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Ignite pitch deck


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Published in: Technology
  • A very smart approach to explain the things, I like your step by step slide.thanks for share.
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  • Makes no sense. But now I have to watch the show.
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  • This is an exciting investment opportunity. As a marketer and adult educator and consumer pushing 50, the execution of this idea could be a winner. I love the way it meshes social gaming with evidence based disease prevention into a technology platform with both initial hardware margins and transactional margins. The key is execution and market share grab.
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Ignite pitch deck

  1. 1. Our Mission“To enhance and extend the life of humans byproviding them with the tools and theunderstanding to change their lifestyle in apositive way.”“We do this by combining smartphones, lifeexpectancy, game theory, social interaction andsome clever hardware to drive behavior change”
  2. 2. The Solution APP TIME CREDITS PAD• The application is the main way people interact with Ignite.• The ignite pad allows us to get long term user retention and valuable data.• The time credits is a long term strategy that will not be fully developed in the first iteration of the product.• Combined they delivery exponential value to the user• Each is designed so that it can be built upon by partners
  3. 3. The Solution APP• The IGNITE APP allows users to monitor their life expectancy in real time and modify it instantly based on behavior changes.• It allows user to track their progress over time, everything from their weight to lifestyle changes.• It allows earn perks in return for lifestyle changes.• It allows them to set up competitive peer to peer behavior through social media.
  4. 4. The SolutionAPP
  5. 5. The Solution PAD• The IGNITE PAD is a incredibly clever but simple piece of hardware that allows us to replicate the functionality of a wiiFit in a device that should costs less that $3• This device was invented by IGNITE and users clever image recognition and advanced engineering to deliver functionality of a device ten times its cost.• We plan to find a sponsor to enable us to give away millions of the devices for free.• Provisional patent submitted.
  6. 6. The SolutionPAD
  7. 7. The Solution TC• Users can earn “time credits” over time based on extending their lives.• They can only use these credits to purchase/subsidize life extending products/services such as Gym Memberships, Healthy Food, DNA tests etc.• The base of these credits are micro-lives that already have a market value of $2.70 however the marketplace will define the actual value of the time credits5• Advanced fraud protection and algorithms protect against gaming of the system.• Eventually open this out into an health insurance marketplace.• Open API allows other products to participate in the marketplace as long as we acquire their data.“An SOA online survey of 1,000 adults found that 83% would be willing to follow a healthy lifestyle programif they received incentives from their health insurance plan.”
  8. 8. Revenue• The app will be a free app, with in app purchases Model• The pad will be either sold/licensed or sponsored with a significant margin for IGNITE• In app purchases for health products other synergistic health applications• Margin on transactions in the currency marketplace• Ability to sell big data• Long term goal to provide a health insurance marketplace.• Further product extensions
  9. 9. Our ideal timeline is very aggressive to take advantage of a Timeline significant marketing opportunity:Ignite Pad Ignite Perks Risk Database Ignite Time Alpha Credits Beta Full Test Launch LaunchIgnite App Contract Manufacturing Perk Portal Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan Build Build Build Build Build Build Test Test Test Test Test Test 4 week Agile cycles 1st of August 1st of October 1st of December 2012 2012 2012
  10. 10. Hardware SponsorsIn sponsorship discussions with:
  11. 11. Brand PartnersIn brand partner discussions with:
  12. 12. The Team Hermione Way • Entrepreneur • Owns digital media company • Silicon valley video director for TheNextWeb • Won Square Mile 30 under 30 for technology • Spectator Business 2010 stars of tomorrow • Culture Leadership 2010 Woman to watch • Top UK female in tech 2010 • Named as Independents most influential Twitter 100 Ben Way • Serial Entrepreneur • 15 Years in business • Millennium Young Entrepreneur of the year • Developed and sold the world largest language learning website • Founded the second largest solar company in the UK • Invented one of the first ecommerce comparison engines • Advised the White House on mobile technology • Incubates early stage companies, current portfolio of 42 companiesNick Fallon (Head Developer) Dr. Katy Thomas Fike(Gerontologist Advisor)• 25 years in technology • Founder of Innovate50• Extensive experience in mobile • Doctorate from University of Southern California’s• Extensive experience in web 2.0 • Undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering David Murray(UX Advisor) Chris Moss(Marketing Advisor) • Product Development at Google • Marketing Director Virgin Atlantic • UX specialist • Marketing Director Orange Mobile • Gaming expertise • Marketing Director 118118
  13. 13. “Ben and Hermiones Ignite Pad concept is a simple,innovative solution to one of the biggest and mostcomplex problems facing the country. We at LUNARare excited to work with them to bring this idea toreality in a beautiful way that connects with people."- John Edson, LUNAR industrial design partners of Apple, HP, Oral B
  14. 14. “Ignitesrevolutionary suite of tools combinesdisruptive technology, behavior change bestpractices and cutting-edge, life expectancy researchto empower consumers to make informed dailydecisions to enhance the quality and quantity of theirlives. Ignites innovative products have tremendousimplications for virtually anyone who has a personalor organizational stake in health living and healthyaging.“- Dr. Katy Thomas Fike, specialist in aging.
  15. 15. Investment$500,000 9 Month Burn Rate with $150K contingencyConvertible note @ 20% Discount for Venture Round @ $5m Cap
  16. 16. Appendix
  17. 17. Hardware
  18. 18. Software
  19. 19. Microlifes“a microlife is 30 minutes of your life expectancy “Life expectancy for a man aged 22 in the UK is currently about 79 years, which is an extra 57 years, or 20,800days, or 500,000 hours, or 1 million half hours. So, a young man of 22 typically has 1,000,000 half-hours (57years) ahead of him, the same as a 26 year-old woman. We define a microlife as the result of a chronic riskthat reduces life, on average, by just one of the million half hours that they have left.Here are some things that would, on average, cost a 30-year-old man 1 microlife:• Smoking 2 cigarettes• Drinking 7 units of alcohol (eg 2 pints of strong beer)• Each day of being 5 Kg overweightThere is a simple relationship between change in life expectancy and microlives per day. Consider a personaged around 30 with a life expectancy of 50 years, or 18,000 days. Then a daily behavior or status that leadsthem to lose a year of life expectancy (17,500 microlives) means they are using up around one microlife everyday of their lives.Microlives encourage the metaphor that people go through their lives at different speeds according to theirlifestyle. For example, someone who smokes 20 a day is using up around 10 microlives, which could beloosely interpreted as their rushing towards their death at around 29 hours a day instead of 24. This idea ofpremature ageing has been found to be an effective metaphor in encouraging behavior change.We will create an controlled wiki of risk using the Cox proportional hazards models methodology.
  20. 20. Proportional hazardsProportional hazards models are a class of survival models in statistics.Survival models relate the time that passes before some event occurs to modelone or more covariates that may be associated with that quantity.In a proportional hazards model, the unique effect of a unit increase in acovariate is multiplicative with respect to the hazard rate. For example,taking a drug may halve ones hazard rate for a stroke occurring, or,changing the material from which a manufactured component is constructedmay double its hazard rate for failure.Other types of survival models such as accelerated failure time models donot exhibit proportional hazards. These models could describe a situationsuch as a drug that reduces a subjects immediate risk of having a stroke,but where there is no reduction in the hazard rate after one year forsubjects who do not have a stroke in the first year of analysis.
  21. 21. Stats• 50.4% of all Americans own a smartphone and growing4• 155 Million devices to deploy on in the US alone• These devices used in clever ways can change behavior• 63% of Americans are Overweight• 35% of Americans are Obese• $300 Billion cost to American Economy• Lifestyle is the primary factor in life expectancy
  22. 22. References1. 2011 Society of Actuaries2. 2012 CDC3. 2008 Gallup and Healthways4. Nielsen 20125. NICE