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How to join student version pp dec 12


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This is a brief guide to jopining the library at NCD

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How to join student version pp dec 12

  1. 1. How do I join theLibrary?
  2. 2. All NCD students are entitled touse the facilities in the LRC andjoin the Library to borrow books and other resources. The Library provides resourcesfor all NCD courses. Using these will help you get the best out of your time at college.
  3. 3. To join the Library:• You must be enrolled on an NCD course and have the status of Live or SLC Pending.• You must have or know your Student Enrolment Number. This is the 8 digit code that is shown on your enrolment form.
  4. 4. Come to the Library counter….• Tell staff there that you want to join the Library.• They will ask for your Student Enrolment Number.• They will then add your details to our system, which is called Heritage.
  5. 5. Heritage and Biometrics • We add your details to our Heritage Library software. • We then scan your forefingers 3 times each to create a unique code. • Whenever you need to borrow books or extend your loan all you need is your finger!
  6. 6. More about Biometrics• We use finger print scanning to identify students instead of library cards.• We do not store images of your fingers.• Your unique code cannot be converted back into images.• This is easier for you - you don’t have to remember to bring your library card.
  7. 7. You can borrow….• Students on H.E. courses can take out up to 15 items in total.• Students on F.E. or other courses can take out up to 10 items in total.• Most books can be borrowed for 4 weeks but some have shorter loan periods or maybe reference only.
  8. 8. Do you need more help? If you have any questions about this or anyother matters please come and see a member of LRC staff. You can also contact the Library by phone on 0191 375 4370 or by email