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Integration of Dreamschool auth to Educloud Bazaar


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We have been working hard with Dreamschool, Dreamplatform, Educloud and Educloud Bazaar. I thought I had a slot for presentation today but the schedule was changed. Anyways, here's the material.

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Integration of Dreamschool auth to Educloud Bazaar

  1. 1. Dreamschool + Bazaar integration
  2. 2. Dreamschool Background ● Based on Open Source Dream Platform ○ ● Provides Single Sign-On (SSO) for all cloud services + Virtual desktop ● Technology is developed and maintained by Haltu Ltd ● Technology is currently used by almost 100 000 teachers and students all around Finland ○ Also projects in Singapore (2012-2014) ● Developed together with teachers and students ● Read more: ○ ○
  3. 3. Identification Role management Fronter Its- Learning Ubiikki e-Oppi BAZAAR
  4. 4. ● Dreamschool learning environment is used as a identification provider for Educloud Single Sign-on (SSO) ● Teacher or Principal can log into Bazaar with their Dreamschool credentials ● Browse and Buy material in Bazaar ➢ Becomes available for usage in Dreamschool Basics about the integration
  5. 5. Usage in Dreamschool ● Teacher can select material and attach it directly to any assignment ● Student can access the material from any assignment ● Most of the materials are links to 3rd party content services
  6. 6. Born global ● Easy to integrate with local services and global service providers ● Easy-to-use tools for translating into any language ➢ ● Open source and open APIs ● Possibility to work together with educators all around the world
  7. 7. Contact details Mr. Mikko Sävilahti, CEO +358503506464
  8. 8. Contact details Mr. Ilkka Hakkari, CTO +358408463677