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Meet The Media Guru 2009- ENG, by MGM Digital Communication

by Maria Grazia Mattei, MGM Digital Communication

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Meet The Media Guru 2009- ENG, by MGM Digital Communication

  1. 1. MEET THE MEDIA GURU A project of Maria Grazia Mattei MGM Digital Communication Promoted by Forum Net Economy Comune di Milano, Provincia di Milano, Camera di Commercio di Milano In collaboration Mediateca di Santa Teresa Sezione Digitale Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense
  2. 2. Meet the Media Guru is a project financed by public institutions to nourish and enrich the debate over new media and the future of innovation. Meet the Media Guru is a programme of seminars offering to a large and diversified audience a unique opportunity to meet and liase with international forerunners. Meet the Media Guru stages projects and ideas. Over the years has become a point of reference for a growing community looking for inspiration and international perspective. Meet the Media Guru pays particular attention to the format. Using multimedia communication tries to create an immersive ambiance and to involve participants (those who phisically attend and those connected on the web).
  3. 3. From its launch in 2005, Meet the Media Guru is supported by the Municipality of Milan, the Province of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. Meet the Media Guru is also supported and hosted by Mediateca di Santa Teresa, the multimedia section of Biblioteca Braidense (one of the most importantant Italian libraries).
  4. 4. Meet the Media Guru targets a large and diversified audience of professionals and university students. Participants have an age ranging from 20 to 60 and have quite different backgrounds. ICT people mix with media and advertising professionals, designers, artisits, executives working in manufacturing sectors. What they have in common? A great attention for the impact of new tchnologies on the world of production and on social and cultural trends. From 2005 to 2008 we have built a mailing of almost 14,000 contacts. Of which 4,700 resgistered themselves to be part of Meet the Media Guru Community.
  5. 5. Quick facts : 2005 - 2008 16 Meet the Media Guru seminars (on average 250 partecipants) 4 Meet the Media Guru Executive seminars (on average 100 partecipants) 1 Meet the Media Guru - Focus on Italy 13600 contcts 11000 busienss and professsionals 2600 university students 4700 registired “guristi” 200 partecipants in Second Life events 582 registered on Facebook groups 15.000 card invitations sent by post 1300 press contacts 485 published news
  6. 6. vie del digitale – digital crossroads Digital Communication Art and science Social Networking Entertainment Sustainable development Interaction Design
  7. 7. In 2009, a new and enhanced website •to empower the Community •to offer more contents •and share them at large facebook, flickr, youtube, vimeo, mmgliveblog, mogulus...
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