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DSL development


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Course "Domain-specific programming languages" ( Developed by Mikhail Barash.

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DSL development

  1. 1. DSL development
  2. 2. Best practices of DSL design adopt notations that domain experts already have rather than invent new ones use jargon terms whenever possible design only what is necessary do not design a programming language learn to recognize tendency to over-design strive for an 80% solution understand present solution design process before developing a substitute DSL establish close ties with a domain expert do not expect domain experts what a computer can (should) do for them do not expect users to forgive design mistakes D. Wile, “Lessons learned from real DSL experiments”, Sci. Comp. Prog. 51 (2004)
  3. 3. Organizing for DSL development an established business How mature is the target business area? How much do you customize your software for each customer? little or not at all but only in limited ways only for large customers extensively a research project creating a new platform for use by others development of a new product often +3 -1 0 -3 +3 +2 +1 0 S. Kelly, J.-P. Tolvanen, “Domain-specific modeling”
  4. 4. Organizing for DSL development Do you have good source code examples (for teaching new staff)? Do you have an in-house application framework? we develop everything from scratch but we try to reuse legacy components the previous version if the guideline with established guidelines our staff are all experts but out of date but we should make some yes no no some available yes yes no no +3 -1 0 -3 +1 +3 +2 -2 ABORT if said by manager if said by developer S. Kelly, J.-P. Tolvanen, “Domain-specific modeling”
  5. 5. Organizing for DSL development Can you assign the following kinds of people for DSL project? no but we have summer interns a small team of developers an experienced developer one of the top three who built the framework no +5 -3 ABORT +3 +2 S. Kelly, J.-P. Tolvanen, “Domain-specific modeling”
  6. 6. Template for DSL Workshop S. Kelly, J.-P. Tolvanen, “Domain-specific modeling” result goal introduction usage how much various parts are reused between products, features, models? how many users, models, files, ... are there? describe how you intend to use the language why are benefits of DSL important in these parts? what parts to include in DSL? give a short introduction to domain area partial modeling and code generation environment but significantsmalldefine and implement a part of DSL with concrete examplesdemonstrate the benefits
  7. 7. Template for DSL Workshop S. Kelly, J.-P. Tolvanen, “Domain-specific modeling” sample material sample design sample requirements sample user’s manual sketch the language should include most central elements of the domain pick a small but representative example example give the requirements for example functionality give the design documents including graphical models and text where available sample code give the code for this example comment code with references to design documents