Good vibes: Emotion and Happiness


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My report about emotions and happiness for our Physio 296 elective

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Good vibes: Emotion and Happiness

  1. 1. Miguel LosantasUPCM class 2015
  2. 2. *Emotion *Positive Importance Psychology Perspectives on Definition emotion Known benefits What it can affect Interventions*Happiness Definition Neural correlates Motivation
  3. 3. *Integral part of life*Can be positive or negative
  4. 4. *Evolutionary Perspective Basic emotions Universally recognizable Can’t be simplified Ancient brain structures Limbic system/rhinencephalon Adaptation Nutritious food Fight or Flight
  5. 5. *Social Construct Perspective Observed through behavior Guilt Anger Cultural bases Love Anger
  6. 6. *Neural correlates Phineas Gage Normal at first Accident Behavioral change
  7. 7. *Neural correlates Brain structures Limbic system Prefrontal cortex
  8. 8. *Neural correlates Hormones and neurotransmitters Oxytocin Dopamine Serotonin
  9. 9. *Autonomic Nervous System Heart rate, respiratory rate Pupils Lie detector
  10. 10. *Facial Expression Happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, anger, disgust Seen in different cultures Can be recognized cross-culturally Facial feedback
  11. 11. *Decision making Gut Feel Good and Bad
  12. 12. *Hedonia*Eudaimonia
  13. 13. *Neural Correlates Sensation Coding vs Causation
  14. 14. *Neural Correlates Hedonic Hotspots Nucleus Accumbens, Ventral Pallidum, Brainstem Orbitofrontal Cortex Neurotransmitters
  15. 15. *Reward and pleasure*Extrinsic and Intrinsic
  16. 16. *Strengths and virtues*Meaning and fulfillment*Central Concerns Positive emotions Positive traits Positive institution
  17. 17. *Known Benefits Better physical health Better mental health Better quality of life
  18. 18. *Physical activity*Sports*Relaxation techniques*Social Interaction
  19. 19. *Control your emotions*Be the best that you can be!