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Assignment 1, Crash Course on Creativity


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Assignment 1 from Team Kaleido for Dr. Tina Seelig's Crash Course on Creativity, Autumn 2012

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Assignment 1, Crash Course on Creativity

  1. 1. A Crash Course on CreativityAssignment 1: Team Kaleido Tuesday, October 23, 2012
  2. 2. Mala Shiva Rekha Sharon2 Team Kaleido (13959)
  3. 3. I Design, Art, Puzzles, Technology Innovation K Architecture, Business and Hi-Tech Management A Eternal Optimist, Extremely Curious, Avid Learner H C English Literature, Movies, Music R Use technology to Connect, Communicate, Create3 Mala H Love travelling, Networking, Volunteering, Tennis
  4. 4. I Planning Destination and Theme Weddings K Library Science, Sociology A Learn from Life’s Experiences, Make it Count H C English Literature, Movies, Music R Use technology to Connect, Communicate4 Rekha H Love travelling, Meeting People, Socializing
  5. 5. I Solving Problems, Puzzles, Trying New Things K Intellectual Property Product Development A Seeker: Learn, Live, Love, Laugh, Share, Help, Teach H C Books, Science Fiction, Movies with Happy Endings R Use technology to Connect, Communicate5 Shiva H Badminton, Tennis, Family, Friends
  6. 6. I A world of equals, free of barriers, poverty and hardship K Reading, English Literature, Travel, Life A Invest in people to make the world a better place to live. H C Cultures of the world, English literature, Working with NGO’s R Public relations and people skills6 Sharon H Travel, Discover New Places, Meet People, Socializing, Dance, Music
  7. 7. In Common I Reading, Thinking new thoughts, Creating new ideas, Thinking out of the box K Learning is a Life-long Endeavour A A Spirit of Adventure, Thirst for Knowledge, Quest to Expand our Horizons H C Literature, Movies, Music, Concerned About the Earth, People, Societal Issues R Use technology to Connect, Communicate, Create7 Team Kaleido H Love travelling, Networking, Socializing, Sports