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Language Workbench Language Wheel


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A short presentation about language workbench developed by M. Barash (

Published in: Software
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Language Workbench Language Wheel

  1. 1. Language Wheel identifierbuilt-in concepts if language “front-end” workbench predefined concepts custom concepts expression statement idea define languages using a wizard-like interface for class … type system web-based by Mikhail Barash, March 2018 flavor affects all aspects of a language 50+ concepts several type systems can be defined for a language Language Wheel  Xtext MPS validations, type system, code generation, … 1 … strive to separate language concepts and “technical concepts” “illustrative” influenced by XtextMPS Cedalion Nemerle only 1 active though
  2. 2. Language Wheel abstract & concrete syntax by Mikhail Barash, March 2018 2 represented as a “card” concept encapsulates both abstract and concrete syntax similar to Xtext no clear separation between language aspects less abstract way to define a language helps achieving “illustrative” way to define a language concept features projection feature name type concept projection textual only minimally required information about a child no cardinality, … translation to target language illustrative type system “constraints” on features grammar rule and features formatting if ( 2+2>5 ) then { … rather than if ( condition ) { … …
  3. 3. Language Wheel concept card by Mikhail Barash, March 2018 3 int x ; name undeclared ident type: integer (fixed) name: ident; private int x; IntegerField abstract syntax = list of features projection translation to target language name x = 2*3+y; assignee existing ident type: type2 to be computed assignee: ident; value: expr; x = 2*3+y; AssignmentStatement value expr type: type1 should be same as type2 ident expr à la Xtend template expressions edited in projectional style MyLanguage concepts predefined projections for predefined concepts available