Print options student version pp dec 12 b


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Tghis guide explains what the various print options that are shown in the print menu in MS Word and how they can be used.

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Print options student version pp dec 12 b

  1. 1. Using the options in thePrint menu Left click with your mouse to move to the next slide.
  2. 2. There are lots of options available through the Print menu that can help you format & present your work.This brief guide aims to show you how to use them.
  3. 3. The Print menu• When you select Print from the File menu you are presented with a list of different options.
  4. 4. Print & Copies• You can print more than one copy of your document. Use the arrows to increase or decrease the number of copies to print.• Click on the Print button when you are ready to print your work.
  5. 5. Printer• Use this drop down list to select a particular printer or print pull queue.• In the LRC you need to use either the B&W or Colour Pull Queues
  6. 6. Pages• You can enter page numbers in the Pages box to print single pages or range of pages.• Use the drop down list to view more options. You can even highlight & print a Selection of text.
  7. 7. Single or double sided printing • The pull queues print on both sides by default. • Flip on long edge for Portrait orientated work and short edge for Landscape• Use the drop down list select Print One Sided to print your work single sided.
  8. 8. Collated or uncollated• When printing multiple copies you would normally use the default of collated.• Use uncollated if you want to keep the individual pages together, rather than printed as complete documents.
  9. 9. Orientation• Use the drop down box to select orientation of Portrait or Landscape
  10. 10. A4 or not A4• Use this list to select the size of paper you would like to print on.• We use A4 and A3 paper in the LRC, so these are your best options.
  11. 11. Margins• You can adjust the size of your margins to the pre-set options shown here or select Custom Margins to set your own.• The right size margins can improve the appearance of your work.
  12. 12. Pages per sheet• Use this option to print more than one page per sheet of paper.• This can be useful for rough drafts or notes.
  13. 13. Do you need more help?If you have any questions about this or othercomputing matters please come and see staff in the e-Learning Centre. You can also contact the e-Learning Centre by phone on 0191 375 4411