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Alexander M. Orlando: Fundamentals when pitching to investors.

Serate con MilanIN. Lunedi' 26 Novembre ore 20.30 Pacino Cafe: Dove trovo i Soldi??? Direttamente dagli Stati Uniti: Alexander M. Orlando.

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Alexander M. Orlando: Fundamentals when pitching to investors.

  1. 1. PresentsProf. Dr. Alexander M. Orlando November 26 2012
  2. 2. © 2012 Alexander M Orlando, MBA, DBA www.innovahub.ocm
  3. 3. The life of 80% start-up
  5. 5. Overview of financing optionsNon-Equity Financing Equity Financing Angel Financing Self Finance / Venture Capital Bootstrapping Debt / Private Equity Bank Finance Public Stock Markets © 2012 Alexander M Orlando, MBA, DBA www.innovahub.ocm
  6. 6. Good reasons to raise equity finance Pre-requisites Large Potential Unique Product Passionate Market Or Concept Founding Team Opportunity Implications… Intense Need to move competition rapidly likely VC funding supports Rapid Product Hiring Partnerships Development Infrastructure Commercialization Internationalization
  7. 7. 1. Elevator Pitch 6. Proprietary Tech2. The Problem 7. Competition3. Your Solution 8. Marketing Plan4. Market Size 9. Team / Hires5. Business Model 10. Money / Milestones
  8. 8. The four S of Innovation © Individuals that inspire through their wishes innovation Inventors or innovators that seek to to sell, license, or fund their inventions. Professionals that utilize their skills and knowledge to propose innovative solutions for a prize. Entrepreneurs, organizations, and investors that are looking for new ideas, solutions, or inventions.InnovaHub © 2012 Alexander M Orlando, MBA, DBA www.innovahub.ocm
  9. 9. picture your idea an effective elevatorpitch is illustrative and tangible.
  10. 10. 3 keywords + your nameto describe your idea
  11. 11. 60 to a max of 90 seconds
  12. 12. ….. tell me more…
  13. 13. keep your eyes shut whilesomeone reads your text out loud
  14. 14. © 2012 Alexander M Orlando, MBA, DBA www.innovahub.ocm
  15. 15. Sharing relevant information Pre - first meeting Pre - termsheet Post - termsheet∗ 100 page business • Dialogue rather than • Some additional plan not required documentation – expect reference calls with lots of meetings partners / customers∗ 20 page ppt which • Calls with current / • Personal reference calls clearly answers prospective customers or main questions is partners • Legal / accounting audit best bet (if relevant) ∗ Product • Meeting broader team • Drafting legal ∗ Market ∗ Business Model • Brainstorming around documentation ∗ Team strategy ∗ Competition • Identifying key hires post ∗ Product Roadmap ∗ closing Technology Overview • Formal presentation to ∗ Business VC partnership Development ∗ Financial Status 2-4 weeks 1-2 Months
  16. 16. Equity Financing Early Stage Later Stage Pre-IPO / Private Seed Series A, (B) (B),C,D… Buy-out EquityInvestment Size 0 - €1m €2m-€20m €5m-€20m €30m+Potential Grant-funding Venture Venture SpecialistSources of Capital Capital Late stageFunds University seed tech funds (Wealthy) investment Angel funds Friends and investors family Hedge Funds Angel Investors (Venture Capital) © 2012 Alexander M Orlando, MBA, DBA www.innovahub.ocm
  17. 17. The Executive Summary∗ Stimulate and motivate the investor to learn more.∗ Hook them on the first page. Most investors are inundated with business plans. Your first page must make them want to keep reading.∗ Keep it simple. After reading the first page, investors often do not understand the business. If your business is truly complex, you can dive into the details later on.∗ Be brief. The executive summary should be 2 to 4 pages in length. © 2012 Alexander M Orlando, MBA, DBA www.innovahub.ocm
  18. 18. Approaching VC’s∗ Investing is a people business, and getting a meeting is all about “who you know”∗ Best way to approach a VC is some form of introduction ∗ If you don’t know a VC, find someone who knows you and get them to introduce you ∗ Entrepreneur, professor, attorney… (Linkedin…) ∗ Sending a plan to is a waste of time
  19. 19. Contineo Management Accel Partners Partners500 InnovaHub