How to photocopy mar 13


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This guide shows you how to use the basic features on the MFD printer/copiers to make photocopies.

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How to photocopy mar 13

  1. 1. How do I make photocopies?Left click with your mouse to move to thenext screen.
  2. 2. There are 7 combined printer /copiers in the LRC - one on the ground floor and six in the e- Learning Centre.This brief guide tells you how to use them to make photocopies.
  3. 3. Exactly what do you need to copy?• Before you go and log on to the copier decide what you need to copy.• If you are going to copy several things from different magazines or journals, use bookmarks or slips of paper to mark each item.• This will make it easier for you to find them as you make your copies.
  4. 4. Logging onto a Printer 1• On the touch screen press Username and enter your student number, then press OK.• Now press Password and enter your password and press OK.
  5. 5. Logging onto a Printer 2• With your username and password entered, press the login button.• After a few seconds you will be shown the photocopier controls on the touch screen.
  6. 6. Photocopier Defaults• The copier is set up to do single sided, B&W, A4 copies.• You can adjust these settings by pressing the buttons shown below.
  7. 7. Photocopying Options• When you have gone into one section you can select others using the tabs shown below.
  8. 8. Set for Colour Copying• Press this button to show the colour options.• In the next screen select full colour.• This will give the best colour copies.
  9. 9. Selecting Paper• The copier will normally detect the size of item you are copying & select paper to match.• However, you can set the paper size & orientation by choosing from the available options.
  10. 10. Zoom – making it bigger or smaller• Press the Zoom button to see the available preset options for enlarging or reducing the size of your copies.• Check the options carefully & select the one that best suits you.
  11. 11. Single-sided or Double-sided?• The Duplex button gives you lots of options; 1 to 1 sided, 2 to 2 sided, 1 to 2 sided. The last option allows you to make copy double-sided copies from single-sided originals.
  12. 12. Logging on – Tips 1• You can use the number key pad to enter your username – this is often quicker and easier than using the touch screen.
  13. 13. Logging on – Tips 2• Use the Enlarge button on the touch pad. This makes it easier to see and use. From this … … this
  14. 14. Photocopying tip• If you are copying lots of loose sheets or double-sided originals, let the document feed do the work.• Place the papers face up, set up the copy options, press start and relax as your copies are created!
  15. 15. Do you need more help? If you have any questions about this or anyother matters please come and see a member of LRC staff. You can also contact the Library by phone or by email.