinematographic Style. THE RAKE is the official magazine for the evening. Very special guests are expected from both the cinema and fashion and luxury industries. 9
  10. 10. STYLE STAR LOUNGE, MILAN FASHION WEEK, SEPTEMBER 23-30, 2009 The Style Star Lounge be inaugurated on September 23rd and continue through September 30th, 2009, during Milano Moda Donna. It will be situated within the Seven Stars Galleria Hotel, overlooking Milan’s classy Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The Lounge will serve as an elegant meeting place and promotional hotspot for “Il Cinema è Di Moda” participants, the press, key players of the fashion industry and VIP clients. The Style Star Lounge will be available for special events, parties, and promotions, co- marketing initiatives and selected sponsoring. Innovative interactive technology products will form an integral part of the locale ( 8
  11. 11. CINEMA IS FASHIONABLE! MILAN FASHION WEEK, SEPTEMBER 23-30, 2009 “Cinema is Fashionable”, a Style Star initiative, will take place in Milan from September 23rd through September 30th during Milano Moda Donna. “Cinema is Fashionable” will be hosted at the exclusive Style Star Lounge, situated in the prestigious Town House Galleria Hotel in downtown Milan. With “Cinema is Fashionable” the Style Star format is brought to life at the heart of the most important event in fashion worldwide. Its mission is to give wide visibility to short films made by fashion an luxury brands at a time when the city is in the spotlight and the focus of attention on the part of consumers, the press, and industry key players. Previews of shorts released in recent months will be organized in the best cinema theaters across Milan. Events will be by invitation only and aimed at the press, fashion buyers and key players. Following that, showings will be held for the general public before full-length features. Brands which already have their own theater space will have the opportunity to show their shorts to VIPs and customers before fashion shows or during ad-hoc events. Additional visibility will be achieved via web (Style Star will be hosted in the and portals), dedicated mobile channels and tv specials. The events calendar will be published on all print and internet media. “Cinema is Fashionable” will also see the debut of Style Star YOU!, a series of in-shop promotional events aimed at the young target market (18-30). “Cinema is Fashionable” previews and in-shop promotions will also be held in other major Italian cities. 6
  12. 12. STYLE STAR YOU! “Cinema is Fashionable” will also see the debut of Style Star YOU!, a series of in- shop promotional events aimed at the young target market (18-30). Retailers (multi-brand and department stores) will have the opportunity to recruit customers, by means of a number of diverse activities, such as castings (actors and emerging directors for short films), contests and draws. Events will be published on digital media (web, mobile) for maximum interaction, viral dissemination and participation, in true web2.0 style. 12
  13. 13. STYLE STAR FESTIVAL, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, May 2010 The first edition of the Style Star Festival will be held in Cannes, France, over a 3- day period during the Festival De Cannes (which will take place from May 13th through May 23rd, 2010). The Style Star Festival will include several exciting initiatives: Newly released short fashion and luxury film showings Exclusive parties and Gala Award Dinner Style Star Award for the most innovative and creative short as judged by an international panel of experts; or, for the most distinguished personage in the field Style Star YOU! Award Style Star Award for the Best Young Talent (courtesy of Leo Burnett) Style Star Award for the Best Digital Short, awarded online by public jury Style Star Award “In the City” for the best short movie depicting the identity, flavor and style of a city (for ex. Naples) Awards will be assigned for productions released in the two years preceding the event (1.1.2008-31.12.2009). In the 2011 edition, Style Star Awards will be assigned to shorts released in the previous year only. Style Star Festival will continue to take place every year at the Festival De Cannes. It will be the chosen venue within which to launch new shorts, from Europe and abroad. 11
  14. 14. KEY FIGURES ACCREDITED JOURNALISTS: Fashion 2.000 Cinema (Venice) 3.200 Cinema (Cannes) + 6.000 GENERAL PUBLIC: 17m unique users / month accessing the web portal 1.3 mobile phones per italian resident 1m unique users / month accessing the web portal 500.000 Aldo Coppola clients to be reached by Style Star YOU! promotions FASHION AND CINEMA TRADE: 10.000 fashion trade specialists visit Milan during Fashion Week 300.000 people attend the Venice Film Festival + 800.000 professionals visit the Cannes Film Festival 12
  15. 15. STYLE STAR: A UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE FORMAT Style Star is an entirely new format for the celebration of short fashion and luxury films. It is also a unique and innovative vehicle for the promotion of fashion and luxury brands. Style Star is: NOVEL = attracts the attention of media and of the general public MULTIMEDIA = amplifies and accelerates communication INTERACTIVE = speaks to the web community and thrives in social networks MULTICHANNEL = touches diverse, hard-to-reach consumer groups DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT = multiplies the opportunity to reach out to the consumer and implement ad-hoc customer relationship initiatives through web2.0 and mobile promotional initiatives MULTI-SECTOR = generates synergies between the world of cinema, fashion, and technology and opens a host of opportunities to each PERSONALISABLE = allows sponsors and partners to select the most appropriate initiatives from a rich plethora of events, based on their brand positioning and objectives PROFESSIONALLY RUN = sets pre-defined, shared objectives for partners, sponsors and participating brands, methodically measuring results REPEATABLE = favors returns by enabling repeat activities with reduced cost of investment FAR-REACHING = located in Italy but expected to have an international echo COST-EFFECTIVE = thanks to the strong synergy activated by Style Star between fashion, cinema and digital technology 13
  16. 16. STYLE STAR CONTACT INFORMATION Marina Garzoni Founder and President WWW: Blog: 14
  17. 17. 14