Sociology for the Caribbean SOCI 1002 syllabus (UWI Mona)


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Follow this guideline and You will do well in this course

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Sociology for the Caribbean SOCI 1002 syllabus (UWI Mona)

  1. 1. Mikol Mortley University of the West Indies SOCIOLOGY FOR THE CARIBBEAN SOCI 1002 COURSE REVIEW BY Mikol Mortley 1. INTRODUCTION Sociology o Importance o Necessity o Contributions o Industrial Society o The dark ages Founder Fathers of Sociology o Auguste Comte o Emile Durkheim Positivism Social Institution Social Structure Socialization o Informal o Formal o Primary o Secondary o Tertiary Society Social structure Social Institutions 2. BASIC SOCIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS Aggregate Groups o Social groups o Group characteristics o Primary groups o Secondary groups o Reference groups o In-groups o Out-groups Culture o Low culture o High culture o Sub culture o Popular culture o Counter culture o Sub-altern culture o Characteristics of Culture Status o Ascribed status o Achieved status Roles 3. SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES Self o Looking Glass Self …. C.H. Cooley o I and Me … G.H. Mead Self-Concept o Development of self o Stages of development : I. Play stage II. Game stage o Generalized other Sociological Imagination…C. Wright Mills o Historical sensibility o Anthropological sensibility o Critical sensibility Functionalism o Durkheim’s structural functionalism o Social Facts o Social order o Social Change o Solidarity (Integration): I. Organic Solidarity II. Mechanical Solidarity o Function Prerequisites (AGIL) o Pattern variables A& B o Dysfunction o Manifestation and latency Marxist Conflict Theory o Dialectical Materialism o Historical Materialism o Economic Determinism Class consciousness o Class in yourself o Class for yourself Weberian Social Action
  2. 2. Mikol Mortley University of the West Indies o Traditional action o Affective action o Value oriented rationality o Absolute rationality 4. CARIBBEAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE Acculturation Inter-culturation Assimilation Cultural change African Retention…Herskovits Creole Culture Aspects of Caribbean Culture o Music o Dance o Fashion o Art Cultural erasure Globalized Culture 5. SOCIAL STRATIFICATION Definition Caribbean social stratification Types of stratification 6. MODELS OF THE CARIBBEAN SOCIETY Plantation society …MG smith, George Beckford, Best Plural society Creole society…E.K. Braithwaite Class society 7. FAMILY AND GENDER Family o Definitions : McKenzie .1993, Macionis and Plummer o Functions of the family I. Procreation of children II. Socialization III. Economic provision Afro-Caribbean Family types : I. Nuclear II. Common law III. Visiting union IV. Extended V. Grand-mother headed VI. Sibling VII. Sole parent Life cycle of the afro-Caribbean family Contemporary changes Matrifocality Gender in the Afro-Caribbean Family o Roles of males and females Caribbean Family Theories o Herskovits o Edith Clarke, R.T Smith, M.G. Smith o Hyman Rodman, Greenfield, Barrow o R.T Smith o Functionalist perspective: I. Murdock II. Parsons o Marxist Perspective on Family o Engel’s historical view of Family o Kinship Patterns