INTO Manchester Pre-Departure Guide


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INTO Manchester Pre-Departure Guide

  1. 1. Pre-departure guide
  2. 2. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011Welcome A very warm welcome to INTO Manchester! Our INTO centre offers you a wonderful environment in which to learn and prepare for your future and we welcome you to your studies with us. In your first week you will settle into your accommodation, be enrolled on your course and meet the directors of your courses along with our Student Services team. We’ll be doing everything we can to make you feel at home as quickly as possible. Manchester is a fantastic place to study and live as you’ll find out as you find your way around our lovely city and get to know our staff and other students on your course. I wish you an enjoyable first week and look forward to meeting you. Best Wishes Dawn Abbott Centre Director, INTO Manchester Start dates: All students should plan to arrive two days prior to your programme start date - please ensure you arrive on time!
  3. 3. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Meet the INTO Manchester teamDawn Abbott Martin Eayrs Sarah Appleton Lena Abu-ElfeilatCentre Director Academic Director Academic Support Manager ReceptionistDiarmuid Fogarty Sandra Fraser Jerry Warner Emma WilliamsProgramme Manager - Director of Studies EAP Director of Studies Admissions and StudentEnglish - Foundation Support ManagerNicola Francis Sophie Andrews Chris Walmsley Naomi BurkeAdmissions Team Leader Finance Officer Marketing and Accommodation and Communications Coordinator Welfare ManagerContentsWelcome 2 Orientation programme 11Meet the INTO Manchester team 3 Registering for your course 12Before you leave 4 Making the most of your first week 14Before you arrive in the UK 5 Social programme 15Arrival at the airport 6 Health and safety 16Arriving at INTO Manchester 7 Key contacts, useful numbersAirport collection form 8 and websites 17Money 10 Maps 18 3
  4. 4. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011Before you leaveChecklist – before you leave homePlease make sure you have completed everything on this checklist before you leave home. 1. Have you paid full fees for your tuition, accommodation and insurance (if applicable)?2. Have you returned your Arrivals Details Form to Do you require an INTO airport taxi transfer? If so, please complete the Airport Transfer Booking Credit Card form.4. Have you booked your accommodation?5. Have you organised cash and pound sterling traveller’s cheques to bring with you?6. Have you checked your passport is valid for at least six months?7. Have you applied for and received your visa?8. Have you packed all relevant original documentation or certified copies including your: • INTO Offer Letter • INTO CAS statement – if required • IELTS certificate or original English Language test result • ny other original documents/transcripts listed in your INTO Visa Letter, for example your A high school certificate or home university certificates. You will need these to FULLY register and enroll on your course, and to make a visa extension in the UK • Passport • ank statements (for the last three months and stamped by the bank) as evidence of sufficient B funds to show the Immigration Officer on arrival at the airport in the UK9. Have you got your documents for medical registration? • Immunisation History Book • UK Foreign Commonwealth Office Visa Tuberculosis Screening Certificate (if you have one)10. Have you put the emergency telephone numbers into your mobile phone (to be put into your hand luggage)?11. Do you know your airline’s luggage allowance and have you packed accordingly?12. Do you have: • Photographs from home? • Waterproof coat and shoes? • Address and phone numbers of friends and family? • Adaptor for UK electricity sockets? 4
  5. 5. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Before you arrive in the UKApplying for a UK student visa • When your visa is issued it will include your CAS numberMost international students from outside the European Union as supplied on the CAS Statement.who wish to take a full-time course in the UK must apply for a • If you change your mind and want to study at anothervisa prior to leaving their home country. institution, you have to tell us before you come to the You can check your status on the following website: UK so we can cancel your CAS with UKBA, you can re-apply for your visa with a CAS from a If you are a visa national you can apply for a Student different sponsor.Visitor Visa for courses of six months or less; a General Changes to your student registration statusStudent Visa (Tier 4) for English language courses at or above We must tell the UK Border Agency about any students whoB2 on the CEFR; or a General Student Visa (Tier 4) for have an entry clearance visa issued under PBS rules who failcourses at Level 3 on the National Qualifications framework to arrive for the start of a course, withdraw from a course,(NQF) at an institution which is deemed to be, or is on, the defer or suspend their studies, or fail to attend for significantRegister of Highly Trusted Sponsors. periods of time.How will the Points Based System (PBS) affect Further information about the points based system canmy entry clearance/student visa application? be found at the following websites. We advise that you checkIf you are a visa national and you apply for a General Student these websites regularly for up to date information.Visa you will need a ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for UK Border Agency:Studies’(CAS), which is an electronic number, that will provide for you. British Embassy/High Commission:Applying for your General Student Visa (TIER 4) come to the UK UKCISA (Council for International Student Affairs):When you apply for a General Student Visa (Tier 4) must include a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies(CAS) number. Meeting immigration staff at the airport• We will send your CAS details when you confirm your When you arrive at a UK airport, you should be prepared to unconditional offer of a place to study and pay your answer some questions about yourself, including where you deposit/full fees. will be staying and what you intend to do during your time• Your CAS will not be sent more than six months before in the UK. the start of your course. You may be asked to undergo a brief, routine health• The CAS number will be included in a letter called a ‘CAS check by the airport doctor, which might include an X-ray. Statement’. This will also include important information The health check will take place in a separate room. needed for your visa application. Afterwards, you will need to return to Immigration Control.• You can only apply for your visa three months or less Please note that if you have already studied in the UK and before the start of your course. are changing your education provider, you will need to apply for a visa for your new course at INTO Manchester. This could• The start date is published on your CAS Statement. If you take up to 40 days. It is a criminal offence to change plan to arrive on a different date you must let us know. educational providers before you have received your new visa This is very important as we must inform the UK Border from the Home Office. INTO Manchester will not be able to register you on the course unless you have a valid visa, and Agency (UKBA) if you do not arrive on time. will ask you to leave. 5
  6. 6. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011Arrival at the airport, how toreach the CentreINTO Manchester can organise your transport Getting from Manchesterfrom Manchester International Airport to your International Airport:accommodation. When you receive your By Taxiaccommodation details we will instruct you to go If you have not booked your taxi through INTOto the PCS taxi desk to meet your driver. If you Manchester then you should only use the airporthave not requested accommodation from INTO approved black taxi service signposted at the airport,Manchester we can still arrange your transfer. or go to the Desk “PCS Airport Transfers”.Please complete the attached Airport TransferBooking form and return it to INTO. By Bus The bus transport link through Manchester isAirport Transfer £30 excellent. The trip from the Airport to the city centre orThe fee is payable to INTO Manchester and will be Piccadilly Bus Station takes about 40 minutes and youadded to your invoice. If you do not wish to book an can take buses 43 or 105 from outside the airport.INTO Manchester Airport Taxi transfer, the following By Traininformation will help you make your own way to There is a train station attached to ManchesterManchester. Airport and after leaving the arrivals hall you can just follow the sign for the train station, purchase your ticket from a machine or the ticket office and then board your train. There is a train to the city centre approximately every 20 minutes and the journey takes around 20 minutes to Manchester Piccadilly. 6
  7. 7. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Arriving at INTO ManchesterArriving in London You should come to the centre on the first working day after your arrival at 9am to commence your enrolment.If your flight takes you to London we advise that youget a transfer to Manchester International Airport.This means that your luggage will go all the way to If you arrive on Come to INTO CentreManchester without you having to worry about it and Monday Tuesday 9amoften the transfer costs little more than the train or Tuesday Wednesday 9amcoach fare from London to Manchester. It is also Wednesday Thursday 9ampossible to travel from London to Manchester by Thursday Friday 9amtrain. This takes around 2 hours. Friday Monday 9amPlease note: INTO Manchester does not organise Saturday Monday 9amtransfers from London to Manchester. INTO Sunday Monday 9amManchester is situated in the City Centre (see map)3rd Floor Bridgewater House58/60 Whitworth St The INTO Centre is a 5-minute walk from ourManchester residential accommodation and you will find a mapM1 6LT and directions in your room. If you are in homestayTel: +44 (0)161 279 7272 accommodation then your host family will be able to direct you and, if possible, accompany you on yourPlease note: the office is closed on Saturdays, first day.Sundays and Bank Holidays. 7
  8. 8. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011 ✁Airport collection formArrivals details formAll students MUST complete this arrivals details form and returnone week before your course start date by email to fax to +44 (0)1273 328595 / +44 (0)1273 329746Section 1Personal detailsFamily name (surname)Other/given names (first name)Email addressMobile phone numberINTO number (please refer to offer letter)Section 2Arrival details into the UK and confirmation of accommodationCountry flight departs fromDate of arrival Time of arrival (am/pm)UK airport TerminalFlight number Name of airlineArrival date in Manchester Arrival time in ManchesterAny special requirementsPlease make sure that you book a flight which arrives on the weekend before your course start date. If onarrival you require a taxi to meet you and will be staying in a hotel or other accommodation not arranged byINTO then please provide the addressSection 3Airport transfer bookingPlease tick one of the following boxes to show whether you would like a taxi to meet you at your UK arrival airportand take you to your accommodation £30.00 Manchester Airport I do not require an airport transfer 8
  9. 9. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469✁ Section 4 If you will be under 18 on arrival and do not require INTO to meet you at the airport and arrange a transfer then the following section must be completed Name of person meeting the student: Address of person meeting the student: Mobile telephone number: Name of parent: Signature of parent: Date: Credit card form Payments over £50 by credit card are subject to a 2% surcharge and debit cards to a £1 surcharge. This will be taken from the card in addition to the amount stated in section 3 of this form. CREDIT CARD DETAILS To enable fees to be debited from your credit card, please complete the details below. VISA CREDIT MASTERCARD DEBIT If DEBIT, please specify type: Please note, the University will only accept transactions using the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, Solo, Maestro, Electron or Visa debit. Credit/debit card number / Card start date —— —— (mm/yy) / Card expiry date —— —— (mm/yy) Issue number Security code This is the last three digits of the code found on the back of your card. Cardholder name Billing address Please return this form by email to or fax to +44 (0)1273 328595 / +44 (0)1273 329746 9
  10. 10. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011MoneyCurrency Bank accountsCurrency across the UK is the pound sterling (£GBP). If you are going to be here for longer than six months,One pound is divided into one hundred pence (100p). we strongly recommended you open a UK bankNotes are issued to the value of £50, £20, £10, and account, as soon as possible, after arriving in the UK.£5 and coins to the value of £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, UK banks are open 9am to 4.30pm on weekdays5p, 2p and 1p. Please note that £50 notes are very and some are open on Saturday mornings. If you bringuncommon and should be avoided as they can often a banker’s draft in sterling with you (payable to yourself)be the target of counterfeiters. We do not advise or arrange for it to be sent, then you can open ancarrying large sums of cash with you on arrival. account at a bank after you have registered on your We recommend that you bring enough money course. It may also be useful to bring a letter from yourwith you to cover the first couple of weeks after your bank at home (or some other documentation) toarrival – no more than £250 in cash for your confirm your credit status. We will provide you withimmediate needs should suffice. It is safer to bring further information and support on opening accountslarge sums of money in travellers’ cheques, which can during your induction week. In order to open a bankbe cashed in banks, post offices and airports but be account you will need the following:aware that there is often a minimum commission • Your passportcharge. Please avoid carrying large sums of cash or • Proof you are a student – we will issue you with ankeeping large amounts in your room for safety official bank letter after registrationreasons. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted • Proof of the UK, MasterCard (Access) and Visa credit cards For further advice on opening bank accounts in thebeing the most common. Diners Club and American UK, you can visit:Express are less so. You can withdraw cash from a machine (also known as an ‘ATM’) if youhave a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for that Living costscard. You may want to inform your current bank thatyou are going to the UK and to ask if you can use It is estimated that a single student will needyour card here. approximately £650 - £750 a month to meet their basic living expenses. This is just an indication and will alter depending on your lifestyle and spending habits. It is important to plan and budget your finances for living in the UK; it’s not just your course fees you need to think about. If you want help with planning and budgeting your finances, the following international student website may be useful: index.asp 10
  11. 11. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Orientation programmeInduction programmeAt the start of your course you will receive a fullinduction (providing you arrive the weekend beforethe start date of the course). This will vary in lengthaccording to which course you will be studying andit is a great opportunity to meet staff and studentsand find out more about the University and the localarea. You should attend all sessions. The inductionprogramme will usually include:• Welcome talks• Information sessions with INTO Student Services• A test!• Social activities• A city orientation tour of Manchester.The following is an example time table for theSeptember and January prientation programme. MONDAY TUeSDAY WeDNeSDAY THUrSDAY FrIDAYMORNINg 9.00 9.00-11.30 9.00 9.00-11.00 9.00 - 12.30 NEW ArrIVAL ENgLISH LEVEL TEST NEW ArrIVAL ENgLISH LEVEL TEST NEW ArrIVAL rEgISTrATION rEgISTrATION rEgISTrATION 10.00-12.30 10.00-12.30 10.00-12.30 9.30-11.30 WELCOME AND MEET WELCOME AND MEET POLICE rEgISTrATION COUrSE THE DIrECTOrS THE DIrECTOrS INTRODUCTIONLUNCHAFTErNOON 14.00-16.00 12.00-12.30 14.00-16.00 12.00-12.30 13.00 CITy CENTrE TOUr UNDEr 18’s WITH CITy CENTrE TOUr UNDEr 18’s WITH NEW ArrIVAL NAOMI BUrKE NAOMI BUrKE ENgLISH LEVEL TEST 14.00-16.00 14.00-16.00 15.00 QUESTIONS AND QUESTIONS AND NEW ArrIVAL ANSWEr SESSION ANSWEr SESSION PLACEMENTS 15.00-17.00 POLICE *TIMETABLES TO 15.00-17.00 13.00-15.00 rEgISTrATION BE ISSUED THE POLICE rEgISTrATION COUrSE FOLLOWINg WEEK 16.00-18.00 15.00-16.00 INTRODUCTION POLICE rEgISTrATION THE UNIVErSITy OF MANCHESTEr WELCOME TALK EVENINg 17.30-20.30 16.30-19.30 BOWLINg INTErNATIONAL SOCIETy (35 MAx – SIgN UP ESSENTIAL)Students starting programmes not in September and January will enjoy a shorter orientation 11programme
  12. 12. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011Registering for your courseYou must come to the INTO Manchester centre to Once you have registered then you will have aregister for your course at 9am on the first working welcome talk by Student Services in which we willday after your arrival. explain everything you need to know about life in the You will be met at the reception desk by either a UK and how best to get along in your first few weeksstudent ambassador, or a member or the Student with us. The timetable for the rest of the week willServices team at Bridgewater House who will direct also be the registration area where you will meet The next stage of your registration is your Englishmembers of the INTO team. verification test. You will have already provided On your first day you will meet with the team, have evidence of your English language qualifications andan induction to INTO Manchester and in the afternoon we will give you an online test so that we can verifythere will be a tour around the City of Manchester. the qualifications which you have already provided. Things you need to bring with you on your first You will go on to meet your course tutors and receiveday which may also be needed during the rest of your timetables.your first week: Once you are fully registered on your course, you• CAS Statement. will be able to collect your student ID card at a• Passport and Visa and Identity card. specified time, which you must wear at all times• Fees (if not already paid). whilst in the centre. This will also give you access to• IELTS certificate. the computers and internet in the computer suites.• Your address in Manchester. You will then be able to take part in the• An emergency contact name and number. information talks and social activities provided during• Patience, an umbrella and a smile your orientation week. (all invaluable in Manchester). 12
  13. 13. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469The teachers were great. They make you work hard but it’s good because itprepares you for studying at University. In my second week at the Centre, one ofthe staff helped us to get tickets to see Manchester United play and they won! Itwas a great experience and something that I will always remember.Nicholas MooMalaysia 13
  14. 14. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011Making the most of your first weekOn arrival we will provide you with a FREE SIM card Other things to remember:to use in the UK which also has one free international • Attend ALL your classes and on it, so you can call home and let your family • Always be on time!know you have arrived safely. This will give you cheap • Be prepared for your classes!rates to phone internationally and will be much • Care for others’ feelings and cultures.cheaper than your current SIM card or any other UK • Feel free to ask questions whenever you need providers. • Join social events and sports clubs. There are lots Alternatively, you can always download Skype, a to choose from so ask the INTO computer programme that allows you to use • Keep your accommodation clean and tidy.your computer like a phone and place international • Overcome problems by sharing them with yourcalls for free to other Skype users. Depending on friends, teachers and INTO staff.your computer, web cameras are also supported. • Practise English as much as you can and in as Please remember that when you arrive in the UK many places as you will have travelled a long way from home and • Your academic progress and your behaviour willalthough this will be an exciting time, please do always be monitored.remember that your family and friends may worryabout you. PLEASE contact them and let them knowthat you are safe! 14
  15. 15. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Social programmeINTO Manchester is working hard to develop our We are keen to help you develop your social networksocial programme. One of our regular features is and have included a range of social activities in thefootball, not only between students but also involving Orientation programme – please do sign up for theseteachers! We hold trips to local places of interest as this will be essential to your introduction to INTOalong with treasure hunts and welcome parties. Manchester and the people that will be studying with As well as our own social programme we have you throughout your time here. You can also formalso developed close links with the International close links and receive vital information throughSociety, who run trips further afield to historical signing up to the INTO Manchester facebook group.places of interest, conservation parks and the theatre. Please keep yourself up to date by looking at the on each floor of the centre. Manchester/138987709293 15
  16. 16. Pre-departure guide 2010-2011Health and safetyPersonalYour good health is vital to your studies – makesure you look after yourself! You will be giveninformation about registering with a doctor uponyour arrival and please make sure you do this. Wewill also give you information about dentists, walkin centres and how to look after yourself in general.You will also receive advice about staying safe inManchester and how best to do this and what todo in the event of an emergency.In centreHealth and safety in centre is everyone’sresponsibility. If you do see anything that you thinkis a concern to you or your classmates then pleasereport it to the reception desk and we will make sureit is attended to or dealt with immediately. 16
  17. 17. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Key contacts, useful numbersand websitesIMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERSPlease make sure that you put these numbers in your phone:INTO Manchester Useful Contacts+44 (0)161 279 7272 +44 (0)20 79671200 www.iasuk.orgINTO Emergency Number Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) for free advice.+44 (0)7907 721 469 of office hours) To book accommodation.Manchester Taxi Firms Airport Transfers Letter requests.+44 (0)845 223 2000 Cars adult-students+44 (0)161 236 8033 UKBA website.Short term budget accommodation (0)161 236 9500 All information regarding studying in the UK andHatters Hostel excellent advice on Budgeting. +44 (0)8712 710711City Centre Hotels close to INTO Manchester Airportwww.ibishotel.comIbis Hotel, Portland Street +44 (0) 161 856 3320 Nationality Greater Manchester PolicePrincess on Portland, Portland Street Bootle Street www.nhs.ukThe Palace Hotel, Oxford Road To register with a doctor. UKCISA advice for all International Students. 17
  19. 19. In case of emergency call INTO Manchester on +44 (0) 7907 721 469Sometimes in Manchester it’s cold and rains a lot, so being from Brazil it should havebeen my last choice to stay here, but it’s such a lovely city! It’s small enough to knowyour way around, but big enough to have a lot going on. It’s a young city, and thepeople are nice – I find them more open than in London. The atmosphere is great andthere are lots of international students in Manchester. My favourite memory of my timeat INTO Manchester was the great friends that I have made from so many differentcountries – I enjoyed being able to learn about other people’s lives and cultures andcomparing them with my own.Fernanda SouzaBrazil 19
  20. 20. INTO ManchesterBridgewater House58/60 Whitworth streetManchester M1 6LTT: (+44) (0) 161 279 7272F: (+44) (0) 161 234 0900E:© INTO Manchester LLP, June 2010. All content published in this document isbelieved accurate at time of publication. INTO reserves the right to alter details ofall aspects of its operation without notice.INTO University Partnerships Limited is a limited company registered in Englandand Wales, registered number 05507863. Registered office: 102 Middlesex Street,London E1 7EZEducation provider sponsor number 6FY6FQBV1