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Michael, Wonhee and Joesiphine

  1. 1. NOTES ON THE EARTHS MAGNETOSPERE By Josephine Kooij Wonhee Cho Michael Ko
  2. 2. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE EARTHS MAGNETOSHPERE  Earth has a Magnetic field.  The space affected by earths magnetic field is called the magnetoshpere.  This deflects (change word)charged particles from the sun  A theory is that movement of molten iron in the outer core generates earths magnetic field  It defelcts particles from the sun  It even changes direction
  3. 3. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT NATURES MAGNETS Animals use magnetism to find their way   They have magnetite in their body to tell the way  These contain only one magnetic domain, so small
  5. 5. HOW A COMPASS WORKS? A compass rotates till it’s needle (a bar magnet) aligned  with the earths magnetic field  It detects and measures the earths magnetic field
  6. 6. MAGNETIC JEOPARDY By Won Hee Cho Josephine Kooij And Michael Ko
  7. 7. End… JEOPARDY BOARD Magnetic Magnetism Magnets Fields 100 100 100 200 200 200 300 300 300 400 400 400 500 500 500
  8. 8. WHAT CAUSES A COMPASS NEEDLE TO ROTATE? A. The earths magnetic field   B. natures magnets  C. magnetic domains  D. Electrons
  9. 9. DOES THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD EVER CHANGE DIRECTION??? A. Yes   B. No  C. very rarely  D: It may happen in a couple years time
  10. 10. WHAT IS THE NEEDLE OF A COMPASS???  A: A titanium wand that uses magic to detect the north…  B: A Piece of Metal broken off from the north pole…  C: A small bar magnet with a north and south pole…  D: A piece of plastic painted with spray paint to look as If it’s made out of metal…
  11. 11. WHAT SIZE IS THE PIECES OF MAGNETITE IN ANIMALS’ BODIES??? A small, single magnetic Domain… A: B: Really, Really small… C: Really, Really Big… D: It’s not scientifically proven…
  12. 12. DO THE MAGNETIC POLES MOVE??? Yes A: B: No C: It hasn’t been proven D: It Depends
  13. 13. THAT HELPS SCIENTISTS TO DETECT THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD OVER THE YEARS??? A:The rock cools and the magnetic domains freeze  into place so that Scientists can see how the earths magnetic field changed…  B: The Rock cools down then explodes into tiny pieces…  C: The rock cools down then splits in half and tiny crystals fall out…  D: The Rock cools down then turns into another rock…
  14. 14. HOW MANY MAGNETIC POLES DOES A MAGNET HAVE???  Just One…  Two  Three  Four
  15. 15. IS MAGNETISM LIMITED TO JUST BAR MAGNETS? A. Yes B. No C. No but it can only reach to a certain point D. Not proven to be
  16. 16. TRY AGAIN… T.T
  17. 17. WHAT IS THE REGION OF SPACE AFFECTED BY EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD? A. Magnetic domains B. The inner core C. The earths mantle D. Magnetosphere
  18. 18. WHAT DO ANIMALS HAVE IN THEIR BODIES THAT ACTS LIKE A COMPASS? A. Tiny magnetic fields B. A type of compass that sends a message through the nervous system telling the bird which way north is C. They have tiny pieces of magnetite D. Thousands of little magnetic domains that move just the tiniest bit to North telling the bird which way north it
  19. 19. WHAT IS USED TO DETECT/MEASURE THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD? A. A compass B. A machine that reacts to the earths south pole and repels it C. Hydrometer D. A compass rose
  20. 20. CORRECT!!!
  21. 21. WHAT DEFLECTS THE PARTICLES FROM THE SUN???  A: Super-Strong Lasers that are constantly shooting at the sky.  B: The Earth’s Magnetosphere.  C: Special Fans that blow the particles away.  D: The fumes from factories that trap the particles and carry them away…
  22. 22. HOW ARE MAGNETS IN AN ANIMAL? A. Just naturally B. Their mothers take out some parts of theirs and give it to the baby C. Humans put them in at birth, some animals don’t have it D. It’s formed when an animal is born, the intestines and little parts of the left brain are put together to form this small magnet inside the body.
  23. 23. ANIMALS NOT ONLY USE THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD FOR NAVIGATION BUT ALSO… A. The magnetic domains floating around in the sky C. The position of the sun or stars B. Little compact particles in water D. The sounds the earths magnetic field gives off
  24. 24. THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD IS LIKE THAT OF A BAR MAGNET WITH THE MAGNETS SOUTH POLE NEAR THE… A. Earths south pole B. Earths north pole C. East pole D. West pole
  25. 25. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! 