1 - The settlement of the Slavs in the Balkan


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These are a series of presentations about Slavs tribes and Serbian nation. I tried to give a basic information about an underestimated tribes and nation, without any intention to cause offense. I apologize for the non-literary language, because I do not know English so well.

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1 - The settlement of the Slavs in the Balkan

  1. 1. THE SETTLEMENT OF THE SLAVS IN THE BALKAN www.casistorije.tk Illustration of Slavs life
  2. 2. Welcome. With this lesson we begin a school course on medieval Serbs. But in order to reach them, we need to begin to determine their origin. You will learn basic information about the ancient Slavs, and where we are, according to official science, originated. - Slavs had long remained unknown to ancient writers, so there is little written about them. At the same time, many times they have moved, which is even more hampered the acquisition of knowledge about them. - The boundaries of the old homeland of Slavs are the Baltic Sea to the north, the Carpathian mountain in the south; in the west and east are rivers Oder, Vistula, Elbe, Dnieper, Dniester, Bug...
  3. 3. - Slavs were the farmers. Since their cultivation was primitive, yields were low. At the same time, population increased. Included in The great migration process (IV-VII century ad), the Slavs were moved. This causes the great migration of the Slavs. - Part of the space is left blank by relocations of Germanic tribes, the Slavs were filled. They set off on 3 sides: east, west, south, and they are so divided. Eastern Slavs are Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. Western Slavs are Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Lusatia Serbs and Polab Serbs. Southern Slavs are Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Bulgarians and Macedonian Slavs. -The Slavs originally had a common language, culture, customs and religion. They were polytheists, believed in many gods, ghosts, and various strange creatures. Christianity was later received, from Constantinople and Rome.
  4. 4. - Southern Slavs from the left bank of the lower Danube, together with non-slavic Avars tribe, attacked and looted Byzant territory. They even besieged Constantinople, but without success, because they had no navy. In 7th century Southern Slavs were definitely settled in the Balkans. -Slavs came up to the Greek Peloponnese, to the Black and Adriatic Sea, and, in the north to the Alps. -As farmers and ranchers they inhabited landscapes along the river, the land that already had been cultivated. Where were weaker, retreated into the hills. -Slavs lived in democracy. Although they had a tribal aristocracy, all issues are resolved in the joint meetings of all adult members of the tribe. The prisoners are gladly accepted into the tribe if they wanted to stay.